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Here's a list of the Novels or Novellas I've posted. I'm only going to post the links to the first chapters here since each chapter links to the next chapter at the end. IF enough people want me to post the links for all chapters here, I'll do it :-)

Update: 8-2-13
I've decided to break this into three sections: Finished, Unfinished, and Published :-)

FINISHED - Completely ready to read, though some or all of these might be in the process of being published, so read them here for free while you still can :-) REMEMBER to click the link at the bottom of each chapter to GO TO the next CHAPTER!!!

Tsuki! - Tsuki is the Japanese word for I love you (one of many), and this story features an American girl who gets lost in Japan only to be rescued by a Japanese guy. They can't speak each other's language, and their differences are striking, but can they build a relationship that will last? Warning, this story revolves heavily around sex!

The Rusty Jug - Imprisoned for centuries, a vain man cursed to forever grant wishes is accidentally let out of his bottle by Lia, a former gang member on the run from her gang. She doesn't want his help, and doesn't believe in wishes, but can he help her get beyond the trauma of life in a gang? Warning: this story gets graphic!

Shy Girl - This is a story aimed at teens. It mentions sex, but does not get descriptive. A painfully shy girl falls in love with a unique boy, but learning about his different beliefs opens her mind until she's every bit as unique and different as he is. This is not your typical boy meets girl story. This story is aimed at anyone who has ever felt different, especially when they are young and confused enough as it is without being different. This would be rated T for teen and up.

Cheri - This is the story of Cheri, a unique young woman who wants nothing more than to help her people. She's ambitious enough to want to be a government official, but smart enough to know that women aren't allowed to be officials. Then, because she is an eligible lady, she's asked to meet the Emperor, and everything changes! This story is also an homage to another :-) I would personally rate this OT meaning safe for older teens, but mostly aimed at adults.

The Warlord's Daughter - Adira is the younger daughter of a powerful Warlord, but since he doesn't have any sons, he raises her as the true heir to his title. Training her whole life to be the next Warlord is all she knows, but then an ambushes leaves her a mysterious stranger recovering with a family that she desperately wishes she belonged to. Her destiny haunts her until she can hide from it no longer, then she must make things right. This story is also aimed at teens and does not directly contain sex.

Jared - What would you do to help out a friend? When Mark meets Jared, he finds that he is willing to sacrifice anything and do whatever it takes to help his new friend pull himself out of the gutter and become a better person. This novella/story is fairly erotic.

 Sanguine  - Born to a regular farm family, Sandra is taken by the tax collector to work off her parents unpaid taxes. Danny is the boy who loves her, and when he can no longer wait for her to return from paying off the debt, he goes looking for her, but what he finds is enough to terrify him!This is something of a not so typical romance. It does contain a little sex later on in the story. (I make sure to state this clearly because some people want to read such things, and some people don't :-D )

The Lightstones - Nyona is an orphan who relies on pickpocketing to fill her stomach. One day, she steals from a wealthy Lord who immediately accuses an innocent passerby. Unable to let an innocent man die for her actions, Nyona rushes to save him, which starts them on the adventure of a lifetime! This story is mostly a fantasy with elements of erotica to it :-)

Sanguine After Story - This is the erotic adventures of Gavin - Sanguine's son and Heir. This story was a challenge by a couple of friends of mine to add a bit more kink to my writing :-D If you are looking for medium dark kink, this is it!

Mirror of Dreams - My newest book; a light and fluffy fantasy about Kaitlynn, an 18 year old woman who id pulled into an alternate world and made their Queen. This story does contain sex, but it's not an erotica, and the sex is on the light side. May be considered offensive since it deals with polyamorism and - unintentional - cheating.

UNFINISHED - BUT just because they are not 100% finished does not mean that you shouldn't read them! Most of them are just a few chapters from being finished, so the story is all there just waiting for inspiration to write the ending. REMEMBER to click the link at the bottom of each chapter to GO TO the next CHAPTER!

Amadea and the Divinity Blade - This story is actually my homage to a different story that I am a serious fan of! Can you guess which one? lol! Anyway, it's about Amadea, a girl chosen by the Gods to be the next Empress of a vast Empire. Her goal is to maintain peace in the Empire, but first, she has to get rid of a horde of monsters and demons that plague her land! This story is also aimed at teens, but I believe is thoroughly satisfying for adults to read too :-)

The Hero's Son - Rip is the only son of a FAMOUS Hero. In an alternative future in which a group of people called Heroes are in charge of catching criminals, Rip knows that his destiny is to follow in his father's footsteps. In the meantime, the local population considers him like their very own prince, and even an innocent touch by a girl is broadcast on the evening news! In frustration one day, Rip escapes his duties and meets a boy who becomes his best friend, however, R.J. has a terrible secret that could destroy everything! This story is aimed at older teens and does contain a little bit of sexuality later on... That said, it is a good read for adults too :-)

The Alliance - This story started out as a zany what if situation: What if a marriage Alliance was needed to prevent war, but the only ones eligible to marry in order to form the alliance were two Princes? After the zaniness of the first chapter, the story moves on to be one of my best :-) It's the story of two married Princes who would rather run away and be together than serve the ambitious King in his plans to take over the entire continent. Only the King won't let them escape their duty for long... This is a Fantasy with definite erotic elements :-)

Jumpin' Jupiter - A group of regular people are asked to consult with the foremost experts in space technology to solve the problem of why exactly the government's space ship is not working. Just when they think they've got the problem solved, the engine burns out, but not before accidentally stranding the entire group in an orbit around Jupiter! This story has a little bit of everything; love, romance, erotica, and even murder! The question is asked: What do you do when there is literally nothing TO do? Join Jasna as she tries to keep the ship's moral up no matter what! This one is written as an adventure/erotica :-D

Mortal Goddess - Aira is the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter. She is also the reincarnation of a Goddess who has decided to experience a Mortal life. Of course, she doesn't KNOW this, lol! Mostly raised by a midwife, Aira genuinely cares for her people. One day, her soul mate and true love arrives, but part of her is afraid to commit to him. Things become complicated when he reveals that he may have had a hand in the murder of someone dearly important to Aira. Can she ever forgive him? This is a pretty standard romance story that starts with a pair of secret lovers :-)

Extended Family - When 16 year old Sadiya's parents die in a car accident, she wonders if she will be alone for the rest of her life. The next thing she knows, her lawyer is introducing her to an uncle she never knew she had! Now Sadiya must try to fit in with a fairly normal family despite being raised in a rather eccentric way. She immediately starts planning on ways to survive until she can live on her own, but somewhere along the way, she learns to love and rely on her new family. This story is aimed at teens and does not directly contain sex.

In Brist's Time - Brist travels back in time, only to be shocked as she recognizes people from her life. Part of her refuses to believe that she isn't simply dreaming even as the rest of her falls utterly in love with the man of her dreams :-D This one is a pretty standard romance and one of the first novels I ever wrote... back when I was 16! Ironically, this is also the story that embarrasses me most when I post the chapters online, lol!

PUBLISHED - Read the first chapter or two of these books for free so that you can decide for yourself if you might like to snag them from Amazon :-D

Kira's Story - Aka: For the Love of Kira - This is a preview of one of the books I have for sale on Amazon. It's an unconventional love story set in a fantasy world. It came about after I read a book that made me go, "Wait! But what if this had happened in real life? How would the ending be different?" I guarantee you, this one will surprise you! Warning, this story contains sex!

The Ambassador of Pleasure - This is one of my absolute best stories ever! It's available on Amazon, but you can preview the first chapter here :-) Elly considers herself an average woman, but she is anything but! She's asked to be an Ambassador to another world, and ends up solving several problems as she travels the universe by using sex :-D

Willing Slave - This story is about Saria, a woman who is willingly sold into slavery in order to help out her family. She becomes the first of the Emperor's personal harem, and dedicates her life to pleasing him. I consider this story to be an erotic fantasy, and it contains plenty of sex. This novella is published on Amazon, but you can read the first chapter as a preview :-)

Cursed - Jolynn is an assassin who occasionally steals things as well. During a heist gone wrong, she accidentally gets cursed along with a rival thief after her loot. They are completely opposite in beliefs and personality, yet they must join forces to break the curse, but first, they have to figure out exactly how to do that! Warning, contains sex! This book is now available for sale on Amazon, but you can preview the first chapter here :-)

Writing Sin - An erotic, adulterous, love story. This story was inspired by watching a movie on the Marquis de Sade. He wrote erotica with very extreme fetishes, but I thought it would be cool to use his writing style to make my main character write erotica with more of a fluffy - somewhat hardcore but not extreme fetish - flair. One of my best :-D This book is now available for sale on Amazon, but you can preview the first chapter here :-)

Diamond Elf - This story is about Chelindra - an Elven Princess, and Gabriel - a human slave. They fall in love, but will they be able to stay together despite their many differences? In my opinion, this is my BEST story ever! I haven't gotten any sales of it on Amazon because I refuse to lower the price, but I've got to tell you that it is SO worth it! This could easily be a bestseller if published by a traditional publisher :-D

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