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Monday, January 18, 2016

Taming the Wolf

Taming the wolf

The redheaded woman took a hand from each of her two best friends and squeezed them fretfully. “I think I have a major problem!”
Her friends could clearly see that she was upset. They exchanged concerned glances. “What sort of problem, Cassandra?”
The redhead – named Cassandra – looked down, suddenly afraid that her friends wouldn't believe her. Or worse, that they'd think she was crazy! It sounded unbelievable, even to her.
“I've told you that I'm a witch, right?” She asked hesitantly to delay saying the crazy thing out loud.
“Yeah,” her friends murmured. Each raised an eye brow curiously.
“You helped us do a candle spell when Jinny's ex wouldn't leave her alone, remember?” The dirty blonde-haired woman reminded Cassandra.
“Which worked amazingly well,” Jinny added with a smile as she tossed her dark brown hair over her shoulder. “I really hadn't expected it to do anything, but he hasn't tried to bother me since.”
“Right,” Cassandra murmured. “Anyway, what I don't think you realize is that I come from a long line of witches. Jinny... Lena... Things like Vampires are real...”
Both of her best friends snorted in amusement.
“Sure they are,” Lena muttered with a sarcastic smile. Her dirty blonde hair fell into her eyes as it always did, and she blew it away impatiently.
“No really,” Cassandra insisted, squeezing her best friends' hands again. “I need you to believe me!”
Lena and Jinny exchanged another glance. This look clearly wondered if they should believe their friend or not. Cassandra wasn't prone to lying, so they wondered if she was trying to play a prank on them.
“O...kay...” Jinny murmured diplomatically. “Why?”
Cassandra sighed in relief. She knew that they didn't fully believe her yet, but they were willing to hear her out. She pulled her hands free of theirs and fiddled with her rich and wavy red hair.
“So Sean and I have been dating almost a whole year now...”
Jinny immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion. She pulled Cassandra close and gave her a sympathetic hug. “Don't tell me that he cheated on you!”
“No! Why would you think that?” Cassandra wondered, her expression clearly upset.
“Because he's a notorious flirt, and because you are really upset,” Jinny theorized.
“And he has a habit of disappearing for a couple of days every month,” Lena added. “I know you've wondered if he has a woman on the side.”
Cassandra sighed and nodded her head side to side in reluctant agreement. “Yeah, I'll admit that I did think that, but I've long suspected something else. Just recently, he confessed the truth, and...”
Lena and Jinny exchanged yet another concerned glance. “And?”
“He's a werewolf!” Cassandra blurted out, and then flinched because she knew that they wouldn't believe her.
Unsurprisingly, they both laughed.
“No really, Cass, what's going on?” Lena asked, ruffling Cassandra's gorgeous red hair.
Cassandra's icy blue eyes shone from a hint of tears. “I'm telling you the truth! He disappears every month because he turns into a wolf during the full moon!”
Jinny's green eyes sparkled from merriment. “Oh ha ha! Now I know you're pulling our legs!”
Lena narrowed her dark brown eyes in concern. “Wait a minute... Are you serious?”
“Yes!” Cassandra cried out.
Both Jinny and Lena stared at their best friend until each was filled with certainty that she was telling the truth. Both paled slightly. Lena took a step back and put one hand across her stomach.
“That's impossible!” Lena tried to deny anyway. She impatiently pushed her blonde hair out of her brown eyes, holding her hair so that she could try to peer into Cassandra's soul. “Isn't it?”
“It's the truth,” Cassandra murmured, tears slowly leaking from her blue eyes.
“Wait!” Jinny blurted out. “Then... What do we need to do? Do we need to... vanquish him...?”
Cassandra giggled ever so slightly. “No! I mean that it is my responsibility to stop him now that I know he's a werewolf, but he's a good guy! I can't just kill him!”
Jinny felt Lena slip a hand in hers. Both were still hoping that Cassandra was just trying to play a terrible joke on them.
Cassandra – relieved that her friends more or less believed her now – flipped her red hair behind her and took their free hands in hers. “Listen. Sean is a good man. He's very charitable and volunteers his time to help troubled youth. It doesn't matter that he's a werewolf because that is something that he cannot control. When he is in control, he does what he can to make up for the things that happen when he's a wolf.”
So... how does that work, exactly?” Lena wondered. “Does he turn into an actual wolf, or a raging monster?”
A little of both,” Cassandra stated, pushing her emotions to the back of her mind so that she could deal with this practically. “He turns into a monster when he's hungry, but an actual wolf when he's full. He says that he doesn't worry so much because he can just pig out on the days he shifts, and usually everything is fine.”
Then why are you so worried?” Jinny wondered.
Because...” Cassandra sighed. “He's still a very dangerous creature. Werewolves are very notorious for not remembering what happens when they shift, so even though I trust him not to lie to me, I have no way of knowing if something happened that he can't remember. And worse! What if he forgets to eat as much as he should?”
As a monster, he kills people, doesn't he?” Jinny whispered, feeling a strange sense of acceptance.
Yes...” Cassandra confirmed grimly. “Which is why I have to stop him. I asked him if he would let me lock him up on the days of the full moon, but he refuses. He says that if he simply pigs out and then goes to his cabin in the woods, he'll be fine.”
Sounds like it has worked so far,” Lena murmured with a shrug.
Not so much,” Cassandra whispered with a shake of her head. “I checked, and there's been at least one person each year that I am pretty sure disappeared because of him.”
So...” Jinny began with a determined frown. “How do we stop him?”
Cassandra gestured for her best friends to sit on the couch while she poured tea into mugs for them. After that, she sat down with them. They all took a sip and sighed happily.
We have to trick him,” Cassandra stated. “We can't let him know that we are binding him, but once we do, he'll be harmless for the rest of his life.”
Bind him how?” Jinny asked curiously.
It's an old spell,” Cassandra began. “I've read it several times over the years because it always intrigued me. Normally I'd be able to do any spells on my own with barely a thought about it, but this one is different. This one requires a coven – the bigger the better! That said, three is the absolute minimum necessary to successfully work the spell. Therefore, I need your help.”
Lena and Jinny exchanged looks once more. This time, they were more than a little curious. Slowly, they both smiled.
What do we need to do?” Lena wondered.
It's like this, we need to bind him to the three of us so that when he transforms, he will basically be obsessed with us and literally unable to harm anyone else,” Cassandra explained.
How will binding him to us stop him from harming others?” Jinny wondered with a confused frown.
He will be compelled to seek us out if we are not with him, and if we are with him, he'll be like a very affectionate dog,” Cassandra replied with a shrug. “Or so the notes accompanying the spell imply.
Okay, sounds like there's no down side,” Lena stated with a smile. “How do we do this?”
Cassandra sighed and looked down. “I have to warn you, there is a big risk involved. A werewolf turns others by biting or scratching them. Usually, this is not such a big deal because werewolves are notorious for killing their prey, and once dead, they cannot turn. For the spell, however...”
Uh-oh!” Lena muttered. “I think I know where this is going! We have to let him bite us!”
We're going to become werewolves!” Jinny wailed in despair.
No!” Cassandra assured them. “If everything goes the way it is supposed to, none of us will become werewolves. That said, if something goes wrong... well, that's the consequence.”
Lena and Jinny looked to the floor for a few seconds as they thought this over. Eventually, Jinny sighed.
Okay... so... how do we do this?” She asked, feeling a little like she was about to sacrifice her life, but since it was for a good cause, she was willing to consider it at the very least.
Timing is important,” Cassandra began the explanation. “He shifts the night before, the night of, and the night after the full moon. But during the day leading up to his first shift, he becomes a little wolf like. His teeth will grow a little. His claws emerge – things like that... and that's what we need for the spell.” She paused to drink a little more of her tea.
So he can bite us...” Jinny whispered nervously.
Nope,” Cassandra stated with a shake of her head. “So he can scratch us.” She then held up her hands. “I know that scratches are just as bad as being bitten, but I swear, so long as we complete the spell, we will all be fine!”
Lena and Jinny both sighed in acceptance and took hold of Cassandra's hands. Jinny smiled and nudged Cassandra playfully.
It's fine. If you need us, then the risk is worth it,” Jinny assured her.
Yeah,” Lena agreed. “I know you wouldn't do this unless it was very important, so... When do we do it?”
This weekend,” Cassandra stated with a relieved smile. “Saturday is the first of the three days. We'll invite him over to my house – or insist on going to his cabin with him – and once his claws emerge, we'll begin the spell.”
Won't he be suspicious?” Lena wondered.
And won't he refuse because he won't want to risk harming us?” Jinny added in confusion.
He might be, but I'll convince him, no matter what it takes,” Cassandra stated. “I'll tell him that I need him to use his wolf magic to cast a protection spell on the three of us – which won't be too far from the truth since the spell actually will protect us for as long as we are bound to him.”
Got it!” Jinny remarked cheekily. “We lure him to your place and then trick him into completing a spell to bind him to us. Sounds easy!”
Lena snorted and muttered sarcastically. “Sure!”
Cassandra grinned with the same overly cheerful attitude they were exhibiting. “Yep, we'll have him scratch us up and then have sex with us until he cums inside us!”
Wait what?!?!” Lena and Jinny demanded in unison.
Cassandra sighed and looked at her hands. “It's how the spell works. The scratches mark us as the points of the circle and his semen binds him to us.”
What?” Lena repeated in confusion. “You want us to have sex with your boyfriend?!
Casandra rolled her head around a bit. “It's not so much a matter of what I want but what needs to happen. Don't worry too much about making me mad or jealous though, I've grown up in a family that is open about relationships. Considering that this is my first serious love – and the man that I am pretty sure I want to spend the rest of my life with – I had originally thought to keep him all to myself, but I'd rather share him with you two forever than let him be responsible for any more deaths.”
Lena was suddenly having second thoughts. She rubbed her temples with the fingers of both hands. “Wait a minute, I just realized that this means that we will be bound to him as well. For the rest of our lives...”
Like mates?” Jinny asked with a frown.
Yeah, more or less,” Cassandra confirmed with a tiny nod.
Lena held her breath for a long moment, and then sighed. “It's a good thing I really love you then, because this means that we'll be stuck with each other forever as well.”
Ah what the hell!” Jinny exclaimed, grabbing a hand from each of her friends again. “Best friends forever, right?”
Right!” Lena and Cassandra cheered in agreement.


What if this doesn't work?” Lena muttered softly. “What if we actually do turn into werewolves?”
It'll work,” Cassandra assured her once again. “So long as we all stick to it 'til the very end. No chickening out!”
Jinny felt her hands shake and tried to hide this by hugging herself. “What if he turns before we are done and kills us? We're only 21; we're too young to die!”
Cassandra pressed a finger to Jinny's lips. “Shh, don't talk like that! We're not gonna die!”
Lena put her arms around both of them. “Shh! I'm pretty sure he just arrived!”
Remember, he thinks this is a protection spell! Don't let on for a second that it's binding him!” Cassandra hissed in an urgent whisper.
We know!” Her friends whispered back.
There was a knock on the door, which promptly opened to reveal Sean. “Hey babe! Are you sure about this?”
Cassandra ran into Sean's arms to give him a deep kiss. She broke it off in confusion when she realized that Sean had brought someone with him. She stared at the stranger with a vague sense of dread.
Sean chuckled. “This is my younger brother, Ryan. He's here because I wanted to make sure that I didn't hurt any of you.”
What?” Cassandra asked with a confused frown. “You mean he knows?”
Yep!” Sean confirmed with a grin. “I tell Ryan everything! He's my backup plan in case anything goes wrong in general. We usually spend the days of the full moon in my cabin, eating a ton and drinking beer. That way, if I turn into a monster and get loose, he can shoot me.”
WHAT?!” Cassandra blurted out in astonishment.
Ryan laughed. “With a tranq! Although I have promised to shoot him dead if he really goes on a rampage.
My little bro may only be 18, but he's an excellent shot! A champion marksman!” Sean bragged proudly.
Nice to meet you,” Cassandra murmured a little coldly. She didn't mean to be unwelcoming, but having Ryan here meant that her spell was going to be even more awkward. “Uuuum... The spell is a bit... intimate. Are you sure you want your brother around for this?”
Definitely!” Sean confirmed confidently. “If there is anything I have learned since becoming a werewolf, it's that magic can be unpredictable. Better to be prepared for the worst.”
Cassandra looked over at Lena and Jinny, who were both blushing. Then she looked back at Sean.
Okay, um... What I didn't get a chance to explain yet is that this spell of protection is sex magic.” Cassandra blushed herself, but managed to continue. “You'll need to have sex with all three of us in order for it to work.”
Wait, what?” Sean asked, tempted to clean his ear out. “I can't have heard that right!”
I'm serious!” Cassandra exclaimed.
You want me to have a foursome with you and your best friends?!” Sean roared incredulously. For the record, he wasn't opposed to the idea, he just didn't think his girlfriend was serious. He was more than half certain that she was trying to set him up.
Cassandra sighed and decided to be as patient as possible. “You're a wolf! Wolves have packs. The only way that the protection spell will work is if you make us part of your pack, and you do that by having sex with us.”
Wait,” Sean replied darkly. “Do you mean you want me to turn you into wolves too?”
No,” Cassandra stated with a shake of her head. “No, if you complete the spell – despite scratching us – your wolf magic will protect us, even from turning.”
Sean sighed in frustration and ran a hand through his hair. “Why is this so important to you?”
Your magic will help protect us from disease and minor accidents,” Cassandra explained, and even though she was trying to trick him into a binding spell, this was actually true. “Wouldn't you want to give that gift to your best friends – if, you know, it didn't require having sex with them.”
Sean sighed in defeat. “Yeah actually, before I knew what the spell involved, I thought that if it worked, we could do it again for a few of my loved ones, but no... I'm not interested in having sex with any of them.” He turned to Ryan. “Sorry bro!”
Ryan held up his hands with an expression of: ew! “Yeah, I'm not interested in that either!”
Taking a deep breath, Sean looked at Lena and Jinny, and then exhaled slowly. “So how does this work?”
The three women were wearing monk-like robes in their favorite colors. Cassandra wore blue, Jinny wore Green, and Lena wore red. Lena nodded to indicate that she would go first since hers was the least embarrassing. She turned her back to them and slowly lowered the robe to reveal her naked back.
We each have a sacred design drawn on our bodies that consists of nine lines. When your claws emerge, you'll scratch the design so that it is permanent, and then you seal it by making us part of your pack. Just to be clear, your semen is the “glue” that makes the spell work,” Cassandra explained.
Gesturing, Sean silently asked for permission to examine Lena's back. He bit his lip in thought as he did so. “You say this is supposed to be a sacred design, but it just looks like a bunch of claw marks.”
Cassandra walked over to her book – which was open to the designs because they had only just finished drawing them about 10 minutes before he arrived. She held up the book for him to see – since no other information could be learned from these pages.
There were a few variations to choose from, but they all had to be easy for a wolf to draw with his claws, so yes, even though they look like scratches, they are sacred designs.” She closed the book firmly and set it on a special stand. Both the stand and the book were warded to prevent anyone other than her from touching them.
Well, if you are all sure you want to do this, then we have approximately 15-20 minutes before my claws come out. After that, we have five or six hours before the moon turns me,” Sean explained.
Thank you for doing this,” Cassandra professed. She threw her arms around him and hugged him tight.
The doorbell rang just then, making Cassandra chuckle. “You said you need to pig out, right? Well, we decided to order pizza.”
This lightened the mood quite a bit. A half an hour later, they were all more relaxed and ready to start the spell. Cassandra took Sean's hand in hers to inspect his claws – which had emerged almost exactly when he said they would. With a smile, she blew on them, making them glow a vibrant shade of red.
Whoa,” Sean murmured in surprise.
Admit it,” Cassandra stated with a mysterious smirk. “You didn't fully believe that I was a witch until just now.”
Sean simply shrugged because he had believed her, but seeing proof with his own eyes made it seem more real. Cassandra glanced nervously at Ryan for a moment, and then shrugged. A moment later, she untied the sash of her blue robe, and then let it fall to the ground.
Ryan gasped softly in surprise, not expecting her to be standing naked in front of him. Sean grinned at her suggestively for a moment before noticing that she had blue marker drawn lines on her breasts and stomach. His grin turned to a frown.
That looks like it's going to hurt,” he murmured in concern.
Cassandra shrugged. “I'm sure it will, but it'll be much like getting a tattoo, I imagine.”
Shaking his head just a tiny bit, Sean examined his claws. They tingled, the redness pulsing like a heartbeat. He was suddenly a little afraid.
And you're sure I won't turn you into a werewolf?” He asked with a concerned frown.
I've read the spell a hundred times, and it clearly says that so long as the spell is fully completed – with all three of us – before you turn into a wolf, we'll be protected. We'll remain normal. Human. Whatever. The point is that this is not intended to turn us, and in fact, we should be immune should another wolf ever try to turn us,” Cassandra informed him.
Sean nodded in acceptance. “That could come in handy.” He pulled her close and kissed her. “So all I have to do is scratch you on those lines, and then have sex with you?”
Cassandra nodded with a smile. “Yep, until you cum, because your semen is the glue.”
Whoa, wait,” Sean exclaimed, looking over at Lena and Jinny again. “What if, you know... If I have to cum inside all three of you, what if I get you all pregnant?”
The three women exchanged glances, and then shrugged.
We'll just have to deal with that if it happens,” Lena stated.
I can't believe I'm doing this,” Sean muttered. However, one good look at the hope shining in Cassandra's eyes melted any resistance he had. He pulled Cassandra into one arm to hold her steady while he scratched her with his other hand. Three lines on each breast and three lines on her stomach for a total of nine lines that vaguely formed an open triangle.
She inhaled a sizzling gasp of pain, but held still. When he was done, blood dripped from her wounds. To show that the spell was working, the blood and wounds glowed red, pulsing in time with his claws.
Sean knew that he was committed to finishing the spell now, so he looked over at his brother. “Just remember, if anything goes wrong – such as I change early and attack them – you shoot me!”
I will,” Ryan promised with a solemn expression.
With a nod of acceptance, Sean scooped Cassandra into his arms and carried her to her bedroom. He set her on her feet just inside her bedroom door so that he could get undressed. Cassandra kissed him liberally as she helped him take off his clothes. When he was naked, he lifted her up so that she could wrap her legs around his waist, and then carried her to her bed.
He sat on the edge of her bed with her straddling him. They did nothing but kiss for several minutes, but eventually, Cassandra didn't want to wait any longer. She reached back and took hold of his shaft so that she could guide him inside her.
Ah,” Cassandra moaned softly in pleasure. She rocked her hips into him as he dug his fingers into them. Maybe the spell was adding to the experience, because both felt an incredible heat that was more intense than ever before.
You feel so good!” Sean informed his girlfriend.
So do you!” Cassandra cried out happily. “I'd swear that you were just a little bit bigger than normal.”
Sean chuckled. “That happens when I'm close to turning. Everything about me gets a little bit bigger – which I assume is to help with the change.”
And you smell so incredible,” Cassandra murmured in his ear just before she licked his neck.
Sean moaned, finding her action incredibly erotic. He wrapped his arms around her to hold her close as he shifted their position. A moment later, she was on her back with him on top of her. Before resuming their thrusts, he looked her in the eyes.
You know I love you, right?” He asked seriously. “I'd do anything for you...”
Cassandra smiled. “I love you too! So much that I think I would die to protect you if I had to.”
This is the first time that we aren't using protection,” Sean murmured, kissing her from her ear to her mouth. “If we have a baby, I promise to be a good father.”
You want me to have a baby?” Cassandra asked just a little bit breathlessly.
Yeah... I actually do,” Sean replied with a soft smile.
Oh Sean!” Cassandra cried out, hugging him tight. They ground their hips together almost frantically. Both were far too excited to wait any longer.
Sean pounded into Cassandra so forcefully that the bed banged into the wall. Both wanted him to cum as quickly as possible so that they might conceive, but his body had other plans. He banged the bed into the wall for at least 15 or 20 minutes before he finally pumped her full, and by this time, they were both ready to reach the stars. Cassandra squealed while Sean roared. The red glow got brighter for a moment before it settled down, making the healed scratches look almost like they were colored with henna.
Collapsing into a pile, they lay panting in the aftermath. Cassandra laced her fingers through Sean's, and brought his hand to her mouth so that she could kiss it.
I love you so damn much!” She confessed, even though he already knew it.
I love you too,” he murmured, shifting to kiss her.
But you should probably go wash up a little,” Cassandra suggested, pointing the the bathroom attached to her bedroom.
I still can't believe that you're serious about me having sex with your friends,” he stated, shaking his head with a wry smile.
Why not? I love them too, and this is something I was raised around. Most of my family members have open relationships. More importantly, if you don't, the spell won't be complete and I'll turn...”
Sean sighed and kissed her again. “Okay... but I want you to know that I am only doing this because you want me to. I already said that I would do anything for you. Even so, I never imagined that you'd ask this!” He laughed, and then looked away. “But I will admit that I have fantasized about them. Lena looks so soft and cuddly, while Jinny has a lush body.”
Cassandra chuckled. “That she does! Just wait until you see her naked... She's even better than you can imagine!”
Wait, you've seen her naked?” Sean asked, highly intrigued.
Sure!” Cassandra confirmed. “She's one of my best friends! Not only did we draw these lines on each other, but we've been helping each other pick out clothes and get dressed for years. Girls tend to go to the bathroom in packs too, you might recall.”
Sean chuckled and kissed her. Cassandra nudged him playfully. “Go on,” she insisted. “Go wash up. We have to complete the spell before you turn.”
Sean chuckled a bit wryly. “I just realized that that means that I'm going to have to cum two more times in just a couple of hours. I am not sure that I will be able to!”
Cassandra giggled and kissed him. “We've had a couple of nights that suggest you will be able to. Just be thankful that I didn't have a whole coven involved in this spell! There's one account in which a full 13 women performed this spell with a wolf once upon a time ago. I can only imagine how much magic my ancestors had to use on him to keep him going until they were all done!”
That sounds impossible,” Sean remarked with a shake of his head.
Cassandra merely shrugged. Then she playfully pushed him out of bed. “Go wash up!”
With a laugh, Sean got out of bed and walked into her bathroom. He simply stood in front of the sink and washed his shaft thoroughly before drying off.
Cassandra also got out of bed, and then threw on his shirt – only buttoning enough buttons to keep her reasonably covered. She wandered into the kitchen almost silently, listening in amusement as Lena talked to Ryan. She had apparently gotten hot and removed her ritual robe at some point.
Figure skating is just like dancing, but on ice. There's really nothing to be afraid of,” Lena explained as she twirled around on the slippery floor. Hilariously, she was wearing a pair of ugly socks, but nothing else.
Ryan watched her with an expression that stated that he was equal parts amused by her and in lust. He definitely liked what he saw. He also glanced over at Jinny, who was still wearing her ritual robe, but was also hot because she'd opened it to let in cool air, which also revealed her entire front.
Lena gained a bit more speed as she sock skated around the large kitchen, and then performed a triple spin that lifted her a good foot into the air.
Whoa!” Ryan blurted out in amazement.
You want to try it?” Lena asked, holding her hand out to Ryan.
Uh...” Ryan droned hesitantly. He was fairly sure that he would fall on his butt and embarrass himself.
So, who's next?” Sean asked as he came up behind Cassandra. He was wearing a towel around his lower half, but nothing else.
Me!” Lena stated, raising her hand. She skated over to Sean with a smile, but then focused on Cassandra. “I know it's too late to back out now, but I have to admit, this feels weird.”
I know,” Cassandra murmured before kissing Lena's cheek. “But don't worry, I won't get mad.”
Okay,” Lena murmured, holding her hand out to Sean. He took it uncertainly, and then smiled at her. A second later, he scooped her into his arms and carried her into Cassandra's bedroom.
Cassandra smiled at Jinny and Ryan. “I'm going to go take a bath in the big tub.” Jinny grinned at her, knowing that the big tub referred to a pretty sweet jacuzzi located on the deck.
Have fun!” Jinny wished her.
I will,” Cassandra promised.
Meanwhile, in Cassandra's bedroom, Sean had set Lena on her feet and was watching her pace the room nervously. He frowned in concern by the way she trembled just slightly.
Is something wrong?” He asked.
Only that I haven't done this in a really long time,” Lena confessed. “I had a boyfriend when I was 16 to 17, but we broke up when we each went to college, and I haven't had sex since.”
Why not?” Sean wondered curiously.
Lena shrugged. “I was thinking that maybe I'd try a girlfriend next, but I haven't found anyone I really want yet.”
Then why agree to do this?” Sean asked.
Because it's important,” Lena stated with a smile. “And deep down, I suppose I thought it sounded like fun.” Her smile turned sensual as she beckoned to him with one finger.
Turning her back on him, Lena crawled into bed. She pointed over her shoulder at her back. “I decided to have my design on my back so that if I wore any skimpy costumes, it could be hidden pretty easily – or considered an unusual tattoo.”
Sean saw the marker lines and smiled softly. “Well, here goes...” he murmured, crawling onto the bed behind her. He held her steady with one hand as he carefully scratched her with the claws of his other hand. When he was done, she had a glowing red triple triangle on her back that oozed blood lightly.
Lena moaned, finding it a bit strange that the pain felt good to her. Really good! She wiggled her butt at him, looking over her shoulder lustily.
Sean was amazed to find that he was more than ready to have sex with her! Must be because I'm getting closer to shifting, he thought, which was true. He grasped her hips in his hands and plunged his shaft into her a bit abruptly.
Lena gasped and moaned happily. “Oh yeah!” She purred encouragingly.
Sean found that he had stamina to spare because he had ejaculated very recently. With a grin, he decided that he may as well have as much fun as possible. Considering that Lena was fairly athletic, it was surprising that her back and hips were so soft and shapely. Just looking at her drove him crazy!
Holding her steady, he decided to pull out and press his shaft into her tightly puckered anus. Lena gasped in surprise, but then remained quiet as she focused on what he was doing. It felt surprisingly good!
Play with yourself,” Sean ordered. He normally would have done so himself, but his claws made that highly unlikely at the moment.
Lena located her clitoris and rubbed it the way she liked. A moan escaped her even as her legs started to tremble. She buried her face into a pillow so that she could moan and cry as much as she wanted.
Despite a pillow to muffle her, she screamed quite loudly with orgasm three times before Sean was able to pump her full. Both were slightly afraid for a moment that the spell wouldn't work because he was not in the right hole, but a bright glow assured them that it had. The glow settled down as they panted to catch their breath.
Unexpectedly, Lena giggled. “Well now! That was so much better than I expected! My ex and I never had the imagination to try this.”
Sean grinned at her, pulling out and flopping onto his back next to her. “That's a shame, because it's a fun position that you clearly enjoy.”
Mmmhmm!” Lena hummed in agreement. She was ready to go to sleep.
So was Sean, but he knew that he had to summon the energy to keep going. He sighed, a bit reluctant to get out of bed. “I should probably take a shower this time. I am utterly covered in sweat!”
Lena giggled. “So am I!” She then drew a line down his chest with her pointer finger. “I think Jinny's going to be very happy with you! She's been complaining for months that she can't find a man decent in bed ever since she broke up with her ex. She needs this every bit as much as I did, even if I didn't realize it at first.”
Good to know,” Sean stated with a smirk. To tell the truth, he had never been all that confident in his sexual skills until meeting Cassandra. She'd taught him how to please a woman, and he'd learned his lessons well.
Kissing Lena on the cheek, Sean got out of bed. “If I don't go take that shower now, I'm probably going to pass out.”
Mmm,” Lena murmured in agreement as she snuggled up to the pillow that smelled like him. “Smells so good...”
As Sean stepped into the shower, he had no idea that Jinny was teasing his younger brother. She had pushed him onto the couch, and was now practicing her oral skills on him. Ryan moaned and groaned as Jinny sucked on him. He hadn't had someone that really knew what they were doing before, and so she quite took his breath away. Even so, she was only teasing him, so she purposely did not remain consistent. She would get him fairly close, and then stop to tickle and kiss his chest for a few minutes before doing it again.
Just when Ryan thought he was going to go off for sure, Sean laughed.
I see things are fairly interesting out here as well!”
Ryan yelped in surprise and embarrassment. Jinny abandoned him to stand up and grin at Sean.
I just thought that it was a little unfair that he wasn't having any fun,” Jinny explained with a shrug. “I guess it's finally my turn! Judging by the way that Lena kept screaming, I'm pretty sure that I'm in for a real treat.”
Jinny purred and wrapped her arms around Sean's neck. She had already abandoned her robe completely, and her body was every bit as luscious as Cassandra had claimed. He was tempted to pinch himself to see if he was simply dreaming after all, but settled for scooping her into his arms instead.
Ryan sighed in disappointment as he watched them go, but a minute later, he heard Jinny loudly and playfully demand that Lena get out of bed. A few seconds after that, Lena emerged from the bedroom with a sleepy sigh of disappointment.
I was half hoping to watch,” she murmured, and then spotted Ryan. She saw his blush and realized that he must have heard her having sex, which made her blush in return. “Ah what the hell,” she whispered to herself.
Ryan watched her walk over to the couch he was sitting on and plop down next to him. She smiled at him encouragingly. He leaned slightly away from her, not quite believing his luck.
Hi...” he murmured softly.
Hi,” she purred in return. “I'm not usually like this, but I feel like I am in heat or something. Do you want to have sex?”
Are you serious?!” Ryan blurted out incredulously.
Yes,” Lena confirmed, reclining so that her legs were laying across his. She grabbed his hand and used one of his fingers to rub her clitoris. This made her shudder delicately in pleasure. Ryan grinned, liking her action.
Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Jinny pushed Sean onto the bed and climbed on top of him. She rode him fast to begin with, thoroughly happy to play with herself until she orgasmed. After that, she surrendered herself to him, letting him do whatever he wanted to her.
Lucky for both of them, Sean remembered that he was supposed to scratch her. He couldn't find a pattern and frowned in confusion until he realized that the lines drawn in marker all over her body were a sort of pattern. Jinny chuckled.
I wanted my scratches to look like random scars. That way, they aren't likely to be noticed unless someone has the time to really study my body,” she explained.
With a nod because this actually made sense, Sean proceeded to make the marks permanent. There was one line on each of her arms, one line on each of her breasts, two lines on each of her thighs, and one line on her feminine mound. Making nine in total.
After scratching her mound, Sean decided that it was an excellent idea to lick the little bit of blood oozing from the lightly glowing wound, and then focus on pleasing her. He licked and sucked on her clitoris until she was writhing and squealing from the pleasure. She was happy to let him continue as much as he wanted, but then the pleasure got to be too much. Fairly urgently, she tugged him into place between her legs.
Considering that Sean had already cum twice, he had a strangely hard time doing so again so soon. This meant that he got mildly frustrated and changed paces and positions frequently in order to find what felt the best. To his astonishment, he didn't feel quite as into Jinny as he thought he'd be.
After an hour, Jinny got a little bored. She also knew that they were running short on time, so she kicked him off of her and settled herself between his legs. She was confidently certain that she could get him to shoot his load in less than two minutes.
Sean groaned happily when she took him into her mouth. His eyes rolled back when she proved that she knew what she was doing and was very good at it. His knees started shaking a little as he clutched her soft hair.
Oh God!” He cried out as he pumped her mouth full. She purposely continued to suck on him until she had every last drop. His breathing was heavy and erratic at this point, and he melted onto the bed.
Jinny watched with fascination during his climax as her scratches and his claws got fairly bright. They pulsed each time he did, making the experience interesting. Jinny half wished that she could do it again immediately so that she could see the pulsing glow again. However, when he was done, the glow faded until it looked like she had light red henna tattoos. This made her realize that the scratches were now fully healed – something she hadn't expected at all!
Without warning, as his shaft was still inside her mouth, Sean changed shape. At first he got bigger and grew into a monster-like creature – which made Jinny gasp and lean back, thus releasing him from her mouth. She was considering screaming and running from the room, but before she could, he finished shifting into the form of a large wolf.
Thoroughly exhausted – even though he was now hungry – he promptly curled up and fell asleep. Jinny exhaled in relief and smiled at him. “Aww, you're such an adorable wolfie!”
Cassandra entered the room a minute later. “I felt him change!” She exclaimed as she watched Jinny pet him.
It was amazing!” Jinny admitted. “Even though he grew claws and they glowed red, I didn't fully believe you about him being a werewolf until the moment he changed.”
I know,” Cassandra murmured. “Despite being raised as a witch and knowing that these legends are all true, I didn't fully believe it myself until I felt him change. Part of me was hoping that I was wrong, and that this spell would just bring us all closer together or something, but it's real. See?”
Cassandra held up her hands to gesture to her scratches, they were glowing vibrantly once more. “The bare minimum of women required for the spell is three because it's impossible to form a circle – or triangle – without at least three points. If he shifts while outside our circle, he will be drawn to the nearest of us, and if he is inside our circle, he cannot leave. Especially if we are close enough together. Our scratches will glow and form a barrier around him.”
Cassandra was glad that Sean was snoring away in his wolf form, because hearing this explanation might piss him off. Though she would explain it to him when he was human again. Smiling, she continued.
However, now that he's been spelled, he shouldn't want to leave our circle. He should be completely interested in the three of us and not interested in hunting out prey. Because of this, we are all bound together. None of us will die – excepting a horrific circumstance – until he does. If he – and thus we – are old enough, we'll all die together. If he's still young and dies in an accident, we go back to normal.”
Jinny sensed that this possibility truly saddened Cassandra, so she got out of bed to hug her friend. “Hey... That won't happen! We'll all die together of old age!”
Cassandra smiled and rested her hands on her stomach. “I really think he knocked me up. What about you?”
Jinny laughed. “Not a chance! Not unless he can magically get me pregnant via my mouth!”
Lena chuckled – letting them know that she'd been standing behind them for quite some time. “And not unless he can magically get me pregnant from anal. I then used a condom with Ryan, so I am pretty sure I'm not pregnant either.”
You had sex with Ryan?!” Jinny asked incredulously. “Not fair! I want to have sex with him too!”
Both Lena and Cassandra laughed and pointed out the door. “Go ahead!”
Cassandra then shook her head. “But not me. I would have to talk to Sean about such a thing first, and I'm not entirely sure I'm interested in Ryan.”
I am,” Lena admitted. “But not as a boyfriend. Maybe just as a friend with benefits.”
Jinny sighed a bit sadly. “I could tell by the way he looked at you that it's you he likes, Lena. Too bad you're not interested! Oh well, good for me, I guess!”
Jinny bounced excitedly as she left the room. She found Ryan watching her from half closed eyes. He was half asleep but perked up slightly when he saw Jinny. She grinned at him gorgeously.
It's time for me to finish what I started!” She announced.
With a gulp, Ryan nodded just slightly in agreement. Purring, Jinny settled herself on him where he lay on the couch. She looked over to the bedroom to see if anyone was watching, but discovered that no one was. She was mildly disappointed by this, even as she figured that Cassandra and Lena must have curled up in bed with Sean.
As confidently as she did most everything, Jinny worked Ryan up and mounted him. He smiled at her, wishing that her mouth was close enough to kiss. Her glowing scratches caught his eye, prompting him to stare at her beautifully full breasts.
They rocked together for a gloriously long time. Jinny rubbed herself until she squealed, which sent Ryan over the edge too. He dug his fingers into her hips as he pumped her full. Afterwards, they curled up on the couch so that they could sleep, despite there being barely enough room for the both of them.
Hey...” Jinny murmured as she snuggled into him. “You want to be my boyfriend?”
Hmm...” Ryan hummed in thought. “Yeah... I think I'd like that.”
Jinny purred happily, shifting until she could kiss him. Blissfully content, they fell asleep.

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