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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mortal Goddess - Chapter 1

This is a story I wrote while I was working at Qwest in 2000. I only wrote half the story, but have decided to post what I have a chapter at a time in the hopes that it will prompt me to finish it :-)


Mortal Goddess


It is said that the Goddess herself will choose to enter the mortal world every once in a while, living a full and complete mortal life. However, the timing of her re-entry must be special. The body she inhabits must be the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter, and she must be born under a full moon. Not just any moon however, it must be in the month of October, and as a signal that she has chosen to return, the full moon will eclipse totally.


The village midwife gathered her supplies together, and placed them in her bag. After she had packed all her usual birthing herbs, she again glanced out the window and smiled. Tonight was the night; she could feel it deep within her soul. Tonight, the Goddess herself would chose to be reincarnated into mortal existence.
Knowing full well that she chose to do this to keep a human perspective, and also to experience the sacred circle that her consort – the God – experienced constantly, the midwife smiled in anticipation. While mortal, the Goddess would keep her craft alive, entering the world as a witch.
Chuckling with pure joy, the midwife tossed a few packets of herbs sacred to the Goddess into her bag to take with her. She had not yet been called to attend the birth, but then, the timing was not quite correct. Knowing that it would be soon, the midwife decided to head over to the lucky household.
The mother-to-be had decided that this was to be her last child, because – over the years – she had given birth to 13 other children. Each time, she had always been caught off guard, and had to give birth right where she was. Therefore, each child had been born in a different place.
Perhaps the Goddess had known who her future mother would be, because she was one of the lucky women who rarely had difficulty or pain with her births. Knowing this fact had helped the midwife convince the mother-to-be to give birth in a sacred place next to a secluded pond, which the mortal Goddess-witch would later choose as her own private sanctuary.
Arriving – minutes later – at the household of the woman who carried the Goddess in her womb, she was greeted by the father-to-be, who promptly informed her of his wife’s intuition of the pending birth. The three of them made their way to the sacred pond. Once there, the man helped his wife to the spot that had been prepared just for this.
The midwife, who – while not old – was no longer young, looked up at the moon as she prepared an herbal essence. Once it was finished, she used it to cleanse and consecrate the mother.
The moon began to wane rapidly, signaling that the Goddess was ready to make her entrance. Several minutes later, the moon disappeared completely.
The midwife checked the birth canal, and found that the baby had already crowned. Grunting, the mother gave a forceful push. Thrice times thrice the mother pushed, at the end of which, both the Goddess and the moon were reborn.
Placing the baby on her mother’s stomach, the midwife held up the umbilical cord, allowing the father to sever it in the right spot using specially prepared knife.
“You’re a very lucky woman, this child will be blessed with a graceful, gentle, giving heart, and all who know her will love her,” the midwife predicted reverently. She smiled up at the moon, and the moon smiled back.
Chapter 1

The woman was half asleep, her pale blond hair appearing almost golden. The wind caressed her nude body like a lover, bringing a smile to her lips.
Sighing, the woman sat up. I really should go back to the village, she thought. Stretching languorously, she slowly slipped back into her simple blouse and skirt.
“Aira, please, come to my aid. I have a difficult birth to attend to, and I could use your help.” The woman heard the voice of her friend and mentor – the village midwife – in her head, calling for her assistance.
“I’ll be there as soon as I can,” Aira promised aloud as she motioned for her horse to come to her, knowing that her mentor would hear her, despite being over 2 miles away.
Tigerpaw, Aira’s horse, gave her mistress a lick on the hand. Aira pulled herself onto Tigerpaw’s bare back.
“We have to visit the newly widowed woman’s house, Tigerpaw, she’s having a difficult labor and Gia needs my help,” Aira explained, guiding the horse in the direction of the widow Smith’s house.
Aira laughed joyously as Tigerpaw raced across the ground, the wind playing mischievously with Aira’s long, currently golden, blond hair. Her green-blue eyes radiated contentment, grateful for the cycles of life and death that allowed her to attend the birth of babies, and then to watch them as they grew into amazing, intelligent, little humans who were capable of continuing the wondrous cycle of life.
Arriving at the widow’s house, Aira joined Gia – her mentor – in the small corner that was sectioned off to serve as the bedroom.
“I have given her willow bark tea for the pain, and also some herbs to maintain her strength. Her child has not yet fully turned into position. He is sideways,” Gia detailed, smiling at Aira’s entry.
Aira placed her hands on Widow Smith’s stomach, feeling how the baby lay inside his mother.
“He has almost turned, and her water hasn’t broken. I can help,” Aira said, gently pushing the mother-to-be onto her side. Softly, Aira massaged her stomach using gravity, and the fluid inside her to help turn the baby. Tears formed in the widow’s eyes as she bit her lip to keep from crying out.
“Breathe! ” Gia ordered. “It would not do for the mother to die from lack of breath before we can get this baby out,” she teased. Then, she motioned for Widow Smith to repeat after her as she chanted oh in a soft, humming manner.
“Done! Rest now a moment while your body prepares to do its job,” Aira instructed, allowing the widow a few moments to herself. Gia took Aira aside.
“I think the baby is overly large. This will not be an easy labor. We should call on the Goddess for assistance,” she advised softly.
“Yes, that would be wise,” Aira agreed, brushing a strand of silvery blonde hair off her face. Silently, the two women meditated a few moments, raising energy. Once they decided that just the right amount of energy had been raised, they directed it into the mother, silently calling on the Goddess to make this birth as easy and painless as possible. Asking also that both the mother and the child make it through the birth alive and well.
A feeling of peace and inner purpose filled them, and they knew that the Goddess had heard their prayers.
“My pain is nearly gone!” The widow remarked. “Does this mean that I am not in labor anymore? Do I get to wait a few more days?”
The two midwives laughed.
“No, you will have your baby today.” Aira smiled. Then, she helped the widow out of bed. “Come, let’s go for a walk.”
An hour later, the widow was back in bed, her new son safely cradled in her arms.
“Thank you so much,” she stated sincerely to her two midwives. “I wish his father were still alive to see him.
“Have you thought of a name for him yet?” Aira asked.
“Cody, after his father,” the widow replied tiredly.
“I’m sorry I have to leave you now, but I’ll be back to check upon you later,” Aira informed her, leaving the mother in Gia’s capable hands.


Aira made her way into the small village in which lived, worked, prayed, and died all the tenants that lived on her family’s land. Her family had always treated their tenants kindly, but Aira felt it was her duty to make certain their lives were as comfortable as her own, even if not as wealthy. She would generally watch the children, acting as a teacher of sorts to them.
“Aira what took you so long?” One of the girls asked.
“I had to help Gia with the birth of Widow Smith’s new baby boy,” she answered.
“Ohhh!” The girl breathed.
“Will you tell us a story?” A small boy asked.
“Of course I will!” Aira smiled, her soft green eyes twinkling, as she sat in the middle of thirteen children, trying to decide which story to tell them.
“Aira, my stomach hurts,” a little boy informed her quietly.
“Come sit on my lap,” she invited. The little boy smiled as he climbed into her lap. She put her arms around him in a hug, allowing her mind’s eye to examine the child. He had a simple case of hunger. His family had half of their crops fail this year.
Aira reached into her ever-present “magic” bag, and pulled out an apple.
“Here, this’ll help your stomach to not hurt anymore,” she promised. Ecstatic, the boy devoured the apple.
“Now, let me see, what story do you want to hear?” She asked.
“Tell us more about the Gods of ancient times,” they begged.
They listened, enthralled, as Aira unfolded the tale of the Maiden, and the creation of the four seasons.


“Please do this for me!”

“Why do you want me to accompany you out into the country, Mother? The country! There is nothing out there, for God’s sake!”
“Devius, you are my son and I enjoy having you around! Also, I have no desire to make any trip alone. You know how small spaces make me uncomfortable, and having you with would help keep my mind off the lack of space. Please, Devius, please? For me...”
“If you insist, Dearest Mother, I will accompany you, but only because you are my mother and I love you. Besides, I think I have a friend staying in the area, and it might be nice to visit with him,” Devius replied, almost coldly, with a definite air of arrogance.
“Thank you Devius, you are always so considerate,” his mother lied prettily.
“I know,” he agreed vainly.
His mother looked at him in bewilderment. Could he really be that self-centered? Could he really think that everything he did so selfishly was some sort of service to mankind? She wondered how she could have let her son become so… so… well… almost downright mean and rude! Hadn’t she taught him manners? As she left his room, she prayed that some time in the country would do him some good.
Devius looked at himself in the mirror, examining his chocolate brown hair, and his almost black eyes. His eyes traveled the length of his body. I'm a prime male specimen!
He considered himself God’s gift to women, and – at 6’5” - there weren’t many men tall enough to disagree. He thought himself so handsome... so absolutely gorgeous that he would never find a woman who could match his good looks. Therefore, he would eventually have to settle for some plain miss, and then pray his sons looked like him.
He was not looking forward to this trip into the country, but he would go as a favor... a gift to the woman that gave birth to someone as “God-like” as he.
After about an hour of looking at himself in the mirror, Devius decided to go to his favorite house of ill repute, and allow the ladies to entertain him.

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