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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Rusty Jug - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Time passed, and Lia wasn’t surprised to discover that Mr. Hanover gave her a C on every assignment. She’d go into his office, and get him to change it, and was therefore getting straight A’s in his class. It got to the point where she’d just go into his office when she handed her assignments in, and blow him before he had a chance to grade it. This way, he’d actually give her constructive criticism when he graded her paper.
The last paper of the semester – and therefore of the class – was worth almost as many points as all of the other assignments combined. Lia didn’t want her grade to be based on her ability to suck him off, so she decided to change her tactics. Squaring her shoulders, she prepared herself for the small ordeal ahead of her.
“Jin, I’m going to talk to Mr. Hanover about our paper,” Lia informed him after class was dismissed. “Do you want to wait for me here, or back in our dorm?”
“I’ll wait here,” Jin replied.
“Okay, you wait here then, and I’ll try to hurry, but you know Mr. Hanover. He has a tendency to ramble on and on.”
Jin nodded, and Lia privately thought it was funny that while he did talk to her quite a bit in private, in public he was a man of few words. Most of what he did say in public was just the occasional comment to someone she was talking to. In fact it almost seemed like if they didn’t have her attention in some way, he didn’t care about a person in the slightest.
Lia mentally prepared herself once more. She took a deep breath, and calmed her suddenly nervous heartbeat. Ready, she knocked on the open office door.
“Come in, Miss Beaumont, and shut the door.” Lia complied, and Mr. Hanover added, “Lock it.”
Lia nodded, and turned the lock. Then, she turned to face him. “Mr. Hanover, can you do me a favor?”
“And what might that be?”
“For this paper, in exchange for -”
“For this paper, the price is sex,” Mr. Hanover interrupted.
“In exchange for sex,” Lia continued. She’d already figured he’d say that. “Will you please grade my paper honestly? I don’t want you to just give me an A if I didn’t earn it, and I don’t want you to just give me a C to provoke me to come bribe you to change it. I want to know what my actual grade would be, and why. Otherwise, why should I bother trying my best?”
Mr. Hanover beckoned Lia to come closer. “I can do that,” he whispered in her ear. His hands roamed her body, and he brushed her lips with his.
Lia busily unfastened his pants, and allowed him to push the top of her pink dress down to her waist. She was all for hurrying, and he was all for taking his time. Lia made herself be patient for him.
She stroked his shaft as he nursed on her breasts, and then ran her hands under his shirt to lightly scratch his back. Her nails were about a quarter inch long. Just sharp enough to excite him, but not enough to hurt him or leave marks.
Mr. Hanover moved the laptop from his desk, and carelessly swept the rest of the clutter aside. Neither registered the muffled thunk as a heavy book hit the floor, or the slightly louder thunk of the desk hitting the wall as he pushed Lia atop it. Lia chuckled in lusty excitement at his aggressive handling of her.
He spent some time orally pleasing her – for once – and then drove into her with a forceful, demanding, possessive thrust. Lia grunted and moaned in pleasure. No matter how rough he was with her, it was nothing compared to her gang, and this treatment she actually enjoyed.
The desk made more noise then they did. They were trying to be quiet, but in the heat of the moment, neither really cared about how much noise was created. Lia scratched his back again, and then squeezed his buttocks encouragingly.
Meanwhile, out in the classroom, Jin didn’t need his extra sensitive hearing to hear the thunks and squeaks. They were amplified by the walls, and sounded like they might be caused by a fight, but he could breathe, so Lia wasn’t in trouble. He decided to magically amplify his hearing, and heard several grunts, moans, and plenty of heavy breathing.
He thought back to Lia’s first visit to Mr. Hanover’s office, and realized that something similar must have happened during each visit. This realization completely explained Mr. Hanover’s willingness to change Lia’s grade. Jin stroked his chin in thought.
Upon further reflection, it also explained the teacher’s decision to give a bad grade in the first place. That thought made Jin angry, and he wondered how he should punish the teacher. Lia came here to get away from men using her like this!
He was honestly not upset with Lia, and actually admired her determination to do whatever it took to succeed. Especially since she never once complained about how unfair it was that the teacher was singling her out like this. She’s a little too accepting of those who treat her unfairly.
Ten minutes later, Jin was just about to send Mr. Hanover some severe abdominal cramps when he heard the man grunt in satisfaction. Lia sighed happily, and giggled softly. The teacher chuckled in response.
Lia brushed a stray hair out of Mr. Hanover’s face, and waited for him to pull out of her. He handed her a small towel, and she cleaned herself as best she could. She tossed the towel into a small basket he had in his office in case he soiled his clothes, and needed to change them.
“Now that I know you are going to be honest about my grad, I can’t wait to find out what it will be!” Lia grinned, and pulled the top of her dress back up.
“Just remember, if you want me to give an honest grade, I expect you to work hard to write a good paper.”
“I will, Mr. Hanover!” Lia promised enthusiastically as she smoothed the wrinkles out of her skirt. She unlocked and opened the door. “Thank you, and have a wonderful day.”
“I will, and I hope you do as well, Miss Beaumont.”
Jin was studying his nails as if bored, but really he was thinking about what he had just heard. Did Mr. Hanover’s promise to be honest mean that he shouldn’t be punished after all? Should I leave him alone?
Jin shook his head, and used his magic to send the teacher severe abdominal cramps starting in 10 minutes from now. No sense in Lia finding out about them; she’ll know I caused them! He decided to make the cramps last five minutes… better make it 10!
Lia suggested that they return to their dorm, take a bath in Jin’s bottle to relax, and start on their homework. Jin merely nodded in agreement. He had already completed most of his homework in the time Lia was in the office, but she didn’t need to know that right now either.


After their bath, they each sat in front of a laptop, and did homework. Lia chose to start with history as it was her favorite subject. The farther back in human history the better!
Her assignment was to read several different translations of the same passage, and then compare and comment on them. This meant that she got to see how several different people translated the same original historical document, and see how different their interpretations were.  It’s hard to believe that some of these translations are from the same passage!
After a while, Lia stretched with a loud yawning moan, and blurted, “Man! I wish I could fluently read, write, speak, and understand every language ever!” She immediately gasped, and covered her mouth. She turned to Jin, who was looking at her in surprise.
“I… I didn’t mean it… I… swear I’ll never make another wish again!”
Slowly, Jin’s expression changed to a smile. “Does that mean you want me to stay with you for as long as possible?”
“Of course I do! How can you even ask me that?” Lia wondered incredulously.
“It’s just that you don’t tell me a lot of things. I was beginning to think I was just… a burden on you.”
“A burden!” Lia practically jumped out of her chair and into his lap. She held him tightly, and then kissed him. “I love you!”
Jin watched as she realized what she’d said. First, she was surprised, then astonished, then in awe, and finally she smiled confidently. He didn’t know how to respond.
“It’s true; I really do,” Lia confessed.
Jin kissed her softly, reverently. He had a tight feeling in his chest, and was inexplicably ecstatic. A thought occurred to him.
“Then why do you keep secrets?” He wondered.
Lia looked away, and didn’t answer. She made tiny side to side movements with her head, as if trying to deny it. What can I say?
“Do you think I will get mad at you? That I’ll beat you?” Jin asked.
A tear escaped Lia’s eye. “Yes,” she whispered, still looking at anything but him. “And… I’m afraid that I’ll lose you. That you won’t…”
Maybe 500 years alone had taught Jin patience, or maybe they had extinguished his need to control others, because right now, he knew he was completely in her control, and he didn’t mind in the slightest.
He brushed her cheek with his hand, and held her close. “I would never hurt you, and even if the impossible happened, and I did, you’d simply tell me to stop.”
Lia made a non-committal sound, and Jin realized, “You wouldn’t stop me, would you?”
“No,” Lia whispered very quietly.
Jin closed his eyes, and exhaled. “Why not?”
“… because… I’d do anything for you, even…”
“Let me hurt you,” Jin finished her sentence.
Jin decided to change the subject, and brought her into his bottle. He carried her into his study, and deposited her in the comfortable armchair. She looked at him in confusion as he turned his attention to his bookshelf.
He selected a book, and handed it to her. “I think you’ll enjoy this one.”
“Jin, I can’t read…” Lia stared at the book in shock. “This. Jin! I can read this book!” She opened it and was even more amazed that she could still read it.
Jin laughed. “You made a wish, remember?”
“Oh my god, I did!”
Lia promptly got lost in the book, which was in Greek and was about philosophy. Time passed, and Lia didn’t even notice when Jin returned them to their dorm so that he could finish working on his homework. He sat in front of his laptop typing quietly.
He glanced at the clock, and chuckled. “Usually we’re in bed by now.”
Lia’s eyes flew to the clock. “9:30!” She looked at Jin in mild alarm. “You should get in bed – we should get in bed.”
Jin rose to follow her suggestion, which was half an order, and compelled him to obey. He frowned. “Why?”
“It’s late,” Lia answered evasively. She sat on her side of the bed. “You should -”
Jin covered her mouth with his fingers. “You’re going to tell me to go to sleep, and I realize that you do so every night. What do you do when I am asleep?”
Lia looked away, and whispered, “Earn money.”
Jin still couldn’t ask her how she made money as his magic considered it to be the same as asking where she got her money, which she had ordered him not to ask.
“Doing what?” He phrased it differently.
“Can… Can you promise you won’t get mad?”
“I can try not to,” Jin reasoned.
“I strip at a club…” Lia muttered softly, and then braced herself for his reaction.
Jin saw that she fully expected him to hit her, and he wondered what he had ever done to make her think he’d do such a thing. As for her stripping, he was aware of what the term meant, but he couldn’t quite picture how she could earn money by simply taking her clothes off. He was curious about it now.
“Can I come with you tonight?” He asked.
Lia looked at him in near panic. “I uh, um,” she stuttered. He always did everything she asked of him, even when he had a choice. It was unfair of her not to do the same. She took a deep breath, and sighed.
“Look, first I do my routine, and then I give lapdances. I don’t think you want to see those, and if I let you come with me, you have to -” She stopped and corrected herself. “I mean please promise me you’ll leave if you get upset in the slightest. This is how I make our money, and I don’t want you causing accidents and driving business away.”
Jin thought this over. “That makes sense since you’d lose out on money if I did. Alright, I promise I won’t use my magic to cause any trouble, and I’ll leave if I start to get angry.”
Lia looked at the clock. “Thank you. Now, since I am going to be late otherwise, can you bring me there by magic?”
“I could, but I don’t know where it is,” Jin answered.
Lia picked a place he would know that was only five minutes away from the club. Jin used his magic to bring them there. They rushed to the club, and Lia hugged the bouncer at the door.
“Right on time, Lia. I was beginning to wonder if you’d be late.”
“Sorry, uh this is my guest, Jin,” Lia stated.
“Jin’s welcome to go inside free of charge, but I still encourage him to spend some money on the other girls,” the bouncer advised.
Lia nodded, and guided Jin inside and to a table. She gave him a hundred dollars in five dollar bills, and bade him, “Put some money on the stage if you like what you see, but not for me please.” She kissed him, and ran backstage to get ready.
“Lia, I’m switching you with Rachel. She’ll go next, and then you.”
Lia nodded, and pondered which outfit and routine to choose tonight. Her Jessica Rabbit routine was always popular, and she hadn’t done it in a while, but then again, so was her dominatrix routine. Ultimately, she went with Jessica Rabbit, and prepared herself to really wow the crowd.
At his table, Jin wasn’t sure how he felt about an entire place devoted to women getting naked for money, but he could certainly see why they made so much. He gave a five dollar bill to the woman who was performing when they arrived, and another to the one after her. He had been ordered to give money if he liked what he saw, but since he wasn’t sure what he was feeling, he just gave them each money.
He wondered what Lia was going to do, and his jaw dropped in astonishment when he recognized her walk on stage in a long, shimmering, red dress. I didn’t know she could sing! He watched her routine with something akin to pride that his woman was so incredible.
He was ready to carry her back to bed by the end of her routine, and clutched the table to stop himself from snatching her as she collected her money. She showed her body off to the cheering customers, and waved and flirted. She pretended not to notice Jin, but he knew she was vividly aware of his presence by the way she completely avoided looking at him. That there told him that she didn’t trust herself to keep her hands off him if she saw him, which would be bad for business.
A few minutes later, he saw her reappear in a different outfit, and watched as she gave someone a lapdance. He instantly realized that a lapdance was performed on a customer’s lap, and that he apparently couldn’t touch her. It was her job to make him practically shoot a load in his pants, and she could touch or tease the poor guy anyway she wanted.
Jin thought this was an ingenious way to make money! He wasn’t mad at Lia in the slightest. He was, however, frustrated sexually, and a bit upset that other men got to see her naked and have her body rubbed all over them on a nightly basis.
He remembered to give money to the other dancers on stage, and tried not to dwell on what Lia was doing. Or who she was doing it to. He was very tempted to use his magic on them, but he had promised not to, damn!
“You’re Lia’s guest, aren’t you?” A man asked Jin a few minutes before midnight.
Jin nodded.
“I own this club, and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re gorgeous!”
Jin was baffled as to what was the right way to take that statement.
“I mean, you could make some serious money on Wednesday nights.”
“I could?” Jin asked curiously. “How?”
“Simple, that’s the night we reserve for male dancers to shake it before a mostly female audience.”
Jin looked over at Lia, who was just finishing her last dance of the night. “And that?”
“Lapdances? Yep, those too. That’s where the real money is.”
“I’ll have to think about it, and -”
Lia surprised Jin by coming up behind him, and hugging him. “What’re you two talking about?”
“I’m trying to talk your friend here into performing on Wednesday nights,” the owner informed her.
“Really?” Lia asked with interest. She sat on Jin’s lap, and gave him a kiss. “And what do you think?”
“I don’t know,” Jin admitted. “Mostly that it’s time I made some money.”
“Can you even dance?” Lia wondered.
“Not like that,” Jin answered. He nuzzled her neck, causing her to giggle.
“No problem! I can have some of the other guys show you how it’s done,” the owner stated.
“Hmm, we’ll see,” Lia replied. “I’m just going to go change, and then we can go home.” Lia nibbled on Jin’s ear, and whispered, “I am so ready for you right now!”
“Same here,” Jin responded with a grin.

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