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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

To Tell the Truth

We were watching an episode of Johnny Test today, and the moral of the story revolved around lies. Johnny was tossed into a machine that made it impossible to lie. This is actually a common theme that proves that lies CAN be better than telling the truth. Johnny went around town ruining everyone's day by telling them the truth.
 He convinced a bride not to marry her groom, an art lover not to buy art, and made a girl cry by telling her that her new shoes sucked!

You know, I actually DO believe that some lies are okay. I think that if someone INSISTS that you tell them how they look in that outfit, it truly is a hundred times better to NOT blurt out, "OMG! Are you kidding? That outfit makes you look like a whale wearing a mummu with a tutu!" Instead, you should lie. Something with a bit more tact, such as: "Hmm... I prefer this other outfit over here."

You may think that that is technically telling the truth, BUT as any good mom will tell you, neglecting to tell the whole story is the same as LYING!!! (lol!)

Anyway, Johhny regained his ability to lie, and then tactfully fixed all the trouble he had caused. Moral of the story is that honesty is not always the best policy.

In my opinion, that's WRONG!!! Telling the truth IS always the best thing! Wait (you protest) you JUST said that it's okay to tell lies literally three paragraphs ago! It's true, I did. I do understand why some people tell "white lies" and I don't hold it against them. HOWEVER, I don't do it.

Ask my mom, ask my hubby, even on the rare occasion that I do lie, I do it by telling the truth! (Such as the time I told my mom that I was spending the weekend at my friend's house but neglected to tell her that my friend lived with her boyfriend and his roommates... :-D )

Okay, so what's my point in all of this? Cuz seriously, I'm just confusing you. (lol!)

Ever heard of the expression: my word is my bond? It means that if a person gives their word they will do something, they WILL do it! It's the ultimate form of telling the truth. Keeping one's promise...

Okay, I'm actually lousy at that, heh heh... I tell my hubby a lot that I will do something, and I do fully intend to do it, it's just that a few days may go by before I get around to doing it. (Scratches back of head and looks away...)

Once upon a time ago, I read a book by Silver Ravenwolf that summed it up so very simply. The REASON that one should always tell the truth is not necessarily because it's morally right - it is because lies have karmic consequences too! - but that energetically and MAGICALLY, a person's word literally IS their bond!
Therefore, say a witch is trying to work a spell to, um... bring rain during a drought. At the end of  the spell, they incant (using words), "By my will, so mote it be!"

The witch is really saying, "Because I have power and want this, it MUST be done!" Well, the power that is being referred to is the same power I talked about above; the power of one's word. It's the same as one's will.

The stronger a person's ethics, morals, beliefs, and willpower, the strong their magic. Period. By this, I do not mean that the more someone follows a set of rules that most everyone THINKS is right, the more power they have. I mean that no matter what they are, the more a person clearly defines what they believe in and follows their beliefs no matter what anyone else may think, the more power they have.

To do that, a person has to be honest with themself. Aha! See? I planned to get back to that eventually, lol! If a person lies, then their power is weakened. That person will doubt him or herself. Even worse, WHY would the universe and the powers-that-be believe them if they doubt themselves?

So, yes, I do fully believe that a person should always tell the truth. I believe that lying does have a purpose, but that doing it - especially frequently - literally hurts the liar more than anyone.

OH!!! And while I'm ranting - er uh, taking the time to explain things - I should also talk about all those funny little things that float around the internet. The ones that make it seem okay to have attitude... I truly think that it IS okay to have attitude. Seriously, it would be impossible to have no attitude at all!

However, proudly reposting something that says, "Bitch, please!" Just because it's funny and shows a cat holding out their palm like they are better than everyone else... I believe that is morally wrong! I believe that it does nothing but teach disrespect to our children! How can they learn to talk with respect if everything they see posted on all the supposed adults' walls features obsenities.

Shake my head.

Sending out negativity, even if it's intended to be funny, STILL hurts a person's personal power supply, because that too has a karmic consequence. In this case, I'd say that the most obvious consequence is a generation of punks that mouth off and talk smack because it's literally the ONLY way they now how to talk!

Talking smack does have a time, place, and purpose, but randomly for no reason is NOT it!

Steps down off my soap box: Phew!

Okay, here's my last word: Lighten up! Just because I decided to get preachy for a few minutes doesn't mean that I don't laugh at those funny memes. I do. I appreciate them just as much as the next girl, I simply don't repost them :-) I don't want them to negatively affect MY karma or my kids. I have a hard enough time following the motto "my word is my bond" without caring about funny memes and their karmic impact, lol!

Have a happy day :-D

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