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Friday, May 6, 2011

Tsuki! - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Would this rain never end? Toshihiro thought to himself as he walked home. At least he was nearly there, just one more – Wait a minute!
On the corner between him and his apartment building was a girl. She was sitting with her arms around her knees, her head resting on her arms, and she was soaking wet. Her blonde hair meant that she was most likely a foreigner.
Is she crying? Toshihiro wondered. Why is she sitting there? He approached her in concern.
“Excuse me, is something wrong? Can I help you?” Toshihiro asked.
The girl looked at him and said something in English. Crap, I don’t speak English!
“Can you understand Japanese?”
She gave him a blank look.
Apparently not. Toshihiro pointed to himself, pointed at his apartment, pointed at her, and then pointed at his apartment again.
Her eyes immediately narrowed in suspicion, and he blushed. “It’s not like that!” He held up his hands reassuringly, then he pointed up at the sky. “I just thought you might want to get out of the rain.”
He knew she couldn’t understand him, but he felt compelled to talk to her. “And maybe you could call someone; you do have someone you can call, right?”
She shook her head to indicate that she didn’t want to go with him, and promptly buried it back into her arms.
Toshihiro shrugged. If she didn’t want his help… He walked away. He had just reached the stairs to his apartment when he heard a couple of guys harass her.
“Hey baby, why don’t you come with us? We can make it worth your while.”
Toshihiro panicked. He wasn’t what you could call in shape, but he couldn’t let them hurt her! He ran back to her.
“Leave her alone! Can’t you see she’s in some kind of trouble?”
The guys laughed at him. “You think a pretty boy like you can stop us?”
Toshihiro placed himself between her and the guys. He spread his arms wide, “No, but I’ll try.”
The girl came to her feet, and though Toshihiro couldn’t see it, she glared at the guys in a way that made them realize that she could probably handle herself. She put her arms around Toshihiro to illustrate that she would not tolerate them hurting him.
Toshihiro felt as if the sun had just come out, and he looked up to see if it had. It hadn’t, so why did he feel so good?
The guys backed away. “Okay man, we don’t want any trouble.” They fled.
Strange... Toshihiro turned to face the girl, and she backed away a step. He pointed to himself, to her, and to his apartment in a silent question.
She nodded slowly, and he led her to his apartment.
His apartment was a standard six tatami apartment. What would the Americans call it? He really didn’t know English, but his landlord had made a joke out of it. Oh yeah! A studio, like an artist would use.
Toshihiro immediately went into the bathroom, and started filling his tub. She needs to get out of those wet clothes, and warm up, or she’ll catch a cold. He looked at himself, and realized that the same was true for him, but since he had no idea how long she had been sitting there in the rain, it was better for her to go first.
He grabbed some of his clean clothes, and set them in the bathroom for her to put on when she was finished with her bath. He hoped they would fit her decently well.
The tub was soon full, and he gestured for her to come see. Once she could see into the bathroom, he exited it, and pointed for her to take a bath. She must have decided it was a good idea, because she simply nodded and walked into the bathroom. He slid the door shut behind her.
Don’t think about her, naked, in the bath. Don’t think about her! Don’t! He gently beat himself on the head, and busied himself making dinner. All he had to eat was some instant noodles.
Great! He berated himself. He poured hot water into the bowls, and pulled his futon out of the closet. Hopefully, after they ate, he could go right to sleep.
His stomach growled, and since it didn’t look like she was going to be done bathing anytime soon, he decided to eat his noodles.
“Ow, hot!” He gasped softly, and tugged on his clothes. They were still sopping wet, and were making him uncomfortable.
She slid open the door to the bathroom just as he finished his noodles. He nearly choked! She was wearing only his shirt, that he could tell, and it was tight on her. He quickly looked away, and gathered some clean clothes for himself.
In the bathroom, he discovered that she really wasn’t wearing anything other than his shirt! Don’t think about her! Don’t think about her! Don’t think about her!
        He washed up quickly, and was so preoccupied with trying not to think about her, that he grabbed his favorite towel out of habit, and wrapped it around his waist. He exited the bathroom before he remembered that he should be wearing more clothes, and saw her eating the noodles he had made for her.
        Crap! If I change now, I’ll look even more stupid!
He decided to simply lie down, cover up with his blanket, and try to go to sleep. He figured that she would call somebody after she was finished eating, and they would come pick her up as he slept.
He got as comfortable as possible, and tried to go to sleep. It proved to be very difficult, as his ears seemed to want to concentrate on every little sound she made. He heard her moving, and had to bite his tongue and hold his breath to stop himself from gasping in surprise when she lay down beside him.
She immediately rolled away from him, and he slowly exhaled. Calm down, calm down! She just doesn’t have anywhere else to sleep.
Toshihiro decided to think about the lecture his teacher had given earlier. As a college student, he would be expected to remember what his teacher had talked about. Though it was extremely difficult to recall at the moment.
At least an hour passed, and Toshihiro finally drifted off to sleep. He eventually started to dream about the blonde girl in his bed. His dream self realized that she was actually about the same age as he was, and he had several dreams trying to figure out what she was doing all alone in Japan, especially since she couldn’t speak the language.
His dreams took an erotic turn, and he moaned in his sleep. The part of his mind that was aware of his surroundings even though he was asleep noticed that she had rolled over, and flung an arm and leg over him.
So soft! Toshihiro thought, and instinctively grabbed hold of her buttocks. He had never had such a realistic dream before! He wanted to probe deep into that soft warmth, and he thrust before he was awake enough to realize that it was for real.
His eyes flew open, and he gasped, “I’m sorry!”
She stared at him, and he realized that he was still firmly holding her buttocks, and buried inside her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was asleep.”
Her lips twitched into something almost like a smile. She grabbed his buttocks, and ground her hips into his, causing him to slide deeper inside her.
He gasped again, this time in surprise. She felt so good! He stroked her hair, and inhaled her wonderful scent. He also let his hips move, pulling out, and thrusting back inside her.
She pulled his head closer to hers, and gave him a kiss. Oddly, this made him feel even better! This was his first time, and he’d had no idea it could feel so good!
He couldn’t believe his luck. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and she was letting him have sex with her! He rolled atop her, kissed her, and decided to see just how deep he could go.
The sensations were mind blowing, and he couldn’t care less if he stayed up all night, and fell asleep in class tomorrow.
She traced a finger up and down his back, and kissed his neck. She also wrapped her legs around him, and moaned. At least I don’t need to speak English to understand that.
        He lost track of time, the sensations were too good to care about something as trivial as time. Honestly, masturbation couldn’t even compare!
Suddenly, he was pumping her full of his hot semen. He grunted, and moaned in pleasure, and noticed that she was gasping and crying.
Crying? Was that a good thing, or a bad thing? Did I hurt her? He carefully withdrew from her, lay next to her, and pulled her into his arms.
She was breathing rapidly, and snuggled into him. Slowly, her breathing returned to normal, and she drifted back to sleep.
I really hope I didn’t hurt her.

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