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When I first created this blog, it was with the intention to support my family. I heard that some bloggers even make enough that they can pay their rent! I did not think it would be so easy, but that's why I chose to post ads on my blog - even though I HATE ads with a passion!

I also posted a donate button on my blog - which is just above the title
- in the hopes that if people come to my blog, they will like what they read and feel I deserve to get paid for my hard work. I have had a couple of donations that made me literally cry. Not because they were a lot, but because someone appreciated me!

To date, my blog has made just under $10.00 in a little over a year and a half from ad sense. So it's nowhere NEAR paying my bills, as I had hoped, but even so, it offers me hope that maybe one day, my dream can come true :-)

Originally, my blog was intended to just be a record of my life; the random ramblings of my 5 weirdnesses. Something unexpected happened: I decided to post some of my writing, and then asked if my blog readers wanted more. The response was an overwhelming YES!!! So now my blog is a record of most of what I have written... to a point. I still have so much I haven't posted. YET! Lol.

The more of my writing that I posted, the more I realized something. I truly AM a talented writer. If I had a publicist and big time publisher, I would be a best seller! I don't really want to be a big famous author, I just want to be an author with a decent fan base that makes a good income. I just want to be paid for my work!

So I ask you sincerely from the bottom of my heart: if you read something on my blog today that you liked, PLEASE consider donating so that I can support my family by earning an income with my skills. If you only liked it a little, then donate just a little, but if you liked something a LOT, please consider what you would spend if you bought my work in a store.

The easiest way to donate is to click on the handy dandy little button at the top left of this page, but if you prefer, you can email your donation via your paypal account to: ladyroxanne21@yahoo.com
or - if you prefer not to do such things online, please email me for my address.

I read a blog - a hilarious one about a chicken lawn ornament - in which she mentioned that her blog readers often send her so much stuff that the post office (she has a PO box) packs it all into a box every couple of months and delivers it to her house. She then has a blast looking through it all. I think she is brave to post an actual address on her blog, and wise to have a PO box :-) Since I do not have one, and am uncomfortable posting my address online for the world to see, I hope you understand why I don't just post it here. I promise, I'm not trying to be secretive or a player. I just want to protect my kids from weirdos (those even weirder than me, lol) from sending me stuff that my kids should not be pulling out of the mail box! I mean if you really want to send me stuff like that, I'm not going to complain, but just give me a little heads up first so that my 6 year old isn't pulling it out of the box that day, lol!

Anyway, thank you so much. I am deeply grateful for all your support :-) 

Oh! And PS, you can friend or follow me on facebook if you'd like. Just look for Roxanne Packard. I'm the one with the woman holding a knife behind her back, lol! 

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