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Gay or Alternative

A surprising amount of what I write is alternative. Not mainstream! I like most of my characters to be Bi on at least some level, and often write about gay men. I also tend to try to keep this fact a secret because I want people to READ my stories first, and THEN judge them. I'd hate for them to see that the story includes something different, and decide not to read based on that fact alone.

ANYWAY, I recently realized that there are a LOT of people out there who would LOVE to knowingly read an alternative story. So, here's a list of what I've written that is or at least mentions:
-Gay Men
-Open Relationships - this can range from an agreement to allow other partners to full out swinging
-Polygamy or polyamorism. This is most often a Triad relationship, but can also refer to ACTUAL multiple marriages.

I'm going to list them in the order that I posted them to my blog :-) NOTE: Please click on the link at the bottom of each chapter to Go To the next Chapter!

Tsuki! - Is about an American girl who falls in love with a Japanese boy - both 18. She comes from a family that are nudists and believe in open relationships. She also considered herself a lesbian before meeting him. He comes from a fairly typical Japanese family, and finds her the strangest person he's ever met! Unable to speak the same language, they have an interesting time discovering just how much they love each other... and how much fun it is to share their love with others :-D

Shy Girl - In this story, the main character is a typical American girl - except that she's so shy that she can barely speak to people and has a hard time saying no to anyone. She has a boyfriend, and meets a different boy who fascinates her. He comes from a strange family - they embody all 5 of my weirdnesses! At its heart, this story is about being a teenager falling in love for the first time. It's complicated enough, but then throw in a gay boy and a polyamorous relationship, and the story becomes anything but typical! I dedicate this to anyone who has ever realized that they're different :-) Also, this is intended to be YA, so all the sex is off-page.

Conniving Mya - This is a short story about Mya who is dared by her best friend to make River humiliate herself in front of the whole school. As Mya connives to manipulate River into doing exactly that, she inadvertently falls in love with her! I feel that this story can inspire others to ultimately take a stand and do what they believe is right for them :-)

For the Love of Kira - This is a link to a preview of my book available on Amazon. Kira eventually finds herself having to choose between a man and a woman. She loves both, and the choice is difficult, but in this particular instance, the relationship would not work if all three of them formed a Triad, so she must choose! She is willful and bold enough to follow her heart, no matter WHAT anyone else might think :-D

Falling Apart - In this short story, a man is shocked to learn that his wife rather abruptly wants a divorce. His entire world seems to collapse, but eventually he tries to move on. His new roommate is a man who is openly gay - though he doesn't know this - and the two unexpectedly find themselves falling in love. This was originally a stand alone story, but now has a sequel.

Falling Apart Again - This is the sequel to Falling Apart, and also features a gay men falling in love :-)

The Conspirator's Punishment - There are no words to describe this story, lol! The main character is Bisexual. He has a Bi male lover and together they form a Triad with a girl; the daughter of a traitor to the crown.

The Alliance - This story is about two Princes who must marry for political reasons: to prevent a war. Neither originally had any gay tendencies, but after meeting, find themselves attracted to one another. After they get married, I believe the story gets REALLY good, but this one is still in progress, having only 5 published chapters, and a 6th one half written. Even so, it's worth the read, and if you like it, please feel free to comment and urge me to finish it already, lol!

The Ambassador of Pleasure - This is a preview to my book on Amazon. In my opinion, this is the BEST book I have written yet! (That I haven't kept secret until a major publisher discovers me, lol!) The main character - Elly - is part of a secret society that believes that sex is the sacred pact they make with their Gods. She travels the universe solving problems, but when she is home, she is a simple wife and mother of 4. She and her husband have a long lasting relationship with a woman, giving an example of a healthy Triad :-D

Unexpected - Two men unexpectedly find themselves in the care of a girl who intrigues them. All told, this is a fairly short story that tells about each of the three character's pasts, and about how they enter into a relationship between the three of them. Another Triad! I happen to think three is a sacred number, so a lot of my alternative relationships feature Triads :-)

Willing Slave - This story is about a woman who is willingly sold into slavery. She falls in love with her master and eventually falls in love with his wife. Everything seems perfect, but then the assassins start coming after her master... Read the preview here and then buy the book on Amazon! :-D

Cameron - This is about a boy who wasn't really thinking about sex at all until his girlfriend rather suddenly takes his virginity. After that, his best friend has sex with him too. Suddenly, he is utterly confused about sex in general, why he likes having sex with his best friend, and also can't understand why suddenly everyone seems to want to get in his pants! Eventually, he meets Cameron... A prostitute who sells his body to pay for college.

Selfish Desire - When her mom goes away for the weekend, this girl discovers her stepdad having sex with a boy from her school. She watches them in secret, and suddenly realizes that she wants him too!

Birthday Present - A husband agrees to let his wife do anything she wants to him for her birthday, so she ties him up and tricks him into having sex with one of her male friends :-D

Indecisive - When this girl can't decide if she wants to get married, a shoulder angel and demon come to help her make up her mind. The only problem is that these two tiny women keep getting distracted from their job by having sex on her shoulder!

Sleepless - She can't sleep, so she goes looking for trouble! This story contains an open relationship, and something very close to a "gang bang."

The Conference - Set in the same world as The Ambassador of Pleasure, this story is about a secret Princess who attends a conference with a coworker. At his insistence, she brings him to a part of her society, and then makes him her love slave. Later on, I decided to rename this A Strange Relationship, and continue on the story a few months after the conference is over. Their boss has realized that something is strange between them, and he's determined to find out what!

Mike - In this short story, Mike can't resist having sex with his best friend's wife while she is sleeping. Suddenly, his best friend gets revenge by having sex with him!

Aquamarine - Shortly after her birthday, a girl snags a new boyfriend, only to discover later on that he is actually twins! They've both been dating her, and don't want to let her go. The only question is whether or not she can accept being in a relationship with two guys rather than one :-D

The Hero's Son - Rip is a pretty typical teenaged boy... except that he is the son of a world famous Hero, and is training to follow in his father's footsteps one day. The media treats him like a local Prince, near hounding him and his friends whenever they are out in public. As he grows up, he gets asked out by the girl who has liked him forever, but all he can think about is his best friend... A boy! I intend this one to be aimed at older teens, because in the entire story, there is ONE explicit on page description to sex.

Cleaning the Pool - A pair of gay lovers entice a 16 year old boy home with them so that they can spend an afternoon playing with him against his will :-D

Buying the Car - Sequel to Cleaning the pool. J.D. returns to the pair of gay lovers for another afternoon of play, only this time, he is more or less willing...

Jared  - When Mark meets Jared, Jared slips a drug into Mark's drink and then has sex with him. Initially upset that his virginity has been taken against his fully consenting will, Mark ultimately decides to let Jared continue to have sex with him in exchange for helping Jared become a better person.

Writing Sin - This features an open relationship between a married woman and the man she hires to claim credit for the erotic novels she writes. This is a sort of historical romance novel with a poly (ish) twist. I would not call it a true erotica but it does have some hot scenes :-D

Braedon - Set in the same world as the Ambassador of Pleasure and The Conference. This is Elly's youngest son - who is approaching his 40th Birthday in a couple years. He's been the King of the Secret Society for many years and has more or less given up on finding a lasting relationship, and then he meets Jules, the twin brother of an ex lover...

The Little Jewel - Once upon a time ago, I watched Thumblina, and basically she falls in love with a fairy prince because he was like the ONLY person the same size as her. So I thought to myself, well, what if she had met a fairy PRINCESS instead? :-D

Triangle - What happens when a woman meets TWO eligible men at the same time and falls for them both?

Hercules - My attempt to retell the story in a way that DOESN'T skip over the fact that as a Greek man, he actually had both male and female lovers. Lots of them, lol!

Shahi Extra Story Arc - This is a sort of sequel to The Ambassador of Pleasure. Shahi tries to settle in as a relatively saintly religious leader of her people now that she is married. However, a cousin she hasn't seen in a long time returns home and asks for training, erotic training...

Sanguine After Story - Gavin - who is now a Lord after his mother retired from her dungeon - is experiencing love for the first time. I am poly and wanted to write a story in which a poly relationship allowed me to meet the challenge from several friends to write some slightly darker Kink. If you are looking for HOT, this is it :-D

Mirror of Dreams - My newest book about a woman who gets pulled into an alternate world and made their Queen. She's poly at heart which makes this an interesting and somewhat fluffy story. This one is actually fairly light on sex, so this is the one to read if you're looking for a fantasy but not an erotica :-)

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