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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shy Girl - Chapter 1 + 2

This story is aimed at teens... older teens. Therefore, it may reference sex and other adult situations, but there is no explicit or graphic descriptions of sex (and no violence.) If you read my story, please tell me what you think! :-)
Shy Girl
Chapter 1

Danica self-consciously tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear, and opened the door to the library. It was the first day of tenth grade, and she was at school an hour early in order to see what new books the library had. There weren’t many other students here this early in the morning, but there were a few.
Danica avoided looking at anyone in case they noticed her. She unobtrusively disappeared into the stacks.
She browsed silently for a few minutes, picking out the new books that interested her. Strangely, she felt something odd tugging at her senses, and turned her head to see what it was.
There was a boy sitting at a table surrounded by piles of books, most of which were open. He was so handsome that Danica blushed in embarrassment at just the thought of him catching her staring at him.
She quickly averted her head, and hurried to a different aisle, one where he couldn’t see her, or she him. She took a peek at him, and was disconcerted to find him staring down the aisle she had just been in!
He shook his head slightly, and returned to his books.

Brian walked down the hall on his way to fourth period, glad that the first day of school was already 3/4ths over. Today was not just his first day of tenth grade, but his first day of school ever.
His parents had homeschooled him since birth, and he loved being homeschooled, but they had recently moved to this small town, and since he didn’t know anyone, and they didn’t have any local homeschool groups, he had decided to go to school for at least a year just to get to know people.
Brian suddenly felt a prickling on the nape of his neck, and he subtly turned his head to look for the cause. He saw a pretty enough girl standing in front of her locker exchanging her third period books for her fourth.
He had no idea why she would cause him to get tingles. He shrugged, and walked away.

Derek stood with half the guys in school chatting about their summers. He was the captain of the sports team, and everyone thought he was cool. The entire school consisted of maybe 150 students. Therefore, they had one large sports team for each gender, and rotated through the various different sports throughout the year. (I have no idea why I lost my formatting for that paragraph, but I can't get it back, grr!)
He spotted the new guy walking out of school, and thought he should be nice and invite the guy to chat.
“Hey you, uh… Brian! Come here a minute,” Derek called out.
Brian looked at him, shrugged, and did as he was told.
“Hi, I’m Derek.” They shook hands. “Nice to meet you. Do you play sports?”
“Sometimes. I like volleyball in the summertime,” Brian answered. He didn’t mention that it was because he liked watching his female teammates play.
“Volleyball’s cool. Would you like to try basketball this year?” Derek asked.
“Maybe, I’ve never really played before,” Brian replied honestly. He was more into swimming.
“Well, I’m captain of the sports team, and these guys are my team. We’d love to have you join us if you want,” Derek explained.
Brian glanced around at the thirty or so guys all waving at him. “Why aren’t there any girls on the team?”
“Huh? Oh, our principal’s somewhat old-fashioned. He thinks girls are better off on their own team, and besides, most of their chosen sports are different anyway.”
Derek’s attention shifted. “Hey Danica!”
Danica jumped in surprise, and stared at him like a deer stares at headlights.
Derek jogged across the few feet to her side. “I was thinking maybe you’d like to go to the movies with me tonight.”
“U-uh…” She stuttered like an idiot.
“Great! How about I pick you up at your house at about 6:30? That way we can get to the theater with plenty of time to get a good seat.”
“Uh…” Danica tried to think of a way to say no.
“Great, see you then!” Derek smiled at her, waved, and jogged back to his team. They tactfully held their tongues until Danica was out of earshot.
Meanwhile, Derek apologized to Brian, who was watching Danica leave, and wondering why she gave him such an odd feeling.
“Sorry about that. I just had to catch her before she left. She disappears quick when she wants to.”
Brian shrugged, and Danica really did disappear down a tree-lined street.
“Hey captain, why’d you ask Danica out?” His teammates demanded.
Derek shrugged. “Because I could.”
The guys teased him mercilessly until he began to blush.
“Just lay off!” Derek ordered.
“Or more like get laid! We all know Danica can’t say no. Too bad none of us thought to tap that already.”
“Hey, I just want to give her some confidence, all right!” Derek stalked off angrily.

Chapter 2

It was ten minutes to 6:30, and Danica studied her reflection in the mirror. She didn’t wear makeup, so there was no help for her utterly plain face, but she was wearing a cute, knee-length summer dress, and a matching pin in her hair. She would do. (Another formatting error, sorry!)
She made her way to her parents. “Mom, dad…”
They turned to her and smiled. “What’s up sweetie?”
“Derek is taking me to the movies tonight, and he’ll be here to pick me up any minute. Do I look all right?”
“Of course you do!” Her mom rushed over to hug her.
“Yes, you’re very pretty,” her dad agreed with an odd expression on his face. He was mentally unprepared for his daughter to start dating!
The doorbell rang.
“I got it!
“No, I got it!”
Danica’s younger brother and sister fought all the way to the door, and Danica flushed in embarrassment.
A minute later, Derek was standing in front of Danica's parents. “Hello, I’ve come to take Danica to the movies, I promise I’ll bring her straight home afterwards.”
Danica’s mom smiled. “Wonderful. Have a nice time honey. Drive safely,” she added to Derek.
The two left the house.
“I don’t like this,” Danica’s father stated.
“Honey, she’s fifteen; it’s about time she started dating.”
“I know, it’s just…”
“What?” Danica’s mom prompted.
“Danica can’t say no to anybody. What if he decides to take her somewhere private instead?”
“Honey!” She chuckled.
“You know as well as I do that there are hundreds of secret hidey-holes around here for lovers to go,” he said.
“I remember, but we survived our teenhood just fine, and so will she.”
“If we were talking about one of our other kids, I’d agree, but since Danica can’t say no, what’s to stop him from saying ‘let me kiss you, let me touch you, here, let me stick this in you?’ It couldn’t even be considered rape because she can’t say no!”
Danica’s mom rolled her eyes. “I guess we’ll just have to trust him.” She turned to finish wiping down the counter. Secretly, she was worried too.

Derek guided Danica to the very back of the movie theater, and surprisingly, there ended up being only a handful of others watching the movie. He had bought them each a drink, and a tub of popcorn to share.
The movie was a romantic comedy, and Danica liked it, but she was confused. Didn’t boys usually hate these “girly” movies? She relaxed even though his arm was around her.
As the credits rolled, Derek tilted her chin to look at him.
“I want you to wear my captain’s ring so that everyone will know that you’re my girl.” He slipped the ring onto each of her fingers until it fit one; her right middle finger.
Her heart beat rapidly in even more confusion than she’d already had. His girl?!
Then he kissed her.
I'm being kissed! Her first kiss! Interesting.
Soft, warm, pleasant. Nice.
He actually kissed her several times, but when the credits stopped, he rose, took her by the hand, and escorted her back to his car.
True to his word, he drove her straight home.
“I want you to stay after school with me tomorrow, okay?”
Danica nodded.
“Great! See you tomorrow.”
Danica went inside and found her parents waiting for her. She smiled, touched by their concern. They asked her questions about the movie, and she answered them all easily.
“Did he do anything inappropriate?” Her father finally asked.
“No, nothing, but at the end of the movie, he did kiss me, and give me his ring,” she said.
“Really?” Her mom asked excitedly. “Your first kiss! This calls for a celebration; how about some ice cream?”
Danica nodded.
Her father held up his hands in defeat. Nonetheless relieved that his daughter had come home unharmed. He joined them in their celebration.
After that, Danica went to her room, got comfy, and wrote in her diary.
        Dear Diary,
Today was the first day of school, and the strangest thing happened. Derek asked me out, and kissed me! It was very nice, and my parents celebrated the occasion with me by eating ice cream.
Oh! One more thing; there was a new guy at school today, and for some reason just being relatively near him made me feel an odd sensation.


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