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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Science is God

I KNOW I have said this before, but I think it bears repeating...

I am watching a science show with Neil deGrasse Tyson, and I like him for the most part. I think he is quite valuable and a very smart man, but he has a fundamental flaw that ruffles my feathers, lol!

He seems very harsh against the possibility of a God - any God. His philosophy seems to be that if science can explain it, then God didn't do it, and if someone thinks God did it, then they just don't know enough about science yet to explain it.

I find his reasoning blatantly asinine, because he is in effect stating that there is no such thing as a God - any God - and that anyone who believes in God is "ignorant" - his actual word.

Here's my take on it, God is Science, and Science IS GOD! So, for example, let's say a child is born with a disability. We'll use Autism for an example because it is becoming very prevalent in this day and age. NdGT used epilepsy as his example. He says that in older times, when and BECAUSE people could not explain it scientifically, they automatically blamed the devil. But science has proven that it is simply uncontrollable neurons misfiring.

I am certain that any autistic children born in that same era would have been either reviled as devil children, or considered "special" and "Touched by God." Even IF science could definitively explain EXACTLY what autism is and how it happens (Science can explain much about it, but not all, yet), that DOES NOT take away the possibility that (one) God (or another) had a hand in the creation of that child. That does not automatically mean that a God did not stand over the parents at the time of conception with the soul that would be born discussing its future life and the challenges it would face. 

In that moment, it could have been decided that this conceiving couple would experience the relative "misfortune" of an autistic child. And from that moment on, every event that needs to occur for autism to become a possibility happens and the child becomes autistic. The parents then learn to care and provide for their beautiful and unique child, and they become more spiritual as people.

Why does the fact that science CAN (or will be able to in the future) explain something take the power of that thing out of God's hands? I mean let's say - for one moment - that the Christian God (my least favorite one) happened to create the entire universe. Then that means that ALL of the laws of the universe were created by him, and if he wants to do something - such as perform a miracle - then he does it by using the laws he created, which is then explained by science and dismissed as a rare but possible event.

Thus my statement that God is Science and Science is God! They are not mutually exclusive and the existence of one does not eliminate the existence of the other. Sigh...

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