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Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Miseducation of Selena - Chapter One

I posted the first half of this story the other day under the title short Erotic Story. This is now the entire first chapter of the three going on four I've written, so please read the entire post :-)

I'm off to capture a bandit!” My father announced as he kissed first my mother and then me.
Bandit!” I exclaimed in dismay.
Don't worry, love, he's nowhere near here. He's been thieving more than an hour's hard ride from here; near the road to the city. There's nothing to worry about, you're safe here,” he assured me, hugging me tight.
Good luck!” I wished him. As the Lord that governed all the land between here and the city, my father felt it was his sacred duty to protect the people by catching this bandit at any cost.
My mother held my older brother tightly for a long moment. “You be careful!”
He laughed. “Don't worry so much! I'm a strong and skilled warrior!”
I half wished I could say that he was merely bragging arrogantly, but he was being truthful. My father had seen to it that he was trained by as many masters as possible, and my brother was something of a prodigy when it came to fighting.
I stood next to my mother as we waved at them until they were out of sight. Shaking my head at the sheer idiocy of anyone preying on people under my father's jurisdiction, I kissed my mother on the cheek.
I'm going to my rock to lay in the sun for a while,” I informed her.
I wish I could join you, but I have too much to do,” she sighed, but I knew she didn't mean this. She wasn't the type to lay in the sun even when she had nothing better to do.
I readied my horse; the most gorgeous cream colored mare in the world – in my opinion. When the light hit her just right, she looked like she was dusted in pure gold! Thankful that I had chosen a simple dress just in case I went to my rock, I didn't bother saddling her. She was intelligent enough that she didn't need a saddle or bridle for me to guide her.
Soon enough, we arrived at my rock. It was huge, like someone had purposely carved a table out of stone, and then just left it in the middle of this secluded meadow. I pulled off my dress and tossed it next to the rock as I climbed onto it.
I lay on my stomach and let my mind wander for a long time. About the same time that my back started feeling overly warm, I felt a heat between my legs that visited far more often than I wanted it to. I rolled onto my back to let the sun kiss my naked body.
Bending my knees until my feet were flat on the rock, I let my hand slide down between my legs. There was a spot that felt simply incredible whenever I rubbed it! I didn't dare ask my mother about it, because as far as my parents were concerned, absolutely nothing should go between my legs until I got married... not even my hand...
I wasn't even engaged yet. Certainly I was old enough to get married, but my father was waiting for the right man to ask for my hand. Who that may be, I seriously don't think he even knows! He's rejected every man to ask me for various little reasons that all amounted to he didn't think they were good enough for his little girl.
It's not like I ever got a chance to meet any men and perhaps fall in love...
My fingers were creating a fire throughout my entire body! I utterly loved this feeling! Just think, only a couple hundred tiny circles drawn with my finger and I shuddered in ecstasy... it was almost like magic.
I gasped and moaned, not concerned in the slightest about anyone hearing me. The only people that might possibly come looking for me here were currently off hunting bandits.
My body started quivering and shaking as I moved my finger faster and faster. My breath now escaped me in little gasps until I felt overwhelmed by the pleasure. I arched my back and squealed as it felt like I almost exploded and reached the stars.
Panting heavily, I relaxed into the rock. My legs remained in the same, knees-bent position until one slowly lowered onto the rock and the other sort of tilted to the side. I yawned and drifted off to sleep.
In my dreams, my father found the bandit, caught him, and was escorting him to the gallows. My brother arrogantly taunted him the entire way. I almost felt sorry for the bandit because in my dream, he was short and crippled and utterly pitiful looking.
When it was time for the bandit to be hanged, women were allowed – as tradition dictated – to kiss him for luck. Legend was that kissing a man about to hang brought luck to the woman, and possibly granted the man mercy in the afterlife.
I walked up to him, sincerely praying that he found peace in death. My kiss was soft... the first one I'd ever experienced.
Suddenly, the kissed changed and I felt a sharp pain between my legs as if someone were impaling me with a knife. My eyes flew open in shock. A man was on top of me, his tongue inside my mouth as if searching for something.
He moved, and I realized that he was the sharp pain I felt. I tried to protest, but there was no way to do so with him kissing me so thoroughly. Pushing him away did no good either!
He took a moment to pull my legs over his hips, not breaking our kiss for even a second, and then he grasped my hips firmly and... I don't really know how to describe it. It felt like he was trying to hammer a nail into me, only he did so much faster and for much longer than it would actually take to do so.
I was amazed to discover that the initial pain faded pretty quickly, and was replaced by that same fire I had just experienced not too long ago. My grunts of protest changed to grunts of pleasure, and I was even more shocked to realize that I was returning his kisses.
He freed my mouth to whisper in my ear. “I thought I had to be hallucinating... Why is an angel offering herself to any man that happens by?”
Offering? What did he mean by that? Before I could ask him, he thrust his tongue back in my mouth.
Oh, you feel so good!” He murmured some time later. I honestly had to agree; I did feel pretty good! It felt like my body had been completely consumed by that fire – which was now a raging inferno – and what was left quivered in a state just a hair shy of bliss!
I dug my nails into his back and pulled him to me as I pushed my body up into his. I wasn't just squealing; I was screaming and holding onto him for dear life! My whole body shook, and I felt like I could easily die right now and I wouldn't mind in the slightest.
He laughed, pausing his movement. “No, my Angel, not yet...” he murmured in my ear. His voice was so rich it made my body shiver and tingle.
He held still for a moment while I panted and gasped for breath. My body still quaked slightly from wonderful little tremors. Eventually, I opened my eyes and looked at him curiously.
This was the first time that his face wasn't pressed to mine while my eyes were open, and I got a good look at him. He was... handsome didn't seem like an accurate enough description, and gorgeous seemed inadequate. My heart started racing and thundering in my chest – even more so than it had been!
Slowly, he lowered his head to kiss me again, and then his body moved in and out of me gently. The completely opposite of earlier... I shivered each time he thrust into me.
My Angel...” he whispered in my ear, tickling my neck with his mouth. He sat up a little, continuing his slow movements. His hands were big and warm as they covered my breasts, squeezing them almost roughly.
I moaned from the unexpected jolt that ran through my body from his touch. He was almost effortlessly rekindling the fire in my body that hadn't fully gone out yet, only this time, there was an added tingling. Almost like lightning running through my veins.
Ahh...” I moaned breathily, repeating myself every time he thrust into me.
My Angel...” he murmured again. I think he wanted to continue this wonderful pace all day, but something compelled him to speed up.
My moans changed to grunts. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”
He chanted those two words over and over – his voice getting shaky and raspy. I was so happy to feel the stars coming for me again, and if my nails had ever stopped digging into his back, they were now doing so again.
Ah so tight!” He gasped. “Oh God!”
Just as I started squealing and thrashing about, I felt something hot fill me up. It seemed like the perfect way to end such an unexpectedly pleasure-filled afternoon.
As if I had completely melted into a puddle, I lay on my rock panting, already half asleep once more. I watched him through half-closed eyes as he held himself above me. He panted until his breathing returned to normal, then he kissed me.
I wondered if he planned to start over, and the thought wasn't unpleasant. He stroked my cheek with one hand.
I'm sorry my Angel, but I must go.”
I closed my eyes as I thought about this. My foggy mind took a few moments to realize that he meant he was leaving. I tried to sit up, but only got as far as propping myself on my elbows.
He was already almost completely dressed. He took a few seconds to lace up his pants and then watched me watch him as he buttoned up his shirt.
Wait!” I protested, but he was already running out of my meadow.
Drawing my knees to my chest, I wondered why I suddenly wanted to cry. It felt like someone very important was abandoning me! Shaking my head impatiently to banish the stinging in my eyes, I whistled for my horse.
She normally grazed wherever she liked as I sunned myself, and always came back to me the moment I called for her, only this time, she didn't. Frowning, I got off my rock and pulled my dress over my head.
Goldie!” I called out, whistling again. “Goldie!”
Seconds and then minutes passed, but there was no response. I think my whole body turned red from rage as I realized what had happened. That man stole my virginity, and then absconded with my horse!
If I could spit fire, I would have! How dare he steal my horse!!!
If I ever see you again, I'm going to run you through with my father's sword!!!” I shouted in the direction he'd run off.
It took me about a half an hour to walk home from my meadow, but that gave me time to calm down. By the time I reached our manor, I was no longer angry. My mother took one look at my face and rushed to pull me into a hug.
What's wrong?”
I couldn't help the sobs that escaped me. “Goldie was stolen! I called and whistled and she didn't come to me! There's only two reasons that she wouldn't come to me!”
My mother stroked my hair as I wailed, shushing me soothingly. “Oh my poor baby!” Neither one of us needed to say out loud that our horses were part of the family and would always come when called unless they were dead or literally unable to – such as stolen.
My heart felt like it was broken in two, and I couldn't stop crying for at least an hour. My mom held and rocked me until I finally calmed down, and then I numbly fell asleep.
My father returned just before dinner the next evening. He banged the door open in his rush to enter the manor – roaring in concern.
Where's Selena? Is she hurt?!”
I'm fine!” I rushed to assure him. He pulled me in his arms and held me tight.
I was so afraid that you'd been murdered!” He cried out. Even my brother threw his arms around me.
Why?” I wondered, honestly baffled.
We caught the bandit we were after, and he was riding your horse,” my father explained.
You found Goldie!” I shrieked in excitement, squeezing my father happily before squirming out of his embrace and running to hug my horse. “I thought you were gone forever!” I clucked over the chaffing where a rope had been around her neck.
My mother explained how I'd come home in tears yesterday after I realized that my horse was missing. At her mention of yesterday, I blushed and buried my face in Goldie's neck, grateful that they all assumed that I was simply overjoyed to have her back.
The next morning, my father insisted that I dress like a proper Lady should – which was strange since I almost never had an occasion to get dolled up. I complied, with my mother's help, and then cast a look of confusion at my father as he insisted that we all go for a ride.
In this fancy dress, I had to ride side saddle, but I was far too happy to be leaving our estate to care about my comfort. We rode all the way to the city, which was almost two hours away at our slow and steady pace. In the center of the city was a huge and boisterous crowd.
People made way until we were at the wooden seating area reserved for the nobility to view public events. We handed the reins to all our horses over to men who waited to tend to the horses of the nobility. I frowned as I wondered what we were doing here.
I didn't have to wait long to find out.
Are there any more ladies?” A man asked.
My mom nudged me. “Go on, it's incredibly lucky to kiss a man about to hang.”
I gaped at the bandit who stood on a platform with a noose around his neck. The knot was too high for him to reach, so his hands weren't tied together. They were connected to his waist by a rope though to ensure that he couldn't raise them high enough to attempt to free his neck.
Squaring my shoulders, I marched onto the gallows. I was furious again! He paled when he saw me coming.
My Angel!” He cried out happily, as if he thought I was his salvation. I hauled back and slapped him full across the face as hard as I could.
You stole my horse!” I shouted for everyone to hear. Half the crowd gasped in astonishment, the other half laughed in glee. “I hope you rot in hell!”
I turned to stalk away, but a whimper from him stopped me.
Please, my Angel... Please forgive me!” He begged. The crowd was silent at this point, so they clearly heard him.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Sighing, I realized that I just didn't have it in me to hold a grudge against a dying man. I faced him once more, stepping close to him.
Fine, I'll forgive you...” I leaned closer to him and stood up on my tiptoes so that I could give him a kiss.
He looked as if his deepest wish was about to come true, and wound his arms around my waist as he seized a possessive kiss. My arms wrapped around his neck as if they had a mind of their own, and my knees went weak.
All too soon, I was pulled out of his arms and held to the side by my father as the switch was thrown and the floor disappeared from beneath him. I watched him die in wordless horror, and then buried my face in my father's chest to sob.
He was utterly confused by my reaction, but decided to drag me away from the gallows before asking me what was wrong. I was too upset to answer, so we all mounted up for the long ride home.
Time passed in silence, except for the clip-clop of the horses and my intermittent sniffles.
He recognized you,” my father stated rather suddenly. “He knew who you were...”
I nodded numbly.
Did he hurt you?” My father asked, his voice low, barely more than a whisper.
I shook my head, “Not until he stole my horse.”
What happened before that?”
I shrugged, unable to explain what had happened. Not just because it was embarrassing and forbidden, but because no one had every really taught me the words to describe what had happened.
Did he threaten to hurt you?” My father pressed. I supposed he sensed that I wasn't saying something.
No, he didn't really say anything at all except to call me an Angel... several times...” I turned my head away and blushed as the memories played through my mind. Then his face as he died stared at me, making me start crying all over again. I buried my face in Goldie's mane, trusting that she wouldn't let me fall off her.
My poor baby,” my mother murmured, and I could tell by her tone that she was crying now too.
My father muttered curses, vowing to maim the bandit's corpse, beat it with a sledgehammer, and then burn it to a crisp.
Wait...” my brother murmured in sudden understanding. “You mean that he defiled you!”
I frowned. My cries paused for a moment while I thought this over, but I kept my face buried – cradled in my arms. Defiled didn't seem like an appropriate description for what had happened.
My mother pulled on my reins to signal my horse to stop, and then carefully stroked my hair comfortingly. She made a noise almost like purring until I calmed down. I looked at her, grateful for her love and support.
Mama... is it possible to love someone I only met for about an hour or so?” I wondered.
Tears fell from her eyes, but she nodded. “Sometimes, yes.”
Ahh... so that explained why I felt so horrible... I wiped my eyes, and nodded vaguely as I took deep breaths.
I think I'm ready to go home now,” I announced.


My father decided that I needed to be married right away, but he couldn't find a man willing to marry me as soon as possible without explaining why it was so urgent, and he could just explain why it was so urgent without ruining my reputation. Therefore – though no one thought to explain it to me – it quickly became too late for me to get married.
I discovered this one night as we ate. I had been feeling mildly ill for a few days, but the queasy feeling came and went without any reasoning. That night at dinner, I barely ate more than a few bites, and pushed the rest around my plate in the hope that my appetite would arrive at some point. Suddenly, I slapped a hand over my mouth and rushed to find something – anything – suitable to be sick in.
Thankfully, a maid handed me an empty serving dish literally a second before I heaved the contents of my stomach. I fell to my knees and panted until my stomach made up its mind as to whether or not there would be more coming.
My mother held a hand to her mouth as tears streamed from her eyes, and my father closed his eyes and turned his head to the side. He exhaled heavily, then stood and grabbed me by the arm.
You have brought shame to our family!” He growled.
What?” My brother demanded before I had a chance, obviously just as confused as I was.
My father ignored him, dragging me after him. “You have gotten with child before marriage! A gently bred Lady is supposed to die before allowing any man between her legs other than her husband! I have no choice but to...” he faltered, unable to say it aloud.
His meaning was abundantly clear though when a moment later, he reached out to open the door and throw me out. I landed on my hands and kness and then tumbled onto my butt. I still thought this was some sort of joke, and looked up at him in baffled confusion.
Take your horse and go!” He took a deep breath. “And never return!”
I gaped at him in shock for a split second before he slammed the door in my face. What???
I held a hand to my stomach in awe, only vaguely hearing my brother shout in outrage. A child? How in the world could anyone possibly know if there was a child in there? Suddenly, I understood something that I hadn't realized before...
That afternoon in the meadow... that was how children were created! No one ever told me how before. I'd been sheltered and protected from knowing anything about what happened between a husband and a wife. I rather stupidly thought that the marriage ceremony itself was what caused children.
This revelation still didn't answer my question though... How did my father know?
From time to time, the servants gossiped about this young Lady or that who disappeared... I guess now I knew why...
Finally realizing that my stomach was behaving again, I picked myself up off the ground, and turned to the stables. I was in a state of shock, and all I could think was that I was lucky that my father was letting me take my horse with me.
Selena!” Sebastian called out just as I finished saddling Goldie and was about to mount her. “I can't believe that Father is just throwing you out and that mother won't even try to talk him out of it!” He pulled me into his arms and sighed. “There's nothing I can do...”
I snuggled into his embrace for a moment. Savoring what was probably going to be the last bit of love I would ever know.
It's not your fault that bandit forced you!” Sebastian growled in frustration.
Well...” I hesitated in embarrassment. “I was asleep at first, but then...” I didn't really know what to say.
He sighed. “I'm so afraid... You've almost never even been off our lands! Anything could happen! … Take your bow and a quiver of arrows so you can at least hunt. And here...” He handed me his favorite dagger.
He was only older than me by about a half an hour, and knew better than anyone that I had snuck a few lessons with his masters too. This wasn't because I was particularly interested in fighting, but because he wanted a sparring partner. As a result, I was fairly confident that I could hold my own if necessary...
Please don't let it be necessary! I stowed the dagger in my belt, grateful that he gave me the sheathe too. Then I fastened the bow and quiver to my horse's saddle.
I gave him one last hug, too overcome to speak. I was still hoping that I'd wake up and find that this was all just a terrible dream. My mother crushed all hope of that a moment later.
Wait!” She called out, and I held my breathe lest I miss what she was going to say. “I packed what I could. It's not much, but it should help...”
Oh...” I mumbled in disappointment as I took the saddlebags. I fastened that on Goldie, and then stared at the ground in front of my mother's feet.
She stammered for a few minutes trying to tell me something, but then burst out crying and ran away. I sighed, some part of me resolved now. I think I was still too much in shock to fully process everything that had happened, but I knew that my father wouldn't change his mind. He never changed his mind.
With a sinking heart, I hugged my brother one last time, kissing him quickly before mounting my horse and directing her to the closest edge of our property. As I left, I had this sinking feeling that I would never see my family again...

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