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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tsuki! - Chapter 9

Warning: Of all the characters I have ever written, Hannah is the closest one to MY personality (well... of the stories I have posted so far - heh heh) Therefore, as you read this chapter, if you start to think WTF!!! Please refer to my 5 Degrees of Weirdness, and then perhaps y'all might not find Hannah quite so strange, lol!
Chapter 9

Toshihiro frowned in puzzlement, and went to open the door.
“I know this is not a good time, but…” Yuki entered the apartment, and shut the door behind her. “Please don’t marry her. I love you, and we speak the same language, and…” Yuki kissed Toshihiro.
Toshihiro pushed Yuki away. “Yuki!”
“She’s not right for you, and you don’t really know anything about her!” Yuki cried.
“I know that I love her, that’s all I need to know. Plus, she’s carrying my child,” Toshihiro reminded her.
“So?! It’s not like she needs you. She can go back to her rich American father anytime. She is just playing with you; pretending to be a good little girl until someone better comes along!” Yuki had tears running down her face, and she kissed Toshihiro again.
He pushed her away again, and wondered why he felt vaguely aroused. Could it be lingering from just a few moments ago? He looked at Hannah. What should I do? He silently asked.
Hannah calmly dug through her purse until she found something.
“You see, she doesn’t even care!” Yuki said, and they both watched as Hannah tossed whatever it was to Toshihiro. He caught it, and gaped. A condom?!
Yuki gaped at it too, and looked at Hannah, who took a moment to disconnect her laptop from her cell phone, and put both away. Then, she pulled the futon out of the closet, and laid it out on the floor.
Hannah looked at the two of them, who were still more or less arm in arm, and pointed to the futon.
“Hana?” Toshihiro asked in disbelief.
Hannah walked over to them, and lightly jabbed a finger in Yuki's chest. Then, she drew a heart on Yuki's chest, and pointed to Toshihiro. Next, Hannah pointed to Toshihiro, made a circle with the thumb and pointer of one hand, and poked it with the finger of her other, and pointed at Yuki. This was her signal to Toshihiro that she was talking about sex.
Toshihiro shook his head. Hannah shrugged, Whatever you want, baby.
Yuki smirked. “I’m right, she doesn’t care -!”
Hannah grabbed Yuki, and pulled her into a kiss. Yuki was so surprised that she allowed it to continue for several long moments. Hannah smiled at Toshihiro, pointed at Yuki and herself, and then pointed at their futon.
Toshihiro had discovered earlier that Hannah used to have sex with women, but he hadn’t been prepared for her to do it right in front of him with one of his friends. He made several stuttering sounds.
“Will you have sex with me if I fuck your girl?” Yuki asked crudely.
Toshihiro turned his face to Yuki, and made more stuttering sounds.
“I just want you so badly!” Yuki confessed. “I can see that you are happy with Hannah, but I can’t stop myself from wanting you! If I have to have sex with her in order to have sex with you, I’ll do it!” Yuki snuggled into Hannah's bosom.
“I –I –I –“ Toshihiro was finally able to say a word.
Hannah kissed Yuki again, and ran her hand up inside Yuki's shirt. Yuki shifted to allow Hannah to remove the shirt.
Toshihiro began to shake his head. Hana was serious when she showed me that website for an orgy resort?! If Hana likes girls so much, then why is she with me?
Hannah broke off her exploration of Yuki's neck and chest, and leaned over to kiss Toshihiro reassuringly. She returned her attention to Yuki.
He smiled, and clenched the condom in his hand. “But what about after? How are we supposed to act towards one another if we do this?”
Yuki had her head thrown back, and was arched into Hannah’s mouth. She turned her head to look at Toshihiro. “I’ll act however you want me to act. Like friends, hopefully. Maybe occasionally lovers.”
Toshihiro still wasn’t sure this was a good idea, but Hannah was already removing Yuki's pants, kissing her way down Yuki's stomach, and one of Yuki’s legs. Once Yuki’s pants were off, Hannah began to kiss her way up the other leg.
Toshihiro made a soft choking sound. What guy doesn’t dream of this?
Hannah led Yuki to their futon. It was much more firm than her bed in America, but she’d had lots of practice using it these last few months.
Hannah took the time to thoroughly explore and stimulate Yuki's body, until Yuki was quite willing to have sex with Hannah as many times as she could, no matter if Toshihiro had sex with her or not. Yuki couldn’t help but think, If I understood them correctly, Hana has had three girlfriends. She must really know how to please a girl!
Hannah finally got around to tasting Yuki’s second set of lips, and Yuki gasped sharply. This was Yuki’s first time, so she had nothing to compare it to, except for adult manga (which she was secretly an avid fan of), and yet Yuki was fairly sure she shouldn’t be feeling this good already since Hannah had just started touching her there.
Yuki gasped and cried uncontrollably, and Hannah allowed Yuki to bite on a couple of her fingers if she wanted to keep from being too loud.
Toshihiro watched in fascination, still fully dressed despite being harder than he had ever been in his life.
Hannah didn’t rush things. She built Yuki's orgasm up very slowly, using her free hand to pinch Yuki’s nipples. She trailed her free hand lightly down Yuki’s body, until she reached Yuki’s soft, warm opening. Hannah thrust a finger in gently, wiggling it around, and then she stuck a second in.
Hannah suspected Yuki was a virgin based on how tight she was. Hannah's two fingers wiggled as she moved them out and in, out and in, and so on as she continued to lick Yuki’s clit.
Yuki bit down on Hannah's fingers, and tried not to scream as the sensations approached critical. Much more of this, and I am going to explode! Oh god, I don’t think I can handle this, help me!
        Yuki arched, screamed, thrashed, and generally tried to fight the powerful sensations wracking her body.
Have I ever done that to Hannah? Toshihiro wondered. I don’t recall her making quite this much noise! He absently removed his extremely hot and uncomfortable clothes.
Finally, Yuki's body began to shake, and she sobbed with a variety of emotions. Relief. Ecstasy. Lust…
Hannah glanced at Toshihiro, and smiled at the sight of him naked, and ready. She tilted her head to indicate that it was his turn to have sex with Yuki, and he walked forward as if pulled by an irresistible magnet. He fumbled with the condom as he walked, and Hannah helped him put it on once he was next to her.
Yuki was still gasping and panting, and looked up at Toshihiro through mostly closed eyes. Oh god! I’m not sure I can handle another one of those hurricanes ravaging my body!
Toshihiro positioned himself to enter Yuki, and kissed her. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
Yuki nodded. “I have wanted you since the first day I saw you, and if you don’t have me now, I think I’ll cry!”
Toshihiro nodded in acceptance, and gently entered Yuki in several, ever-deeper thrusts. He inhaled in surprise. She did feel different than Hannah, but… not… better… just different. He pulled out, and thrust as deeply as he could, and repeated this several times until Yuki was clinging to him, and moaning in pleasure.
“I had no idea!” Yuki gasped. “No idea that sex felt this damn good!”
Toshihiro chuckled. “I felt the same way my first time.” He increased his speed, and kept increasing it until he was pounding into her as fast as he possibly could.
Yuki began to shake, moan, and ripple around him, and Toshihiro finally had an answer to a question he’d had since his very first time with Hannah. He had figured out that Hannah always shook, and cried, and he was never quite certain if this was normal, or if it hurt, but now he was fairly certain it was normal. Seriously, what would be the odds of two women acting this way if it wasn’t normal?
Just to be sure, he asked, “Did I hurt you?”
Yuki smiled, kissed him, and shook her head. “Not… at… all!”
Toshihiro smiled, and sighed in relief. “Good, you have no idea how frightening it was to not be able to ask that the first time I…”
Yuki laughed. “I can imagine.”
Toshihiro was still inside Yuki, and he glanced over at Hannah to see what she was doing, and found her grinning at them with an expression that indicated she was pleased.
Yuki also looked at Hannah, and suddenly had an urge to pay her back as best as she could. “Get off of me, Hiro-kun.”
Toshihiro gently withdrew from her, and lay down next to her. He watched as Yuki crawled over to Hannah, and kissed her. Yuki - who had a bold personality, which was why Toshihiro was surprised that she hadn’t mentioned liking him before now - pushed Hannah onto her back, and set out to explore her body.
Yuki did her best to copy everything that Hannah had done to her, and was pleased to see Hannah writhe in pleasure. Yuki finally worked her mouth to Hannah’s womanhood, and took a deep breath. Until this very moment, she had never once imagined herself tasting another woman. In fact, the idea had been faintly repugnant, but at this very moment… Yuki was dying to know what it was like, not just to taste it, but also to give the kind of pleasure that Hannah had given her.
Yuki stuck her tongue inside Hannah, and explored all around until she found the small bump that made Hannah’s moaning turn into gasps. Yuki experimented with different motions of her tongue, and felt Hannah get incredibly tight.
Hannah suddenly pushed against Yuki’s forehead, and held up a finger to as if to say just a moment. Hannah slid out from under Yuki, and pulled her over to Toshihiro. Then, after removing the used condom, Hannah settled herself so that she was atop him - impaled by him - but facing away. Next, she spread open her netherlips, and pointed to indicate that she wanted Yuki to continue what she had been doing.
Yuki nodded, and bent to do just that.
Hannah squirmed and lightly bounced atop Toshihiro, who marveled at how incredibly tight Hannah currently was, and at how good she felt even thought she wasn’t moving as much as was usually required to make him cum.
Hannah usually tried to keep quiet when she and Toshihiro had sex, because she didn’t want him getting in trouble with his neighbors, but this time, she made any and all kinds of noises with wild abandon, and happily announced her orgasm with a series of sharp gasps.
Toshihiro couldn’t believe that the little amount of stimulation he had received was enough to set him off again so soon! He grasped Hannah's hips to hold her still, and grunted as she squirmed all the harder under Yuki's continued assault on her anatomy.
The three of them curled up into a cozy pile, and drifted off to sleep, unaware that Kyo, Keichi, and Sakura had watched the entire scene from outside the window. The three of them had noticed Yuki run off after they had dropped her off at home, and because she had seemed upset, they had followed her, arriving just in time to see Hannah pull Yuki from Toshihiro, and into her grasp.
They hadn’t intended to watch the entire thing, but the three of them – blushing red the entire time – had been too shocked and amazed to move, let alone go home.
They looked at each other, and blushed even harder.

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