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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rusty Jug - Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“I’m so excited! Classes start tomorrow!” Lia informed Jin for probably the seventh time. He chuckled at her, and decided to distract her… With his mouth.
“I’m so happy we have all the same classes –!” Lia gasped as his tongue surprised her. She was sitting on a chair in their dorm looking through some of the books she’d need for her classes tomorrow.
Jin pleasured her until she cried with orgasm, and then carried her back to bed. He kissed her neck as he entered her, and rode her for at least an hour before their stomachs decided to growl in unison. They both laughed, and decided to get something to eat.
They dressed, taking plenty of time deciding what to wear. Jin was honestly more fussy about his appearance than Lia was, but she loved trying to match her outfit to his. Once ready, they walked hand in hand to a delicatessen that served handmade food rather than the prepackaged variety.
They sat in their usual booth in the corner – on the same side – and ordered what they each considered appetizing. Jin was used to modern food by now, and was able to decide on his own what he wanted to eat. He also liked that this place would try to make him food similar to what he was accustomed to eating.
The waitress was naturally friendly, and smiled at them as she handed them their food. She chuckled softly, and informed them, “You know, there’s always a bunch of accidents whenever you two are here. People tripping and the like; nothing too serious. It’s gotten to the point where we employees are betting on which customer will be next!”
Lia laughed, “That’s funny! You let us know who wins the bet!”
Lia took a bite of her ham, muenster cheese, and sauerkraut on sourdough rye; and looked to see if Jin had anyone in mind yet. So far, he was concentrating on his gyro. He mumbled, “The lamb is tasty enough, but the sauce is missing something…”
“Hi Lia!” Ned greeted, and pointed to the empty side of the booth. “Can I sit here?”
“Sure Ned,” Lia agreed. She trusted him not to blab about their arrangement. She still owed him five payments, and she briefly smiled at the memory of how progressively creative he was getting in bed.
“You must be Jin,” Ned extended his hand, and Jin hesitantly shook it. He still wasn’t used to this style of greeting. Ned called out his order – “The usual!” – to their waitress, who nodded, and disappeared into the kitchen.
“Ned is the friend I told you about who helped us with your missing ID,” Lia explained.
Jin nodded at Ned in a fairly friendly manner, but then frowned as a thought occurred to him. He turned his attention back to Lia, and asked, “How is it you already had a friend here the night we arrived?”
Lia laughed. “No, remember? I said I found a friend. I met him that night at the frat house where I figured I’d find someone who would be able to help me.”
Jin raised his chin as if saying oh, I see.
Lia shook her head, indicating that she’d explain to him what a frat house was later on in private. This was information that was considered common knowledge, and it would look odd if she had to explain it to him. They had run into this a couple of times already, and Jin didn’t mind waiting to ask her about it later.
Jin’s attention shifted to a girl a few tables to his right who was arguing with someone over her cell phone. She had mildly irritated him for a few minutes now, but he just now finally decided to do something about it. Suddenly, the hook holding the front of her bra closed broke, and her ample bosom popped out of her neckline.
“Oh my god!” She wailed in embarrassment, and dropped her cell phone as she tried to fix the situation.
Lia covered her mouth so the poor girl wouldn’t see her smile, and chuckled softly. “Oh Jin,” she murmured, and then stood, taking off the cotton half sweater she wore that buttoned up the front. She handed it to the girl.
“Thank you so much!” The girl gushed, and donned the sweater as quickly as she could. It was made to fit Lia’s small chest, of course, and so was hard to button up, but once it was, the buttons held, and the sweater supported her as well as her bra had.
“No problem, but the next time you are in a restaurant, could you please try to remember that it is rude to talk so loudly on the phone in public?” Lia asked.
The girl nodded as she gathered her belongings and prepared to leave. “How can I return this to you?”
“Don’t worry about it,” Lia stated, knowing that it would automatically return to Jin’s closet once she discarded it. Turning to return to her seat, she spotted a bus boy who was grumbling and cursing that he had missed the show. He tripped, and Lia caught the bin full of dishes that went flying out of his hands. She waited for him to get on his feet once more, and handed the bin back to him.
Lia rushed to her seat, and kissed Jin as if she hadn’t seen him in hours. She whispered in his ear, “Stop that for a few minutes, okay?”
Jin nodded in understanding; the order not giving him a choice in the matter anyway.
“Nice catch,” Ned congratulated after clearing his throat to regain Lia’s attention.
“Thank you,” Lia acknowledged as she resettled herself next to Jin. “It’s just lucky I was standing right there.”
“So, are you excited about tomorrow?” Ned asked, and then thanked the waitress as she handed him his food.
“Boy am I ever!” Lia gushed. “I am excited and nervous, and maybe even a bit scared. I… I never even went to school, but even so, I… I couldn’t stand being dumb, so I studied whenever I could.”
“Never?” Ned asked in astonishment.
“Well… I guess I must have, before… Anyway, I don’t remember it very well.”
Jin covered one of her hands with one of his, and squeezed it comfortingly. Lia smiled at him, and then her attention shifted to someone outside the restaurant’s huge window. Her face went blank, and the light faded from her eyes.
Jin noticed immediately, and turned to look at whatever she was looking at. He prayed enough time had passed to satisfy her definition of a few minutes, and used his magic to make the man outside think his eyes had just been maced. The man began to scream, and rushed inside to beg for water.
Lia clutched her chest in relief, and Jin said, “It isn’t him… It isn’t him…”
Lia buried her face in Jin’s shirt, and breathed deeply of his scent until the stinging in her eyes went away. She began to make a sound that was halfway between a laugh and a cry. She looked Jin in the eyes.
“God! I need to beat someone up now!”
“Really?” Jin asked with interest. “Do you want to go find some drunks looking for a brawl?”
“You can’t be serious!” Ned exclaimed, not sure what was going on. He was still half watching the poor man whose eyes no longer burned, but was now drenched.
“You know, I really think I am,” Lia replied.
“Then let’s go,” Jin suggested.
Lia stood, paid what they owed, and left the deli. Jin was one step behind her, of course, but even Ned was surprised when he rushed after them. It was still a bit early for drunken brawls, but who knew what they’d find.
Lia led them to the bad side of town, which she had previously scouted out in order to avoid. She strolled along until she heard what sounded like a bunch of guys beating someone up. They were trying to be quiet about it, but she had been on the receiving side; she’d know the sound anywhere.
It turned out to be four guys roughing up a fifth guy, and by the look of it, they’d just started. The victim already had a bloody nose, but that was to be expected. He hadn’t even started to cry and beg for his life yet.
Lia turned to Jin. “Don’t help me unless I need it, okay?”
Jin really wanted to refuse, but despite ending with a question, it was an order. He nodded. He bit back a sigh, and took up an at-the-ready stance.
“Are you crazy?” Ned whispered urgently as Lia braced herself. She answered with a nod, and then rushed the thugs. She was trained in street fighting – more or less – and so didn’t use anything fancier than punches, kicks, and speedy reflexes.
“What’s your problem, bitch?!” A thug asked as he spat out a tooth she’d just knocked loose. “This ain’t your business!”
“I’m making it my business,” Lia informed them.
“This pisant was caught cheating at poker,” a different one felt compelled to explain. Lia figured that since they were not near a gambling establishment, they had to be referring to a not so friendly game between acquaintances.
“And that gives you the right to beat him like this?” Lia rebuttaled.
“Hell yeah, so back off!”
“Not gonna happen, boys!” Lia taunted tamely.
She could tell right away that these men didn’t belong to a gang or any other crime organization that depended on fighting. They weren’t very skilled at all, and Lia practically fought circles around them. Once the victim ran off, her enthusiasm disappeared.
“You know what boys? This just isn’t me anymore,” she announced and walked away.
One of them grabbed her and held her for his buddies. This wasn’t enough to release Jin from his binding, but he managed to growl anyway. The sight of Jin and Ned made the thugs realize that the odds were nearly even, and they let Lia go. She walked to Jin, and placed a hand on his arm.
“Thank you for letting me do this,” she smiled at him.
“My turn?” Jin asked.
“Go ahead,” Lia permitted.
Jin started chuckling like a madman, and slowly advanced on the thugs.
“Oh shit!” They cursed in unison, and turned to flee.
Jin continued his small steps forward, watching as they tripped all over each other and everything else around them in their haste. He’d seen their lack of fighting skill, and had no desire to actually lay a hand on them. Scaring the shit out of them is more than enough!
They finally stopped trying to get to their feet, and scrambled backwards to get away from him. One pissed his pants. Another started to heave.
Jin nodded in satisfaction, and decided to leave them alone. He returned to Lia’s side, and she slipped her arm through his. They smirked at the “tough guys” for a moment before turning to leave. Even though she no longer had to fight anymore, saving their victim had made her feel good.


“What was that all about?” Ned asked once they reached the spot where their paths split.
“I told you that men have used my body ever since I was eight years old, right? Well, I thought I saw… my gang leader. I was so relieved that it wasn’t him, but I was on fire with all the tension and adrenaline caused by the scare, so I felt the need to beat someone up. Fight or flight you know!” Lia explained.
Jin brushed his hand along her cheek. “You still refer to him as your gang leader.”
“Yeah, well… some habits are hard to break,” Lia replied with a defensive shrug.
Ned suddenly realized something, and he mentally fumbled to find a way to ask without telling Jin too much. “In all those years, um… Didn’t you ever get pregnant?”
Lia chuckled as if what she had to say was funny. “No! When I was about… oh, 10 or 11… They, uh, they broke me. I’m told that I lay bleeding in a corner for hours before someone had the balls to carry me to the free clinic. The doctor on duty had to remove my womb…”
Lia tilted her head side to side and smiled. “The doctor wanted to put me in Child Protection, but my gang leader at the time came and got me while they weren’t looking.” She chuckled again. “Oh yeah! That was a painful couple of weeks!”
Ned grimaced. “So, they rape you, break you, and make you fight in their battles, huh? Sure makes me wish I could stop them.”
Lia shrugged, and asked, “How?”
Ned shook his head helplessly.
 Jin swept Lia off her feet, and carried her towards their dormitory. Lia waved goodbye to Ned over Jin’s shoulder, calling out, “See you later!”
Ned smiled to see her so happy with Jin. If anyone deserves happiness, she does! He made his way back to his dorm room, and planned out what he wanted to do to her the next time she gave him a payment.
He wanted it to be a wonderful experience for her, and the thoughts of how he could please her made him horny. He jacked off, and wondered what it would be like to have a girlfriend as wonderful as Lia was. Ten minutes later, he filled a towel, and tossed it aside.
He made a mental note to work on his confidence in regards to women. He was certain that he now knew how to please a woman sexually, so all he needed was to find one willing to join him in bed. Of course, it would help if he could figure out what attracted women, and make himself appealing to them.
He had a lot to work on, but at least now he knew there was hope. 21 years as a virgin had previously killed his hope and confidence, and he now realized that was exactly why he had never had sex before. On the other hand, it was probably what had made Lia decide he was the right person to meet her needs, so it all worked out in the end. He smiled, and went to sleep.


“Can I help you?”
“I was hoping you’d call back. What’s your name?”
“…Lia… Listen, I just need to know… is he still in jail?”
“Yes, Lia. He’s been convicted, and if you’re lucky, he’ll actually have to serve the entire year he was sentenced to,” Sheriff Hobbs informed her.
“A year huh?” Lia murmured.
“I want you to know that there’s a whole slew of detectives in the city who’re trying to put together a case solid enough to keep him behind bars for a very long time.”
“I know, I know… My testimony would sure help… Thank you Sheriff, and –”
“Jake Hobbs,” the Sheriff interrupted. “It’s on the card I gave you, but I figured I’d remind you.”
“Thank you, Sheriff Hobbs, for telling me he’s in jail. It makes me feel better… have a nice day.”
“You too, Lia, and try to think about the difference you could make in this case,” Jake Hobbs suggested.
“I… I will…” Lia hung up the phone, and returned to Jin’s side. He was asleep; ordered by her to stay that way until morning. She kissed him, and then left to go to work.

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