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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Visual Aid

In Sanguin, I talk about their dresses, but I have to admit my descriptions just don't convey the picture in my head, so, I have decided to provide some visual aids to help the mental image form...

From DeviantArt. Now, as I picture it, there's color and ruffles... and chains, buwahahahaha!

So, another pic to help the image: Bonus, this one will help you picture the shiny thigh high leather boots :-)
From DeviantArt.

Also, here's a picture of what I imagine Lady Desespoir wearing:
From DeviantArt

Now, for a couple of pictures that inspired the story. I watched a clip on youtube, and some of the images shown made me wonder what would happen if normally wholesome and innocent girls were turned into... powerful and slightly perverse girls, lol!

From DeviantArt

From DeviantArt

Anyway... yeah, this is what inspired the story, and I think I might hang onto this one for when I'm in the mood to write something dark, lol :-D

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