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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sanguine After Story - Short Sequel - Part 1

For my 16th birthday, my father gave me a huge blank journal and suggested that I write down my private thoughts so that they cannot overwhelm me. I confess that I stared at it enviously for at least a week before I so much as dared to open it! The thick wood and leather covers were embossed with a beautiful orchard scene, which I suppose is meant to remind me that I come from rather simple origins – a farm. And yet, the journal is also expensive and represents how far I have already come, and how far I still have left to go.
So now, despite not really having time for something so silly as writing my thoughts, I have decided to sit down and take my father's advice...
I may only be 16, but I feel so much older! A lot has happened to me in the last year; not even a full year! I feel completely different than the boy I once was. I might even go so far as to call myself a man.
When I first found out that my mother was the Lady of Clan Blood, and that I was her Heir, I foolishly thought that this made me different than everyone else. Special... Important... A Lord! But I was wrong.
I mean yes, I am a Lord, but I'm really no different than any other man. I still have to worry about little things such as taking care of my family and surviving the winter. The only real difference is that now, I have to worry about all of my people. Sometimes the vague dread that something will happen to my people and I'll be responsible for fixing it keeps me awake at night! Back when I was just a farm boy, I shared a room with my sisters and took comfort in their presence at night. Now I have no one to talk to if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep.
Sigh... Well, I guess that isn't entirely true. I can wake up anyone I want and insist that they talk to me, but it really isn't the same. To make matters worse, I am utterly confused! As much as I try to remain focused on my duties, my mind keeps wandering to her...
I think about her every second that I am awake, and I dream about her when I am asleep. I want to go to her and order her her comfort me as her Lord, but if she were to do that, I'd want it to be her choice...
I know that she couldn't possibly want me; I'm still a child compared to her!
And then... there's the fact that she's a ward of my mother, which sort of makes her my adopted sister. I shouldn't be thinking of her in this sinful manner, but I can't help it! I just want her so badly!
Sighing at myself in disgust, I set my journal aside and went to bed. That night, the dreams of her were so intense that I could almost swear that they were real. Only, I don't yet have the experience necessary to know what real feels like.
Sunlight tried to pry open my eyes even as my dream got stronger. If I didn't know better, I'd swear there was someone in my bed, under my covers, sucking on me! I opened my eyes so that I could see that no one was there, but a lump suggested that there might actually be someone in my bed with me. I threw the blanket aside, astonished to find vibrantly red hair covering my groin, hiding my view. I moaned in pleasure; the sight intensifying the feelings I'd been experiencing.
With a husky laugh, she paused her task to look at me, the sunlight making her green eyes glow like emeralds. I was astonished – not only that this was really happening, but by who was doing it.
Ardent?!” I gasped out incredulously. “What are you doing?!”
She laughed at me like I was a silly little boy. “I would think that should be obvious!”
I moaned again as her hand continued the task her mouth had been performing a moment ago. I will not lie and say that I didn't like it, but I felt like I should stop her anyway for some reason. I held her hand still, but she responded to this by crawling up my body and kissing me. As she kissed me, she very abruptly impaled herself on my shaft, taking my breath away.
She inhaled slowly – a grimace on her face – then slowly exhaled, softly muttering: “Ow...”
Ardent,” I stated with a frown, trying to wrap my mind around everything that was happening so suddenly. “This is wrong... I am supposed to think of you as my sister.” Even as I said this, my hands grasped her hips and I ground into her. The feeling just too good not to explore. Plus, I had hoped I would know the pleasure of a woman soon now that I was the age when most girls got married and most boys took their first lovers.
Ardent snorted wryly. “You may say that this is wrong, but you certainly act like it's right!” She kissed me again, and then sat up, still impaled by me. She still looked a little pained.
Are you hurt?” I asked in concern.
No,” she murmured unconvincingly. “I knew it was supposed to hurt the first time, I just didn't realized that it would hurt that much. I'm fine now,” she insisted, grinding her hips into mine to prove her point.
I was confused all over again. “Why?” I asked. “Why me, I mean. Why now? Why not do this the proper way with sweet talk and a little...” I shrugged, not knowing the word for what was missing.
Oh Gavin,” she murmured with a soft chuckle and a tiny smile. My hands were more than happy to help her rock back and forth, grinding into me most pleasantly. She looked at the ceiling to hide a light blush.
Well, it's like this, last night, Sang-Soif, Glacèe, and I were talking about – OH! – this and that, and I asked Sang-Soif about sex. She's had lovers before, and I wanted to know what it was like. I've been dying to try it. Well, she had a lot to say on the subject, but one thing really stood out. She told me that I was lucky to not have been raped as a child. Both she and Glacèe were, you know. She then said that she doesn't care if I one day have sex with every man on the planet, but that the first time is special; a gift... Something I can only give once and that I should choose someone important to me that I won't regret giving this gift to.”
Ardent leaned over and kissed me again, smiling shyly. “My only thought was of you. I think I have loved you since the first moment I saw you! I don't care if we never have sex again, but as I lay fingering myself this morning, I just knew it had to be you my first time. So, I came in here before I lost my nerve!”
My mouth hung open in shock. “I had no idea you felt that way! Ardent... I...”
Ardent sat up to look at the ceiling again. “I know, you're a Lord and have to marry a fancy Lady one day and have heirs. I can't keep you all to myself – and honestly, I don't want to! I want to have other lovers and maybe find someone meant just for me someday, it's just.... Well, as I said, I wanted the first one to be you.”
I brushed some hair out of Ardent's face and tugged on her until she looked at me. Smiling, I pulled her close for a kiss. “I had someone in mind for my first time too, but I am certain that she will never be mine, so... Instead, my first time is right here with a gorgeous and surprising redhead. I say that since this memory is probably going to stick with us until we die, we should probably make it a memory worth blushing over whenever we think about it!”
Ardent laughed happily. “I think I can manage that!”
As much as I longed to simply roll her under me and bang into her until I finally felt what it was like to pump a woman full, I meant it when I said that I had imagined my first time. There were so many other things I wanted to do before finishing! Such as suck on her nipples... So, instead of rolling her under me, I rolled us onto our sides so that we could kiss and explore each other thoroughly. We were still joined and rocking our bodies together slowly, but it felt incredible in a way that didn't set me off too soon.
My father and older friends had all tried to explain to me – at different times – what sex was like, but nothing they told me could have prepared me for this. Knowing that I simply have to keep thrusting into her until I cum – it sounds so cut and dry! They were trying not to be crude – of course – but now that I am doing it, I have to wonder if there's something specific I need to do to her for her to feel good.
Kissing seemed like a good place to start, but it also didn't feel like enough. I finally worked up the courage to just ask her. “How is this? Am I doing it right?”
Feels good to me,” she assured me softly, but she didn't sound sure.
Suddenly, I wished I knew at least one woman who could have showed me what to do before this point, but since it was too late to change things, I vowed to make the best of the situation. I stroked her body and kissed her until she started purring and moaning. That had to be a good sign.
I started to feel an inexplicable urgency. It felt like I had to speed up. It felt like I had to pound into her. It felt like I had to finish soon or die trying! I rolled her under me and dug my fingers into her hips as much as possible.
She was gasping and crying out as she dug her nails into my back. It felt good even as I was suddenly grateful that she didn't have the sharp metallic nails unique to Clan Blood. Suddenly, my blood started feeling both hot and cold and tingly. I shuddered lightly as I roared into her ear. The sensation of pumping her full was mind boggling! I already longed to do it again as soon as possible.
We lay tangled together, breathing heavily for some time. Unexpectedly, she burst out giggling. “Thank you! That was better than anything I could have expected!”
I grinned at her, kissing her simply because her pink lips looked swollen and oh so kissable. Just when I wondered if my body would cooperate so that we could go again, a thought occurred to me that made me gasp in horror and sit up.
Oh no!”
What?” Ardent asked curiously.
My father told me that I'm supposed to – uh...” I fumbled awkwardly, blushing in embarrassment that I had to say it out loud to a girl. “Uh, pull out at the last possible moment so that I don't accidentally get any lover who isn't my wife pregnant.”
Ardent smiled at me in a way that made me wonder if she thought I was an idiot. “There are herbs I can take to prevent pregnancy. I promise I'll take some today and continue taking them for as long as we decide to be lovers.”
Sighing in relief, I kissed her again. “Thank you. I'm already so busy being the Lord of Clan Blood that I just don't know if I could handle being a father too.”
Yeah, I understand. I know that you still don't understand why your mother had your father raise you on his own, but I do! I could not be a 16 year old mother working in the dungeon all day and then coming out to try and take care of a child! Could you imagine?! 'Hey sweetie, how are you? Mama beat up another bad man today, but don't worry, I didn't kill this one!' Sheesh!”
I stared at her in utter astonishment for several long moments, my mouth hanging open. She must have thought she'd done something wrong because she smoothed her hair self consciously and shied away from me.
What?” She asked defensively.
It's just...” I shook my head with a helpless shrug. “Well, I never thought of it that way before. I want so badly to be angry with my mom for abandoning me as a baby and then leaving me again practically the moment I found out who she is, but... I kept telling myself that she did it for me. So that I could be a happy little boy. Then I get mad because I was happy growing up, but yet I still wanted to know her!” I sighed heavily. “I never once thought how it must have felt for her as a mother to do what she did...”
Ardent pulled me back atop her and snuggled into me. “Don't be too mad at her. My parents hated me! I was just another mouth to feed, the youngest of six children and the only girl. I got yelled at and blamed for everything. My father started hitting me when I was very little. He'd come home from a long day in the fields angry and frustrated, and he'd hit me because I was there. At first, my mom tried to chide him and tell him to stop, but then she started doing it to. She'd hit me whenever anything went wrong. By the time I was 12, I was so afraid of doing anything at all unless it made one of them mad!”
I felt Ardent shiver ever so slightly. “On the night of the yearly Winter Solstice party – as my parents were getting ready to come to the castle, I was so excited! I was finally old enough to meet Lady Sanguine! I had heard enough about her think she must be so … confident, so... strong! I wanted to see the Lady that – once upon a time ago – managed to beat up Big Mike!”
Ardent wasn't really looking at me, but I saw the light in her eyes die. She suddenly looked almost dead. Part of me was really afraid to hear what she would say next.
They took offense to my excitement. I think they were afraid that I planned to tell my Lady about them and what they did to me, but the funny thing is, I wouldn't have dared! I was too afraid to provoke their anger! They decided that they couldn't take any chances, and so told me that I had to stay home. I didn't want to anger them, so I choked on a protest. Tears welled up in my eyes. I don't know why, but that made them so mad! They took turns punching and hitting me, calling me names and telling me how worthless I was, until I lay on the floor, too broken to move. I was in too much pain to even cry! It took all my concentration to simply breathe...”
I wished I knew how to comfort her! I felt so useless! All I could do was hold her as she fought not to start crying.
The truly ironic thing is that Lady Sanguine sensed that something was wrong. Girls my age – sort of friends of mine – softly wondered why I wasn't at the party, and my brothers all looked miserable. When Lady Sanguine danced with my oldest brother – he was nearly 20 and had plans to get married and move out soon – he finally decided that he had nothing to lose. When she asked him what was wrong, he told her that our parents had beaten me – probably to death – and had left me on the floor like – like.... like garbage...”
Ardent wiped away the small drops of moisture from the corners of her eyes. She sat up and took a deeply cleansing breath. “But then everything changed! Lady Sanguine took me away from my parents. She sent my father to her dungeon for breaking the law – one she had once dictated – gave my oldest brother a nice farm to work so that he could support our other brothers and his new wife and future children, and left my mother a bitter and broken women with nothing. She had always taken great pride in my brothers. She loved and cherished them! To have them taken away was so devastating that she took her own life. My father died in the dungeon – unable to withstand even a 10th of what he had put me through!”
Ardent snorted a sadistically pleased laugh. “He was pathetic! Lady Sanguine let me watch as she tried to reform him, but he was too weak to last more than a couple of days! And now...”
Ardent pierced me with her fiery green eyes. “I'm finally happy! I owe your mother my life!” Her expression changed, growing smoky with desire. “And yes I really do love you, but it has nothing to do with her. It has everything to do with who you are. How you behave, how kind you are, how honorable you are. I know you would never hit anyone except for in self defense.”
I nodded slowly because she was right about that. She kissed me, a soft lingering kiss that made my groin respond. Her hands discovered what was suddenly poking her, and stroked me curiously.
I don't expect you love me,” Ardent confessed, kissing me again. “But if you want me to, I'd love to come into your room every morning to wake you up and make your day special right from the start!”
I went cross eyed just thinking about this! I stuttered for several long moments until my brain finally figured out how to talk again. “Of course!” I blurted out. “I'd like that!”

By lunch time, I was starving! I staggered into the room reserved for family meals feeling like I was crawling across a desert into an oasis. My stomach growled so loudly that I thought a lion was roaring in the hall outside the door!
My father saw me and laughed. “I know this is the first time that you've had a break from all your work in months, but I thought you'd be more rested. A good night's sleep and all.”
He knew I had trouble sleeping in the castle, so it must have made sense to him that I'd slept badly or something. I grunted noncommittally, too hungry to speak. I piled more food on my plate than I could possibly eat, and then slumped into the first possible chair – which was right next to my father. He let me shove food into my face in silence for a few minutes, and then finally seemed to make a decision. He looked around to confirm that we were alone, and then took a sip of his tea.
Gavin... son...” he began uncertainly.
Yes?” I asked curiously.
Since this is the first time you haven't been busy in ages, and since you recently turned 16, I was thinking that perhaps it might be a good time to...” He looked away and I could swear that he was blushing.
To what?” I wondered, interested to know what could make my dad so embarrassed.
He made a strange noise as he gathered the courage to just spit it out. “It might be a good time for me to take you to a brothel and help you choose a woman for your first taste of – ”
I laughed, not in embarrassment like I'm sure he assumed, but because I found his timing hilarious. “Dad... Ardent took care of that just this morning.”
Ardent!” Dad roared in astonishment.
I nodded my head in confirmation. “I know what you're thinking, that she's technically my adopted sister and I shouldn't think of her like that, but –”
My dad cut me off, nodding in agreement. “You're right, I wasn't expecting that, but if you'll just give me a few minutes to wrap my head around this, I think I can – yep! I can see why you'd choose her. She's the right age and you're around her all of the time. Plus she's really cute!”
I chuckled softly, looking down at my plate. “Actually, she chose me. I also wasn't thinking of her in that way, but now I see that she's gorgeous and fun and...” I shrugged, not knowing how to explain it better than that.
Ahhh...” My father drawled knowingly. “So that's why you were stumbling about like a drunken sailor! No breakfast coupled with hours of strenuous exercise...” He chuckled before taking another sip of his tea.
And why I'm ravenous!” I added before shoving more food into my mouth.
I miss those days...” my father mumbled very softly before downing the last of his tea and gathering up his things.
Dad?” I blurted out before he could leave. I blushed because even when he had first tried to explain sex to me, I had never thought to ask this. “Was... was there ever... any other lovers? Other than mom?”
Just women in the brothel,” he stated with a shrug. “I never wanted anyone other than her.”
What about now? She's married now; don't you deserve the same?” I asked, wishing for him to find happiness again.
He shook his head just a tiny bit. “I don't know, maybe, if I find a good woman who has already had her children and just wants companionship, but... I don't really need to get married just to have sex.”
I sighed morosely and nodded in understanding. He once confessed to me that he had waited his whole life for my mother to marry him. It seems that he hasn't given up on her just yet.

One of the best things about living in a castle as a Lord is that I can do pretty much anything I want. If I want to invite people over, I do it! And if I want to learn something new, it's just a matter of inviting the right person over. That night at dinner illustrated the point well.
You're learning so much!” Lord Godric of Clan Storm boomed proudly. “All three of you!” He grinned at my sisters for a moment each, and then focused on me. “It's rare for a man not born to it to take up the sword and do so well, but I think that you could probably defend yourself pretty well in a fight. … So long as you aren't fighting your mother or her wards,” he added in a quiet mutter.
My father heard him and laughed. “Or her sisters!” He sent an amused grin to Lord Godric's wife, the Lady Abattre.
She pretended to glare at him for a moment, and then chuckled softly. “It's true that your children aren't at the level they would need to be to work in the dungeon, but that's not their goal. I think that they have come very close to achieving their goal, which is simply knowing how to defend themselves.” Her husband nodded in agreement.
Lord Godric of Clan Storm was renowned throughout the Kingdom as the strongest and best warrior. He spent many a year traveling the world picking fights just to test and improve his skill, before returning and entering their Majesties service. If he truly thought that my sisters and I were doing well, then it must be true, but I didn't feel like I was getting any better at handling a sword.
Maybe he was simply referring to my skills in unarmed combat. We were all learning how to fight from Abattre just as I was learning the sword from Godric, and I'll admit that I was pretty good at disarming my opponent and using his weapon against him, it's just that I really wanted to be an expert swordsman like a Lord is supposed to be.
I sighed, reminding myself to have patience. If Godric saw potential in me, there must be potential. Right? I'm still amazed that – according to my mother – I am somewhat related to this legendary hero! It was a shock to sit next to him at my mother's wedding, but after the initial awe had faded a bit, Godric was an easy man to get along with. He had a sense of humor that perfectly complimented his wife's no-nonsense attitude. It was funny to watch them interact; they were a bit like Ardent and Glacèe.
I glanced over at Ardent, wondering if she had thought about me at all during the day. She was serenely eating her dinner, which was actually unusual for her. It was normal for her to be yelling and arguing over everything! I'd love to think that our morning had tamed her inner beast, but I knew that the real culprit was that she was also training with Godric, and he had sparred with her until she literally dropped from exhaustion. I am almost certain that she simply didn't have the energy to argue about anything!
She sensed me looking at her, looked up, and gave me a tiny smile. I returned her smile, and then shifted my attention to Glacèe, who was frowning at me. This was also unusual as she was normally the one who was serene at all times.
What?” I wondered, my interest piqued.
You are trying to learn the wrong weapon!” Glacèe informed me. “You're talents are better suited to speed than strength. Much like – well – most of Clan Blood. Lady Sanguine and Sang-Soif have their nails, I have my lightning, and you...” She shook her head in disapproval. “You're trying to learn the sword when clearly you'd be better with lightning or a whip or something light and fast.”
Hmm...” Godric mused, stroking his beard. “You might have a point...”
But I like the sword!” I protested. “It's the weapon of a Lord!”
Godric boomed with laughter. “That's certainly true! But it's not the only weapon suitable for a Lord.”
I guess,” I mumbled, letting the subject drop as I finished my food.
Well I – for one – would love to learn how to use lightning!” Lily stated, puffing her chest up proudly.
I'm sure you would, little one,” Godric replied, ruffling her hair affectionately. “But I'm afraid that your father has forbidden you from learning anything other than basic self defense until you are older.”
Aww!” Lily groaned. “That's so unfair!” She was clearly upset by this, but she didn't bother to argue. She knew our father wouldn't change his mind until he was good and ready to.

When I returned to my room that night, I wanted nothing more than to fall into bed and pass out. I was exhausted! Not even a hot and relaxing bath sounded appealing, which would probably make my mother frown in disappointment, since she'd once told me that a bath at the end of each day was an excellent way to unwind and let go of anything I didn't want to think about.
I stared at the tub in shock, rubbing my eyes because I was certain that I had something in them, making me see the impossible.
Glacèe...” I murmured in confusion. “What are you doing bathing in my room?”
She took a deep breath and then purred as she exhaled it. “Well, I guess you could say that I've gone mad...” She stood up so that I had a good view of her naked body. I watched all the little streams of water flow back down to the tub, drinking in the sight of her luscious body.
Ardent was undeniably gorgeous in face, but her body was a bit on the plain side. Glacèe, on the other hand, was rather plain in face, but her body was full and curvy in ways I had only dreamed of seeing! I never once imagined actually seeing Glacèe's body, but now that I was, I sincerely wanted to touch it too!
Glacèe smirked at me mysteriously. “Sit!” She commanded as she swept her brunette hair up into a towel and twisted it in a way so that it would stay on top of her head.
Uh...” I murmured in confusion.
She pushed me into a chair, nearly making it fall over in the process, but one of her strong hands caught it before I tumbled to the floor. She got eye to eye with me, her dark brown eyes staring intensely into my own light brown ones, and then did absolutely nothing. I found this a bit unnerving for some reason.
Um... Glacèe... What are you doing?” I asked, still utterly baffled.
Last night, Sang-Soif, Ardent, and I had a very interesting conversation. She was giving advice to Ardent, but I found myself surprise to realize that some of it applied to me as well. You see, I was once a slave. I had one rather decent master, and he took good care of me... except that he liked to have sex with me whenever he wanted. He was a small man, so he didn't hurt me – and by this I mean that he was literally a midget with a penis the size of my little finger. He couldn't hurt me, so I was able to more or less ignore what he was doing and...
Go elsewhere in my mind, I suppose. I formed an icy shell and retreated inside it. My name is now Glacèe for a reason...”
She smirked at me again. “I had no choice until my master died and Lady Sanguine bought me in the slave auction. She freed me and transformed me into a confident woman. I don't have to let anyone touch me ever again! But... I want to. I like to! I like having certain prisoners at my mercy...”
I frowned, not really understanding what she was trying to say. “What does any of this have to do with me?”
Glacèe purred again, a sort of menacing sound that made my hair stand up a tiny bit. “Well, Sang-Soif told Ardent that she should make sure her first time was with someone she wouldn't regret – since she had a choice in the matter – and it got me thinking. If the only men I ever have sex with in my life are a slave master and dozen or so lucky prisoners, then what does that say about me? I just know I would regret dying if I hadn't added at least one good man to the list!”
My mouth suddenly went dry and I gulped like a fish out of water. “Wait, me?!”
Glacèe nodded very slowly so that I could see how serious she was.
But why me?” I wondered. I didn't really want to do this if her answer was that I was the only man available that fit her description of good.
Because I can already see how great you are going to be. You aren't going to be the type who would ever get thrown in a dungeon. Your father raised you to be kind and caring. You make me want to protect you from men like those in my dungeon, and you make me want to be there for you when you need me. I wouldn't call what I feel love. It's more like... admiration maybe, or respect, but after thinking about having sex with you, I suddenly realized that I would regret not. Does that make sense?”
In a strange way, it did. I think. Not able to speak because I was far too nervous, I nodded.
Good,” Glacèe stated. She gracefully rested her bottom on the table in front of the chair I was sitting on, and then delicately placed a leg on each of the arm rests. Her hand shot out and grabbed my hair, yanking my head forward until it was buried in her womanhood. “Now, here's what I want you to do.”
Following her directions, I quickly learned what a woman tasted like and that there actually was a spot to make her feel good. I was ordered to lick her for a long time, varying between circles and up and down strokes. She even wanted me to suck on a tiny appendage that got somewhat hard like a nipple. Doing so made her shake uncontrollably and cry out in a way that was very loud and unashamed. I didn't believe it was possible for Glacèe to make such noises! She was always so quiet and calm.
Just when I felt like I was starting to understand what I was doing, she pushed my head away, gasping: “Enough!”
I watched her melt onto the table and wondered what I should do next. She panted heavily for a few moments, and then started laughing huskily. “Well done! Now it's time for you to get undressed.” She rose up onto her elbows as she said this so that she could look me in the eye. “I want to watch, and feel free to be embarrassed as you get naked for me for the first time.”
I wondered how she knew that? I mean since this wasn't technically my first time having sex, shouldn't I be past the embarrassing awkwardness of getting naked in front of a lover? I unbuttoned my shirt slowly, her eyes making me all the more nervous until my hands were trembling.
She grinned at me in a way that was almost evil, clearly cherishing as each piece of clothing came off. Suddenly, I was naked. I felt shy and unworthy for some reason. I had an overwhelming urge to cross my legs and hide the prominently hard proof that I was ready for her.
She stood up from the table and started purring again as she stalked me. I unconsciously took a step back each time she took a step forward, until the back of my legs hit the side of my bed. I squeaked apprehensively.
She pushed me hard enough for me to fall onto my back, and then reached under a pillow. A moment later, she pulled a rope out of hiding, but I had no idea how it had gotten there! I suddenly wanted to escape from her, but she was used to dealing with men bigger and stronger than me. I literally could not resist her as she tied my hands behind my head in a way that I couldn't move them without choking myself.
There,” she purred happily. “Now that that's settled...”
With surprising strength, she repositioned me so that I was comfortable on the bed with my shaft pointing emphatically at the ceiling.
Um... Glacèe? Is this really necessary? I don't like having my hands tied up,” I informed her, testing to see how much I could wiggle without depriving myself of air.
Don't worry, you'll be fine!” She assured me with a fake grin that worried me to no end. I had visions of any number of terrible things that she might do to me. Things she'd learned to do in a dungeon that my father still refused to let me see. Not even for a second; not even despite the fact that this was my castle and my dungeon!
Rather than beat me, as I half expected, she simply sat down on me, sliding onto my shaft in one smooth thrust. Her womanly orifice was so soft and silky and warm! I loved the feeling of her on my shaft.
Now, remember one very important thing...” she warned me with a mysterious smirk. “The only thing that matters is what I want. If you try to shoot your load inside me – or worse, if you actually do – you are going to be punished!”
What? Punished how?” I wondered, very apprehensive.
Just don't go off and you won't have to find out,” she stated with a shrug.
It took her a few moments to get truly comfortable, but then she was ready. One of her hands buried itself between her legs – no doubt finding that spot she had shown me – and her other hand massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. All the while, she was sliding up and down on my shaft. I went cross-eyed from the pleasure, chanting : “Oh gods!”
She rode me however she wanted, alternating between faster and slower. Her inner muscles would get tighter each time she was about to start screaming again, and then they would clamp down on me randomly. Each time made my toes curl and I wished I could grab her hips and hang on for dear life.
It became apparent before too long that I wanted to fill her up. I ached to fill her up! It was all I could think about, but I didn't want to find out what a professional torturer would do to me as punishment if I did. It became a form of torture figuring out how to stop myself from cumming inside her when I wanted to so very badly.
I am impressed to say that I lasted much longer than I would have thought possible. The clocked chimed the quarter hour three times before I could not hold back any longer! She was screaming for the third or fourth time, and the way her muscles rippled all around me felt like sheer and utter heaven.
Dear Gods, please help me!” I begged, but it was too late. I was pumping her full and it felt better than anything I have ever experienced in my whole life! My throat felt raw as I roared in triumph.
Glacèe laughed at me. A throaty laugh that indicated that she was planning to do evil things to me. “I was wondering how long you would last. I thought for sure that you were going to lose it right after I started, but thanks to you, I feel glorious!” She leaned forward to kiss me. “However, that doesn't mean that you won't be punished. I warned you...”
But!” I protested the best I could with a dry throat and heaving breaths. “You just admitted that you kept going until I finished! If you didn't want me to do it, then why didn't you stop a while ago?
Because... I wanted to see what kind of stamina you had, and how long you could last,” she admitted, then kissed me again. It was a lingering kiss that would have helped wet my mouth if hers wasn't bone dry as well. Then – as abruptly as she had slid onto my shaft – she stood up and stepped forward until she was in position to kneel over my head. She lowered herself until my face was once more buried in her womanhood.
You know what to do, and don't bother being squeamish about it. I'm not going anywhere until I feel you've been punished enough.” Glacèe wiggled her hips slightly, smearing the juices of our lovemaking on my cheeks and chin.
I was reluctant at first, but then she shifted just enough to cover my nose and make it impossible for me to breathe. I had no choice but to open my mouth and try to breathe that way, but it was no use. The taste of us was strange, sort of sweet and salty at the same time. I probed her with my tongue, finding the experience rather enjoyable considering that I couldn't breathe and this was supposed to be a punishment. She relented by leaning back just enough for air to reach me.
I have no idea how long she made me suffer my “punishment,” but I am certain that she was clean long before I was allowed to stop. She shuddered delicately from time to time, sighing and moaning in pleasure as she ground her hips into my face, but she didn't start screaming again. Eventually, she gasped out: “Finally!”
I wondered what she meant by this, but a hand soon let me know as she reached back to stroke my shaft. “You also took quite some time to get hard again, but I don't mind. It just means that you are not likely to go off again no matter how long I play with you.”
She stood up as abruptly as she did everything, and then settled herself so that she was sitting on my shaft again. She was in no hurry this time. I don't think she was in a hurry the first time, but this time, she went frustratingly slow. She wasn't rubbing herself, but rather rocking and grinding her hips as if searching for something. The look on her face was one of deep concentration at first, but as time passed, she looked blissful – as if she had found heaven or something very close to it.
It was then that she started thumping herself down on me in hard strokes that made me grunt. It felt incredible, but I wondered what this was doing for her. Each thump shook the whole bed, making a racket as if someone was pounding on the wall. The walls were made of stone – I think – so I'm not sure they could be pounded on and make that noise, but it was interesting to think about.
Each thump also sent thrills from my groin throughout my body. I liked it and wanted her to thump just a little harder, if possible. She didn't, instead maintaining a steady pace of thumping for a good two hours. By this time, I seriously wanted to fill her up again and go to sleep, but she looked so happy that I was reluctant to interrupt her. And besides, whereas before I couldn't stop myself from cumming inside her, now I couldn't make myself do so! Instead, I was hovering just on the edge, which slowly started to feel like another form of torture.
Ah,” she gasped softly. Her breath changed from focused to tiny pants – as if she was trying to catch her breath but there was no air to be found. One last powerful thump had her gasp and then sound as if she was choking. She threw her head back and cried out to the ceiling as her hands clutched the hairs on my chest. I could feel her whole body vibrating in an almost magical way. It was contagious in that I now had the ability to do what I desperately wanted to do; pump her full and pass out.
When she was done, she collapsed on top of me. Each breath was almost musical as she moaned and sighed happily. She laughed softly, and then kissed me.
As I suspected, you were...”
What?” I wondered, struggling to stay awake long enough to hear her answer.
The best I've ever had,” she murmured in my ear. She kissed my cheek and ruffled my hair, and then untied the rope binding my hands together and to my neck. Finally, she slipped out of bed.
Don't go,” I mumbled in sleepy protest. I wanted her to stay and help me sleep, but honestly, I think she had taken care of that already.
I must,” she insisted. “I can't stand anyone touching me while I sleep.”
And with that, she pulled a robe on and left my room.

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