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My Thoughts

This blog is called 5 Degrees of Weirdness because there are 5 things that make me different than most people. I have posted quite a bit on my various weirdnesses, but those posts have gotten lost in the more than 500 posts on my blog - most of which are stories. SO, I have decided to post a section where I can organize my thoughts for easier searching, mostly for me because even I have to go back and search for something from time to time, lol!

Food Nazi - Anything related to food or nutrition: Minus recipes, which can be found here.
- My Life Revolves Around Books
Food is Life
My Journey
- An Apple a Day
Why I Consider Milk Sacred
Getting Sick or Not
- Garlic Lemonade
- Food, When it Feels Like You Have No Choice
Being Diabetic
Reset and Willpower
- How to Beat a Cold Naturally
- Meat is Murder - This discusses why I am confused by this sentiment.
- My love hate relationship with buying in bulk

- To Homeschool or not to Homeschool
To Tell the Truth
- To be a Parent
- The Dark Side of Being a Mom
- Random Thoughts About Sex and Kids
- Declaration of Independence
- Science Experiment
Kids and Life
- Unschooling 

- Lets Get Naked
- To Be Naked

- I Could Be Burned at the Stake For This?
Why my Cards are Better Than my Intuition
Are You Really a Witch?
New Tarot Card Reading
- Libra
- In Search of God
- I am Jesus Reborn
- Science is God
- The Most Important Secret You'll Ever Learn

- Sex, Marriage, Love

I have a whole bunch of stuff that I have categorized as Random thoughts that I will be adding at some point. :-)

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