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Friday, September 14, 2012

Pug Vs Mastiff

I grew up with pugs. My family bred them on a very small scale, and I love pugs more than any other breed. One of the things I didn't know until much later is that pugs are supposedly mini Mastiffs, much in the same way that a poodle is a big dog, but there is a mini and a toy version.

 Black pugs are my favorite because they are surprisingly quieter :-D
But Fawn pugs are just adorable too!

Now I'll post pictures of mastiffs. You'll be able to see how they are so cute and so big, lol!

Oh squeal! I totally want a pair!!!


  1. Mastiff defiently wins.They may be a little hard to feed,and clean up,but they have HUGE heart.As said often Mastiff's are the gentle giants of the dog world!:D

    1. I grew up raising pugs but I would LOVE to have a pair of mastiffs to cuddle with on a cold night :-)


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