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Friday, June 29, 2012

Jumpin' Jupiter! III


Shh...” Cassandra insisted, covering Matt's mouth with a hand. He had fallen for her shortly after they'd been stranded, and since she had never had a boyfriend back on Earth, she finally decided to date Matt. Both of them had naughtily attempted to have sex in secret all over the ship, and were currently in one of the storage rooms.
Matt gestured, and they both hid behind a large crate as the door to the room opened. Jasna entered the room with a clipboard, humming to herself softly. She took inventory of the supplies along one wall.
Two agonizingly long minutes – according to Cassandra and Matt – passed when the door suddenly opened again.
Gordon strode in, shut the door, and then forced Jasna to bend face down over a box. She laughed, attempting to protest.
It's only been an hour or so! I'm busy right now.”
I don't think this will take long,” Gordon informed her as he pushed her pink skirt up onto her back. “Mmm, I see that you're not wearing any panties.”
Jasna gasped as he shoved himself inside her, and then giggled. “Well, you asked me not to. I had no idea that you wanted to surprise me like this.”
I wasn't thinking about this until I saw you come in here,” Gordon explained, thrusting into her powerfully enough to make the sturdy wooden box creak in protest.
Jasna moaned, fumbling to get a hand between her legs.
I love how you're always wet and ready to fuck!” Gordon told her.
Ah!” Jasna chanted in response. She covered her face with her hands to muffle the sound.
Gordon grabbed a handful of her hair and tugged on it firmly. “I want to hear you scream!”
Ah!” Jasna's chanting got louder and louder. She clenched her fists tightly as an orgasm drew near. “Harder!”
Gordon laughed. “Who said you got to finish so quickly?”
You did!” Jasna reminded him. “You said this wouldn't take long.”
He chuckled. “I lied.” Withdrawing from her, he smacked her ass and ordered her to get on her back.
Jasna complied, holding her skirt out of the way so that he could see her.
Look at that...” Gordon grinned, slipping a finger into her. “So wet! What do you want me to do now?”
Fuck me!” Jasna commanded. “Pound into me until the box breaks!”
Gordon rammed into her, causing her to grunt. His balls slapped against her loudly as he did his best to break the box.
Oh god!” Jasna exclaimed. “Yes!” She encouraged. Her body got tighter until she arched her back and tilted her head.”
Remember, I want to hear it,” Gordon stated, his voice soft and throaty.
Jasna started squealing. It seemed to go on and on forever, but then she switched to panting. Gordon continued to pound into her, and miraculously, the box didn't break. It did make a god-awful racket though.
Twenty minutes later, Jasna got tight once more. Gordon was the one chanting “Uh!” now, and she knew that he was close as well.
Jasna started shaking, but this time her breathe deserted her and she couldn't make a sound.
Uh! Uh! Jasna!” Gordon shouted and then roared with release.
They both panted heavily for a few moments, and then Jasna laughed. “I'm going to need another shower now!”
Don't,” Gordon murmured, nipping her neck. “I want to be able to smell me on you.”
Jasna laughed causing her inner muscles to ripple around him, making him moan appreciatively. “You just want the other men to smell you on me and keep their distance.”
You got that right!”
Don't worry,” she murmured. “I've been keeping my promise these last two months.”
Me too,” he whispered in her ear, then bit it lightly.
A moment passed in silence, and then Jasna tilted her head curiously. “What?”
I think I love you,” Gordon confessed.
Jasna's mouth hung open in shock, and she had no idea what to say. After stuttering for a moment, she pushed him off her.
I uh... I have to go to the bathroom,” she blurted, smoothed out her skirt, and then ran away.
Good job Gordon,” he muttered derisively. “Scare her away why don't I?” He put himself back in his pants and left the room.
Cassandra and Matt breathed a sigh of relief that they hadn't been caught, naked, hiding in the storage room. Both blushed as red as they possibly could.
Wow...” Cassandra whispered reverently. “They have some interesting sex!”
Matt nodded in agreement. “Let's go back to my room and have some more of our own.”

Later that night – from her perspective – Jasna lay in bed with her hands resting on her stomach. Gordon admired her naked body as he got undressed and then slipped into bed with her.
Still queasy?” He asked.
No... it's seems to have passed for good now,” Jasna replied.
Gordon kissed her tummy. “I was there for my brother when he and his wife were expecting. He used to worry about the strangest things! Then my niece was born and...”
What?” Jasna wondered.
My sister in law died in a car accident just two weeks later... Suddenly, my brother wanted to die. At first, I tried to be nice, but I never was good at controlling my temper. I got fed up and started shouting at him. Everyday, I'd get up, take care of his little girl, and yell at him to take a shower, get dressed, and do something! Eventually, he started listening...”
Wow...” Jasna purred softly. “I would have never pegged you as the type to care for a baby.”
Gordon laughed. “I know, it does seem unlikely, but kids are easy to understand. They are motivated by one thing: They want what they want and they want it now! Babies don't care about anything but getting fed and playing peekaboo. It's adults that I find it hard to deal with...”
Jasna laughed. “Adults aren't any different! They want what they want and they want it now!”
Maybe, but adults have largely figured out how to hide what they're thinking. They know how to keep what they want a secret. I hate that! How can anyone understand something that's hidden? I can't do that. With me, if I'm thinking it, I blurt it out for all to hear!”
I've noticed!” Jasna laughed.
Gordon kissed Jasna stomach again. “At least I'm good at dealing with babies...”


We've only been on this ship six months, and already I'm going insane!” Lana announced in frustration.
Cheer up,” Mary said as she entered the lounge. Once again, almost everyone was sitting around without much to do. “I have good news... We've all got letters from home!”
What?” Chris wondered. “How is that possible?”
They can send us signals, remember?” Mary rhetorized with a grin. “They decided to surprise us by having each one of our families record a message for us; like a video letter.”
This was met with a small cheer from all.
I routed them to the viewscreen in the lounge. Who wants to go first?”
I do,” Matt volunteered. His video was from his mom telling him how much she missed him and how even though they texted all the time, she was glad to be able to send him something so he wouldn't forget how she looked.
I'm going to go grab my camera so that we can record messages to send back if we want!” Matt ran off excitedly.
Lana opted to go second. Her message was of her mom and all her brothers and sisters basically saying hi and wishing she was home.
They look so good!” Lana exclaimed with watery eyes. “I'm so glad that the government decided to continue paying us until we get home! With my income, they're actually doing well...”
Gordon held Jasna as they sat together on a large comfy chair. He smiled with genuine happiness as he watched everyone almost cry from joy. His hand rested on the small bulge in Jasna's abdomen that announced she was about 4 months pregnant. He understood that she was already pregnant before they got together, but he considered this baby his, and life was good for him at the moment. Even if she wouldn't tell him she loved him...
This had become a taboo subject in their relationship. She avoided talking about it at all, so he decided to try to be patient and wait for her to come around. In the meantime, he still delighted in surprising her at random for a quickie or a marathon session. From what he remembered, it was only a matter of time before she'd grow too uncomfortable for such frequent sex, as his sister in law had.
Play mine,” Gordon suggested with a pleasant smile.
Mary nodded – relieved that he was still behaving nicely as he had ever since hooking up with Jasna – and played his video. It was from his brother, and talked mostly about how Gordon's niece missed him. His brother then admitted that he somewhat missed Gordon too.
Play yours,” Gordon insisted, squeezing Jasna affectionately.
Oh boy,” Jasna muttered reluctantly.
Mary took this as permission to play the video and started it.
Hi honey! I'm told that this video will get to you right before or right on our anniversary, so Happy Anniversary! 12 years is a long time, but it's just flown by!” He chuckled. “Except for these last few months. I've missed you more than I ever thought possible.”
Hi mom!” Two little boys shouted exuberantly as the camera turned to them. “You're an astronaut! Take lots of pictures of space for us, and come home as soon as you can!”
Jasna held a hand to her mouth as tears poured down her cheeks. No one had ever seen Jasna cry before, and everyone gaped at her in astonishment. Gordon pushed her off his lap and stood to glare at her.
You're married!” He spat angrily.
Jasna nodded. “I never said I wasn't,” she reminded him.
But you never said you were either!”
You never asked!” Jasna pointed out. Her sons had chattered on for a moment, but now the camera shifted again.
Hi Jasna!” A woman greeted. “I know we've never actually met, but we've texted so much I feel like I know you. I'm taking good care of everyone while you're gone. I make sure your boys eat right and your husband isn't lonely. I'm so honored you let me be part of your family and look forward to meeting you when you return.”
Jasna's husband put an arm around the woman, and smiled at the camera. “Jessie does a good job, so don't worry about us. Just remember that we all love you and miss you and can't wait for you to come home.”
Jasna had involuntarily walked to the large screen, and now touched her husband's face with one hand. “I miss you too...” she whispered, her face still covered with wet streaks.
Gordon threw a water glass across the room, roared in rage as it shattered, and stomped out of the lounge.
Sorry,” Jasna apologized. “I should've told you not to play my video...”
It's not your fault,” Mary consoled her, putting an arm around her. “We all have loved ones at home, and I should've realized that some messages might contain private information.”
Jasna smiled and wiped her tears away. “Thanks.” Pulling out her cellphone, she texted her husband: Happy Anniversary! I just got your video and I literally cried. I miss you so much...
She sent that, and then typed a second message: Oh! And just so you know, you got me in trouble with Gordon. He's utterly pissed that I'm married, but I'm going to tell him 'tough! Take it or leave it!'
After she sent that message, she typed a third: Love you!
Almost everyone had started whispering about the shocking news, but Mary still had an arm around her. She saw all the texts Jasna sent.
Your husband knows about Gordon?!” She asked incredulously.
Of course he does!” Jasna exclaimed. “I tell him everything.”
Everything?” Dana asked for clarification.
Jasna nodded with a grin. “I'll show you.” She searched her messages for a good example, and then handed her phone to Dana.
Then he pushed me onto the bed and rammed into me in that way I just love.
The reply was shown immediately afterwards, much like in a chat message. Did you bite him on the shoulder? You know how that drives me crazy!
No, but I did wrap my legs around him and command him to go deeper.
Oh my God!Dana burst out. Her face was redder than she thought possible. “This is downright pornographic!”
Jasna laughed. “Hey, if I can't get pornographic with my husband, than who can I get pornographic with?!”
Kayleigh read the message over Dana's shoulder. “Just when I think I've got you figured out, you manage to surprise me! Why don't you wear a wedding ring?”
Jasna laughed and took her phone back. “I do. It's just not a typical ring, see.” She held out her left hand to show off the small rectangular sapphire in a decorative gold band.
Ohhhh...” Kayleigh mumbled, feeling stupid because of her many assumptions.
Jasna sighed. “I'd better go talk to Gordon. If I don't, who knows what he'll do?”
Mary nodded in agreement, gave her a hug, and then promised to talk to her more later if she wanted.
Jasna was somewhat surprised to find Gordon in her room. It was true that he had more or less moved in with her, but she thought that he'd be somewhere else in an attempt to be alone.
You bitch!” He roared as he slapped her. “You've been playing me all along!”
If you're just going to hit and yell at me, leave and don't come back!” Jasna commanded firmly.
Gordon swept her off her feet, and then dumped her on her bed. “I'm so fucking angry at you!”
Jasna was used to him initiating sex rather abruptly, so it was no surprise when he unzipped his pants and then took advantage of the fact that she wasn't wearing her bloomers or panties. She suppressed a smile; it seemed that he was going to fuck her until he had exhausted all his rage, and then he would be back to normal. All in all, this wasn't a bad way to finish an argument.
He pounded into her until his rage seemed to soften. brushing her hair away from her face, he kissed her tenderly. “Were you just playing with me? Do you feel anything at all for me?”
I wasn't purposely playing with you. I think you're incredibly smart and sexy... You're surprisingly sensitive and loving... I like being with you and having you in my bed.” Jasna gave him a warm smile.
He seemed relieved to hear her say that and his thrusts became gentle. Each thrust was accompanied by a kiss and each kiss provoked another thrust. At least an hour passed like this, but then a thought occurred to Gordon.
Do you love me? Will you divorce your husband for me?” He asked, his voice soft from passion and the certainty that she would say yes to both questions.
I'm sorry... I do feel a type of love for you, but it's not what I feel for my husband. I'd never divorce him for any reason,” Jasna replied honestly in a way that she hoped would make it thoroughly clear to him. She didn't want him accusing her of playing with him ever again.
His expression darkened as his rage returned. “You fucking bitch!” He stopped thrusting completely. “You goddamn cunt!”
His hands wrapped around her throat and he squeezed harder than he would have if he was simply playing. “How dare you just throw my feelings in the trash like so much garbage!”
Jasna couldn't breathe, and she clawed at his hands in panic. Her feet wiggled frantically as if trying to kick him, but were mostly ineffective since her legs were wrapped around his waist. The universe slowly went dark as harsh noises escaped her.
Oh God!” Gordon gasped, releasing her. “Jasna...” he murmured her name softly, reverently. “What am I doing?”
It was awkward with Jasna coughing and gasping for breath and Gordon still inside her, but he shifted until he held her in a hug. “I don't want to hurt you... I only want to care for you and the baby inside you! Please... Please choose me,” he begged, his voice telling her that he was close to crying.
She didn't feel particularly generous at the moment, but forced herself to return his embrace. “I'm really sorry...”
Growling, he released her abruptly and then withdrew from her. Pacing the room, he completely forgot to put his hardness back inside his pants and zip up. He pulled on his hair as he paced, and his continued growling got louder and louder.
Jasna figured that the wisest course of action was to sit up, arrange her skirt to fully cover her legs, and then try to soothe him. She purposely took calm breaths, and mentally projected serenity at him.
Gordon...” she murmured softly.
Don't! Just shut your mouth!” He shouted at the top of his lungs.
What else am I supposed to do? She tried again. “Gordon, please...”
Shut up! Just shut up!” He screamed, leaping on the bed and smacking her across the mouth. “The only thing I want to hear from you is a promise to divorce him as soon as possible!”
Jasna finally snapped. “Get the hell out of my room!”
He punched her, knocking her onto her back again.
Oh god, Jasna! I didn't mean that!” He started beating himself on the forehead. “Stupid stupid Gordon!”
Jasna was torn between ordering him to leave again and telling him to stop hitting himself. Suddenly, he jumped off the bed, found the presence of mind to unexpose his now limp penis, and ran from the room.
He had officially moved in a while back, so Jasna took a few moments to gather up all his belongings – folding anything breakable into his clothes – and then tossed them into the hallway outside her room. Normally, she never locked her door, but she did so now to make sure he wouldn't be waiting for her when she returned. Checking her bag to make sure she had her yarn and her hook, she stalked off in grim determination.
Shortly after their surprise trip to Jupiter, Matt had reconfigured the controls. They had originally been programmed to only accept the authority of the captain and crew already selected for the maiden voyage, but none of them were aboard. Therefore, in order to get certain things to work properly, the computer had to be hacked into – er convinced – that different people were in charge.
Lawrence was already more or less considered the captain by that point, so Matt made it official according to the ship. Mary was appointed second in charge, and Matt was given full clearance as a senior officer simply because he could handle the computer like no one else. He was technically fourth in the chain of command.
The most surprising thing of all, in her mind, was that Lawrence had suggested Jasna as the third in command. Even then, he had clearly recognized her somewhat purposely hidden natural talent at calming people and motivating them to do whatever was necessary. As a result, she was now one of only four people that had full access to the entire ship... including the armory...
Leave it to the military to completely prepare a ship for battle before it could even fly! It made no sense to Jasna, but they had. She entered her security code into the pad on the wall, walked through the now unlocked door to the armory, and then spent some time looking around. There was a variety of guns, most of which could do some serious damage in a fight, but that's not what she was after...
She simply wanted to scare Gordon away if he tried to get violent with her again. Finally deciding on a small handgun, she slipped it into her bag and left the armory. It was at least five minutes before she thought to check whether or not it was even loaded.
Looking around, she reassured herself that the corridor was empty, and then pulled the gun out of her bag. It was the type of gun that had a clip full of bullets – the military apparently thought that anything less was a waste of time. It took her a moment to figure out, but she finally managed to empty the unused bullets into her bag.
I don't want to actually shoot him, after all. I just want to be able to point the gun in his face and tell him to leave me the hell alone!
Tossing the gun back in her bag, she went to the bridge where she was pretty much guaranteed to be more or less alone. As she suspected, Matt was there playing with the computer. He simply loved reading through and analyzing the various programs, therefore, he volunteered to sit on the bridge more than anyone else.
She walked directly to the giant window – or whatever they were called on a ship – and admired the view for a few moments. This meant her back was to Matt, but that didn't stop him from saying hi.
Good evening, Jasna.”
I think it's the middle of the night now,” she remarked cheerfully.
He chuckled, and then looked at his watch. “Not quite but close enough. I think I'm actually going to head off to bed if you don't mind watching the bridge.”
Jasna shook her head. “Nah, I don't mind at all. Go spend some quality time with Cassandra, and tell her I wished you both pleasant dreams.”
Matt squeaked in surprise. “You know about me and Cassandra?”
Of course I do,” Jasna replied with a soft laugh. “I can spot a lovey dovey look a mile away. I don't think anybody else has figured it out though, if you're trying to keep it a secret.”
Something about the way Jasna still stared out the window – and her slightly raspy voice – made Matt uneasy. “Jasna... Are you all right?”
I'm fine,” Jasna assured him. “I'm just trying to figure out if any one of these stars I see is Earth.” She pointed to one of the brightest stars. “It's that one, right?”
I think so,” Matt confirmed. “Good night.”
Good night,” Jasna purred, and then waited for him to leave.
With a sigh, she tossed her bag on the captain's chair, and then felt her face. According to the throbbing, she was pretty sure that her lip was split and her eyebrow was puffy. A gentle examination proved her right. She sucked in a quietly sizzling breath to indicate that she felt the pain, but it wasn't so bad that she couldn't handle it.
Settling herself on the chair, she picked up her yarn and hook. The joy of the pattern relaxed her, and soon she was humming away. The tune was a lullaby, which eventually burst from her lips – the words adapted long ago after she'd had her second son.
You are my sunshine, my darling sunshine. When you're not happy, my skies are gray...”
You sound happy,” Lawrence stated pleasantly. “You and Gordon must have made up.”
Meh, not so much. I think we decided to go our separate ways,” Jasna informed him.
He laughed. “Can't say I'm sorry to hear tha – Jesus Jasna! What happened to you?!”
Jasna had rather unbelievably forgotten about her puffy and probably bruised face, but Lawrence had obviously spotted it. She snorted a sarcastic laugh.
What? This? This is nothing. Don't worry about me,” she insisted.
It's not nothing!” Lawrence exclaimed fervently, using his hands to turn her head side to side to get a better look at her. “You look like you were mugged! You've even got bruises around your neck!”
Lawrence, please be quiet,” Jasna begged softly. “I don't want you waking the entire ship. I may look terrible, but I'm fine. Really! You don't need to worry about me.”
He needs to be held accountable,” Lawrence stated. “Nothing gives him the right to abuse you!”
Jasna sighed. “You're right, but I want to minimize the conflict not escalate it. I've already dealt with the problem, and I want to leave it at that. If this were a police station, I would officially refuse to press charges in exchange for his agreement to leave me alone.”
Lawrence took a breathe to cultivate some patience. “If he can do this to you, someone he claims to care for, then just think about what he'd do to someone else.”
Jasna shook her head. “No, I think he only did this because he has feelings for me. He wouldn't be hurting so much if he didn't care, and so everyone else should be safe.”
I tell you what. We'll have a full meeting with everyone in attendance to discuss the situation and decide what to do about it. If most of us agree with you, then we'll drop the matter and move on. However, if it's agreed that something should be done, and we can figure out what to do, then I want you to abide by the group's decision.”
Jasna nodded silently. Even if she protested, there wouldn't really be anything she could do if the others insisted on punishing Gordon. The two passed the next several hours in companionable silence, except for the humming Jasna did while she crocheted.
Just as she finished the baby blanket she was working on – which she would probably take apart and remake a couple of times before the baby actually arrived – Edward arrived with a mug of coffee, which indicated that he had made a pot of it in the galley. Jasna honestly didn't understand it, but there was enough coffee beans to last them until the end of time!
Morning,” he greeted them. “I've just come to drink my coffee and read the paper...” They were sent digital copies of the paper everyday to the delight of several people, and the businessman in him liked volunteering to sit on the bridge so he could be the first to read the paper each “day.” Edward faltered and gaped at Jasna, nearly dropping his coffee in the process. “What happened to you?!”
Long story,” Lawrence responded in order to spare Jasna from having to repeat herself 30 separate times. “We're going to have a meeting about it later on, but it won't be until everyone is awake and probably not until we've all had something to eat. I'll send someone to come get you when it's time.”
Be sure that you do!” Edward insisted, his dark expression indicating that he already had a pretty good idea of what had happened.
Come with me to the galley?” Lawrence invited.
I am pretty hungry,” Jasna admitted, getting to her feet.
Good. This way, you can keep me company while I eat.”
Jasna giggled. “Or maybe it's the other way around. Maybe you'll be keeping me company while I eat!”
Either way works for me!” Lawrence laughed.
The next two hours passed strangely. At times, it felt like time was crawling by while people looked at Jasna and started muttering to themselves. Then suddenly, it seemed like days stretched out in the space of minutes as the gathered people started planning a lynch mob. Jasna had to think quick and speak with as much wisdom as she could muster just to calm them down, and they hadn't even officially started the meeting yet!
They were waiting for Mary, Edward – whom Matt had ran to get – and Gordon. Kayleigh was also missing since she had decided to go see what was taking Mary so long considering that Mary was normally up at the crack of dawn, so to speak.
Jasna finally got the room to quiet down and wait until everyone was together so that she could tell them what had happened and what she wanted to do about it. People finished eating, but it was out of sheer habit rather than hunger. Not a single one could even remember what they ate after it was gone.
Edward and Matt walked into the room, and everyone held his or her breathe as they looked out the door to watch for Mary and Kayleigh. No one particularly cared if Gordon bothered showing up. A minute passed in near silence.
Suddenly Kayleigh ran into the room, her hands were both pressed to her mouth as tears poured from her eyes. She buried her face in Lana's bosom and sobbed as quietly as she could for a moment. Finally, she calmed down enough to speak. No one made a sound for fear that they would miss whatever it was she had to tell them.
Mary...” Kayleigh forced herself to say, but it came out as a whisper. She cleared her throat and tried again. “Mary is dead... raped and beaten and strangled...” The words were a whisper again.
Shock rippled around the room as no one could quite wrap their minds around the terrible concept.
Jasna grabbed her bag and opened it. For one insane moment, everyone wondered how she could even consider crocheting at a time like this. Instead, she pulled out her cell phone and dialed Gordon's number. As she waited for him to answer, she grabbed the gun, removed the empty clip, and started sliding bullets into it. Each clicked as they locked into place, click!
Surprisingly, Gordon answered the phone.
Morning babe,” Jasna greeted him, click! “I want to apologize for last night. I realize that I am clearly at fault because I never even hinted that I was married.”
Yeah?” Gordon asked. His voice sounded strange, as if he was emotionally raw. “That's true... and I'm sorry that I was so rotten to you.”
Jasna wondered if he was crying. Click!
I'm so glad to hear that. I was afraid that you hated me now!” Click! Five should be more than plenty.“Why don't you meet me somewhere so we can make up? I'm in the galley; we can slip into one of the storage rooms for a bit of fun,” she suggested as she set her bag aside and got to her feet. “Where are you?”
I don't know, just wandering aimlessly,” Gordon replied, his voice sounding firmer now.
Jasna walked out of the galley, slipping the now loaded gun into the back waistband of her skirt. “Well, how long will it take you to get to the storage room?”
Actually, I'm almost to the lounge. It's completely empty. I guess everyone's in the galley eating.”
Yeah, I saw just about everyone there before I left. You were gone and I realized how very badly I wanted to see you again. I'll come to the lounge, and maybe we can get a bit naughty before anyone else interrupts us,” she purred enticingly.
Jasna made no mention of the fact that people were following her. Some were utterly confused. Others shocked by her flirtiness, but some quickly understood that she was baiting him. As she approached the lounge, she gestured for the others to stay back a bit.
I'm just about there,” Jasna warned, still purring a little, and then hung up her phone. She saw Gordon standing next to a window. His hair was still wet from a recent shower, and Jasna could see that his clothes were clean – the same one she had dumped onto the floor outside her room.
She held her arms out wide the moment he looked up at her. “I'm sorry I got so mad that I threw all your stuff into the hall.”
He held his arms out to her. “You're here now, that's all that matters.”
Jasna hugged him tightly, and then slipped one of her arms behind her back. People started peeking through the large open door to the lounge and saw her grasp the gun firmly in her hand and then softly press the nozzle to his ribcage.
Did you kill Mary?” Jasna asked with a tone of compassion.
I didn't mean to!” Gordon confessed with a sob. “I was just so angry...”
Jasna made a slit second decision. He was too dangerous to let just roam free on the ship, and potentially too dangerous to lock up for the next five years. He was mentally unbalanced and if he didn't cooperate, he could hurt a lot of people...
I'm sorry,” she whispered, and then squeezed the trigger. It fired with a loud bang, the bullet entering him and exiting out his other side with a spray of blood.
Kayleigh and a couple other women screamed, not from fear or horror, but simply because they'd been startled by the suddenness of the noise.
Gordon didn't die instantly. Instead, he slumped to the ground, gasping and wheezing. “You... bitch... I loved you...”
Jasna had fallen to her knees as he slumped, and now cradled his head in her lap. Tears poured from her, and she sniffed to clear the excess snot from her nose. “I know... but you killed Mary. I have to protect everyone else...”
He choked on the blood coming out of his mouth, then coughed. “It hurts... make it stop.”
A small sob erupted from Jasna, but she nodded. Pressing the gun to his heart, she squeezed the trigger once more.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Jumpin' Jupiter! II


Three months later, the sheer monotony had gotten to almost everyone. As a result, Jasna and some of the other women decided to see if the hydroponics area would actually work. If it did, they'd at least have some fresh vegetables to go with their vacuum sealed and nearly unpalatable rations.
Having stocked the ship for a maiden voyage crew of at least 50 people, they had plenty of food to last the five years. The ship was intended to pop around the universe for several years after all, so feeding 30 people wasn't a problem. So long as one didn't mind eating meals prepared up to ten years ahead of time...
The women chatted aimlessly as they tended to the sprouts.
Ugh! I miss my husband!” Dana, a scientist specializing in deep space communications, announced.
Me too,” a different woman agreed, referring to her own husband.
Mary simply nodded, unconsciously twisting the wedding ring adorning her left ring finger.
Kayleigh hung her head. “My boyfriend broke up with me. He texted to tell me that he simply couldn't wait five years for me to return, and oh – by the way – he's sleeping with my sister and they're expecting a baby.”
Men are scum!” Lana spat in disgust.
That's not true!” Dana protested. “Most men are wonderful, it's just that it's so much easier to judge them all by the horrid actions of a very few.”
Jasna nodded in agreement, but otherwise remained silent.
I miss having sex!” A woman who Jasna could never remember her name blurted out. “I used to love meeting my boyfriend at random times of the day for a quickie!”
So, pick a new partner,” Jasna suggested, her attention focused on the plugged water pipe in front of her.
The woman gasped as if scandalized. “I would never betray my boyfriend like that!”
Sorry,” Jasna apologized. “I didn't mean to imply you would. I simply figured that you could text him with the suggestion that – due to the unusual circumstances – you both agree to see other people until you can be together again. It's not fair to either gender to be expected to wait five years to have sex again.”
Maybe not,” Dana half agreed. “But it is part of my marriage vows, and I take them very seriously.”
Jasna nodded with a reassuring smile. “I understand.” She looked around for a particular tool, but didn't find it. “This pipe needs to be fixed, so I'm going to go find someone with a better understanding of plumbing.”
Try asking Richard. He's from a family of plumbers, as I understand it.”
Jasna nodded then gave a little wave as she walked away. When they thought she couldn't hear them anymore, Kayleigh harrumphed.
I really like Jasna, but damn! She's giving us advice on our sex lives when I highly doubt she's ever gotten any!”
Jasna stopped in her tracks to listen to the rest of the conversation.
Kayleigh! That's not nice!” Mary chided.
Jasna's sweet!” Lana added. “You shouldn't disrespect her like that!”
No, that's not what I meant!” Kayleigh amended hastily. “I just meant that she looks and acts like an old-fashioned lady. Almost like a grandma. She's kind and helps anyone who needs her, but – much like a nun I imagine – she doesn't seem to even think about sex!”
Jasna snorted in amusement, and continued on her way.
You know... I have no idea if that's true! She hasn't really talked about herself. Maybe she really is a nun,” Mary murmured.
A search for Richard yielded a group of men also lamenting the lack of sex.
What I wouldn't give to pound some pussy right now!” A man – Jasna didn't remember his name – roared in frustration.
I understand,” Edward, the businessman, sympathized.
I normally would never consider it, but all the women here are so frosty that I'm half considering raping one of them! I won't, of course,” he quickly reassured the rest of the men.
Jasna looked around to make sure no one was watching her watch them, and then got comfortable leaning up against a wall to listen and wait until the subject changed.
Someone laughed.
It's not funny!” The not really a rapist burst out defensively.
Sorry, I wasn't laughing to be mean,” Chris informed him. “I was laughing because I know exactly how you feel!”
Apparently someone was smirking, because suddenly he was receiving the third degree.
Why are you so smug?!” Chris demanded.
No reason,” James purred, pretty much announcing that he had some juicy news to impart.
Riiiight,” Chris stated, obviously not believing him.
Alright, no need to twist my arm!” James laughed, and Jasna could tell that he meant this figuratively. “I damn near decided to kill myself rather than go the next five years without sex, and then – one time when almost everyone was sleeping – I found Jasna in the lounge. She was crocheting something, but looked up at me with this understanding smile. Suddenly, I realized that she looked soft and cuddly and perfect for playing in bed with. So I asked her.”
And she said yes?!” The first – extremely frustrated – man asked incredulously.
Not exactly,” James said with a tone of amusement. “She held out her arms and asked me to carry her to bed.”
Well...” Edward murmured speculatively. “Was she any good?”
Actually, I was surprised,” James admitted. “I was prepared to be satisfied with a quick romp, but she was ready to play for hours! I frickin' pulled a muscle in my thigh!”
Ah... so that's why you were limping the other day,” Chris remarked with sudden clarity.
Jasna decided that their conversation was taking too long, so she crept a few feet back down the corridor, and then started singing a nonsense tune as she walked towards the lounge. She pretended not to hear them tell each other to shut up because she was coming.
Hey guys. Anyone seen Richard? I'm told he's probably the best choice for fixing a pipe in the Hydroponics bay.”
They all shook their heads. “Nope.”
Too bad,” Jasna muttered, and then turned to leave. By a stroke of sheer luck, Richard was just coming into the lounge. “Hey! I was looking for you!”
Really?” Richard replied with a puzzled tilt to his head.
Yep, there's a pipe that needs fixing in Hydroponics.”
No problem!” Richard said, and then turned and left.
Jasna? Are you busy?”
Jasna looked the man over, assuming that he was the one who had confessed to considering raping someone. “I'm sorry, I'm lousy with names...”
Hi Eric; can I help you with something?” Jasna asked with a patient smile.
Uh... yeah... Follow me,” Eric beckoned.
Jasna shrugged, then smiled. “Sure.”
Uh Jasna,” James gained her attention. “Can I talk to you for a moment?”
Sorry James, Eric says he needs my help. We'll talk later, okay?” Jasna deferred him.
But it's important,” he insisted.
Okay. Eric, can you wait here a moment?” Jasna asked. Eric nodded grumpily.
James guided Jasna far enough down the corridor that they had a bit of privacy. “Jasna... Eric doesn't really need your help with anything. He just wants...” James sighed. “Listen, I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend.”
Jasna smiled. “That's sweet, but no. I'm not looking for a boyfriend.
But we're so good together!” James protested.
We still can be,” Jasna assured him. “Just not as an official couple.”
Why not?” James wondered.
Jasna pressed her lips together and twisted them side to side as she considered what to say. Nothing seemed like a gentle enough explanation, and her prolonged silence angered him.
Fine! I get it...” he stated petulantly, and then walked away.
Jasna spotted Eric trying to subtly watch them, and waved. He walked over to her.
Everything okay?” He asked in concern.
Mmmhmm,” Jasna nodded with a smile, but concern for James showed in her eyes.
Eric gestured for her to walk with him, and then led her to his room. Once they were inside his room with the door shut, he studied her uncertainly. She was wearing a black skirt – not crocheted – and a cream colored, long-sleeved, crocheted sweater. She really did look like an old-fashioned or highly religious lady.
What do you need help with?” Jasna asked.
I can't think of anyway to say this without being crude, so I'll just say it. I need sex! Jasna... can I fuck you?”
Jasna smiled encouragingly. “It might help if you took off my clothes first.”
He really hadn't expected her to agree so easily, and his expression showed it. Without a word, he stepped closer to her, placed his hands on her waist, then slowly slid them up to remove her shirt. Jasna raised her arms above her head to help him.
She rubbed her breasts, massaging them lightly, which prompted Eric to reach around behind her and unhook her bra. She dropped her bra to the floor, and then held one breast out to him in invitation.
Secretly, she was self-conscious. Her breasts looked big and impressive while she was fully clothed, but when she was naked, they hung like udders. She was always afraid that men would be turned off by her breasts, but surprisingly, they all seemed to like playing with them.
She arched her back and tilted her head as she moaned.
He emitted a breathy groan. “Part of me wants to play with you all night, but the rest of me can think of nothing but gratification. I'm afraid that I'm not going to last very long.”
She hummed in thought for a moment, and then unzipped his pants. His rigid shaft sprang free, and she admired it's slim length for a few moments as she fondled him.
Sit on the bed,” she suggested.
He complied mostly because she pushed gently on his chest causing him to back up until he almost fell onto the bed. Once he was seated, she took hold of his hands, and guided them to her breasts.
You're going to have to hold onto these. Keep a firm grip,” she ordered as she positioned his shaft in the valley between her breasts. She was ample enough that they formed a circle around his shaft. Satisfied that he held her breasts together, she placed her hands on the bed on ether side of him, and used them as leverage to move her breasts up and down his length. Her whole body moved as she pleasured him.
His eyes practically rolled back into his head, announcing how close to heaven he felt he was. Jasna established a good rhythm, then bent her head so that she could suck on him each time he poked through the top of her breasts.
He tried to be quiet, but it felt too good. He knew he was going to lose it any second, and his cries got louder. Jasna intuitively knew he was right there, and she sucked on him with extra vigor for a moment. He immediately started to spew into her mouth, and she wrinkled her nose at the taste. A devious thought occurred to her, and she mentally grinned.
The moment he was done, he flopped onto the bed and panted. Jasna climbed on top of him, nuzzled his neck for a moment, and then kissed him. She let his cum dribble into his mouth.
He was so startled that he swallowed it and then pushed her away slightly.
Ugh! You did not just do that!”
Jasna laughed. “My motto is that if you put it into my mouth, I put it into yours. Here, I'll give you something to get rid of the taste.”
She removed her skirt, bloomers, and panties, and then straddled his face. He was tempted to refuse, but quickly decided not to offend the only woman who might let him fuck her from time to time. He slid his tongue into her, surprised that she tasted so sweet.
She tried to hold still as he ate her, but she kept squirming. She slapped both hands over her mouth to cover the loud sounds she couldn't suppress. Just when she was sure she was about to orgasm, he rolled her onto her back.
I can't believe I'm ready again so soon!” He stated, and then plunged inside her. He was still fully clothed except for his exposed shaft.
Jasna grunted in pleasure. “Oh! Yes... harder! Bang into me!”
She was still hovering on the edge of climax, and his rough pounding of her well-lubricated hole felt just about perfect.
Eric – having recently ejaculated – found he had the stamina to last for close to an hour. The best part, in his opinion, was that Jasna got incredibly tight just before an orgasm hit. After the second one, he paused a moment to shed his clothes and then reposition. Now, she was on her side, and he was on his side behind her. He held her leg up with his hand as he resumed his vigorous thrusting.
She hugged a pillow to her face to muffle the cries. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”
One of her hands suddenly remembered that she now had access to her clitoris, and she took advantage of this. Her cries grew louder and louder until she was almost sobbing from how good it felt.
Oh God!” Eric called out. “I'm gonna cum!”
A moment later, his movements became jerky as he grunted repeatedly. She felt his hot cum fill her, and giggled happily.
What?” He wondered curiously.
I love feeling that!”
Mmm...” Eric murmured. “Now I need a nap...”
Me too,” Jasna agreed.


Jasna woke up before Eric, and slipped from his clingy embrace. She dressed, and then headed to her room to grab her robe before going to the shower room. This time, a sign on the door announced that it was occupied by women.
Good morning,” Mary greeted.
Is it morning?” Jasna joked with a grin. It was one of the long standing puns; they all greeted each other by referencing a time of day, despite the fact that there was no day or night on the ship.
It is to me,” Mary laughed.
Then good morning,” Jasna returned the pleasantry.
I'm glad you're here!” Lana announced in relief. “I wanted to give this back to you. I washed it really well...”
Jasna accepted her menstrual cup back from Lana. Sharing one was something most women would never consider, but almost none of them had thought to bring menstrual supplies, and those that had had run out by now. Jasna had found Lana crying in the shower room not too long ago, and naturally asked what was wrong. Lana had confessed that her flow was always so heavy that she had to wear the most absorbent tampons available, only now she had nothing, and didn't know what to do.
Jasna told her about her cup, and offered to let her borrow it. Lana was so relieved that she agreed without caring about the ick factor.
What's that?” Kayleigh asked.
Jasna smiled – she almost always smiled – and explained it to her. “This is a menstrual cup. It goes in the vagina to catch the blood, and then can be emptied out as needed. It's reusable so it can last for years.”
Nice!” Kayleigh stated appreciatively. “I ended up cutting a few inches off the bottom of my robe to use as cloth pads.”
Dana blushed and looked at the floor. “I don't suppose you'd let me borrow that...”
Jasna nodded, and then handed it to her. She briefly explained how to fold it for easy insertion and then gave a few tips on how to get it to open up correctly so that it wouldn't leak. The rest of the women averted their eyes to give Dana a bit of privacy as she tried it. It took her a couple of minutes, but finally, she had it in correctly.
I wish I'd known about this sooner,” Dana grumbled. “I ended up using my spare underwear, and it still leaked through to my pants...”
Jasna smiled sympathetically. “Sorry... I hooked my friends on this device a long time ago, and so now I tend to assume that every woman has one.”
Kayleigh looked like she just had a brilliant idea. “Between my cloth pads and your cup, the 10 of us should be able to get through our periods by sharing.”
Unless we all synchronize...” Mary pointed out solemnly.
That'd suck!” Lana blurted out.
Jasna laughed. “Yes, but could you just imagine the poor men! For three or for days at a time, they'd have to deal with 10 murderous bitches!”
All the women laughed at that.
Are you due to have yours soon?” Dana asked as she realized that she was using Jasna's cup and Jasna might actually need it.
Jasna shook her head. “No... my cycle has always been irregular, and I've only gotten it once since we've been stranded. If I get it the next time I should – based on calculations from when I actually am regular for a couple months – I will get it in about a week and a half.
Ok,” Dana nodded with a relieved sigh.
The women finished washing up, got dressed, and then wandered to the kitchen area – apparently called a galley on a ship – to find something to eat.
I'm surprised that we aren't all losing weight having to eat this unappetizing crap!” Lana growled. Her accent had mellowed in order to fit in, but was still there.
It's not so bad,” Mary reminded her. “We could have nothing but protein bars and powdered vitamins...”
Jasna shuddered. “Thank God for small miracles!”
As it turned out, most of the men were already eating, sitting at the long tables in groups. Jasna and Kayleigh joined Matt, and Mary sat next to Lawrence, Dave, and another man. Everyone chatted pleasantly as they ate. This was not to imply that everyone got along, but it had been agreed early on that if two people didn't like each other, they both keep their mouths shut.
Just as almost everyone was finished eating, Dave launched himself to his feet, and slammed his hands down on the table.
You can't talk to her like that!” Dave shouted in outrage.
Take it easy,” the apparent offender held out his hands soothingly. “I was just asking her a simple question.”
That wasn't a simple question, that was harassment,” Lawrence pointed out, for once not sarcastically.
It was not!”
Jasna got to her feet and walked up behind them. “Something wrong?”
Gordon just made an offense comment to Mary,” Dave explained, still highly agitated.
I didn't mean it to be offensive,” Gordon defended, but his tone made it clear that he was just covering his ass now that someone had called him on his behavior. He was often making rude and offensive comments, and seemed to delight in doing so.
Mary stood up and glared him in the eyes. “I would never have sex with you!”
You're such a prissy bitch! Too good for me, eh? Why? I bet you're spreading it for both of them!” Gordon spit out in disgust.
I am not!” Mary denied hotly, shoving her ring in his face. “For your information, I have a long standing relationship with a woman I love. I do not have sex with men!”
Jasna felt rather than saw a ripple of disappointment go through all the men. Mary – with her long blond hair, blue eyes, and tiny body was hands down the most attractive woman on the ship.
Jasna placed a hand on Gordon's shoulder before he could leap to his feet and shoot his scathing remark at her. “Calm down. Anything you say is just going to make things worse.”
Gordon brushed her hand aside and got to his feet to look Jasna in the eye. “Calm down?! How am I supposed to do that?! There's absolutely nothing on this ship I can use for stress relief! I'm getting to the point where I just want to start beating on people with whatever I can find!”
Jasna gave him a look of sympathy. “I understand, but obviously you can't do that.” She placed her hand on his arm again because she usually could soothe people with her energy.
He responded by pushing her. She fell to the ground, her skirt exposing her legs up to her knees. Lawrence got to his feet and both he and Dave closed in on Gordon to intervene if they had to.
Don't touch me unless you plan to let me take my stress out on you!” He yelled, clenching his fists in an attempt to contain his inexplicable rage.
She studied him for a moment. “If I do, will you promise not to harass any of the other women?”
He looked surprised, and then felt his rage explode. “Don't think you can play games with me! I do not tolerate anyone messing with me!” He slapped her once to emphasize his point.
She pressed one hand to the stinging on her cheek, gesturing for Dave and Lawrence to stay back, then held the other out to him. “I'm not playing games.”
Still not quite believing her, Gordon pulled her to her feet, and nearly crushed her wrist in his hand. She could feel the intensity of his anger and frustration pouring off of him in waves.
Wait a minute!” Lawrence protested. “This is definitely harassment! We can't allow –”
Shut up!” Gordon roared, still staring Jasna in the eyes. “If you promise to satisfy me whenever I want and refuse to let anyone else touch you, then I promise not to harass anyone.”
I promise,” Jasna vowed without hesitation. “And so long as you keep your word, I'll keep mine.”
Good,” Gordon stated, and then dragged her to her room – which was bigger than his, but not by much.
Poor Jasna!” Kayleigh lamented. “We have to stop him!”
He's an asshole, and we should kick his ass!” Lana added.
Lawrence, who had – without any formal discussion – been more or less elected their leader, shook his head. “Jasna, in her own way, is trying to keep the peace. I think she realizes that if we fight him, he'll just escalate until we have no choice but to declare war on him. I think she can handle him.”
Dave reluctantly nodded in agreement. “Yeah. I think she knows exactly how to keep him calm.”
James and Eric and a few others mumbled that they concurred. This was nearly half the men, which wasn't enough for an official majority ruling.
Wait...” Mary almost whispered, and then cleared her throat. “Why aren't you concerned? Don't you understand that he is about to rape her?”
Lawrence took a deep breath as he considered what to say. Finally, he sighed. “Because... I know for a fact that Jasna is good in bed and can handle men. She agreed to his proposal willingly, and then followed him willingly. Anything we do to go against the deal they made is just going to cause more trouble than we know how to deal with. It's not like we can just toss him into the brig for the next 5 years, and even if we did, we'd all have to take turns bringing him food and water and escorting him to the toilets and shower. Even then, I doubt he cooperate.”
Mary sighed. “Fine! We'll try it this way, but if he hurts Jasna, I expect us all to band together and enforce the law! We may not be on Earth, but we are still American citizens! Actions still have consequences!”
Lawrence nodded. “I agree.”
Doug arched an eyebrow, and attempted to lighten the mood. “So... exactly how do you know that she's good in bed?”
Lawrence laughed. “A gentleman does not kiss and tell!”
Who ever said you were a gentleman!” Doug teased.
Dave gave Lawrence a funny look. “And here I thought it was just me that had discovered that little secret.”
Matt snorted. “Then you haven't been listening very well! I've heard a lot of guys talk about how good she is!”
Oh my god! Seriously?” Kayleigh asked, her hands covering her cheeks. “And here I thought she was one of those women that never had sex!”
Lana rubbed her chin, lost in speculative thought. “I guess she's been protecting us women from the very beginning, and we didn't even know it!”
What do you mean?” Dana wondered, puzzled.
Think about it,” Lana stated. “I'm saving myself for marriage. Mary's a lesbian. You and pretty much all the other women are married or have boyfriends... There's almost no one willing to have sex with the guys. I now clearly see that Jasna has been doing so in order to keep them from pestering us.”
I see...” Dana murmured.
James laughed. “You make it sound like she's simply performing some duty or something! Like she just lies on her back and lets us do whatever we want while she thinks about something she'd rather be doing. It's not like that at all!”


Gordon wasn't in the mood to take his time. He wanted to feel better as soon as possible, so – the moment her door was closed – he pushed her up against the wall, lifted her skirt, and slid her panties to the side.
Jasna grunted as he rammed into her, and mentally shook her head at the irony. Today was the one day she hadn't worn her bloomers because they needed to be washed. Therefore, they weren't in the way. I wonder what he would have done if they were?
She settled one leg over his hip, and squeezed his buttocks with her hands. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”
Far sooner than he wanted, he buried himself deep and filled her. She sighed almost silently in disappointment as he rested his head on her shoulder.
Hmm...” he murmured, thrusting slowly. He continued to thrust until he realized that he was fortunate enough to keep going.
Guiding her other leg over his hip, he carried her to her bed. Rather than set her on her back, he decided to lay on his, using his hands to help her bounce as she sat on him.
Jasna grinned, and quickly bunched her skirt up so that she could reach her clitoris. She wore her black blouse, and a blue skirt. It wasn't crocheted, but it did have plenty of ultra-feminine ruffles on it.
Gordon took advantage of her distraction to unbutton her blouse and push her bra up until her breasts were hanging free. He fondled them roughly causing Jasna to moan.
She started to quake and knew it wouldn't be long before she shook with orgasm. A squeal emerged from her throat. She tried to suppress it, but a moment later, her head fell back and her mouth opened. Had anyone been outside her door, they would've clearly heard her screaming her pleasure.
She slumped onto Gordon after her orgasm faded. He chuckled in amusement.
Don't think you're done already,” he warned her, and then rolled her over onto her back.
I'd be disappointed if I was,” she confessed between breathy pants.
He thrust into her almost lazily as he concentrated on her breasts. He found them fascinating and sucked on her nipples like a vacuum.
She moaned, her inner muscles clenching tightly.
Mmm,” he moaned. “I like that.”
Considering that he had started out looking for near instant gratification, he now was surprised to find he wanted the opposite. He made love to her – or at least something very close to it – for hours until they were both utterly exhausted. Holding her to him possessively, they both fell asleep.
Later on, Jasna slipped out of bed, changed into clean clothes, and then took her yarn and hook to the lounge. As she suspected, it was empty. She chose the comfiest chair, and settled down to work on her current favorite pattern.
About a half an hour later, a good 15 people entered the lounge. Jasna gathered from the chatter that they planned to start a new role-playing adventure, but they all fell silent when they saw her. She smiled at them warmly.
Mary got to her knees in front of her, and took hold of her hands. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”
I'm fine,” Jasna assured her. “Thank you for your concern, but I'm really not hurt.”
Mary sighed in relief. “I'm glad to hear that.”
Jasna decided to change the subject. “You know... we have a powerful cell tower here, right?”
Mary frowned, puzzled by the subject. “Yes.”
I got to thinking the other day while I was looking for Richard to fix the pipe in Hydroponics, why don't we all exchange cell numbers? That's why they put a tower on this ship after all, so that the crew could easily communicate with each other. We should really take advantage of it.” Jasna pulled her phone out of her pocket.
That's a great idea!” Matt agreed enthusiastically, pulling his phone out.
Jasna slowly told him her number and then asked him to text her his name so that she could add him to her contacts. Several others did the same, and then spent time exchanging phone numbers before pocketing their phones.
Do you want to join us?” Lana asked, referring to their game.
I'd love to!” Jasna grinned. Suddenly, her face turned greenish, and she slapped a hand over her mouth. Her stomach heaved a couple of times which prompted someone to hand her a small, empty trash bin.
She coated the bottom of the container, and then set the bin aside. “Hmm...” she murmured as she rested her hands on her stomach in an attempt to settle the queasiness. “Maybe not.”
What's wrong?” Kayleigh asked, echoed by several others.
Jasna shrugged. “No idea.”

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