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Monday, May 16, 2011

Tsuki! - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Toshihiro gave Hannah a look that left no doubt he had things he wanted to ask her. She decided to sit next to him, and gave him a quick kiss, still fanning herself.
He made two punch-like movements, and then pointed to her. How long have you been able to fight like that?

She nodded, pointed to herself, and then held her hand about two feet off the ground. Since I was about this tall.

Toshihiro thought this over, and realized that she hadn’t needed him to foolishly try to protect her when they first met. He blushed.

Hannah kissed him. Doesn’t matter, I still love you.

Toshihiro drew a picture of her laptop, and the two girls looking at it, then pointed to the picture of the laptop. What did you show her?

Hannah went to get her laptop, opened it, and closed out everything that wasn’t the picture of the two of them gazing at each other like love-struck fools. She turned her laptop so that they could see the pic.

Toshihiro stared at the picture in amazement. It was taken in the apartment at a moment when they were obviously alone, so, who took the picture? He wrinkled his eyebrows in confusion, and Hannah made the laptop display a slideshow of pictures of the two of them, all of which were suitable for a young audience.

Toshihiro looked around, trying to figure out where the pictures had come from. Was someone taking them from outside the window, like a spy?

Hannah pointed to a tiny wall decoration, and told the laptop to take a picture of them right now. There was no flash or anything to indicate that anything had happened, but then Hannah brought up the brand new picture, and it was so obvious that it had just been taken.

Toshihiro held his hands up in a gesture that resembled a W, and was obviously asking why she had a secret camera hidden in their apartment. Hannah blushed, and brought the laptop so that only he could see it with her, then she played a video of the two of them having sex.

Toshihiro gaped at the laptop, and his friends tried to lean over to see what was on it. Hannah quickly snapped it shut, and Toshihiro blushed almost redder than he had ever blushed before.

Hannah gave Toshihiro one of those smolderingly sensual looks, and grinned. She gave him a soft, open-mouthed kiss. “I love you.”

Toshihiro’s friends decided that they should probably leave the two of them alone to… talk, so to speak. They packed up their things, and left.

As soon as they were alone, Hannah retrieved her cell phone, and attached it to the computer so that she could go online. She brought up three different webpages, gesturing for Toshihiro not to look, and then seized the chalkboard.

She drew a picture of the two of them in wedding clothes, or rather two stick figures in wedding clothes. Then, she drew an arrow to an airplane, trying to convey honeymoon.

Toshihiro took a moment to figure this out. He decided that she had to mean honeymoon, but he hadn’t planned on going anywhere that needed a plane. He nodded to indicate he understood.

Hannah turned the laptop to face him, and pulled up the first of the three options. Toshihiro inhaled in surprise. The website clearly showed a bunch of people lying naked on a beach.

I’ve been to bathhouses, but those are mostly gender separate. This is both genders naked together!

Hannah brought up a second website, and this one showed a bunch of naked people in a woodsy setting. The third showed what looked like a naked orgy, and Hannah grinned. She had included this one to give Toshihiro an idea of what she would like to do in the future; knowing that he would never choose that one right now.

Toshihiro’s jaw was hanging open in shock. He pointed at himself, and then one of the guys that was surrounded by women. Hannah nodded, and grinned.

I really had no idea how sexually… open Hana was! He shook his head slowly, as if he wasn’t entirely sure he wouldn’t like the experience. After all, Hannah had been his first, and as much as he loved her, he was often curious about what sex was like with other women.

Hannah made a sound that meant, I figured. She exed out of that page, and brought up the other two again. Toshihiro studied the websites closely. They were in English, so he had no way of knowing anything about them other than they were for nude people.

He gave Hannah an appraising look. She’s into nudism, huh? Then, he pulled up a new browser, and typed the address of a Japanese search engine into the address bar. Into the search engine, he entered “mixed bath hotsprings,” and clicked search. He thought it very cool that her laptop was multilingual and could be set to type in characters by pressing one little key.

The search located quite a few, and he looked for one that was in a part of Japan he would like to visit. One that would likely be cooler at this time of year, but not cold. Finally, he found a suitable location, double-checked that it was mixed rather than separate bathing, and then showed it to Hannah.

Hannah perused the site, and liked what she saw. Toshihiro caught sight of the price, and gasped. Hannah had been buying all of their food, which had allowed him to save a very small amount of money, but his tiny savings were nothing compared to the cost of a stay at the hotsprings.

Hannah looked at him in concern. He responded by pulling out his wallet, and showing her the pitiful amount of yen in it.

Hannah shook her head, and jabbed her own chest. This made Toshihiro realize that she must have paid for everything for the wedding as well. He frowned; he was supposed to take care of her!

Hannah gave him a questioning look. Why shouldn’t I pay for these things? I can afford it.

Toshihiro pointed at his wallet, and sighed. I want to be able to provide for you. I’m not marrying you for your money.

Hannah pointed at the hotspring website. Do you want to go here or not? If not, I’ll just pick a place myself.

Toshihiro sighed, and nodded. He really did want to go to the mixed bath hotspring. Not that it would have been his first choice, but he honestly couldn’t think of a better place to go, and he did want to make her happy.

Plus, it was bound to cost less than someplace they had to take a plane to.
Hannah handed him the phone, and Toshihiro called the number on the website. Someone answered, and asked how they could help him.

“Yes, uh… do you speak English?”

“Yes sir,” the person, a woman, answered in both languages.

“Then, I will give the phone to my fiancĂ©e, she doesn’t speak Japanese.” He handed Hannah the phone.

“Hello,” Hannah said.

“How may I help you?”

“Hero and I are getting married soon, and we were hoping to stay at your hotspring for our honeymoon,” Hannah replied.

“For how long, and what days do you need?”

Hannah told the woman her wedding date, and the two of them figured out how long it would take the newlyweds to get there if they left the next morning. It would take all day by train, but they would be able to make it there around dinnertime.

“Let me see if we have an opening on that day. How long did you want to stay?”

Hannah sighed. “I don’t know, a week? Two? A month?”

The woman laughed. “The only room we have available for the entire week is our most expensive one. I think I could rearrange the rooms to free up a less expensive one for the week.”

“That won’t be necessary. We’ll take the expensive one. Can you hold on a minute?” Hannah asked.


Hannah walked to the calendar on the wall. She pointed to their wedding day, and pointed to her feet. We will be here that night. Then she pointed to the next day, and slid her finger across the entire week, and pointed at the phone. We will be at the hotspring for the entire week.

Toshihiro paled at the thought of how much that would cost, but nodded. Hannah slowly slid her finger across the next week, and the next, asking with her eyes, How long do you want to stay?

Toshihiro had to consciously disregard the expense, and consider this from a different perspective. There was quite a bit of interesting places to explore around there, which was one of the reasons he wanted to go there. How long will it take to explore everything I want to see?

He walked to the calendar, and pointed to the end of the second week.

“Okay,” Hannah spoke to the woman. “We have decided that we want it for two weeks.”

“Sure thing. I’m going to need your credit card number to reserve this room.”

Hannah promptly recited from memory her card number, expiration date, and the name as it appeared on the card. The woman ran the credit card through, and gave a small gasp of surprise.

“One of the things we check is how much credit you are entitled to. This is so we know if we can allow you to run up a high bill, or if we have to require that you pay for everything up front. According to this your credit limit is very high!”

Hannah shrugged. “One of the benefits of having a wealthy father.”

“I see, well miss, you are booked for two weeks in our best room. I do hope you enjoy your stay.”

Hannah thanked the woman, and hung up. She grinned at Toshihiro, and gave him a passionate kiss.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

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