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Here's a list of links to all the shorts stories on my blog that are specifically erotica or have sex in them :-) These are in the order I posted them to my blog. Stories with a * are ones I highly recommend reading if you don't know where to start!

Update: Since I have added a lot of stories here that aren't truly erotica but DO contain sex in them, I plan to eventually separate them so that readers know at a glance what is a better fit for what they're looking for :-)

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The Doctor's Daughter - This story contains two distinct parts, the first half is erotic where the innocent doctor's daughter satisfies her curiosity, and the second part is a romance where things turn out happily ever after :-)

Priestess of Purity - This story is set in a world where many different Gods are honored. One of which is the Goddess of Purity who sends her priestesses out into the world to heal the people using sex.

Stolen Week - A 30 year old virgin wants sex, so she kidnaps a man and ties him to her bed for a week. *

Waking Up Lily - Lily is the girl next door, and she likes to have the neighbor boy come to wake her up with sex.

The Crazy Adventures of Shannon Hannigan - On Shannon's 16th birthday, she sneaks into a bar and finds a guy willing to bring her home and rid her of her virginity. The next thing she knows, she's afflicted with a unique reaction every time she hears a bell ring. :-D *

The Trouble Maker - Sequel to Shannon Hannigan. Matt is constantly in trouble and has no idea how to fix his messed up life. Then he meets Shannon and discovers her unique affliction. Maybe she is just what he needs to be a better person.

Unintentional - A woman goes out to a bar with her friends for a girls' night out but wakes up to discover that she has somehow been kidnapped and tied to a stranger's bed.

Falling Apart - What happens when a man married for 15 years finds out that his wife no longer loves him and wants a divorce? He falls apart, but thankfully his new roommate is there to pick up the pieces.

Butterfly - While shopping for a prom dress, a girl gets offered money to have sex. She would normally NEVER consider prostitution, but if she wants to buy her favorite dress, she's going to need the money, so she accepts, and then realizes that there is more to the proposition than she bargained for! * This sort of fits in both categories, so I will leave it here :-)

Two Wills - Best friends suddenly become so much more!

Obsession - A tall man who is devoutly against slavery falls utterly in lust with a petite slave on the auction block. He buys her specifically for his bed, and then finds that he just can't get enough of her! I think you my readers need to tell me if this is classified as erotica or not...

The Conspirator's Punishment - A man plots treason against the King so he arrives to punish the man personally. He does so by forcing the Conspirator to watch as he rapes the man's wife and two older daughters. Even so, the traitor does not learn his lesson and must be punished again.

Selfish Desire - A girl discovers her step-father having paid sex with a boy while her mother is away, and then decides that she wants to have sex with him too!

Birthday Present - Husband promises to let his wife tie him up and do anything she wants to him as her birthday present :-D

The Rage Within - Sophie has anger management issues and the only way she can remain more or less calm is to routinely beat the shit out of a fellow rage filled man. One day, the person who originally caused her rage renters her life and she'd like nothing more than to kill him, but in the meantime, sex with him is pretty satisfying. Again, another one of those that could be considered both erotica and not.

Indecisive  - A woman cannot decide whether or not she wants to get engaged and move forward in her relationship so two shoulder guides - an angel and a she-devil - are assigned to help her make up her mind ;-D

Sleepless - A woman can't sleep, so she goes looking for fun - or trouble, depending on your perspective. Three men are more than willing to help wear her out so that she can get to sleep! *

The Selfish Prince - A young Prince discovers that no woman will tell him no and so makes it his mission to get between as many legs as he possibly can.

A Very Short Erotic Story - A young man wakes up after a drunken party to find a woman in his bed. Did they already have sex? Can they have it again?

Morning Commute - During her morning train ride, a man gropes a nearly graduated high-school student. His groping very quickly turns into non-consentual sex, which leaves her confused and strangely longing for more.

Concert in the Park - Husband and wife decide to have sex in the middle of a crowded outdoor concert.

Mike - Mike goes to his best friend's house for drinks and a game of cards. Later on, he cannot resist having sex with his best friend's wife while she is passed out.

Anna - Anna is a sleepwalker, and one night, her sleepwalking takes her into her roommate's bed.

In the Hospital - A man dying of cancer is granted a wish to have sex once more.

Aquamarine - A girl discovers that her new boyfriend has a shocking secret!

A Twist of Fate - A man adopts a daughter so that he will have a playmate for mutual satisfaction. This is another one that I'm not entirely sure which category it falls into, lol!

The Driver's Test - Friends recommend that a new girl who's having difficulty passing her driver's test visit on examiner in particular.

Cleaning the Pool - A 16 year old boy is hired to clean the pool of a couple of wealthy men, only to find out that they have so much more planned for him!

Buying the Car  - Sequel to Cleaning the Pool. J.T. only vaguely remembers what happened the day that he cleaned the pool of a pair of rich men, but when he discovers that he needs some money to buy a very valuable vintage car, he convinces himself that it would be worth cleaning their pool again.

Short Erotic Story - A bandit discovers a naked woman sleeping on a large rock in a sunny and secluded meadow. He immediately convinces himself that she is an angel sent to comfort him, but that doesn't stop him from stealing her horse when he's done! I wrote this story because I get an ENORMOUS amount of traffic to my blog for the Very Short Erotic Story, which isn't all that good IMO. This one is MUCH better :-D

Halloween Party - A couple goes to their very first sex party, each discovering that they have it within them to push their sexual boundaries :-D One of my very best! *

Jared - When Mark meets Jared, Jared slips a drug into Mark's drink and then has sex with him. Initially upset that his virginity has been taken against his fully consenting will, Mark ultimately decides to let Jared continue to have sex with him in exchange for helping Jared become a better person.

Shahi - Extra Story Arc -  This is a sort of sequel to The Ambassador of Pleasure. Shahi tries to settle in as a relatively saintly religious leader of her people now that she is married. However, a cousin she hasn't seen in a long time returns home and asks for training, erotic training...

Rory - Rory turns to his best friend to commiserate with when his long time girlfriend dumps him. They get very drunk, and then she demands that he help her get to sleep.

K's Fantasy - My first guest post!!! This is a friend of mine's fantasy in which he is "kidnapped" and forced to pleasure a few people :-D


Aurora - This one is fairly light on sex. It's about a rage filled man who tries to protect a helpless women from a trio of rapists and falls in love with her.

The Priest and the Demon Slayer  - A man raised in a temple to protect normal people from demons is partnered with a woman who was raised by a family of demon slayers. At first, they don't really get along, but they discover that they make pretty good partners. Years later, she reluctantly admits that she has feelings for him and is willing to see how compatible they are in bed.

The Banished Demon - A sort of stand alone sequel to The Priest and the Demon Slayer. (It's not necessary to read the first story to understand this one.) A girl is suddenly thrown into an orphanage when her parents are murdered. While there, she meets a demon who has been banished for disobeying his King. He sort of suffers her presence in silence, until one day, he realizes that she is old enough to interest him as a man. This is one of my top 10 best stories ever, even if it is a bit light on sex, lol!

Conniving Mya - Mya is dared to make River humiliate herself in front of the whole school. The two girls get to know each other as Mya does whatever it takes to win the bet!

The Imperial Flower  - Sequel to The Adopted Flower (which is listed under Short Stories that don't contain sex) - This story tells how Siobhan is taken in by the Empress of an Empire that has a modernish government but NO modern technology. She becomes part of the Secret Guard, and her first assignment is bed the Imperial Heir! This story is fairly light on sex, but what it does have is pretty hot :-)

Onyx Chasm  - Onyx Chasm is the most notoriously wanted criminal in the Kingdom. He was once a Soldier loyal to the King, but sacrificed his career for a girl. She becomes almost every bit as notorious as him, and together, they could almost win a rebellion. However, all they want is to be left alone...

Falling Apart - What happens when a man married for 15 years finds out that his wife no longer loves him and wants a divorce? He falls apart, but thankfully his new roommate is there to pick up the pieces.

Bound For Eternity  - I didn't add this link to this page for a long time because I don't actually consider this story an Erotica, even though it has sex in it. Happily, now I have a category for exactly that :-) This story is about a man and a woman who fall in love but are kept apart for a millennium. When they finally get together, it just might be the end of the world! 

Aquamarine - A girl discovers that her new boyfriend has a shocking secret!

Mob Story - A woman raised by a Mob Boss falls in love with a regular man. His life suddenly becomes far more complicated than he could ever imagine!

Invisible Guardian - A woman with an uncontrollable reflex to turn invisible falls in love with a man who has no idea that she exists. So she follows him and ends up saving his life.

Magenta - A woman is finally getting married to her long time fiance, but then the unexpected happens and changes her life completely.

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