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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Very Short Erotic Story

Dear Visitor to my blog, as much as I am delighted you've found my page, I must confess that this is not my best story, and it baffles me why this one in particular gets so much attention. That said, if you are looking for something better, hornier, mildly BDSM, or just plain kinky, please check out the many short stories on my erotica page. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the story :-D

I groaned slightly as my head reminded me that I had gotten way too drunk last night. I cracked an eye open. Judging by the lack of light, it was still last night, or rather early morning.
My balls started to itch, so I scratched them for a good two minutes, and then sighed as I realized that my shaft was standing up and demanding attention. I started to shift so that I could get a better grip, but then noticed that there was a body in bed with me.
From what I could see, this was my room. The party had been at my house, thrown by my older brother while our parents were gone for the weekend. I searched my memory in vain, trying to recall what had happened. Was there a specific reason that someone was in bed with me?
There was a soft murmuring, and I could tell that the person was female. She apparently talked in her sleep. I snuggled up to her a bit, and inhaled her scent. She smelled strongly of alcohol, but also floral and feminine. Plus, there was something that was probably uniquely her.
We were now spooning – me behind her – and I realized that while I was completely naked, she had a tiny tight-fitting tank top and a pair of panties on. Sliding my hand between us, I probed her with a finger. She was so warm and wet, and the thought of being inside her made me dizzy.
I shifted her panties to the side, and moved the blankets and sheets out of the way so that I had clear and unfettered access to her. Sliding into her was surprisingly easy, and I wondered again if we’d had sex before passing out. Pulling her leg back and up over mine, I reached my hand around her body, down her stomach, and located her soft pubic hair.
It took me a moment, but I finally found her clit, and rubbed it as I thrust in and out of her. Her breathing got a bit faster, but otherwise, she was still asleep. I took my time, finding it fascinating the way her inner muscles tightened around my shaft.
She felt so good! If I had my way, we’d do this all day!
I started kissing and biting the back of her neck, and she began to moan softly in response. Her entire body got tight, and her breathing was erratic. The pressure on my shaft was intense, and I suddenly knew that I couldn’t hold back much longer.
She cried out, and her whole body shook in a way that felt magical. I was lost! I almost roared as I dug my fingers into her hips and pumped her full.
When I could breathe normally, I turned her head towards me so that I could kiss her. She murmured sleepily again, and I was utterly amazed that she could sleep through that!
Sighing, I realized that I desperately needed to go to the bathroom. Kissing her once more, I pulled out of her, and then got out of bed. You know what? I should be nice to her. I’ll make her breakfast, and have it ready and waiting when she wakes up.
By then, it’ll be light enough outside to see her. Maybe she will be able to tell me how we ended up in bed together.
I tossed on a robe, went to the bathroom, washed my hands, and then went to the kitchen to fry up some bacon and eggs. They were just about the only thing I knew how to make. Once they were ready, I dished up two plates, set them on a tray, and poured some orange juice for each of us.
Carrying the tray to my room, I felt inexplicably happy. I think I might even want to ask her to be my girlfriend.
I completely ignored the large amount of people passed out around my house. From the look of it, quite a few couples had gotten together last night. People groaned in protest as I turned the lights on, but I needed to see where I was going so I didn’t drop the tray or spill anything. Our house was designed so that I could turn off the lights I’d turned on when I turned the next one on. In that way, a steady line of light flickered on an off as I went.
Finally, I got to my bedroom. I debated turning the light on, but there was just enough sunshine poking in through my window that I didn’t need to. I set the tray on my small bedside dresser, and then frowned at the bed.
She’s gone! That can’t be right… I turned the light on, but sure enough, she wasn’t there. Had I imagined her? Was she simply a wet dream?
There was definitely the outline of a body on her side of the bed, and the wet spot indicated that she had been there. I smelled the pillow she’d used. It smelled like she had.
I quickly searched the closet and under the bed, but didn’t find her. Next, I wandered through my house looking for anyone who was awake, or who smelled like her, but she wasn’t anywhere. I heard a car start, and looked out the window just in time to see what looked like a woman – she was too far away to be certain – in a black or dark blue sedan drive away.
Crap! I had no idea who she was or what she looked like! I really don’t think my brother will know either since a ton of people had shown up to the party that we didn’t even know, but they brought more booze, and so were more than welcome.
Sighing in depression and frustration, I returned to my room, and ate the breakfast I had made. Maybe she’ll come back – if for no other reason than to find out whose bed she had shared. In the meantime, I was SOL.
I carried the tray – my plate now empty but hers still full – back to the kitchen, set it in the fridge, and then went back to bed. If I was lucky, maybe I’d forget all about this or maybe convince myself that it was all just a dream.


  1. What you did was utterly romantic and nice.... and so i just lost my erection

    1. Sorry to hear that! May I direct your attention to a couple other stories in my erotica section that feature bondage and non-consent? I try to have a little something for everyone :-) Try the Conspirator's Punishment, Unintentional or Stolen Week. Hopefully they will bring your erection to a successful conclusion :-D

  2. its realy nice :)

  3. Replies
    1. Sure, I'll reply here, but also to the email I got as notification so that hopefully you get it :-)
      My email is ladyroxanne21@hotmail.com

  4. Non consent? Do you mean rape.Fucked up

    1. If that's how you feel, I also have plenty of stories in which it's understood that no means no. Try Ambassador of Pleasure or The Conference or A Strange Relationship or Braedon. In fact, I would have to say that the majority of the stories I have are consensual, and the non consent stories are few and far between. Tell me which type of story you like and I can point you in the right direction :-)

  5. This story was really great but you should have given a better ending.
    Anyways enjoyed it.

  6. good work.. try help us finish :)

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  8. wow great!...actually this is my first time reading a guy written erotic story. good work!

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