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Friday, August 23, 2013

Doodles in Crochet

A good 6 months or so ago, I came across this picture of an AWESOME dress:

Using JUST this pic, I was able to pretty much recreate the pattern (which is rare for me since most patterns are no where NEAR this clear and easy to see and recreate). As I have been crocheting this, I've apparently somehow NOT taken out as many stitches as I've added (while creating the chevrons, stitches are added and subtracted so that the base amount of stitches doesn't really change), therefore MY dress has belled out rather than "hug" my body as I wanted it too. However, it still looks pretty good on me.

Here's a progress pic that shows that I am just NOW getting to the point where I will add a few blocks to make the skirt - after many months of working on this on and off, whew! lol.

As you can plainly see, the original dress incorporates shaping to make it hug the curves of a much smaller body, so it didn't need as many pattern row repeats as mine does. Also, I obviously didn't have the original yarn, and because the white/brown/blue is variegated (which means changes color as you use the yarn, usually on a broad spectrum so that it "self stripes"), it's actually somewhat hard to see just how many pattern repeats there are in the original, but I was able to narrow a single pattern repeat down to 8 rows. In my version, you can see that a little better. There's 2 rows of the cream color, 2 rows of the teal color, and 4 rows of the blue.

Here's a slightly different pic that looks a little better IMO :-)

Keep in mind that this flat picture of the top doesn't show how well it accommodates my very 3 dimensional body, lol! Also, when I am finished with it - AKA I run out of yarn and literally CAN'T go any further, lol - I will post a pic of it on my body. It looks weird in these pics, but it really does look good on me in person :-D

One last note, as far as I can tell, the original dress was made in the same size thread as I am using, so the proportions of the dress seem to suggest that it was actually made in miniature to fit a rather tiny mannequin for show purposes. I must admit that making tiny clothes SERIOUSLY appeals to me, lmao!

Okay, moving on! In addition to this project, I have also wanted to practice my beading technique BUT I didn't really have a project to make. SO, I decided to simply doodle, lol! Here's a pic of my doodle, but now that I have "mastered" the bead technique, I am going to pull this apart and remake it into a beaded purse or something that I can carry with me and show off proudly, lol!

I decided to tilt the piece so that a slightly different perspective could be seen :-)
Even though this is just a doodle, part of me thinks that if made right, this could have made a pretty kick ass sleeve cuff on an old-timey, renaissance style dress. Definitely something to keep in mind :-)


  1. Hi,
    I really love this article. I think you are awesome to be able to not only figure this pattern out, but also resize it to fit yourself. I've been crocheting for decades and I doubt if I could do that.
    I just want to let you know that the pattern has someone's watermark on it to keep people from displaying it on their own websites. Knowing crocheters like I do, I think the designer would probably be thrilled to give you permission to post the picture on your site. I hope you aren't offended by this, but it's really important that we follow copyright laws to protect one another.
    Bev Davis (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

    1. I'm not offended, I tried really hard to find the original owner of this pic before I posted it, but all I could find was a trail of pinterest boards that repinned the pic thinking it was cool. I figured that since I am not claiming to be the original owner and since it does have a mark to identify the original owner, I can post it for visual reference - much like all those who pinned it to their pinterest boards. If the original owner ever sees it and asks me to remove it or give them their credit, I would be more than happy to comply :-)
      Thank you for commenting!
      Have a happy day :-)

  2. This dress was crocheted by a Russian lady: Olga Tarasova. It says it on the picture. It shouldn't be a big deal if you displayed it on your page without her permission.
    But it's amazing how you tried to recreate yourself a pattern just by looking at the picture! Bravo on that!


    1. Hi Carole :-) I can give you some basic diagrams and advice on how to create the pattern if you want. You can email me at ladyroxanne21@hotmail.com
      Just be aware that I cannot give an exact pattern because I didn't work with one. I basically made it all up as I went, but it was easy enough once I figured out what I was doing :-D


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      Have a happy day!

  5. awesome! I'm a 'crochet entrepreneur' as my friends call me. I'm a specialty size and love challenges so I took on crocheting my own wardrobe, and now working on crocheting accessories around home ... seasonal as well. I'm a truckers wife on the road so I am privileged to utilize my creative streak and use problems to find answers. Now my ideas are multiplying and I'm printing patterns and ideas and hanging them in the bunk so I can be surrounded by them ... its a beautiful life ...


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