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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sanguine After Story - Short Sequel - Part 3

True to Sang-Soif's prediction, Glacèe was waiting for me in my room every night for the next week. She utterly loved tying me up and forcing me to do whatever she wanted. I almost felt like one of the prisoners in her dungeon, but the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it indicated that I probably wasn't being tortured in the slightest. She was a night owl, and liked to keep me up for at least an hour or two past my preferred bed time.
I found it interesting that everything she did to me felt wonderful at the time, but always left me feeling sore the next morning. Speaking of the next morning, Ardent continued to wake me up an hour or two before I wanted to get up, but she was so much fun – and such a striking contrast from Glacèe – that I couldn't resist her, not even for some much needed sleep!
The only one who didn't come to me each day was the one I wanted the most. In a completely opposite manner from the others, Sang-Soif made me chase her. She resisted me as much as possible, and because I wasn't quite confident enough to simply take what I wanted from her, she always got away. I was too afraid that I would do something wrong and push her away for good!
What's wrong with you today?” Godric asked, frowning in concern.
My sparring was sloppy and I couldn't even hold the sword in front of me long enough to defend myself. If Godric wasn't taking it extremely easy on me, I'd probably be dead.
Sandra giggled from where she was boxing with Abattre. “From what Ardent tells me, he's probably exhausted.”
Sandra!” I exclaimed incredulously in embarrassment. I can't believe she talked about such things with Ardent!
Sandra giggled again, shrugging unapologetically. Godric laughed good-naturedly and thumped me on the back. Even Abattre gave me a congratulatory smirk from across the room.
Well then, perhaps I should give you a few pointers on how to function on very little sleep!” Godric suggested, guiding me out of the sparring room so that we could talk in private.
Really?” I asked in surprise. “You mean you aren't going to tell me to limit the fun activities so that I can get more sleep?”
Godric boomed with laughter. “Absolutely not! A good Lord and Warrior must learn how to do his work and spar all day and please the ladies all night! If you're doing things right, you may never sleep again!”
What?!” I sputtered in astonishment.
Godric chuckled and pulled me close so that he could murmur in my ear. “In all honesty, I used to arrange my work so that I would have a big lunch and then go into my study to review reports and balance the ledgers until dinner time. No one ever knew that I often took a nap after I finished my work so that – after dinner – I was rested and ready to spar until bed time. I had a very demanding lover and she never let me get more than a few hours of sleep at night!”
So...” I hummed as I thought. “What you're saying is that I should take naps like a small child?”
Godric shrugged. “It's either that or give up the fun activities!”
When you say it like that...” I muttered with a blush.
I thought as much!” Godric laughed, thumping me on the back again. Behind him, a door opened. We just so happened to be standing in the hall outside Sang-Soif's room, and she poked her head out just enough to look around.
Seeing me, she opened her door all the way to give me a glimpse of what she was wearing, and then hastily shut the door again before Godric could turn around and look too. I gulped nervously, my eyes bulging. Godric gave me a curious look before turning around to investigate the cause of my strange expression.
Sang-Soif was once more poking her head out her door while it was mostly closed. She smiled sweetly at Godric for a moment before speaking. “My Lord, I must apologize, but since my prisoner has passed out and I still have time before lunch, I was thinking that now would be an excellent time for the young Lord here to finish the ledger he managed to weasel out of the other day.”
I understand.” Godric nodded amicably, craning his neck curiously to see if he could catch a glimpse of whatever Sang-Soif was hiding. “A good Lord always does his work without complaint.” He turned to look directly at me. “ And never tries to weasel out of it!”
I rolled my eyes and sighed in frustration.
Sang-Soif continued. “So if you wouldn't mind waiting for me, Gavin, while I finish changing, I'll be right with you.”
Godric laughed at me mercilessly. “If there's one thing I've learned from being around all these Mistresses, it's that you'll end up doing what they want no matter how much you don't want to. I suggest that you simply do your work and be done with it, and then maybe you can take that nap we discussed.” Patting me on the back, he walked away. “I'll be helping my wife with your sister if you decide you need me.”
Sang-Soif watched him leave, and then grinned at me. I eyed her suspiciously. “You well know that I already finished the ledger,” I grumbled, really not wanting to do it again so soon. “So why did you lie?
Sang-Soif opened her door and stood there before me in an outfit that made my knees go weak. “I couldn't very well just tell him that I've been a very bad girl and need to be punished!”
Uh...” I stammered, gulping nervously. What she wore was nothing more than a few scraps of lace designed to cover only the bare minimum required to be considered vaguely modest. “Uh...”
Well don't just stand there!” Sang-Soif hissed urgently. “Get in here before someone comes along!”
Right!” I exclaimed, eager to comply. A moment later, she shut the door behind us and locked it. I took her into my arms and kissed her the way I have been dying to my whole life it seems.
She let me for a moment, and then pushed me away. “Look,” she murmured, pointing to one wall. “I've made some special arrangements.”
I gulped to wet my suddenly dry throat. By the look of her wall, she might want to make me her prisoner and do to me things that Glacèe loved to do. I'm not sure I could handle two lovers abusing me in the name of making love...
I'll show you how to shackle me so that I can't move,” Sang-Soif informed me. “And then I want you to flog me with that.” She pointed to a whip-like thing that was made from numerous semi-soft strips of leather.
You want me to what?!” I gasped out in astonishment.
Sang-Soif pouted. “I told you, I'm a bad girl and I need to be punished.”
For the life of me, I may never understand why my groin sprang to life at her words, but it did. I nearly choked, and then coughed until my throat was clear. Taking a deep breath, I grinned at her.
Oh really? Well, I think I can do that,” I informed her.
She smirked at me, and then walked over to her wall. “These were made for men, so I could actually slip out of them pretty easily, so I've wrapped them in cloths until they hold me securely.” She showed me how to lock her up and then encouraged me to pick up the whip and flog her.
But wait,” I protested, not quite ready to do this. “What if I really hurt you? What if I go to far and you need me to stop?”
Hmm...” Sang-Soif hummed in thought. “I doubt that will happen, but I suppose you are right to ask.” She sighed and then was quiet for a few moments. Suddenly, she grinned at me. “I know! If I get overwhelmed and just can't handle any more, I'll say Amarita, and then you'll know to stop.”
Amarita?” I wondered curiously.
Amarita is the little girl I once was, the one to scared to tell anyone what was happening to her before I was taken away by the Tax Collector and then rescued by my Lady Sanguine. She had no power to stop the bad things happening, so it's only fitting that I use her as my shield if I need to.”
Now that she was shackled to the wall and unable to escape, I felt empowered to do something she normally wouldn't let me do. I hugged her, holding her tight for several long moments. She sighed impatiently once or twice, trying to shake me off, but that just made me want to hang on to her all the more. Eventually, she laughed.
I tilted my head to look at her in confusion. “Did you just use your name to tell me that you can't handle me hugging you?”
Yes,” she confirmed. “It feels wrong; smothering; uncomfortable... I don't like it.”
I nodded in understanding and let her go. Picking up the whip, I took a very deep breath, and then lightly flicked it across her back. She sighed in disappointment.
Cringing in both embarrassment that I probably couldn't have hurt a fly with that and squeamishness that I might not have what it takes to whip her the way she wanted me to, I decided that I could only keep trying until I got it right. With another deep breath, I flicked the whip again, shuddering when I heard it strike her. She inhaled sharply, and then moaned in encouragement.
I whipped her again and again, getting into a steady rhythm that managed to please her, I hope. She moaned almost continuously, wiggling her hips as if dancing. She seemed to be trying to push her body closer to the whip, as if asking it to hit her again.
Harder!” She called out, prompting me to really haul back and whack her. The noise the whip made as it hit her nearly made me sick. I was tempted to apologize and beg for her forgiveness, but she cried out happily. “Oh yes!”
Pushing away the strange feeling in my stomach, I did what she clearly wanted me to, beating her over and over. Her cries got faster and faster until it almost sounded like she was singing in a strange and alien language. Just when I thought I might have to give up and take a break, she threw her head back and vocalized a long and beautiful note as her body shuddered. I watched her eyes roll toward the back of her head and wondered what she was feeling.
When she was done, she slumped against the wall the best she could considering that her hands were clamped to it. “Oh Gods!” She chanted between panting breaths.
I couldn't stand to see her locked up for even one second longer, so I quickly freed her. She wobbled and almost fell, but I caught her and carried her to her bed. Maybe, just maybe, if I made love to her now, she'd have enough leftover feeling from a moment ago to enjoy it.
I made the small adjustments to our clothing necessary to free my shaft and enter her. Once again, I groaned and had to hold still so that I wouldn't lose control and pump her full already. My eyes crossed just before I closed them and sighed in bliss.
I love you!” I confessed breathlessly, kissing her possessively. Hesitantly, I pulled out just enough to thrust back inside her.
Harder,” she begged softly.
If that's what she wanted, then that's what I would try my best to give her, but I felt like I had no stamina when it came to her! I decided to compromise by going very slowly but also ramming into her as hard as I could. She gasped happily in response.
Doing it this way, I was able to last a surprisingly long time. At some point, she grabbed my hands and placed them on her throat. I tried to apply as little pressure as possible, but she had her hands over mine, forcing me to choke her. The look on her face told me that she was in heaven, but I felt vastly unprepared to literally hold her life in my hands like this.
She started trembling. I could not believe how tight she was getting, clamping onto my shaft so hard that I could no longer hold back. I ground into her, trying to be as deep inside her as possible as I filled her up. This time, rather than roar like a lion, I exhaled a long and breathy groan.
When I was done, I barely had a moment to relax before I felt her go utterly limp under me. Even her hands fell away from mine. I immediately released her neck and leaned back to look at her better.
Sang-Soif?” I asked in concern. There was no response. Shaking her, I tried again. “Sang-Soif!” I don't think she was breathing! I shook her harder. “Don't you do this to me!”
She shuddered as if startled, and then gasped. “Oh Gods!” She cried out, hugging me tightly. “That felt incredible! I think I met my patron Goddess!”
I thought you'd died!” I wailed, holding her tight. “I couldn't live with myself if I killed you!”
She chuckled huskily in my ear. “I'll try not to die on you then, but I must admit that if I do, it'll be worth it!”
I snorted in disbelief. “So you say!”

I actually managed to get a nap, but not a very long one. The moment lunch was served, Glacèe came looking for Sang-Soif. She found us snuggled up in bed and laughed so hard that it woke us up.
Now isn't this an interesting sight?!” Glacèe drawled, looking positively delighted to find us in bed together.
Hi Glacèe,” Sang-Soif purred happily as she stretched.
I just came to get you for lunch,” Glacèe stated, playfully tugging on Sang-Soif's hair. “But perhaps I should tell you, Gavin, that your father's back.”
I smiled at her, happy to hear this. “Do you know if Lily got the puppy she wanted?”
Yep,” Glacèe confirmed with a grin. “And she can't wait to show it to you!”
Tell her that I'll be there in a couple minutes,” I told Glacèe, who nodded and bowed mockingly to me.
Yes, my Lord,” she replied with a smirk, and I just knew that she was planning to do some very devious things to me tonight.

After finishing her lunch, Lily took her new puppy outside to play. Sandra decided to join her, and my three adopted sisters all disappeared into their dungeon. Lord Godric and his wife decided to go back to bed for a couple of hours, which left me alone with my dad.
Did you happen to see mom while in the city?” I wondered, knowing that as the future Queen, my mom was probably stuck in the palace until she gave birth to the child inside her.
No,” dad murmured sadly. Clearly, he had also hoped that he would run into her. “But we had fun. It was nice to spend time with just Lily for a change.”
By this, I knew that he was referring to the fact that he had spent an enormous amount of time with just me ever since I'd become a Lord, and that it wasn't fair to my sisters for me to hog him like that. I nodded in understanding.
Now that we're alone, there's something I feel I should tell you,” dad murmured. “I accidentally walked in on you and Ardent just before I left, and I think you should really remember to lock the door if you're going to play around in the middle of the castle like that.”
I was seriously confused and stared at my father like he had lost his mind. “Walked in on me and Ardent doing what?”
My father shook his head, smiling at me wryly. “It looked very much like you were spanking her.”
Oh!” I gushed, my face turning red. “Um... that wasn't Ardent...” I guess when I tossed her skirt up over her, it must have covered her hair enough to confuse my father.
It wasn't?” Dad asked, looking a bit impressed. Then his expression turned stern. “Wait, please tell me that you weren't ordering a maid to submit to you just because you are the Lord here. That kind of behavior can get you in trouble with their Majesties – not to mention your mother!”
No!” I assured him hastily. “I wouldn't do that!”
Good!” Dad sighed in relief. But then he stared at me with an intense curiosity, but I somehow knew that he wouldn't ask me what he clearly was dying to know. I looked away to hide a dreamy smile.
I'm so in love with her,” I confessed. “If I thought that she would agree, and that mom and their Majesties would give us their blessings, I'd ask her to marry me!”
That sounds serious,” my father murmured, facing the ceiling as he tried to figure out who I was talking about.
I sighed morosely. “But she's not quite interested in me like that... She, Glacèe, and Ardent all seem content to simply share me – like I am some sort of plaything! I'd almost be frustrated if I weren't having so much fun!”
Wait, all of them?” Dad asked incredulously.
Yes,” I admitted with a wry smile. “Ardent loves me, I love Sang-Soif, and Glacèe just likes to tie me up and do whatever she wants to me. It's really strange how much I like that...”
Dad was silent for a long moment as he thought this over, and then he smiled at me in a kind and patient way. “I can't say that I have any idea what you are going through. Even if your mother had suggested bringing some of her adopted sisters to bed with us, I am not sure that I would have agreed. That's probably why you look so worn out though,” he added with a chuckle. “Three professional torturers using you as their personal plaything has got to be exhausting!”
Tell me about it,” I muttered.
Are you at least trying to make sure that you don't get any of them pregnant?”
I shrugged. “Ardent says that they can take herbs to prevent it, and I have to trust that they are, because very often, I don't really have the option to pull out.”
Putting a hand on my shoulder, my father sighed gravely. “I'm sure that they don't want to get pregnant either, but just remember that things happen. There could be a high price for all this fun you're having. Have you thought about what will happen then?”
I nodded slowly. “Actually, I have. I know I am not ready to be a father yet; that I have plenty of time for that in the future, but when I look at Sang-Soif...” I sighed dreamily again.
Dad chuckled. “I felt the same way about your mother. As far back as I could remember, I wanted her to marry me and be the mother of my children.”
Anyway,” I shook my head to get rid of the crazy thoughts. “I figure that if it happens, then it happens. I have a place to live and plenty of people around to help me, and it's not like I would have to raise them by myself. I think I could be a decent father.”
Dad smiled at me encouragingly. “I know you will be. I'm just worried that it would be too much for you to handle on top of everything else.”
I know,” I murmured, and then changed the subject. “Speaking of things I have to handle, I received a dozen or so reports today that I have to read. I should do that while I have time.”
Have fun,” dad wished me, only a bit sarcastically. 

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