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Monday, September 10, 2012

An Erotic Dream

Sorta. I dreamt that I was on a space ship in literally the middle of nowhere. My hubby had been on the ship with me, but he was sucked through an interdimensional portal about a year before my dream takes place. There's also this super hot blonde woman who was part robot in that she had nanobots inside her or something, but she was kinda a flake, lol!

So then, this blonde is just lurking outside the portal for no real reason other than she sensed something was strange. She gets this urge to start playing with herself, and suddenly the portal opens and my hubby reappears! He's been sent back to the ship to complete a ritual to summon a dark Lord - but not THE dark Lord, IYKWIM...

The ritual involves that he get hot and heavy with the blonde right then and there :-D They start having some fun, taking their time about it too, when suddenly the Lord - who I think was named Lord Darkhart - appears right at the climax. He possesses my hubby - in the spiritual sense, not the sexual one, lol! My hubby then completely forgets all about the entire experience... Well, he forgets the part that he was possessed. He was lucky enough to remember that he had some fun with the hot blonde :-D

So he immediately goes to the bridge to report for duty, and due to the chaotic influence of Lord Darkhart on the ship, the entire crew is in turmoil and is running amok in something close to panic. Hubby saves the day because he's a hero like that!

We find each other and have a super quick reunion f*** in a nearby closet, but then we are separated for a bit while he finishes saving the ship from chaos. I was off helping to save it too, unless you think I was some helpless maiden! lmao

Then his best friend - who looked remarkably like Quark from DS9 - sees him and starts yelling at him for not going to see him right away! As he's yelling at my hubby, a couple other friends show up to say hi, and then I come running around the corner and launch myself into my hubby's arms. Everyone is happy to see him, and don't suspect that he's possessed. They're all offering him the chance to come hang out and talk about what happened while he is gone, but I'm busy kissing him and whispering in his ear what I want to do to him.

So, we slip off to have some fun, but only get as far as the first empty corridor before he pushes me up against the wall - which had lockers along it for some reason - lifts my skirt, and is inside me before I can even grunt in delight :-D We didn't care in the slightest who might come along and see us!

So, of course, just because my dream was getting REALLY good, I had to go and wake up, sigh! I reached over to hopefully find hubby and get him involved in my dream too, but he's already left for school, GRR!!! Sigh... I guess I just have to wait for him to get home, and then pounce on him when he walks through the door...

I can be like Dino, heeheehee...

Have a happy day :-D


  1. Yeah, I hate it how you wake up just as a dream is getting really good.

    1. I know! And then I thought to myself as I was typing this out that it would make an interesting scene in Jumping Jupiter if I could only figure out how to incorporate it believably...


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