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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mortal Goddess - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Aira had gotten up early and watched Widow Smith’s baby for a few hours this morning – to give her some extra sleep. Then, she had gone into the village with a large sack of food to sustain the poor family who had half their crop fail this year.
The father had been in a bad mood. The mother had been highly upset, and the children – both boys – were hiding in the loft where they slept.
Aira had sat the father down and softly uttered words of hope and confidence as she massaged the stress and tension from his body. She surreptitiously cleansed his aura of negativity. Once he was feeling himself again, she sent him out to start harvesting the fields that hadn’t failed. She informed him truthfully that she had convinced a couple of her brothers to lend a hand.
Grateful, the man went about his business.
Next, Aira sent the boys outside to play, assuring them that she’d tell them a story later.
Now then, sit. Relax,” Aira softly ordered the mother, her eyes blue with determination.
No, I can’t! I have to –” she began to protest.
No, you have to sit down and relax,” Aira insisted, gently pushing the mother into a chair. Aira carefully emptied the sack of food onto the table. It was enough for them to eat for a week. With a smile, Aira prepared a soothing tea using herbs from her ever-present “magic” bag.
You have a responsibility to take care of yourself first, not last. You relax and let your mind wander while I prepare your meal for you,” Aira ordered gently.
Thank you so much Aira! What would we ever do without you?” The woman wondered, tears in her eyes.
You’d be just fine,” Aira assured her.
After making certain the meal would be fine if left to cook itself for a while, Aira cleansed the woman’s aura, then read her tealeaves. Aira was just as relieved as the woman when the leaves predicted prosperous crops next year, and she saw in her mind’s eye the baby girl that the woman had prayed for.
After she finished the reading, she went outside and told the boys an adventurous story she made up on the spot just for them.
Once she had finished answering all the questions the boys asked her after the story, concerning the hero, Aira told them that she was tired and that she was going to take a nap.
Happily, she mounted Tigerpaw, who was as excited to be on their way to her pond as she was. Once they had arrived, Aira shed her clothes and dove in, luxuriating in the sun-warmed water.
Tigerpaw snorted with feigned horror when Aira splashed her, then proceeded to dip her mane in the water, and shake it all over Aira.
Tigerpaw! You cow!” Aira shrieked in mock offense, her eyes sparkling a playful purple. Laughing, she curled up on her favorite rock; the only one large enough – not to mention flat enough – to lay on. She twisted her rich, honey-colored hair into a pillow to cushion her head as she fell asleep under the sun.


Mother, the driver says that we are almost there. Would you mind much if I went riding and caught up with you later?” Devious asked impatiently. He was itching to get out of this stuffy carriage.
No dear, I wouldn’t mind. Have fun,” his mother bade.
Devius – whose real name was Devon Claudius Mansfield, but was nicknamed Devius because it almost sounded like devious, and he had been a particularly impish child – signaled to the driver to stop the carriage and then descended.
Driver, unhook my horse! I wish to go for a ride,” he commanded. The driver mumbled about selfish asses who can’t do anything for themselves as he did what he was told.
Arrogantly, Devius mounted his horse and headed straight for Aira’s pond, even though he had no idea that’s where he was headed.
Aira was sound asleep as Tigerpaw grazed on grass a few feet away. She was dreaming about a man in the form of a shadow. He was standing over Gia’s dead body. She heard Gia telling her not to worry, and that she’d better wake up because the man that had occupied her romantic dreams was to arrive any moment. Aira acknowledged Gia’s comment by bringing an image of the man she had been having visions of over the years into her mind.
She knew he was a real person, and that he was destined to find her, but she was about to turn 21 in just under two months, and she had been seeing him in her mind’s eye since she was 16. So, she was beginning to wonder if he would ever realize that he needed to find her. She began to experience a vision of their meeting; it would be here at her pond.


Devius sat atop his horse staring in utter amazement at the woman sleeping completely naked atop of a very large rock, her strawberry blonde hair perfectly framing her face. She was as beautiful as he was handsome! Even better, she was naked! Devius decided that she would be pleasantly surprised if he woke her with a kiss.
Dismounting from his horse, he silently approached the woman. He had a warm unfamiliar feeling deep in his soul as he gently pressed his lips to hers. In her sleep, Aira moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck.
Pleased by her response, Devius shed his clothing as best he could with her arms holding him to her. Gently, reverently, Devius allowed his hands to roam her body, hoping to commit her every curve to memory.
Aira was amazed at how life-like this dream was, but she wasn’t overly concerned because her visions were normally life-like. Ultimately, she decided this was just another vision.
Devius spent an eternity exploring her body with his hands and her mouth with his tongue.
Aira opened her desire-filled blue eyes to gaze into the darkest brown eyes she had ever seen. Instinctively, she knew that he was the man she’d had visions of ever since she was 16. Yet, this was the most detail she had ever gotten in her visions. She decided to enjoy this vision as long as possible, and began exploring his body with her hands.
Encouraged by her now fully awake – or so he thought – response, Devius decided to possess this Goddess, branding her as his forever. Gently, he placed himself between her legs, his manhood resting momentarily at her womanly entrance. With a deep, determined thrust, he buried himself inside her.
Aira gasped, suddenly fully aware of what was happening.
Devius took her gasp as a sign of immense pleasure, not realizing that he had just taken this woman’s virginity.
Aira studied her body’s reaction to what was happening. The sharp pain she had felt was quickly being replaced by an intense pleasure that made her feel as if she were about to burst into flames. Aira’s concentration was quickly discarded as her body took over, instinctively knowing how to dance in this the most ancient lovers' dance.
Tigerpaw noticed her mistress doing something that she had never seen her do before, and instinctively knew that it was the same as when she mated with a stallion each spring. Amused, Tigerpaw watched the two for hours before they fell into an exhausted sleep. Cautiously, Tigerpaw made her way over to where her mistress lay, entangled, upon the rock. She nudged her gently with her nose.
Aira woke, shocked by what had happened, and carefully slipped from her lover’s embrace. Gathering up her clothing, Aira mounted Tigerpaw – still nude – and rode off to Gia’s house not far away.
Gia are you home?” She called as she approached. Gia appeared in the doorway.
I see the man destined to be your lover has finally arrived,” Gia stated with a smile.
Gia, you must know what happened, was it wrong? I don’t know this man,” Aira asked, trying to imagine what her mother would say, and glad that her mother couldn't sense her emotions – or read her mind – like Gia could.
Your mother would not disapprove overly much. After all, your oldest sibling was conceived before your parents were married,” Gia imparted.
Well, it’s true. Besides, your parents aren’t that much different than you are. They understand that children need to make their own mistakes, and well they should! They’ve had 14 children, who are all grown now,” Gia tried to reassure Aira.
That may be true but shouldn’t-“
Aira, you are a witch! Our religion is not so strict. We’re born, we live, we die. It’s the cycle of life; you know that. You know everything about this man that you need to. He is destined to be your mate. Never be ashamed of how your body responds to him.”
Thank you Gia, I needed to hear that. You’re right, you always are you know. Can I ask you something?” Aira asked, dying of curiosity, which was reflected in her teal-green eyes.
Always,” Gia answered affectionately.
Have you ever made love? Is it always so… so… intense? Does it always affect a person’s soul this way?”
Of course I have, Love. It’s a part of life, and no, it’s not always so intense. If you’re with an incompatible person it can be downright boring. If, however, you are with a person that you have a connection with, it can be soul altering, even if that person isn’t the one you’re destined to be with,” Gia answered patiently. She was preparing an infusion to cure the headaches one of the younger village women was having a lot lately. The woman was pregnant, but didn’t know it yet.
Gia had been more or less the only person to really see to Aira’s upbringing. She had always known that she would guide the mortal Goddess, and so had taught her to revere herself, and all the creatures on Earth. Even the Earth herself, for what was She really, but the ultimate giver of life?! As a result, Aira was a confident woman, who was sure of herself, and her ability to help others.
Out of habit, Aira had immediately helped Gia prepare the infusion, without needing to ask how or why.
Gia, have you ever handfasted?” Aira asked after they had finished their task. Referring to the witches' ceremony for marriage.
Yes, once, a long time ago. It was beautiful, my mother performed the ceremony under a full moon for my lover and me. My mother and I were comfortable with being skyclad under the moonlight, but my mate was new to our ways, and he decided to wear a soft loincloth he had made himself. I still have it; I use it whenever I want to call on his particular strengths, or to just communicate with his spirit,” Gia answered, smiling.
I’d love to talk to you all day, but I need to deliver this infusion,” Gia interrupted Aira's questions, slipping a simple dress over her nude body. She had been nude when Aira arrived because it was the way she preferred to be, same as Aira.
I should go visit with the village children. They’d be so disappointed if I didn’t make my daily visit without at least telling them why,” Aira responded, putting her own clothes back on. “Oh! Before I forget! I had a dream in which a shadow man was standing over your dead body,” Aira confessed seriously, brushing a stray flaxen strand of hair from her face.
I know; I’ve had it too. Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen for a while,” Gia assured her. Smiling, the two hugged, and then each went their separate ways.


Emmaline! How wonderful to see you!” Olivia Hamilton exclaimed in surprise. “What brings you here?”
I have been so lonely ever since my husband died this past winter. So, I decided to pay a visit to my oldest and dearest friend,” Emmaline answered sweetly, then frowned. “Also, my son Devius is becoming so overbearing! As much as I love him, I couldn't bear to be alone with him much longer... I decided that maybe staying with your family might do him some good,” she confided.
Well of course it will!” Olivia agreed. “But I’m afraid that most of my children have moved out. I only have my two youngest sons, and their wives and children here. Oh, and of course Aira, my youngest daughter, but she’s never home. She’s always in the village helping out our tenants with their daily lives. She usually spends a few nights a week with Gia, the village midwife and healer. Apparently, Gia is teaching her the art of midwifery,” Olivia chatted.
Well, Devius will probably leave as soon as he thinks I’m settled in, in any case,” Emmaline sighed. Suddenly curious, she asked, “Does Aira really spend all her time helping the villagers?”
Yes, she is a very unique person, being the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter, and all,” Olivia replied with a twinkle in her eyes.
Isn’t that supposed to be the sign of a witch?” Emmaline questioned, making a cross over her heart.
Bite your tongue! Aira is the most innocent and pure person I have ever known. She is not a witch!” Olivia lied, knowing full well that her daughter was a practitioner of the craft, but knowing also that her best friend might not understand. Suddenly, she wished she had not mentioned Aira in the first place.
I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to imply that your daughter was a witch; just that I thought that was the sign of one. In any case, maybe a little magic is just what Devius needs,” Emmaline said mischievously.
Hardly!” Olivia laughed.


Did you enjoy your ride dear? It certainly took you a long time. I was beginning to wonder if you rode all the way home,” Emmaline asked her son as he entered the dinning room where she, Olivia, her husband, and their family sat eating.
Yes mother, the scenery was beautiful, but I must confess, I did visit my friend who lives in the area,” Devius lied.
Devius, you remember George, Olivia, and their sons?” Emmaline asked, and at his nod continued, “This is a delicious dinner, are you hungry?”
I could use a bite,” he admitted nonchalantly, taking an empty seat.
Anyway, Olivia, as I was saying, all of your children are married with children of their own, how very proud you must be. Oh! How very crowded that must be whenever the whole family gets together. I can’t wait until Devius gives me a few grandchildren of my own to cuddle up to,” Emmaline said, aiming the last part of her comment at her son, even though she was looking at Olivia.
Well Emmaline, don’t rush it. We never pushed any of our children to do anything, and they are all so happy right now,” George, Olivia’s husband, replied with a smile, giving Devius a wink.
That may be true, but we are no longer as young as we used to be, and I fear that if Devius waits too much longer, I may be in heaven with my husband instead of here to enjoy it,” Emmaline voiced her fear.
Oh Emmaline!” Olivia exclaimed sympathetically.
I tell you what mother, if you find a woman that you would like to be the mother of your grandchildren, then I’ll marry her, and get started,” Devius promised.
He had given up hope of finding the woman who looked as good as he did, and truly didn’t care if his mother chose his bride for him. He had entertained the idea of marrying the Goddess that he had encountered by the pond this afternoon, but she had disappeared by the time he had awakened, and he was beginning to believe that she had been a figment of his imagination.
The only evidence he had to the contrary was the dried blood that had been on his member. In his mind, it was inconceivable that any woman who would lay outside naked could be a virgin, so he washed it off, and convinced himself that it was simply a figment of his imagination too.

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