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Monday, February 6, 2012


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I watched myself in the mirror as I wiggled into the form-fitting black leather dress. It ended at my hips, and was so tight it was like a second skin, only better because it kept all my curves from jiggling when I needed them to hold still. As a bonus, it also softened the occasional punch or kick.
“Do you really have to go?” The man in my bed asked. What was his name again? On the outside, I showed absolutely nothing, but on the inside, I mentally had one hand on my chin; my other hand supported my elbow, and I had my weight shifted to one hip as I gazed at the ceiling.
Damn! I just can’t remember!
“Yes. I do. I want you gone when I get back, otherwise I’ll have my brute rough you up and toss you out,” I gave him an honest and serious warning.
My bodyguard, Bruno, stepped forward out of the shadow in the corner of my room, letting the man know that I was serious. He was nearly 7 feet tall, and was built like a linebacker. Even better, he was insanely strong, and knew how to fight almost as well as I did.
“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll go to the cops and tell them where you live?” My one night – er day – stand asked as a subtle threat.
I rolled my eyes. Did he honestly think that I’d managed to make it to my 30th birthday without some defense against the cops?
“Yes ma’am,” he replied to my unspoken order to lay some hurt on my no-longer-welcome guest. Bruno stepped forward once more, and gorgeously naked scrambled to get out of my bed.
“I get it! I’m going!”
I covered a smirk, and admitted that he might be worth inviting back sometime. After he was gone, I finished packing all the helpful little tools in my utility belts, and strapped them on. One around my waist, one around my left arm, and one around my right thigh.
Tonight, a repeat client had hired me to steal something for him. He ran a nasty corporation, and often came to me when he needed something. Or – more often – if he wanted someone out of his way permanently.
He paid well, and obligingly referred other clients to me. As a result, I was the owner of several large bank accounts around the world. I knew better than to keep all my money in one bank or under one name!
When I got to the place where I was supposed to steal the item – I wasn’t really told what it was, just where it was located, and that it was a computer chip, or something – I discovered that it was way too easy to get in. The security had already been disabled, and that could only mean that someone had gotten here first!
I tapped my ear piece repeatedly until I picked up the frequency the others were using. It had been a long shot, but it proved that they were a team – as opposed to my solitary self – and that they were still here.
“We’re nearly through the vault. Just two more minutes, and then we’ll have it,” A man informed one of his cohorts, possibly the boss. I pulled out my frequency locator, and turned it on. It would use the frequency they communicated with to locate and track them.
Three men were tackling the vault, and one man was in the security room. Presumably, he was the one who had made it nice and easy for me to stroll on in here. I decided to take him out first.
On my way, I passed several security guards lying on the ground. I checked one, and found that he was merely unconscious. Strange… most pros either avoided the security guards altogether, or used a more permanent method to make sure they didn’t suddenly call for backup… or the cops.
“We’re doing good. There’s no chatter on the police scanner,” the man I was currently sneaking up on told his companions. “As soon as we get to the van, I can start working on decoding it, and figuring out what they want with it.”
Idiot! Even in a “secure” situation, never discuss the plan where someone might overhear it!
“Got into the vault. Now we just need to locate the right one and replace it with the fake. Uh… this might take a few minutes. This vault is huge!”
“And crowded!” A different man grumbled.
“I understand. Just tell me when you’re ready to return to the van,” this poor schmuck said, having no idea that I was about to end his life. “I may even get home in time to wish my daughter a happy birthday before it’s over!”
I mentally growled. Had he said wife or even son, I probably would have still killed him, but he said daughter. Let’s just say I have issues because of my own murdered father. Sighing, I switched to my dart tube, loaded a tranq, and then blew on it to shoot him in the neck.
He slapped his neck, probably wondering what a mosquito was doing in such a well controlled environment, and then went down. Now, it was time to get the drop on the other 3.
Two minutes later, I was standing in the entrance to the vault. Damn! This place really was huge! With a gun in each hand, I followed the directions I was given to the exact location of the item I was after. It was still on the shelf, so I could only assume that they hadn’t found it yet.
At that exact moment, a man appeared on either side of the aisle I was standing in. Crap! I couldn’t aim in both directions as carefully as needed, but it’s not like there was much chance of missing them.
“Who the hell –” they roared in unison, and then fell to the ground as I shot them. I quickly snatched the item, stuffed it between my leather clad breasts, and then prepared to shoot the third man as he came running at me.
“Wait!” He held out his hand in a gesture meant to stop me, and my curiosity was piqued just enough to give him two seconds to state his case. “You don’t understand! They killed my fiancée! They’re going to kill everyone on that list!”
Seriously? Hmm… That means I’m about to get a whole hell of a lot of business! I mentally rubbed my hands together and started on some plans to take a nice long vacation in Jamaica when I was done.
“Too bad for you,” I informed him, and squeezed the trigger. He dove to the side just in time, and then his partners were groaning. They sat up slowly.
Damn it! They were wearing Kevlar! I should have frickin’ used the armor piercing bullets, but the gun they were made for was so loud, and I didn’t want to attract any attention, grr!
I decided to run, but the widower was in my way. Fighting him was my only option since we were now too close to each other for my gun to hit him – he’d already proven that he could dodge pretty well, and it would be easy for him to attack my arm as I aimed. I feigned a punch, and then spun so that I could kick him with the back of my boot.
He actually caught my foot, and tossed me to the ground. I was impressed despite myself. It’s not often that anyone manages to lay a hand on me so easily. However, he still had a hold of my foot, and that gave me leverage to roll over and kick him with my other.
He went down, and I flipped myself to my feet. His partners were rapidly closing in on me by this time, and I had to get far enough away to shoot them properly! Oh, hell with it! I just pointed my guns in their direction and pulled the triggers. One dodged, but the other got caught in the leg.
The Widower used my momentary distraction to tackle me, and we landed against a shelf. It was marked “curses,” and a glass globe rolled off the shelf to land on our heads. It smashed open, and nearly knocked us both out.
I was now cornered by the three of them, but then the alarm went off. It was loud as hell, and made it difficult to do anything but cover our ears. I also crawled away the best I could.
Thankfully, they were just distracted enough to let me escape. I raced to the exact exit where I knew someone would be waiting for me. It took everything I had to run when all I wanted to do was fall to the floor and shove pillows in my ears. My head throbbed like I had the worse migraine ever, and I think my nose started to bleed.
Thankfully, my ear pieces combined with my hands to prevent damage to my ear drums.
Two blocks to the right of the exit, I spotted the carrier. He was sent by my employer to take the item in exchange for an envelope full of money. I pulled it – it looked like a flash drive – out from between my breasts, and handed it over. He handed me my thick manila envelope, and I briefly thumbed through it. It appeared to be real money, and there was enough that it probably was my 25,000 dollars.
It was the second half of my payment, and I knew that my employer was well aware of how lethal I would be if he tried to cheat me out of any money. He’d had to invite me into his office enough times to know that I knew it’s layout, and could easily get in to kill him if he ever dared to double cross me.
Considering that I’d worked for him for more than 7 years, I was certain that he valued my services far too much to ever make such a stupid mistake. I gave the carrier a mock salute, and then vanished. I was good at getaways because I knew how to blend into the shadows and use whatever I needed to in order to escape clean.
Soon, I was relaxing in my spacious tub, sipping on a tall crystal flute of Champaign. I scratched myself idly; I had been tingling ever since the alarm went off, and it was slowly driving me crazy. Suddenly, the tingling stopped completely, and I sighed in relief.
Time for bed! I gestured for Bruno to hand me a towel, but he simply gaped at me in astonishment. He has seen me naked almost as often as I had seen myself over the past 10 years, so why the hell was he surprised?
I stood up, and looked into the mirror. I suddenly felt faint, and my hands flew to my cheeks as I screamed in horror!
“Why the hell do I look 15?!!!”
I examined my body closely. I was more or less the same musculature, but my breasts were just starting to grow, and I was a bit shorter than normal. I looked in the mirror again.
“My face…” My face looked younger, which was the biggest change. I really did look only 15. I returned my attention to the absolute most important part. My hands stroked them as I wailed, “My breasts!!!”
I didn’t have huge knockers, but I definitely had more than this! I started crying without any regard to the fact that Bruno was watching me with a look that stated that either I or he had just lost it. Maybe we were both crazy!
Too bad he was gay, or else I’d ask him to fuck me. Maybe that would somehow fix this absurd situation!
“I’m going to bed. If I’m not back to normal in the morning, just frickin’ shoot me!” I ordered.
“Uh…” Bruno was obviously torn between his habit of obeying me, and his reluctance to actually promise to shoot me.
I was exhausted enough that I fell asleep right away. The next morning, I was not better. “Where’s my gun?!”
“Jolynn?” Bruno murmured after he cleared his throat. He only called me ma’am when the situation called for him to sound like I was in total control of his actions.
“Bruno, I told you to shoot me!”
“Uh, but there’s someone here to see you,” Bruno informed me.
“You let someone in?!” I asked incredulously. No one was allowed in to my place unless I was leading them in by the hand. Even then, it was pretty rare that I didn’t just go back to the guy’s place for the duration of the booty call.
“He… said that he turned into a 15 year old last night, and wanted to know if you had too. I thought maybe he might know how to fix this,” Bruno explained.
How in the hell did he find me?!” I demanded in utter shock.
“Easy,” he replied, leaning against the frame of my door, and then blushed when he realized that I was naked. “I could sense you. I had the strongest feeling that I needed to go a certain direction, and when I got here, I just knew that this was where you lived.”
I practically leapt out of bed. “Then do you know how to undo this curse?” I insisted he tell me by running up to him and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt.
“No! I was hoping that you did, or could at least find out,” he replied honestly.
I sighed in frustration, and then started pacing my room.
“Put some clothes on!” He shouted.
“Just because I look 15 doesn’t mean that you can give me orders!” I yelled at him. “This is my house, and if I want to be naked, I frickin’ will!”
I shook my head as I realized that I was distracted. I needed to focus on our problem.
“Where is the flash drive you stole?” He questioned me menacingly.
“Bruno, shoot him, and then shoot me. If we’re both dead, it won’t matter if we’re cursed,” I blurted out impatiently.
“Yes ma’am,” Bruno stated, but I think he only intended to carry out the first half. He was quick enough that he managed to catch my co-cursee before he realized that I was serious.
Bruno’s hand held the boy in a choke hold as he prepared to shoot him. I felt dizzy. Clutching at my throat, I tried to breathe. My strange half gasps caught Bruno’s attention, and in his concern, he let the boy go.
Immediately, I gasped in a huge breath. The boy did too, and we both leaned over to pant.
“Wait a minute…” I murmured, a horrible idea laughing all around my mind. Where would hurt the least? Crap, it was going to hurt no matter where I did it.
Standing just two feet in front of my fellow cursed one, I glared at him, and then abruptly kicked him in the chest. He went flying into the wall just behind him, and I went flying in the opposite direction.
I flipped so that I landed on my feet. “Oh great! This just keeps getting better and better!” I pulled on my hair, and then banged my head against the nearest wall.
“OW! Will you stop that?!” He roared, one hand pressed against his forehead.
I complied, but only because it wasn’t helping me think as much as I hoped it would.
“Bruno… breakfast!” I barked out a command.
“Yes ma’am… or is it miss now?” He asked, his eyes sparkling with merriment.
“I can still kick your ass!” I threatened seriously. I am pretty sure it’s true…
“I know,” he acknowledged with a grin, and then left to make me something to eat.
The boy cleared his throat. “I let you kick me a moment ago because I thought it would provide us with some useful information, but you should know that I am a champion martial artist, and will not let you do so again.”
“Whatever,” I muttered. I didn’t care how well he could fight; all I cared about was breaking the curse.
My phone rang, and I answered it out of sheer habit.
“Good work, although I hear you ran into a snag.”
I gaped, how could he possibly know about the curse?!
“But don’t worry… The police arrested the others, but then let them go. Anyway, I have some people working on decoding the information, and then I’ll contact you with a list of names.”
Oh… that snag.
“Yes sir,” I stated, my voice sounding mostly the way it should. “Remember, my price went up last month. I now charge based on how difficult it will be to get to and kill the person, so after I have the list, I’ll need time to assess the situation before I can give you my prices.” Previously, I had charged a relatively low flat fee.
He sighed in impatience and frustration. “How about I simply offer to pay you 500,000 a head?”
That was along the upper range I now normally charged. Most often, I charged closer to 1 or 2 hundred thousand.
“I like the way you think. Any special instructions? Should I make them look like accidents, or is sniping them from a distance okay?” I wondered.
“Whatever is easiest for you, I simply do not care.”
“Got it!” I replied with a grin. “I look forward to getting that list!”
“I’m sure you do,” he replied dryly, but I could tell he was smiling. “Later.”
We both hung up, and I nearly giggled as I thought about how much money I would soon make. I had completely forgotten about my co-cursee, and he took advantage of this to slam me to the floor. He used his body to pin me face down.
“Are you the one that killed my fiancée?!” He demanded in rage. “You horrible bitch! What did she ever do to you?! Why did she have to die?!”
I inhaled as I prepared myself for the pain I was about to receive. Beating the shit out of him was going to be so much harder when it hurt me like hell too!
“How would I know if I killed her? I have no idea who she is!” I stated as I flexed my leg so I could kick him in the back of his head. I held steady, waiting for the opportune moment.
“That’s a good point,” he sighed, and released me just slightly. “Her name was Alice, and she was the assistant to a lawyer working to convict a powerful mob boss. The evidence all went up in flames with her.”
“Alice Walters? Nope, not one of mine, but the pro that hit her did a beautiful jo-” I stopped before I stupidly gave him a reason to try to choke me, not that it would do him any good.
I think he realized that he couldn’t truly hurt me without hurting himself. He snorted softly in frustration, and slowly got off of me.
“She was a good woman and did not deserve to die!” He stated with a firm push on my shoulder, but then he stepped back.
Meh, I thought but did not say. In my experience, even good people did things that could get them into hell if it actually existed. I wasn’t entirely convinced, but I’m sure I will find out someday.
I got to my feet, and then brushed the fuzz from the carpet off my body.
“Seriously, put some clothes on.”
I smirked. “You’re one to talk. You’re wearing the same clothes you wore last night, and they obviously don’t fit you.”
Rummaging through my closet, I located a pair of sweat pants I almost never used. “These will probably fit you.” I tossed the pants at him. “Feel free to clean up in my bathroom.”
Throwing on a pair of yoga pants and a tank top – both of which hung loose, damn it! – I bellowed to Bruno. “Is breakfast ready yet?”
“Just about!” Bruno yelled so that I could hear him.
I heard whatever his name was muttering from my bathroom. “My fiancée worked her ass off and could barely afford her house payment, and yet she kills people and steals for a living and lives in a posh place like this!”
He was right, and that was exactly why I didn’t bother conforming to the right side of the law.
Bruno served me a plate containing a jumble of sausage, bacon, ham, and eggs. I attacked it hungrily.
“Do you still want me to shoot you?” Bruno asked with a grin.
“Yes, but you can wait until I’m done eating,” I stated.
Just as I was scraping together the last three or four bites of food, my uninvited guest walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but the sweat pants I’d lent him. They were a bit tight, but otherwise fit him well. Mmm… he looks good – for a 15 year old.
“Do you have any yogurt?” He asked. Other than our unfortunate connection, I wondered if he had a reason to linger. Did he seriously think that I knew how to get rid of this effin’ curse?
Bruno cast me a questioning look, and I shrugged. Until I figured out this curse, I was more or less stuck with the boy. With a deep sigh, Bruno retrieved a container of plain, cream top yogurt.
“How much do you want, and do you want me to flavor it for you?” Bruno asked.
“Plain is fine, and I’ll take a bowl full.”
Once he was served, Bruno crossed his arms, and stared at me.
“I know!” I responded with an aggravated sigh. “It seems I have an annoying new pet, and it sucks!”
“Hey!” The boy protested resentfully.
I pushed my empty plate aside, and got to my feet. I bounced a little as I rolled my shoulders, and tilted my head side to side until it cracked.
Bruno did what I expected him to; he grabbed me, and threw me across the room. I practiced my fall recovery technique, and rolled until I was on one knee, my other foot firmly on the ground.
Bruno ran at me, and I barely had time to block his attack. I grabbed his arm and used his momentum to throw him. I was extremely happy to learn that my body hadn’t actually reverted to my 15 year old self. I mean it had, but I still had my skills, strength and stamina.
“You’re so tiny,” Bruno teased me.
“I’m gonna kill you!” I threatened in returned. We attacked each other like we really planned to kill one another, but we were both skilled enough to defend ourselves.
Even so, Bruno managed to land a punch on my right kidney. I grunted, and then shook off the pain. Retaliation came in the form of a flying kick to his forehead.
Bruno caught me, and hung me from my feet. He was far too tall for me to get any leverage, so I rammed my head into his shin.
“Ow!” Co-cursee protested. “Sparring is one thing, but can you please stop trying to knock me out!” He rubbed the back of his head, and then rubbed his back where I had gotten punched earlier.
I rolled my eyes. “Some championship martial artist. You whine like a baby.” I crossed my arms and stared at him as I continued to hang by my feet. Bruno lifted me a little higher so that he could punch me in the other kidney, but that meant that he was now holding both my feet with just one of his massive hands. I flung them apart, and held out my hands to stop me from landing on my head.
I flipped to safety. “Hey Bruno, how would you like to kick the shit out of my new puppy?”
“I resent that! I have a name!” the puppy protested.
“Like I care,” I scoffed.
“And I am not your pet!”
Bruno gave the boy a mildly respectful martial artist’s bow, and beckoned him to come forward. “Then what is your name, boy?”
“It’s Caleb,” he stated, deciding to spar after all. I’m almost certain that he wanted to see if he still had his skills too.
I sat down to watch. They got busy trying to kill each other, and I was sincerely impressed that Caleb managed to hold his own. Not many people could go toe to toe with Bruno and survive.
I winced slightly each time Bruno managed to land a hit, but thankfully it didn’t feel too bad. It certainly wasn’t any worse than getting hit directly.
Hmm… if we felt each other’s pain, I wonder if we… A test is in order. I rubbed one of my nipples as if I wasn’t really paying any attention to it. It responded by getting harder, poking through my shirt.
Caleb gasped. “Stop that!”
“Fine…” I complied with a sigh, and he continued to defend himself. He was panting heavily at this point, but so was Bruno. I couldn’t be certain that the test had worked, so I decided to try again. I slipped a hand into my yoga pants, located my clitoris, and started rubbing it in the way that I liked.
Caleb’s breath caught, and he faltered in his attack. Bruno punched his chest, and he went flying. With my finger working so expertly, I actually felt the pain as a good thing. It added to my pleasure, and made me moan.
“You actually like pain?!” He asked incredulously as he slowly got to his hands and knees.
“Mmm, at times, I guess.”
The doorbell rang, and Bruno pressed a button on a small monitor. The gorgeous man from yesterday stood there. Bruno asked him what he wanted.
“Is she home? I can’t stop thinking about her!”
I stopped playing with myself, and ran up behind Bruno. “Hiya! My older sister isn’t home right now, but if you like ‘em young, I can totally rock your world,” I promised with a grin.
“Oh God, no!” Caleb protested. I’m pretty sure he realized that if I had sex, he would feel it too.
“Uh… I’ll try back later,” gorgeous muttered. “Do you know when she’ll be back?”
“No idea,” I stated with a grin, and then lied. “She left to go on a cruise with some hunk she picked up in a bar last night, and knowing her, she probably won’t show up again until she has a job to do. Are you sure you don’t want me instead?”
“Maybe when you’re older, kid.” The man left.
I turned to lean against Bruno with a smirk. “Too bad, huh?”
“Meh, I’ve seen better,” Bruno replied.
“I should call up that one guy… as a special treat to you.”
“Need I remind you that I actually have a boyfriend at the moment,” Bruno said, poking my nose playfully.
“You do? I thought you broke up with him because he was mad that you worked so much,” I replied, a tiny bit remorseful that I was such a demanding employer. But to be honest, Bruno was more like family than an employee, and he could take off almost whenever he wanted to.
“We did, but then we made up,” Bruno informed me with a grin.
“Good for you,” I smiled. I noticed Caleb watching us warily, and wondered what he was thinking. He seemed apprehensive to learn that a nearly 7 foot tall henchman was gay.
I’ll admit, I did consider ordering Bruno to rape him, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to feel that.
I sighed. “I think I’m going to go back to bed for just a bit to get some relief, and then I’m probably going to go shopping so that I have something to wear that fits. You may as well go surprise your man with a booty call.”
“Yes ma’am!” Bruno grinned eagerly.
I walked away, carelessly flinging my hair over my shoulder. “Oh, and Bruno?”
“Would you get it on video for me?” This was not the first time I had asked this.
“Maybe,” he replied with a laugh, and then left.
“Wait!” Caleb demanded. “Please don’t do what I think you’re going to.”
“Why not?” I wondered.
“Because… I’m going to know exactly what you’re doing, and I really don’t want to!”
“Sorry, but I’m not going to stop masturbating just because you can feel it too!” I informed him with a laugh.
“Do you care about anyone but yourself?” He asked, his expression dark.
“Nope, not really,” I admitted with a shrug.
“Please… It’s only been six months since Alice died. I wouldn’t feel right…”
I sighed, and slumped just a little in defeat. He had killed my mood anyway. “Fine. Don’t you have a home to go to?”
It was his turn to sigh. “I live with my brother and his family. It would be far too complicated to explain this situation, so…”
“Yeah yeah, I get it. You can stay until we break this damn curse,” I sounded like I was being nice, but in truth, I was simply covering my own ass. The last thing I needed was to find out that I would die too if someone killed him.
Contrary to my order for Bruno to kill me, I wasn’t ready to die just yet.
I grabbed my purse, and then sat contemplating which set of car keys I wanted. There were 7 to choose from. I had a truck for hauling, an SUV, a fully loaded mini-van for road trips, a viper, a prowler, a vintage GTO, and a nondescript car for those times when I couldn’t afford to attract attention. Shopping required a vehicle with room to put stuff… I think the SUV might work best.
“You! I am not stupid enough to leave you at my house by yourself, so be a good puppy, and follow me wherever I go,” I pointed at Caleb, and prayed that he would get mad enough to do what I told him too just so that he could argue with me. He did.
“I am not your puppy!” He growled as he chased me to my garage.
I smirked, and then drove us to my favorite boutique.
Jolynn???” My regular sales clerk burst out in disbelief.
“Yep,” I smiled at her. “I decided to have a total body lift. My face, my tits, everything. What do you think?”
“My God! You look 15, I barely recognized you!” She gushed.
I sighed. “Unfortunately, nothing fits me anymore, and I need a whole new wardrobe.”
“No problem, I can certainly help you with that,” she grinned, and I’m sure she was mentally calculating her commission.
“Oh…” I paused to smirk again. “And my puppy needs some new clothes too.”
Caleb growled. “I said my name is Caleb!”
“Who cares? Just shut up and let the lady take your measurements.”
“No thank you! All I need are a couple of jeans and a variety of tee shirts,” Caleb insisted. “I can get those at Walmart for less than half of anything they have here.”
“Ouch,” my favorite sales clerk almost sneered in contempt. “Your puppy has a bad attitude!”
“I know, and so far, he’s resisting all attempts to train him,” I informed her.
“I am not your dog!!!”
The sales clerk rolled her eyes, and wandered off to find some things she thought might fit me. I faced a clothing rack, and then pinched my nipple as hard as I could stand. “Quiet you! If you can’t be civil, then just shut up and sit in a corner.”
Caleb growled again, and then I could see his mind form a “devious” plan to get back at me. “Did you mean that you intended to buy me some new clothes?”
“Sure, why not?” I asked. I was not normally a generous person, but if I had to look at him in jeans and a tee shirt day after day, I was going to go crazy! It was better for my sanity to have him dressed decently.
“Fine, then maybe I will get some stuff after all!”
I shrugged. Whatever. He was going to pay me back later, but I didn’t plan to tell him that until it was time.
Soon enough, I had a huge pile of clothes that fit, and Caleb had a pretty good sized pile of his own. The clerk rang us up, and then announced the total.
Caleb gasped, and clutched his heart. I was tempted to laugh since I had a little more than that on me in cash – I had just gotten paid after all – but I remained calm, and handed her a debit card to pay for my purchase.
A small army of clerks bagged up and carried my new wardrobe to my SUV, and I wondered what to do now. Maybe lunch would be a good idea… I drove in the general direction of my favorite restaurant.
My cell phone rang, and I answered it.
“You still interested in that new sniper rifle?” My go to gun guy asked me.
“It’s in?” I asked excitedly.
“Yep, and boy is she beautiful! I’m getting hard just holding her.”
“I’ll be there in…” I took a moment to figure out how long it would take me to get there. My wheels screeched loudly as I made an abrupt U-turn, nearly causing a 3 car pileup. “About 10 minutes.”
“See you then!”
Exactly 10 minutes later, I skidded to a halt, turned my car off, and hopped out. Caleb was so relieved that I was no longer driving like a maniac that he followed me without giving it any thought.
“Who’s this?” Gun guy asked.
“A friend,” I stated, not entirely sure if it was the truth or a lie.
“You look different,” gun guy remarked.
I shrugged, and then placed my finger on his scanner. It was purely a safety precaution on his part, but it verified who I was.
“Good to see you Jo,” he grinned at me.
“You too. Now… show me that beautiful gun.”
He chuckled, and entered a security code in a key pad to unlock the case holding the specialty weapons. Almost reverently, he handed me the rifle.
“Oh…” I exhaled in awe. “She is gorgeous! I bet I could hit a mark a mile away!”
“I believe it!”
“Hmm…” I thought out loud. “I’m going to need a few other things. Some grenades, a couple of flash bombs, more ammo, and a garrote. I broke the one I had.”
“Sure thing. All the pros are excited. Word is that there’s going to be a lot of work to go around soon,” gun guy said conversationally.
“I suppose,” I neither confirmed nor denied.
“Oh! What kind of blade do you have? I just got a new style in,” he showed me a large wickedly serrated knife that had me just drooling. “It’s designed to really tear up the heart of the victim so that they die as quickly as possible.”
“It’s beautiful!” I exclaimed, taking hold of it.
“It’s horrible!” Caleb cried out with a look of disgust.
“Eh, to-may-to to-mah-to!” I shrugged.
By this time, gun guy had packed up everything I asked for, and quoted me a price. I pulled out my thick manila envelope, and handed it to him. “Keep the change and remember to keep an eye out for what I like.”
“Will do!”
I led Caleb back to my SUV, tossing my weapons in the area reserved for the spare tire. He was silent, and I seriously wondered what he was thinking. Probably that I was a soulless demon who deserved to die an excruciating death.
“How can you just kill someone?” He blurted out once we were in the privacy of my vehicle.
“It’s how the world works. People pay to kill other people, and people like me have no problem taking money for services rendered.”
“But… you’re ending someone’s life! Doesn’t that matter to you at all?!”
I shook my head. He was never going to understand, so why bother trying to explain?
My phone rang again.
“Hey, I have a job, and I need someone to play the hooker.”
I bit my lip as I thought this over. “I’m not really suited to the hooker thing right now. I look much too young to be believable. Is it a hit?”
“Come on Jo! You’re the best at getting the guys to drop their pants and their guard. I just need him thoroughly distracted.”
“And what do I get in return if I screw this guy’s brains out for you?” I wondered.
“I think 25 grand would be more than fair.”
I nodded, grinning. “When?”
“Tonight at the Plaza on Grand. The penthouse. Oh and Jo?”
“Wear something elegant yet sexy.”
“Got it!” I stated and then hung up the phone.
“Is there anything you won’t do for money?” Caleb asked, his expression making it clear that I had just sunk as low in his opinion as I could possibly go.
“Oh come on!” I yelled, his attitude really starting to get on my nerves. “Like you wouldn’t suck a guy off for an hour or so for 25,000!”
His face turned white. “25,000…?!” I wondered if he was considering just exactly what he would do for that kind of money.
That night, I really dolled myself up. By the time I was ready, I looked like I was about to go to the opera and sit in the top box. I even managed to look about 18, which was better than 15!
I had Bruno – who had returned from his booty call grinning like a fool – get the drop on Caleb, and then tie him to a chair.
“I should be back soon enough,” I informed Bruno.
“Have fun!” He wished me. I kissed him on the cheek.
Caleb glared at me, obviously wishing he could murder me.
A half an hour later, I knocked on the “client’s” door, and waited patiently for him to open it. He slowly created a narrow crack, and looked me up and down.
“I asked for someone sturdier,” he told me, disappointed.
“Believe me, baby,” I purred. “I can handle anything you want to do to me.”
“Is that so?” He asked, his interest piqued. His door opened just a bit wider. “And what if I want to smack you around, and punish you for being a bad girl?”
“That is why they sent me,” I grinned, not really relishing the idea, but my body tightened in anticipation.
“Come on in,” he invited, opening his door fully now. Randy had informed me of the plan on my way over here, and so I knew that I just needed to keep him occupied for as long as possible. They only needed between 10 minutes and a half an hour to complete their mission, but unless something went very wrong, I could play all night if I wanted.
I tossed my purse on the table just inside the entrance, and then held my hands up like I was surrendering. “I’m sorry I upset you! Please don’t hurt me!” I whimpered enticingly.
He grinned, understanding that I was ready to play my part. “You bitch! How dare you piss me off?!” He smacked me and then dragged me across the room by my hair.
“Please don’t!” I cried. “I love you! I’d do anything for you!”
“Then why did you spread your legs for my best friend? You dirty slut!”
“He made me! I didn’t want to! You know I only want you!”
He back handed me. “You lying cunt!”
I saw him about to smack me again, and timed it just right so that I’d spin around and fall to the floor once he connected. With my back to him, I wondered if he wanted me to try to crawl away, or hold still for more punishment.
He grabbed a whip off a nearby table, and then struck me with it. It stung – even through the fabric of my dress – but also felt good. I cried, knowing that was what he wanted. I also started crawling away.
He continued to whip me for a good ten minutes, but then he grabbed me by my hair once more, and dragged me into his room. He threw me onto his bed, and then choked me.
“Did you like it? Did you like him fucking you?”
“No!” I managed to say.
“Tell me the truth! Did you like him fucking you?!” His hold on my neck got just a bit tighter, but not so that I was in any real danger.
“Yes!” I gasped out as if I was confessing to the worst crime ever. “I didn’t want to like it, but he felt so good inside me!”
He had let go of my throat, and now crushed one of my breasts with his hand. “Tell me how he fucked you. Tell me what you liked.”
“He… he… rammed himself inside me, and I thought I was going to explode,” I hesitantly confessed.
My client pushed my skirt out of the way. “Look at that! I knew you were a slut, you’re not even wearing panties.”
“He tore them off me,” I explained.
“Rammed eh? Like this?” My client asked as he unzipped his pants, and did exactly that. I gasped, wet enough that there was more pleasure than pain.
“Yes!” I encouraged.
He pounded into me for a good 10 minutes, and I was right on the verge of a glorious orgasm.
“Not yet! You don’t deserve to feel good.”
I groaned in disappointment.
I got off the bed, and did as commanded. He watched me eagerly, and didn’t seem to care that my breasts were barely a B cup instead of the C cup I was so proud of. The moment I was naked, he yanked me by the hair again, and smacked me. Then, he forced me to lean over so that my face was buried in his bed, but my ass was in the air.
He reentered me – holding my arms tightly behind my back – and I was surprised that he hadn’t wanted to do anal. My whole body shook from each impact. 10 more minutes, and I was damn near ready to scream with orgasm once more.
He laughed, and stopped completely. “You’re too eager to be fucked! No wonder you spread your legs for my friend. Maybe this’ll teach you to reserve your body for me and me alone.”
He cuffed my hands, which were still behind my back, and then straightened me so that I was kneeling. Next, he clamped two small… There’s no other way to describe them – jumper cables… to me. One to each breast. I inhaled in amazement, dying to know what this was going to feel like.
A moment later, he rubbed my clitoris, and then decided that he could clamp a third mini-jumper cable to that too. I already moaned in longing. Lastly, he arranged me so that I was straddling him, impaled by his shaft. He contemplated a small remote control for a moment, and then turned it to whichever setting he determined would be best.
I felt electricity sizzle into me, and screamed from both pain and pleasure! I writhed and bucked, frantically trying to escaped, and yet crying out in ecstasy. He didn’t need to do anything but watch the show and feel the ride.
Here it comes! Oh God! It’s gonna be a big one!
I threw my head back and screamed until my throat was raw, and then I screamed some more. My body shook violently, and I was on fire! My orgasm went on and on until he finally took pity on me and pushed the off button on the remote.
It took me a moment to realize, but he hadn’t taken pity on me, he had taken pity on himself. I was full of his cum, and realized that it must have felt simply incredible to have me orgasming on his shaft for however long. I sobbed, panted, and gasped for air all at the same time.
It felt like I melted into a puddle on his chest, and I think I may have even fallen asleep for a bit. Suddenly, he rolled us over, and removed the clamps.
“As much as I would like to start over, I have things to do.” He handed me an envelope from under his pillow containing whatever he would have paid a real prostitute, and then kissed me. I thought that Randy had already accepted this payment, and that it would be part of what he promised to pay me, but since I’m getting it directly from the mark, I’m going to consider it a bonus, and Randy had better not try to skimp out!
I got dressed, and then left, grabbing my purse on the way out. I checked my cell. Randy had texted when they completed the job, so I called him up to confirm my payment.
“How’d it go?” He asked me as he answered the phone.
“It was fun,” I admitted.
“I left your money in a magnetized box under your viper,” he informed me.
“The full 25 grand?” I asked.
“Yep,” Randy confirmed.
“Excellent! I’m glad to hear your job was a success, but I’m worn out now. I’m going home and going to bed. If you want to celebrate, it’ll have to be later.”
“I understand,” Randy chuckled, and we both hung up.
Sure enough, my money was under my car. I checked it, and then tossed it on my passenger seat as I drove home. I was way more tired by the time I got home than I should be, and actually had to smack myself to keep awake. Finally, I parked in my garage.
“Bruno!” I called out, eventually finding him snoozing as he kept an eye on Caleb. Speaking of, he was glaring at me like I was a master torturer and I had just put him through his paces.
Ahhhh… no wonder I was so much more tired than I should be.
“Bruno!” I barked sharply, snapping him awake. I tossed him the two bundles of money, and then yawned. “Put this in my vault, and then untie him. I’m going to bed!”
“How was it?” Bruno asked, smirking.
I stretched, and yawned again, which sounded like I was quietly imitating Tarzan. “Mmm… A lot of fun. He had this machine that I think I might need to buy.”
Bruno laughed. “Based on his insistence that we go rescue you, I was pretty sure that you were having a blast.”
I nodded; a grin on my face. Bruno pulled a computer disk in a thin case out of his pocket. “Here’s that video you asked for.”
I cackled in glee! He often stood guard when I was having sex with an unknown person, so occasionally, he let me watch his bedroom antics. I absolutely loved gay porn! Don’t ask me why because I really don’t know…
I went to my room, but passed out before I could watch it.
As I slowly drifted awake, I remembered that I had some porn to watch, and grabbed the portable DVD player from my bed side dresser. I moaned as I located my throbbing clit, and rubbed it softly at first.
I felt wonderful. Playing with myself was one of my favorite things to do. The sun slowly crept through my window as I made my body hotter and hotter. Suddenly, I felt something completely unexpected.
It felt like my pleasure doubled, and it was different somehow. I held still, but the feeling remained and then intensified. I resumed wiggling my finger, crying out loudly. I saw Bruno squirt all over his lover, and this made me cum harder than I thought possible. It actually felt like I was ejaculating too!
I panted until I could catch my breath, and then nearly smacked myself on the forehead. Oh! Right… I felt what Caleb was feeling…
Hmm, not bad. If we both came during masturbation like this all the time, it might be worth being so intimately connected to him after all.
I sleepily prepared myself a bath, and then reveled in the sensual feel of the hot water on my skin as I washed up. It made me want to play with myself again, and I grabbed my waterproof vibrator from a small basket on the edge of my tub. It was vibrantly pink, and glowed brightly enough when on that I could see it while it was inside me.
It was a rather expensive piece of equipment that moved all by itself – having some sort of piston inside it. It also had an “ear” that entered my ass just a bit, and an “ear” that rested on my clitoris. This left my hands free to massage and pinch my breasts.
My moans echoed around the bathroom, adding to my pleasure. Twisting my nipples got me so much closer to the edge of bliss. I was so ready for the climax that was coming.
“God DAMNIT! Will you please not do that?!” Caleb shouted from the room I let him stay in, which was right next to mine.
This set me off with a laugh. I couldn’t help it! I was already so close that knowing he was bothered by this made it feel all the better. The moment I stopped cumming, I turned off my vibe, and washed it before setting it aside.
Bruno – alerted by Caleb’s shouting that I was awake – came in to hand me a towel. I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair with a little hand sprayer, and then drained the tub.
“Thank you, Bruno.” He was such a good servant slash best friend slash family member. I wasn’t really sure if I thought of him as a brother or an uncle or what, but he was probably the only person in the world that mattered to me.
“I’m making a quiche for breakfast,” he informed me. “I plan to top it with sausage.”
“Mmm, sounds mouthwatering!” I praised.
Wearing nothing but the soft and fluffy towel, I made my way to the kitchen table. Judging by the strange sensations running along my skin, Caleb was just finishing up a shower. He appeared just as Bruno dished us up.
“What is wrong with you?” Caleb demanded.
“Can you be a little bit more specific?” I wondered.
“You seem addicted to sex! We need to break this curse as soon as possible!”
I shrugged. “I have no idea where to even begin looking.”
He sighed, and mumbled, “Neither do I.”
My fax machine went off, and Bruno got up to check it. He looked over the paper briefly, and then cast me a serious look.
“Yeah!” I cheered, making fists and pulling my arms back. “Get started.”
“Sure thing Jolynn,” Bruno replied, taking his breakfast into the computer room where he could research my targets.
“Please don’t kill anyone,” Caleb begged in a whisper. His face was pale, and he looked like he was about to be sick.
“Oh Caleb… It’s what I do…” I shook my head lightly, and shrugged ever so slightly.
He focused on his plate, but didn’t eat. I think he had lost his appetite.
There was really nothing I could say. He’s never going to understand. It’s what I do and who I am.


  1. Ummm....He will have to understand because her changing just feel SO out of the equation...


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