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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mortal Goddess - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Aira and Devius raced across several acres of land until they reached Aira’s pond. Aira won, and dismounted joyously. She cupped water in her hands, bringing some to her mouth. Deciding not to swallow, she teasingly sprayed it at Devius.
Do Goddesses play?” She questioned.
Apparently,” he answered dryly.
How about mortal men named Devius?” She asked impishly, her eyes gleamed purple, reflecting her playful mood.
Of course,” he replied with a seriousness in his manner that belied his answer.
Do you know what I think? I think that you have never simply played. Yes, you may have played pranks, but I don’t think that you have ever let another person be an equal to you in a game played purely for fun. I also think that you take yourself way too seriously, and that you spend way too much time looking in a mirror,” Aira told him honestly.
Devius frowned. He did not like what he was hearing. “I do not look in a mirror much at all!” He denied vehemently as he gazed almost compulsively at his reflection in the pond.
Don’t you? What are you doing now?” She asked, his denial amusing her.
I am merely making certain that I look worthy of being seen by a Goddess,” he answered with a grin that said ‘please believe me even though I am lying.’
And do you?”
Of course,” he answered arrogantly.
Then why do you need to look?”
One never knows when a hair may be out of place,” he said defensively.
Who would care even if your hair was in wild disarray? You are not your hair. If you live a good life and treat people fairly, no one would give two figs what your hair looked like! And those that do… Well, they are the type you should ignore anyway,” Aira advised sagely, unconsciously running her hand over her own dark blonde hair.
Devius stared at her in confusion. Aira sighed, enough preaching, time for fun! She began to remove her clothing. Devius smiled and Aira heard his thoughts loud and clear.
Oh no, none of that now!” She chided teasingly. After she had removed her clothing, she strode to the middle of the pond. Well almost, she stopped once the water reached her shoulders. She faced Devius, and splashed him with as big a splash as she could manage.
Devius managed to step out of the way, and therefore didn’t get wet. Smiling, he shed his clothing in record time and joined her. They splashed and fought, using the water as their weapon, for about a half an hour. Both became so immersed in the play fight that it could have started storming, and neither would have noticed.
Aira knocked Devius off his feet, and tried to hold him underwater. Devius responded by scooping Aira into his arms, and lifting her out of the water. He prepared to throw her, but she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, and refused to be thrown. Well, at least she was determined to bring him with her.
Realizing that he would be unable to toss her, he decided to take full advantage of the situation by capturing her mouth with his. Passionately yet tenderly, he kissed her.
Even knowing full well that the Goddess likely had the power to turn him into a puppy if he displeased her, he was suddenly determined to possess her once again.
She burst out laughing. His thoughts had been projecting themselves into her mind ever since she began to take her clothing off, and the thought of turning him into a puppy was so absurd that she couldn’t help but laugh raucously.
Careful what you think, I can hear your thoughts loud and clear, and I assure you that you will not be turned into a puppy by me or anyone else,” she informed a bewildered Devius once she had curbed her laughter enough to speak. Relieved and all that much more convinced of her Godhood, he smiled sheepishly. He hadn’t relished the idea of being a puppy.
If you can hear my thoughts, then you know how I feel about you, and you know how badly I want you.”
Aira smiled and took a mental look at her body. Her arms were still wrapped tightly around his neck and seemed to have no will to move. The side of her that was pressed against him radiated with his warmth. The places on her back and under her knees which were in contact with his arms tingled.
There was a whole body reaction to his nearness; even her aura was beginning to meld with his, temporarily of course. Even if she were deaf, blind, and stupid, she would still be able to hear her body calling out for him, see her aura’s reaction to him, and understand that she wanted him too.
Devius unconsciously held his breath as he stared into her eyes, waiting for her to respond. He prayed that she would be willing, but would not force her if she asked to be released from his captive embrace. It was not as if he had the strength to force a Goddess anyway.
Please breathe. It would not do you any good to die from lack of breath,” she said seriously. Promptly he released his breath, and let, or rather made, himself breathe again.
I tell you what; if you agree that I am as human as you are, then I will agree to explore this attraction we have between us,” she bargained, hoping she could get herself off this high mental pedestal on which he had placed her.
He considered the bargain. “I’ll agree that it is possible that you could be a human, or rather a Goddess in human form, and that there is a small possibility that you are a mere woman, but after what I’ve seen you do, I will never believe it,” he stated.
She sighed. It wasn’t exactly what she had hoped for, but it was a start. She vowed to prove to him just exactly how human she really was. She’d start by proving how human her body was.
Put me down,” she commanded.
Disappointed, he set her back on her feet. She placed his hand in hers, and led him out of the water. She had him sit on her rock.
Look at me, do I look like a Goddess?” She asked.
Yes,” he answered. She shook her head, wrong question!
Have you ever seen a Goddess before?”
I know because of your hair. It has changed hues several times today. It was a glowing, shimmering gold when you emerged from the pond earlier. Then, when you sat with the children, it was a rich honey color. After that – while you were healing the villager – it was pale silver, and now standing here before me, it’s a darker, more sultry blonde.
I know because of your eyes, which have also changed several times today. They were a soft, startled green when your eyes first lay themselves upon me this morning, changing to an endless azure blue as you spoke to the children in the village. They were a dark blue of intense concentration while you healed the villager, changing to a sparkling, playful purplish, a cross between teal and violet, while we played. And now, now they are a crystal blue.
I know this because I had been sitting on this rock for at least five minutes this morning before you flowed out of this pond like a shimmering lady of the lake in Arthurian legend. Don’t ask me why I know; aside from all the evidence I have just presented, I have this feeling inside me of certain clarity. Of absolute conviction that I am in the presence of someone, something far greater than myself. And in answer to your question, no, I have never seen a Goddess other than you,” he explained in a babbling rush.
Aira had never paid that much attention to her own features in the past. However, Gia had told her much the same thing about them changing colors in the past. Not to mention, to hear the villagers talk about her, not a pair of them ever described her in the same way. Often times bickering about what shade her features were. She hated to admit it, but she had no argument to stand against this “evidence.” Re-gathering her determination, Aira placed his hands on her stomach.
Have you ever touched a woman before?” She asked.
Yes,” Devius replied cautiously, deciding not to go into detail.
Do I feel different from any other woman?”
Well physically no, but my skin tingles wherever it comes into contact with yours.”
She moved his hands to her shoulders, then to her breasts, and lastly to her hips.
Physically, I feel no different than any other woman?”
No,” he answered uncomfortably.
Touch me, explore my body, every inch of it, and if you find something, anything at all, that feels different, then I will stop trying to prove to you that I am merely a mortal, not a Goddess. If I feel no different than any other woman on Earth, then you will have to admit that I really am no different than any other woman,” Aira bargained passionately.
Devius was more than happy to comply. Grinning as a devious thought occurred to him; she had told him to explore her body, but she hadn’t specified that he had to use his hands. Pulling her closer, he explored her breast with his mouth.
Aira experienced a sensation akin to lightning travel from her breast to one of her major energy centers, located in her womanhood. Her knees weakened, causing her to lean into him unsteadily. He lifted her into his arms, placing her on the rock for easier access to her womanly secrets. He let his tongue roam her body, caressing her as it made its way down her stomach, stopping to taste her bellybutton on its way to her feminine alter, created specifically for lovemaking.
Aira forgot to breathe as her body melted into a pool of molten lava.
Breathe. I don’t want you to die from lack of breath,” Devius teased.
Trying to remember how, Aira took a few test breaths and pondered how a person could forget to breath. It was automatic, wasn’t it?
Devius tortured Aira with his tongue, using his hands in surprise attacks on her newly discover sensitive spots, until Aira begged him to stop.
Please, I think I’m going to shatter into a thousand pieces!”
Pleased by her admission, Devius positioned himself between her legs, pausing a moment to marvel at how comfortable the rock was. One would think that a rock would be the most uncomfortable place to make love! Slowly, he entered her, purposely trying to delay satisfaction as long as he possibly could. Aira gasped with sudden urgency, encouraging him to thrust into her much less gently.
Devius picked up speed until he could no longer hold back, shouting triumphantly as his seed spilled into her. Aira was stunned as her body exploded into orgasm. She decided that this had to be a normal response to lovemaking, because this was what she had experienced the first time they had been together.
Devius lay next to her to regain his energy. She curled up to him laying her head on his shoulder.
So was I any different?” She asked.
Yes,” he answered honestly.
How?” She demanded in shock.
I’m in love with you. I felt that in my soul. I’ve never been so affected by lovemaking before. Come to think of it, I’ve never made love before, I’ve only had sex,” he explained.
Love?” Aira asked, her heart responded by confirming that she loved him also. She decided not to tell him this just yet. He was still far too arrogant, and telling him now could have adverse affects. Besides, he worshipped her enough as it was!
She spent this cuddled up time by asking him more questions about himself. He answered them all honestly, then asked questions about her days with the villagers, wondering why a Goddess would concern herself with such lowborn people. She answered his questions proudly, occasionally hitting him playfully whenever his question was absurd, or if he referred to her as a Goddess.
Which in turn aroused him.
Feeling his arousal, Aira decided to pay him back by exploring his body. Devius considered it the very best few hours of his entire life. 

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