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Monday, June 20, 2011

Shy Girl - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

On Tuesday, after class, the teacher told Danica her grades were back on track, and that if she kept making time to do her homework, she didn’t need tutoring anymore.
Brian was depressed by the news, but nodded acceptance.
Danica thought it was for the best since she still needed time to think.
On Friday, they weren’t assigned any homework to do over Christmas vacation. Brian went straight home, and his family left to go to their relatives.
Derek took advantage of their not having homework by training with Danica extra long. She was really starting to get the hang of this kickboxing stuff, and liked it.
Every night during the two week break, except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – and the town party – he took her to the same hilltop. His kisses and cuddles progressed to deeper kissing and caressing.
Danica didn’t stop him because she didn’t have to. He always stopped short of touching there, and never tried to imply he wanted more, and honestly, she was curious.
For Christmas, he gave her a CD he knew she had trouble finding, and she gave him a scarf she had embroidered his name onto, with a matching – though nameless – hat.
On the last day before school resumed, Derek actually slid his hand up her skirt.
“Do you want to…?” He asked.
She thought about it. Really gave it some thought, and sighed.
“No, and actually… We need to talk,” she replied.
“I was afraid of that,” he took a deep breath and sighed. They struggled to sit up, and Danica noticed something. For all of their making out, there was a certain hardness missing from his pants. Come to think of it, she had never noticed anything hard in his pants.
“I’ll go first,” Danica said. “I… uh, I think we… should…”
“Break up, I know. I thought we’d make the perfect couple, and be able to fool everyone, but I just can’t do it,” Derek said.
“Do what?” Danica asked, puzzled.
“Make myself feel something for you,” Derek flinched like he expected her to hit him. “I’m sorry, I know you must have noticed, but you were too shy to say anything, and I was too scared…
“Danica… I’m gay.”
This really confused her. “What?”
“I was somewhat using you to try to convince myself, and everyone else that I wasn’t,” Derek explained.
“Wait, is this okay? I mean, should I be happy for you?” Danica asked, intuitively knowing that he was having a hard time.
He thought about her question. “Yeah, I think you should.”
“Well then, I’m happy for you.” Danica handed him back his ring.
“But I still want to be friends,” Derek insisted.
“Me too. I really enjoy training with you,” Danica smiled, and rested her head on his shoulder.
“I’m glad. Would you mind if I still kissed you from time to time, as a friend?” Derek asked.
“Um, actually, there’s another boy I like, and –“
“Oh, I didn’t mean anything big. Just a peck on the cheek, or the forehead, or the lips,” he gave her an example of each as he said them.
She laughed, and teased, “Are you sure you’re gay?”
“Yes, I just like kissing. Even little ones brighten my day. You know… there’s a guy I like too,” Derek confided.
“Oh really? Who?” Danica asked.
“Are you serious?” Danica felt her heart stop.
“Yes, but I think he’s in love… with you,” Derek sighed.
“He is, or at least he said he is,” Danica blushed.
“I love when you do that,” Derek teased her by pinching her rosy cheeks, and then kissing each. Danica giggled, then sighed.
“I think I might… love… him too,” she admitted.
“I kinda guessed as much. You really need to learn to speak up for yourself,” Derek chided.
“Yes teacher,” Danica teased. She kissed him lightly. It was the first time she had ever kissed him. She had received and reciprocated many kisses, but never had she given him one. “I guess you can still kiss me in friendship from time to time, if I can do the same.”
“Of course. You know, I may be gay, but in a way, I do love you. It’s like you’re my best friend,” Derek ruffled her hair.
“I feel exactly the same, except I also have Erica,” Danica replied. This made her realize that there were different degrees to love, and somehow, this made her confidence click on as if someone had flipped a switch.

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