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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sanguine After Story - Short Sequel - Part 5

Ah!” I yelped as Glacèe whacked my butt with her bare hand. She took a perverse delight in tying up my hands and then forcing me to lay across her lap so that she could spank me like a naughty child. Occasionally, she'd shock me with her electrical device, but not enough to seriously hurt me; just enough to sting.
The more Glacèe abused me, the more I could somewhat understand why Sang-Soif liked me to abuse her. I know I didn't feel what my beloved did, because she always looked so blissful when I'd flog her, whereas I only felt moderate pleasure when Glacèe spanked me. That said, the harder Glacèe hit, the better it felt!
I let my mind wander, knowing that she would be at this for some time and that it felt best when the culmination of pain and pleasure managed to take me by surprise. For almost a year now, I have been exploring all possible meanings of the word lover with the three wards of Clan Blood. My 17th birthday was fast approaching, and I knew they had something special in mind for me. It boggled my mind to think about it!
Every time I thought that I must know everything there was to know about sex by now, one of them managed to surprise me. Usually it was Glacèe, but not always. I looked forward to the surprises almost as much as I liked trying to figure out how to surprise them in return.
Just when I was sure that I was about to experience that strange flying sensation that happened whenever I surrendered myself to the pain, Glacèe stopped. She caressed my buttocks lovingly for a moment, before pushing me off her lap so abruptly that I tumbled to the floor.
I have something different in mind for tonight,” she informed me, ignoring my indignant “Ow!”
Grabbing the rope binding my hands together, she dragged me to the wall where a chain and shackles waited patiently to secure any prisoner she deemed reformed enough to bring to her bedroom. My father once told me that – as far as he knew – Glacèe was the only one of the Mistresses who ever actually had sex with her prisoners. The rest of them had a far different purpose in mind for the shackles adorning their bedrooms.
I pretended to grimace as she secured the shackles to my feet, because I was fairly certain that she planned to whip me. I didn't like it anywhere near as much as Sang-Soif did, but it felt surprisingly better than it looked like it would. However, the good feeling usually took a while to kick in...
Instead, Glacèe pressed my back to the wall and used the clamps to secure my wrists the very moment they were free from their bondage. I eyed her apprehensively, testing how much I could move my hands even though I already knew that the answer was not much. She loved to watch me squirm, grinning at me in an evil way that always made me squirm more than I would have otherwise.
You just stay right there,” she purred an order as if I had a choice in the matter. Turning her back on me, she strutted to the door. Reaching it, she paused to look back at me. “I invited a guest to come play with us tonight.”
Really?” I asked, intrigued by the prospect. It had to be either Ardent or Sang-Soif, but I wasn't sure which one was more likely to agree to this. Probably Ardent, since she had once confessed to wanting to clamp me to her wall.
Glacèe opened the door and gave an order to someone – probably a maid – that must have been waiting for her in the hall. “Bring him in.”
Sure enough, a maid entered the room guiding a man wearing nothing but a collar and a leash. I frowned as I watched the maid hand the leash over to Glacèe and promptly leave.
Glacèe... What are you doing?” I asked, trying to sound disapproving without challenging her or provoking her.
This pet here has been good enough to deserve a reward, but at the same time, he also deserves to be punished! So, I have decided to do both at the same time.” She stroked his head like he was a dog. “I know you want to be a good boy, but you are still so rebellious! I expect that you will fight me, but it'll do you no good.”
She shocked him lightly with her electrical device to remind him that she could easily kill him if he didn't cooperate. Then, she pointed to a spot on the floor right in front of me.
On your knees!” She commanded imperiously, whacking his right buttock when he didn't immediately comply. He bit back a gasp, and then got to his knees in front of me.
Glacèe grabbed a whip – a single tail that was made out of about three feet of braided leather. “Suck on him!” She ordered, whipping him before he even had a chance to react.
Glacèe,” I growled. I have never been a part of a prisoner's torture before, and I didn't want to start now. He decided to do as told before she whipped him again. Unlike my timid whipping, she'd drawn blood on the first try.
You forgot to say 'yes mistress!' Do not forget again or I'll have to strike you harder!” Glacèe roared harshly.
Yes Mistress!” The prisoner paused in his task just long enough to say what he was supposed to. He resumed it with enough suction to take my breath away.
You can do better than that!” Glacèe scoffed, unimpressed by his efforts.
Yes mistress,” he agreed obediently before using his mouth and hands to really work my shaft. He was actually pretty rough with me, yanking firmly enough to make my entire midsection wobble back and forth. This also made my still stinging butt cheeks bump into the cold wall frequently.
I gasped and groaned repeatedly, utterly astonished by how good this felt. Glacèe almost never touched my shaft, instead forcing me to pleasure her. Sang-Soif also never stroked me unless I ordered her too, and then her strokes were hesitant and uncertain. Only Ardent ever stroked and licked and sucked on my shaft, and she was usually fairly gentle. Nothing like this!
I was half afraid that he would break my shaft clean off, but it felt simply amazing! My knees started shaking and I sagged against the wall. I was more than ready to shoot my load!
Don't you dare go off already, or you'll be sorry!” Glacèe promised me. I whimpered in disappointment, wondering just exactly what she would do to me. Why did she always delight in telling me not to go off when clearly the situation was inevitable?
Not able to go anywhere even if I wanted to, I decided to relax and enjoy what was happening. Resting my head against the wall, I looked up slightly before closing my eyes. “Uh!” I grunted softly, trying to maintain that feeling that happened just before going off for as long as possible.
I will never ever admit this out loud for as long as I live, but he was better than Ardent! He seemed to know exactly what I liked, which I realized was probably because he had learned at some point exactly what he liked. I got louder in my moans of pleasure, which was actually rare for me. I tended to try to be quiet.
Glacèe laughed huskily, knowingly. “Look at you! You're so precious right now, literally shaking from the pleasure.”
Mmmhmm,” the prisoner hummed in agreement, still focused on his task.
I tensed all my muscles, trying to stop myself from earning a punishment, but it was already too late. With a series of breathless gasps, I pumped my load into his mouth. I felt him pause and looked down at him just in time to see a look of disgust on his face before he continued sucking on me, not having permission to stop.
I told you you'd regret that!” Glacèe cackled at me, whacking her prisoner with her whip. “Don't you dare stop!”
The moment she said this, my heart stopped and then started hammering in my chest. It was too much, making me struggle in earnest to get away. My cries changed to whimpers as I thrashed my head side to side.
Oh holy Gods! I think I'm going to die!” I shouted, feeling like my heart was going to explode! This was an experience of pleasure and pain that I hadn't even imagined was possible.
Having no choice but to deal with the experience, I took one deep breath after another until the feeling subsided to something bearable. Sighing in relief, I eventually relaxed again. The experience started feeling good again, almost magically so.
In true Glacèe fashion, the moment I appeared to be enjoying myself, she ordered him to stop sucking on me. I actually groaned in disappointment! Slumping, I watched her whip him again as she ordered him to stand and brace himself against the wall. He complied by putting a hand on either side of my head. Staring him in the eyes as he stared into mine was both unnerving and embarrassing.
Glacèe positioned him so that even though he was slightly taller than me, he was bent over just enough to appear shorter. She whipped him for a few minutes, but unlike the lashes she gave to me, these ones all bled. I felt full of compassion and sympathy as I watched his expression. He seemed full of shame that he and I were so intimately close at such a time. If he wanted to, he could have kissed me! Our faces were that close together.
He gasped in shock. I saw an expression of horror settle on his face, and tried to see what Glacèe was doing to him, but I couldn't get a good view. Everything was silent and he had shut his eyes to hide his emotions from me. Whatever Glacèe was doing moved his body ever so slightly for about a minute, and then she made a noise of satisfaction.
That should do it!” She announced, but didn't explain what she was referring to. She smacked his butt with her hand again. “Stand up straight!”
He complied, trying to step back as he did so, but she pushed him so that his body was pressed against mine. My shaft had no option but to slip between his legs, but his was only half hard so it bent awkwardly, jammed in the crease of my leg where it met my groin. Glacèe reached between us and repositioned his shaft so that it was between my legs.
Purring happily, Glacèe did something with her hand that rocked his body into mine. I still couldn't see what she was doing, but based on the way his body moved, I would swear that she had attached a handle to his buttocks and was pushing and pulling him however she liked. He moaned in surprise. My eyes widened as I realized that I could feel his shaft grow harder.
Glacèe rocked his body roughly against me for a long time. His thighs slid back and forth across my shaft, making me blush even as I made tiny noises of pleasure. It felt like I was having sex with him even as it felt like he was having sex with me!
I was right! Glacèe always knew how to show me a new way to have sex! When one of my friends' brothers once confessed that he liked having sex with men instead of women, and then explained the basic mechanics of how it worked to us, he had never mentioned this as a possibility!
I watched as the prisoner squeezed his eyes shut tighter than they already were for a moment before opening them. The look in his eyes was utterly indecipherable, sort of intense and smoldering and embarrassed all at once. His breath caught in his throat just before he kissed me.
My first instinct was to turn my head away, but to my surprise, kissing him felt just like kissing a woman. My shaft got a unexpected jolt of pleasure as his ejaculate lubricated our legs and made the friction a lot smoother. I felt far closer to cumming than I would have bet on if I was simply watching this happen. Suddenly, I understood why he was kissing me; it just seemed like the thing to do in this situation, so I returned his kiss.
Oh my,” Glacèe remarked, fanning herself with her free hand. “This is so much hotter than I imagined it would be!” She continued making him rock into me for a few more moments before stopping – once again just as I was about to shoot my load.
Her prisoner ignored her and concentrated on kissing me. I found it pleasant enough that I let him slip his tongue inside my mouth. I even pretended that my tongue was a sword and sparred with his. We both moaned, caught up in the moment.
Surprisingly, Glacèe left us alone for a long time. I found this unusual enough to glance in her direction to find her playing with herself as she eagerly watched us. His hands were free, and he used them to hold me and stroke my body. I responded by rocking my hips in an attempt to recreate the feeling I'd had when Glacèe was in control of our actions.
Don't you dare stop!” Glacèe ordered, whipping him again, only this time, even I could tell that she wasn't trying to hurt him. At least not seriously like she was before. She was even using a different – softer – whip.
We were quite happy to obey her, honestly not paying her much attention anyway. The movements were slower and more sensual, but eventually I got close once more. My moans were soft and muffled by his mouth. I think he sensed that I was close, because he gripped my buttocks in his hands and helped me thrust. The previous slipperiness had dried to a stickiness that distracted me just enough that my impending release was delayed. I was so ready to squirt all over his legs!
Glacèe laughed mockingly, always able to read my mind. “So you want to go off, do you? Well it's not yet time for that!” She hit her prisoner hard enough for the whip to make a deafeningly loud crack. “Stop! Now!
He complied with a soft growl, stepping back but continuing our kiss until the last possible moment. When our lips broke free, I licked mine curiously. Usually, I found a woman's mouth to taste sweet, or at least sweeter than mine, but his taste was very different. I'd imagine that his mouth developed a bad taste in the dungeon, but rather than be unpleasant, it seemed normal. A lot like mine.
Turn around and get on your hands and knees,” Glacèe demanded fiercely. Her prisoner complied quickly enough that she didn't have time to whip him. Pleased, she pet his head, smiling at him.
For the first time, I could see what it was that Glacèe had been using on him. Jutting prominently from his anus was the handle of the whip she had originally been using. The little of it I could see looked to be made of an extremely smooth and polished hardwood such as oak. She reached around him and grabbed the handle. After that, she pressed on his shoulder firmly until he got the point to move closer to me.
I wasn't sure what she wanted until she grabbed my shaft and guided it into him. He pressed against me slowly, taking his time to accept my shaft a little at a time until I was buried deep inside him. I liked how it felt and moaned loudly in encouragement.
Grinning in satisfaction, Glacèe grabbed a nearby chair and set it in front of him so that she could sit on it and roughly shove his face in her womanhood. I well knew how much she loved to be licked, but apparently, she was having a blast watching us have sex while he licked her. I must admit that watching her enjoy herself made my blood feel all the hotter.
Considering that I had been so close before, I suddenly had the stamina to last for quite some time. She threatened to punish me if I finished before she did, and for once, I didn't earn that punishment. She squealed so loudly that I am almost certain that the entire castle heard her.
Watching her shudder in pleasure was glorious! I lost all control over my stamina and roared as I pumped our poor prisoner full. It felt like I was gushing more than I can remember doing in a long time.
For maybe the first time ever, Glacèe completely dropped her cold and domineering personality. She hopped up from the chair, lightly ran the two steps to me, and then knelt on her prisoner's back. Squealing giddily, she tugged on my head as she leaned in to kiss me. Her kiss was eager and possessive, sucking on my bottom lip a couple of times before sliding her tongue into my mouth.
That was so incredibly hot!” She exclaimed excitedly. “I thought I was going to orgasm just watching you!” She kissed me again, so enthusiastic that she nearly ground my head into the wall. “Gods! I want to do it again!”
I had no chance to reply before our mouths sealed together for several long minutes. Her perch was slightly precarious, so she held onto me. With her in such a lovey dovey mood, I really wish my hands were free to hold her close.
You have no idea how much I love playing with you,” Glacèe confessed, pressing her head into my chest as she hugged me the best she could considering that I was clamped to the wall.
I smiled, nudging her with my chin. “Glacèe... Will you please let me go?”
Her demeanor changed with an almost audible snap as her true personality returned. “What? And pass up the chance to punish you for your transgression earlier?”
She hopped off her prisoner and snapped her fingers just once. “You, on your feet!”
He carefully pulled away from me, my mostly flaccid shaft still a little inside him. When we were no longer joined, his got to his feet. “Yes Mistress.”
She grasped his leash in her fist and yanked on it. “You did well, I suppose,” she praised him gruffly. Leading him towards the door, she threw it open and addressed the maid on the other side. I now saw that there were also two strong guards waiting too. “Bring this man back to the dungeon and clamp him – no... You know what? Give him an opportunity to clean up and then let him rest in a cell for a while. If he's hungry, let him have a bite to eat.”
Yes Mistress,” the maid and both guards murmured. The maid took hold of the leash and tugged on it to let the prisoner know that she wouldn't tolerate any disobedience.
Closing the door, Glacèe turned and stalked me ominously. She picked up the softer, many tailed whip, and tapped one hand with it's handle. Her eyes narrowed in displeasure.
Now... about your punishment...”

The next morning, Ardent shocked me by deciding not to go for her usual ride. She encouraged my sisters to go without her, and then showed up in the family dining room for breakfast. I hadn't known that she was going to do this, so as far as I was concerned, I was supposed to be alone with my dad. Mornings were the time we had set aside to talk in private since the girls usually went for a ride and most of the others either skipped breakfast or showed up later on.
Is something wrong?” I asked Ardent in concern. She shrugged but didn't say anything.
My dad liked to take his time eating, so he usually brought something to read. This morning, it was a letter from mom. He had barely had time to open it when Ardent interrupted us. Undeterred, he read the letter anyway.
Your mom writes that her little Prince is simply adorable. She's amazed how fast he's growing,” dad informed me. He made soft thinking noises as he read the rest of the letter. When he finished, he looked lost in thought.
What's the matter?” I wondered.
A loud yawn interrupted his answer. “Oh man! How do you all manage to get up so early?” Glacèe asked, groaning. “If I didn't have a prisoner to deal with first thing this morning, I would still be in bed!”
Rather than answer the question as I expected, Ardent hauled back and punched Glacèe. Normally, Glacèe would have simply blocked the punch, but she was too tired to see it coming. She held a hand to her face, gaping in astonishment.
What the hell, Ardent?!” Glacèe demanded.
It's bad enough that you always have to scratch up and bruise him, but last night you actually wounded him! Do you even care about that?” Ardent roared her question furiously.
Ardent!” I blurted out with a blush. I really didn't think it was necessary to be having this conversation.
My father frowned in concern, smart enough to understand immediately what was going on. “Wounded how?”
Ardent showed no regard for the buttons holding the front of my shirt together and popped them all off as she tore my shirt open. “See!” Even though she seemed to be answering my dad, she was glaring at Glacèe. “He has a nasty gash across his chest!”
Oh please!” Glacèe snorted as I tried to hold my shirt together. “That's barely a scratch!”
I nodded in agreement. “This is nothing to worry about, Ardent.”
Yes it is!” Ardent shouted at me. “She promised that she wouldn't ever draw blood, and now she has!”
When did she promise this?” I wondered since this was the first I had heard about it.
Back at the very beginning when we were all discussing the logistics of sharing you,” Ardent informed me.
I looked at her incredulously. “And why wasn't I a part of this conversation?”
Your input wasn't necessary,” Glacèe scoffed matter of factly and then changed the subject back. “I didn't mean to draw blood, I just got carried away!”
That's no excuse!” Ardent screeched, clearly still upset. She yanked open my shirt again and shoved Glacèe's head close to me for a good look. “That is going to leave a nasty scar!”
It's fine, Ardent,” I assured her. “It's not as bad as it looks.”
That's what you always say about the scratches and bruises, but I work in a dungeon, remember? I know what it takes to create these marks!” Ardent pointed out several red lines that criss-crossed my chest. “She was whipping you way too hard!”
But – !” My protest was cut off by my father, who had finally gotten over his shock enough to speak.
By the Gods, Gavin! I have to agree with Ardent,” he blurted out. “That's not some little love tap, that's abuse!”
Sang-Soif entered the room just then and took a good look at my chest. “Looks fine to me,” she murmured, tracing the scabbed over gash with a finger. “In fact, I'm jealous!”
See!” Glacèe exclaimed in triumph, happy that someone agreed with her.
It doesn't hurt,” I informed Ardent. “Just itches a bit is all.”
Even so,” Sang-Soif murmured as she kissed my wound. “Ardent is right to be upset.”
See!” Ardent crowed emphatically.
But you just said –!” Glacèe protested.
Sang-Soif held up a hand in a silent command for Glacèe to be quiet. “Back when we first talked about how this relationship would work, you promised not to get carried away.”
Glacèe pouted, begging Sang-Soif with her eyes to believe her. “But I couldn't help it! You should have seen how hot he was last night!”
I blushed, both pleased and embarrassed by this description. Both Sang-Soif and Ardent looked intrigued. Ardent was the first to respond.
Well, what made him so hot?” She asked curiously.
Yes, maybe we should hear the details before we make a decision,” Sang-Soif added.
Whoa, wait a minute! This is not exactly a topic for polite conversation!” My face must have been the reddest it had ever been because I felt like it was hot enough to melt glaciers.
Hush!” They all three shushed me impatiently.
Well, first he –” Glacèe began, but I hastily grabbed hold of her and put a hand over her mouth.
Seriously, you can't tell them that!” I insisted.
Aww...” Ardent purred in delight. “Look at him, he's so cute when he's embarrassed!”
My dad chuckled. “Perhaps Gavin would feel better about this conversation if I wasn't in the room, but I have something important to talk to him about. Could you maybe postpone this conversation until later?”
I have a better idea,” Sang-Soif announced. She grabbed both Glacèe and Ardent and dragged them out of the room. I sighed in relief that they weren't going to spill all the embarrassing details in front of my dad, but glanced after them apprehensively. It seems like they were going to discuss it whether I wanted them to or not.
Maybe you should tell her no for a while,” my dad murmured. “Just until she learns to control her violent urges.”
I looked down at my chest and then sighed. “I can see how this looks bad, but I swear that it felt good when it happened. I promise that she felt bad about drawing blood and unclamped me from the wall right away. “
Unclamped...?” Dad murmured, and then frowned. “You mean that she treats you like one of the prisoners in the dungeon?”
Well, I don't really know, but I suspect probably not. After all, I don't think I have ever been broken or reformed.” The way they talked about it, it was a dramatic process that resulted in super obedient men. Glacèe has never insisted that I obey her or call her Mistress. I am almost certain that she actually encouraged me to disobey her so that she could punish me, and up until now, the punishments hadn't even drawn blood.
Dad sighed heavily. “I don't like it at all. I don't understand why you let her abuse you like that, and I honestly cannot imagine how it could possibly feel good. However, I do trust you not to lie to me, so if you say nothing is wrong, I believe you... But are you sure?”
I nodded and gave him a reassuring smile. “I really like it when she ties me up and whips me.” I looked to the ceiling as I tried to figure out how to explain it. “When she takes away my ability to resist her, I always dread what new devious things she might have in mind, but every single time, she does something to me that I would have never thought to do. It's... amazing...” I gave up trying to explain with a shrug.
My father wrinkled his nose for a moment, and then decided to let his curiosity get the better of him. “Like what? I'm trying to understand, but I'm lost...”
I blushed and looked away from him because if I was going to give embarrassing details, I didn't want to be looking him in the eye while I did so. Taking a deep breath, I gathered up the courage to answer his question. A wry smile twisted my lips as I thought about it.
Well, take last night, for example. She shackled my feet and clamped my hands to the wall, so I knew that she had something different in mind. At first, I thought she wanted to simply whip me,” I pointed to me chest. “She's never done this before, not on my chest. She usually confines the whippings and beatings to my back. Anyway, I was wrong.”
I took a sip of milk, probably looking a little dreamy as I thought about what had happened. Setting my cup down, I stared into it. With a soft snort of amusement, I continued.
She wanted to use me as part of a prisoner's punishment and reward. Um...” I paused, wondering just how much detail to give, then decided to keep it as simple as possible. “I would have never considered doing, uh, that, but she made me. I liked it enough that I'd be willing to consider doing it again.”
Wait, she made you punish a prisoner?!” My dad asked darkly, clearly angry by the prospect.
No!” I exclaimed, waving my hands to emphasize my point. “She made me... reward... him.” I looked him in the eye, my hands and expression saying: you know...
My father was confused at first, but then he figured out what I just couldn't bring myself to say out loud. He looked shocked. “Oh...”
I shrugged. “And then – after the prisoner was returned to the dungeon – we were both so worked up that she whipped me and I encouraged her to until she did this.” I gestured to my wounded chest. “Then she let me go and we attacked each other.” Silence fell between us as I decided to stop there.
My dad thought this over carefully before murmuring. “Oh...”
It was clearly time to change the subject!
So, what's this important thing you have to talk to me about?” I asked, almost certain that he was just saying that earlier to get my lovers to behave.
Right,” dad stated, seeming glad to talk about something else for a while. “Well it's like this, your mother wrote to tell me that...” he hesitated with a sigh.
What?” I wondered, not sure if I should be curious or apprehensive. Or both!
Well... Just as you are going to be 17 soon, your sister will be turning 16 in less than 6 months. Your mother has decided that Sandra – and Lily too, eventually – deserves to marry a Lord if she wants. To that end, she's invited the three of us to go visit her in the palace.”
I frowned in confusion. “Three?”
The girls and me,” dad clarified.
I see...” I murmured, feeling numb that I was going to be more or less on my own for the first time ever. Sure, I would have Sang-Soif, Glacèe, and Ardent, but it was my dad that I turned to when I really needed help with something. “For how long?”
Dad shrugged. “Until Sandra either gets married or wants to come home, I would guess.”
I nodded even though I wanted to throw a tantrum like a baby. I didn't want my dad to abandon me like this! But I also couldn't deny my sister her chance at happiness... Sighing, I stood up.
I should probably go change my shirt...”
Yes,” my dad agreed, but he sounded sad too. I left the room before either of us could say another word.

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