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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shy Girl - Chapter 3 + 4

Chapter 3

“Danica! Is it true?” Danica’s best friend, coincidentally enough named Erica, demanded. It was about 15 minutes before first period.
“Is what true?” Danica wondered.
“Did you really go to the movies with Derek last night?”
“Yes,” Danica gave a shy little smile, then attempted to cover it with a hand.
Erica, and about three nosy classmates, gasped. “He gave you his ring!”
Danica blushed, nodded, and buried her whole face in her arms atop her desk in embarrassment.
Erica knew better than to push her extremely shy friend any further. She’d learn more when they were alone.
In a school consisting of only 150 students from ninth through twelfth grade, word traveled fast. Especially when half of the boys were present when Derek had asked Danica out.
Danica would have liked to crawl in a hole, but she forced herself to remain attentive to her teacher. There were only eight teachers total in the school. Two for each grade level, which meant that there was only about 16 to 18 students in each class.
Yesterday, they had one teacher for first period, the other for second and third period, and the first teacher again for fourth period. In actuality, both teachers could teach all of the subjects, and so, to keep things interesting, the teachers randomly decided when they would switch classes, and at least once a day, the students actually switched classrooms.
This meant that the two classes for each grade saw little of each other, though of course everyone knew everyone.
Four times each year, the two teachers for each grade put all of their students’ names into a bowl, and each kept drawing names until they had two new classes. This allowed the students an opportunity to all remain friendly rather than develop an us versus them mentality.
Danica heard various students gossiping about her throughout the day, but ignored them as best she could until fourth period, which was gym class.
“I don’t see why Derek asked you out. The captain of the boys sports team is almost required to date the captain of the girls sports team!”
“Except that I’m his sister!” The girls team captain protested. “Ignore her,” she told Danica.
Danica blushed. She had no idea why Derek chose her either.
After school, Danica found Derek waiting for her out front.
“Hey Danica,” Derek greeted. He pulled her close, and gave her a quick kiss. “Come on, I want you to come with as I train my guys. I really think you should learn some basic weight training, and cardio activities.
Danica felt an odd prickling again.
“Oh, hey Brian! How would you like to come train with the guys? Maybe you’ll like it enough to join the sports team.”
“What are you currently training for?” Brian asked.
“Just basic maintenance training. We haven’t decided yet what sports we want to do this year, and you know, each sport has a season. Football’s the obvious one for fall, but we haven’t voted yet,” Derek told him.
“I see. No thanks; I’m not into sports except for swimming and volleyball. Plus, I actually have to get home to help out my parents. We haven’t quite finished unpacking.” Brian only explained as much as he did because it was obvious that Derek was trying to be nice to him, and that was a good thing.
“Oh, okay. See you tomorrow.” Derek waved as Brian departed. Then, he guided Danica to the weight room. This was where the girls did their training too, as the school couldn’t afford separate sets of equipment. It was open to any and every student, but was mainly used by those on the sports teams.
“Go put on your gym uniform, and then wait here. I’ve got to check on my guys,” Derek said.
Danica nodded and went into the girl’s locker room. Again!
Ten minutes later, Derek came over, took her by the hand, and sat her on a bench. He handed her a one-pound weight, and showed her several exercises, having her repeat each one for 10-15 repetitions.
Soon enough, Danica's muscles began to feel tired. She stared at the weight in disbelief. How could it tire her this much when it only weighed one pound?!
“You’re doing great! Now, I want you to spot me for a while,” Derek said.
“Okay,” Danica agreed.
She watched him do about 30 reps with the barbell, then he switched to a machine that you basically held your arms up in two right angles, and brought them palm to palm with some weighted resistance between them.
After that, he did his own exercises with a 20-pound weight.
“Now we’re going to work on our legs,” he informed her. “Just give me a few minutes.”
Once again, he went around checking on all of his teammates, but soon he was back.
“We’ll start with some squats,” he took her by the hand, and led her to the wall. Side by side, backs to the wall, they performed several squats. Midway through the fifth one, Danica's muscles made her want to scream, but she kept her mouth shut.
Derek noticed her grimace. “That’s enough for you. Sit and stretch while I finish my reps.”
“Okay,” Danica agreed in relief.
Next, he had her do calf extensions, and lastly, the leg press.
“Just as I thought,” he commented. “You have strong legs.”
“But I only did five pounds!” Danica protested, blushed, and looked away.
“That’s good for a beginner,” Derek assured her.

Chapter 4

Every night for several weeks, Derek picked Danica up from her house at 6:30. The first night that it happened, not counting the night of the movie, Danica’s father waylaid him, and steered him into the garage for a private conversation.
“What do you plan to do with my daughter?” He demanded.

“Sir, I know what you are asking, and please rest assured that I do not intend to ask her to have sex with me until we have been going out for a long time. Even then, if she seems hesitant at all, I won’t push her,” Derek said honestly.
Danica’s father snorted. “That shouldn’t pacify me, but oddly it does. You do know she has trouble saying no?”
“Yes, that’s why I’m having her train with us. I want her to become more confident,” Derek stated.
“Well sir, for one, I think she has a pretty voice, and I’d like to hear her use it more often.”
This made her father laugh. “Just remember, she talks to us, and if she mentions you doing anything to make her uncomfortable, I will let you know.”
“Yes sir.”
Most nights, he drove her to a hill that overlooked the entire area. Those nights, he simply talked to her, telling her all of his hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes, and asking her about hers.
Sometimes she answered, but mostly she mumbled, and he didn’t push her. It was enough to just pull her into his arms, and kiss her whenever he wanted.
Danica actually felt safe with him.
Some nights, he took her to the various places of entertainment around town, such as the bowling alley, the arcade, or the movie theater, and of course, he brought her to every one of his team’s games. Once in a while, they’d go to a party held by someone whose parents were gone for the night, or else held in the traditional party spot in the woods.
At these parties, she would always accept any drink someone gave her, but she wouldn’t drink them. From time to time she’d taste them, and actually sip on the ones she liked, but not beer. She hated the taste of beer. The hard lemonade was good though, but she never drank more than one.
“Look at her!” A girl whispered to another. “I bet he only dates her because she can’t refuse him.”
The other girl giggled. “I know; I bet they do it almost every night!”
Brian overheard them, and flushed. For some reason, Danica’s sex life was not generally a subject he was comfortable with.
“Can you believe he has her training everyday after school?” The first girl asked.
“Well, she is actually getting better. He started teaching her kickboxing since she has decently strong legs.”
“Ooo! I’m so scared!” The first girl giggled. A shadow fell over her from behind. She looked up and gasped.
“Ladies,” Derek greeted almost angrily. “I do not appreciate you making fun of my girl.”
“Sorry,” both apologized immediately.
He nodded, and turned to walk away. “Hey Brian.”
“Hey,” Brian returned, and watched Derek go back to Danica. He put an arm around her protectively. He’s a pretty decent fellow, Brian thought.

Soon, it was time for the teachers to mix up the classes, and this time, Danica found herself in the same class as Brian. Something about him still made her tingle, and she had to stop herself from looking at him about ten times each period.
Brian unknowingly felt each once of her glances, but every time he sneaked a look at her, she was busy doing what she should be.
One day, a couple of weeks later, the teacher called for Danica and Brian to stay after class.
“Danica,” she addressed first. “I’m concerned about your grades. I’ve never seen them this low.”
Danica knew that the teacher would have access to her entire school history, and it was true, Danica almost always got A’s, but recently she’d gotten C’s. It was because she had no time to do her homework, but she still did well on all the tests.
Since it had become obvious that she wasn’t going to get a response, the teacher continued. “So, I want Brian to tutor you until your grades come back up.”
“What? Why me?” Brian asked in surprise.
“Because, you are currently the top student in the grade,” the teacher replied.
“Oh!” Brian flushed.
“Now go,” the teacher dismissed them.
Danica looked at Brian, and saw him looking at her. She blushed, and looked away.
“I… uh… I suggest we study at your house,” Brian blurted.
“Okay,” Danica replied. They walked to the door to find Derek waiting outside.
“Danica, is something wrong?” Derek asked.
“Uh…” Danica uttered.
“The teacher asked me to tutor Danica for awhile,” Brian said.
“Oh,” Derek thought this over some. “Oh! I’m sorry. It must be all of the time you’re spending with me. Why don’t we cut our training down to one hour? That way, you’ll have plenty of time to be tutored.”
“Okay,” Danica agreed.
“Hey, thanks Brian for helping my girl out.” Derek shook Brian’s hand.
“No problem,” Brian shrugged. He knew what was next, so he walked away. A peek over his shoulder confirmed that they were kissing. Then, hand in hand, they walked to the training gym.

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