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Sex Free

Considering that the majority of what I write is erotica - or darn near - it make come as a shock to some people that I actually write quite a bit of stuff that is aimed at teens and is therefore sex free! Some of it references sex happening off the page, but there are no graphic descriptions in any of these. Enjoy :-)

Shy Girl - This is a story aimed at teens. It mentions sex, but does not get descriptive. A painfully shy girl falls in love with a unique boy, but learning about his different beliefs opens her mind until she's every bit as unique and different as he is. This is not your typical boy meets girl story. This story is aimed at anyone who has ever felt different, especially when they are young and confused enough as it is without being different.

Amadea and the Divinity Blade - This story is actually my homage to a different story that I am a serious fan of! Can you guess which one? lol! Anyway, it's about Amadea, a girl chosen by the Gods to be the next Empress of a vast Empire. Her goal is to maintain peace in the Empire, but first, she has to get rid of a horde of monsters and demons that plague her land! This story is also aimed at teens, but I believe is thoroughly satisfying for adults to read too :-)

Cheri - I had to seriously think about adding this story to this page because while it fits this description perfectly for the majority of the book, the main character does eventually grow up a bit and get married, and then there is some sex, but not much. I guess I will add it with that warning and let y'all decide for yourself :-) This is the story of Cheri, a unique young woman who wants nothing more than to help her people. She's ambitious enough to want to be a government official, but smart enough to know that women aren't allowed to be officials. Then, because she is an eligible lady, she's asked to meet the Emperor, and everything changes! This story is also an homage to another :-)

The Warlord's Daughter - Adira is the younger daughter of a powerful Warlord, but since he doesn't have any sons, he raises her as the true heir to his title. Training her whole life to be the next Warlord is all she knows, but then an ambushe leaves her a mysterious stranger recovering with a family that she desperately wishes she belonged to. Her destiny haunts her until she can hide from it no longer, then she must make things right. This story is also aimed at teens and does not directly contain sex.

The Hero's Son - Rip is the only son of a FAMOUS Hero. In an alternative future in which a group of people called Heroes are in charge of catching criminals, Rip knows that his destiny is to follow in his father's footsteps. In the meantime, the local population considers him like their very own prince, and even an innocent touch by a girl is broadcast on the evening news! In frustration one day, Rip escapes his duties and meets a boy who becomes his best friend, however, R.J. has a terrible secret that could destroy everything! This story is aimed at older teens and does contain bit of sexual reference. (For full disclosure, it's one scene - and a half - that gets a bit descriptive in Chapter 5, but it's integral to the story. I did edit the official book that will be published to mostly remove the graphic scene, but it is still unedited here on my blog. Trust me, the rest of the book is well worth reading even if you want to skip over that particular scene.)

Extended Family - When 16 year old Sadiya's parents die in a car accident, she wonders if she will be alone for the rest of her life. The next thing she knows, her lawyer is introducing her to an uncle she never knew she had! Now Sadiya must try to fit in with a fairly normal family despite being raised in a rather eccentric way. She immediately starts planning on ways to survive until she can live on her own, but somewhere along the way, she learns to love and rely on her new family. This story is aimed at teens and does not directly contain sex.

The Little Jewel - Once upon a time ago, I watched Thumblina, and basically she falls in love with a fairy prince because he was like the ONLY person the same size as her. So I thought to myself, well, what if she had met a fairy PRINCESS instead? :-D

Orchid's Quest - Orchid finds out that she has strange and powerful magic and goes on a quest to find out why the Gods gave her such a terrifying power.

And just a remind ALL of the stories on my Short Story Page are sex free too - except Sanguine.
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