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From time to time, I post extras that I can't really include in my books. These can be side stories or bits of information to help you understand the story a bit better. I've decided to post them here in the event that a person reading one of my books decides to check out my blog. They'll be able to see at a glance what extras I have :-)

I also have a lot of backgrounds and videos posted to my blog, so I've decided to add those to the end of this page :-)

- In Cheri - Part 3, there's a dance scene that's hard to describe, but here's a bit of visual aid to help readers understand what I am writing about :-)
The Dance Scene.

- I have written two side stories that are not part of the main story. They are from minor character perspectives, so you see some of the same events through completely different eyes :-)
Side story #1 - Adyta's story.
Side story #2 - A Night with Jasmine

- This extra explains WHY I decided to write this somewhat disturbing story.
The Idea AKA news piece that sparked the story

- There's a song that became part of the story SOLELY because it got:
Stuck in my Head

- One day as I was surfing the net, I saw a series of art works that made me go hmm... They inspired the story Sanguine.
Visual Aid
- I originally spelled it Sanguin, but my spell check hated that so I caved in, lol!
What Does Sanguine Mean?

 - In Part 4, Jasna has to sing, so she pretends that she is:
Singing in the Shower
- In Part 6, Jasna is again asked to sing; this time a Christmas Carol. So, she sings:
Mother Berta is Coming to Town

- In Chapter 2, Selena finds herself all alone with a powerful need to build shelter, so:
She built a shelter out of mud???

- In Chapter 15, I describe a dance that - when I saw it - I just KNEW I had to put it in one of my books, lol!
Visual Aid

Homeschooling/Good Witch Sakura

Yuko/Sailor Moon

Dragon Slave/Lina




Faith Fairy/Sorceress

Yuko Ichihara


Music Videos or Songs

Christmas Cannon Rock

Faunus the Roman Goat God

Ella Enchanted - Somebody to Love

Gettin' Lucky

Heal the World

Zombie Fighter

Samuel Jackson - Go the Eff to Sleep!

Holly McNish - Embarrassed

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