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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Dream or Reality - Part 2

A while back, I posted this: very-short-erotic-story. After I did so, I decided on a good name for it - A Dream or Reality? Because he wasn't really sure himself. Here's part 2 :-)

I gaped at the stick in disbelief. How in the hell could this possibly be?! I haven’t had sex in almost a year!
It had to be wrong! Lucky for me I bought a two pack of them, now I just needed to wait until I had to pee again. How likely was a pregnancy test to show a false positive?
I downed a bottle of water, and waited about 2 hours, then I took the second test. Please be negative, please be negative!!!
I held my breath as I watched the test work, and then gasped. It’s frickin’ positive!
The only reason I’d even taken the test was because my best friend insisted. She said that pregnancy was the most likely cause of intermittent nausea and vomiting. I laughed at her; I haven’t had sex since last year when I broke up with my last boyfriend! There’s no way I can be pregnant!
This has to be an error. It has to be! I grabbed my phone, and called the doctor’s office only to be told that anyone can stop by the lab to leave a urine sample for them to test at any time they were open.
I downed another bottle of water, and then waited until I had to go to the bathroom before driving to the clinic. The lady at the counter handed me a sample cup, and I went to a bathroom to fill it. When I handed it back to her, she told me to wait in the lobby until someone came to tell me the results.
15 minutes later, a nurse called my name, and brought me to a small booth in the lab. She smiled at me kindly.
“It’s positive, you’re pregnant.”
All the blood drained from my face, and I fainted. When the nurse finally patted me awake, I was cradled in her arms.
“I take it this is bad news?” She asked.
“Well, no… just impossible. I haven’t had sex since almost this time last year,” I told her.
“It seems you have,” she murmured, and then helped me back into my seat. Grabbing a calendar, she had me figure out when the first day of my last period was.
“I don’t know, I don’t keep track… No wait, I remember complaining that it wasn’t fair that I got it on my birthday.” Which was almost three months ago. I pointed it out, and then stared at the calendar. Something was screaming in the back of my head, but I couldn’t figure out what.
She told me my approximate due date, and suggested that I schedule appointments, but I was still in shock and couldn’t really pay attention to what she was saying.
The next thing I knew, I was sitting in my car staring at my hands. They were shaking. I’m not ready to be a mom yet! I want to get married and buy a house first!
I’m 25! I know better than to have unprotected sex!


“You were right,” I informed my best friend. “But I have no idea how it happened.”
She laughed. “You know how, it’s when you can’t figure out.”
“Or with who…”
We examined her calendar together, hoping to find clues.
“Hmm… did you go to this party with me?” She asked, pointing to a day that would be right about when I conceived.
“Well, we went together, but you ended up leaving with some guy about an hour after we got there,” I reminded her.
“Okay… what did you do?” She wondered.
“I…” Hmm… I don’t remember. “I got drunk… At some point, I think I passed out.”
“That’s probably when it happened, right before you passed out,” my friend hypothesized.
I nodded slowly. “You’re probably right…”


I just barely remembered where the party had been. I sat in the driveway and watched my hands shake again. There was no guarantee that I’d find out what happened, but it was the only place I had to start looking for answers.
Gathering up my courage, I rang the doorbell. A man answered, but he didn’t look familiar to me in the slightest. He looked like he was barely 21 years old.
“I’m sorry, my parents aren’t home, and they don’t really buy anything from door to door salespeople.”
“No, um… is this where a party was held a little over two months ago?”
He grinned. “Yep, it kicked ass, didn’t it? Oh! I remember you!”
“You do?” I questioned hopefully.
“Yep, you’re the one that asked me if there was anywhere you could pass out without being molested, and I told you that the only place was in my brother’s room since he had already passed out about an hour beforehand.”
I took a deep breath to steady my nerves, and then exhaled it slowly. “Is he home?”
“Yeah, come on in,” he invited. “Hey bro, you have a visitor!”
“Bring ‘em in here,” another male voice called out in return. We walked towards him, and I saw some familiar things.
The brother whose bed I’d passed out in was in his room, and he looked up at us curiously as we entered. He looked maybe 18, but I was too busy looking around.
“I remember waking up here,” I murmured.
“Wait! Was that you?!” He demanded, sitting up just a bit straighter.
I looked at him, but didn’t say anything.
He pressed me to answer him. “Were you the woman who slept in my bed the night of the party?”
“It seems so,” I murmured.
“I was hoping you’d come back!” He informed me with a grin. “How have you been?”
I took a really deep breath. “Pregnant.”
“No way!” He exclaimed, but didn’t immediately protest that it was impossible.
I stammered. “Did we, um…?”
He nodded. His older brother looked shocked… and a little impressed. It was like he couldn’t quite believe that his younger brother could just have sex with a stranger, and then be stupid enough to knock me up.
I hesitated for a moment, and then sat next to him on his bed. “I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I’m going to have an abortion. I just want you to come with me, and help pay for it.”
“What?!” He gasped. “No! You can’t do that!”
“Why not?” I asked. “I’m not ready to be a mom. I’ve only had my job less than a year, and don’t make enough to buy a house or pay for daycare…”
“Because! He or she is half mine, and I don’t want you to kill my baby!” He was almost – but not quite – crying.
“You look like you’ve just barely gotten out of high school. How are you going to support a child?” I asked, not trying to be mean, but sounding like I was condescending him.
He was quiet for a moment. I looked at his brother, who was watching us with concern and a hint of amusement.
“My mom stayed at home to raise us,” the father of my baby murmured. “You said you can’t afford daycare, so I’ll stay home and take care of the baby. I’ll work when you’re not, that way, we can both raise this baby.”
“I just don’t see this working,” I shook my head sadly.
“Why not?” He questioned.
“We don’t know anything about each other! How are we going to raise a baby?” I demanded, getting just a little bit upset.
“The same way any other person does, with lots of love!”
I laughed, honestly touched by his simplistic view of the world.
His brother cleared his throat. “Don’t just dismiss his ideas. We were raised to believe that abortion is never an option. This could devastate him for years! If he’s willing to help you raise the baby, at least consider it. If you absolutely do not want it, then rather than abort it, why not give it to him?”
I gaped at the older brother. “He’s not ready to have a baby either! This would just ruin his life!”
The father of my baby took one of my hands in his. “We don’t live our lives then have children; we live our lives and have children. A child does not ruin someone’s life, he or she enhances it.”
I started to cry. They made it sound so easy, but I was afraid. What if I end up being a horrible mother?!
He pulled me into a hug, rubbed my back, and made soft noises of comfort. Finally, I calmed down.
“Okay… I’ll try it your way,” I informed him.
His parents must have just come home, because they startled us all. “What’s going on in here?”
I felt inexplicably guilty. After all, I was 25 and he was only 18. He – on the other hand – didn’t seem to be afraid at all. He simply grinned at his parents, and announced the news.
            “We’re having a baby!”


  1. I sense a part 3 on the horizon :)

  2. Yep, definitely need a part 3...


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