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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tsuki! - Chapter 23

Chapter 23

     That night, after they had finished moving, Hannah and Toshihiro insisted that everyone stay for dinner. This included Yume, who had decided to stay and help out.
     Kyo and Keichi asked for more details about their honeymoon, and begged to see the pictures. Toshihiro gave them the details they asked for, but refused to let them see the pictures.
     Hannah waited until her husband wasn’t looking, and then slipped them the camera. The two had to keep covering each other’s mouth so that they wouldn’t draw Toshihiro’s attention, and began to cry at the unfairness of life after they handed the camera back to Hannah.
     “What’s wrong?” Toshihiro asked.
     Kyo was known as a womanizer, so it came to no surprise to anyone when he blurted out, “I want to have sex with different women!” What he meant to say was that he wanted a girlfriend or wife who was open like Hannah, but it didn’t quite come out of his mouth they way he intended.
     “Kyo, you do have sex with different women,” Toshihiro pointed out. “Lots of different women.”
     Kyo looked confused for a moment. “Wait, I meant that I want a girlfriend, and lots of different women.”
     Yuki glared at him. “You are lucky I am not the least bit interested in you or I’d hit you for that comment. I pity the girl who eventually falls for you!” Yuki felt bad a second after she finished speaking, and cast Sakura an apologetic glance.
     Sakura hadn’t even heard Yuki’s statement, and had a thoughtful expression on her face.
     Toshihiro was going to ask Keichi why he was crying, and saw Keichi watching Yuki with an expression of I wish she’d notice me. Toshihiro decided he had better not ask after all, and thought back over all of their study sessions together. With hindsight, it was pretty obvious that Keichi was in love with Yuki.
     Toshihiro wondered if he should talk to Keichi in private about Yuki. It wouldn’t be fair to keep having sex with her if there was a chance she’d be happy with Keichi.
     Sakura suddenly asked if Hannah would go to the bathroom with her. Yume translated as she helped herself to some more of the alcohol Yuki had decided to buy as a housewarming gift.
     Hannah instinctively knew to bring the little chalkboard, and had a feeling she knew what Sakura wanted to talk about. Sakura drew and explained her plan the best she could while the two girls took turns emptying their bladders, and Hannah covertly asked her husband to join them.
     Toshihiro was surprised by Sakura’s request, but decided that it was actually a plan with a good chance of success, and gave his permission.

     School resumed, and Hannah busied herself shopping for furniture for their new house. She wandered the nearby shopping area for quality furniture that was well made, and was disgruntled to find that the majority of it was poorly made in a factory. This made her determined to find authentically handcrafted furniture, and she was grateful to Yume for helping in her quest.
     Hannah checked her watch after a couple of hours of somewhat productive searching, and noticed that it was time to meet with Sakura. She said goodbye to Yume, and made her way to the place she agreed to meet the shy college girl.
     Sakura greeted her with a nervous smile, took her hand, and led her somewhere else. Hannah looked around curiously at the various buildings of the college campus.
     They soon arrived at a room, and Sakura pointed to the clock. She tapped five minutes in the future, and Hannah nodded in understanding. Their plan was going according to schedule.
     Hannah smiled at Sakura, and gave her a look that asked, Are you ready?
Sakura nodded shyly, and Hannah ran a hand along Sakura’s cheek. She pulled the obviously shy and nervous girl closer for a kiss, and began to unbutton the very modest dress that covered Sakura.
     Sakura blushed, but concentrated on steadying her hand so that she could do the same to Hannah. She mentally reminded herself, This was my idea. This was my plan.
     Hannah impatiently shed her dress, but left Sakura’s on her. She pulled Sakura’s breasts free of their confining bra, and sucked on them while she arranged Sakura’s skirt to give her easy access.
     Sakura’s nervousness soon disappeared, replaced by genuine pleasure. She put a hand on Hannah’s breast, sliding a few fingers inside the red lacy bra.
     “…!!!” The door to the room was hastily shut, and some books were completely forgotten as they landed on the floor.
     “…!!!” Kyo repeated as his eyes eagerly viewed the scene. If they could have left his eye sockets, they’d have done so in a heartbeat just to get a closer look. He looked around the room in confusion. Yes, this was his room, as evidenced by the many posters of naked women on his walls.
     Hannah looked Sakura in the eye, reminding her to stick to the plan. Sakura responded by kissing Hannah.
     Good girl! Hannah thought in approval, and pushed Sakura onto her back a bit more so that Hannah could kiss her way down Sakura’s breasts and stomach. Next, Hannah lifted Sakura’s skirt even higher, and slowly, gently began to remove her underwear.
     Kyo suddenly realized that he was standing next to the bed, naked, and couldn’t remember how he got there. When had he taken off his clothes?
     He gave serious thought about which girl to touch. If he touched Hannah, he might get into serious trouble with Toshihiro, whom he considered to be a very good friend. That left Sakura, but she was probably the one girl on the planet he wanted to maintain a good relationship with, and he was so afraid that he’d seriously screw things up if he messed with her.
     By this time, Hannah had her tongue dancing on Sakura’s love bud, and Sakura was begging. Sakura wasn’t sure why she was begging, but she was. She grabbed a pillow and covered her mouth as she felt an overwhelming urge to scream.
     Hannah smiled, continued her actions for as long Sakura needed her to, and then turned to take Kyo into her mouth. She almost laughed at Kyo’s expression of extreme indecision, and hummed slightly.
     Kyo wondered what he had done to deserve this! He must have won some cosmic lottery, and this was his prize!
     Hannah sensed that Kyo was already getting close to cumming, and stopped her oral stimulation. She placed a condom on him, and pointed at Sakura. Sakura took the hint, and began to whimper.
     “Please Kyo. Please,” Sakura begged.
     Kyo grunted in astonishment as her words made him feel like someone had just made him completely hard when he was soft, except that he was already as hard as he could be, so the sensation was unexpected.
     Kyo got into position, and Hannah quietly put her dress back on. She slipped out of the room just as Sakura was grunting from the expected but still powerful first thrust from Kyo.
     Hannah smiled, leaning against the door as she finished buttoning up her dress. Sakura had told her and Toshihiro that she had tried to tell Kyo how she felt so many times, but she always got tongue-tied.
     Her next plan had been to accept if Kyo asked her for sex, even if he was joking, but he never did. He had asked Yuki several times, but never even joked about sex with Sakura. Sakura had started to get desperate, especially since Kyo had expressed a desire for a girlfriend.
     Sakura decided that the biggest problem was that she couldn’t seem to tell Kyo how she felt, and she was too nervous to just show him either, so she needed to be distracted. Kyo had given her the idea himself when he blurted out that he wanted a girlfriend and sex with other women. He had even hinted he’d like to have sex with Hannah, so she had decided to ask if Hannah would be willing to help her have sex with Kyo.
     She figured that if Hannah were there to distract her, and help calm her nerves, she might be able to go through with it. Even better, create a situation that Kyo would never refuse!
     Hannah could tell that the plan was working, and decided to leave since her presence was no longer required, but she heard Sakura call out, “Hana-chan! Don’t leave!”
     Hannah slowly opened the door, and peaked in. They were in the same position as when she left the room, but both were looking at her. They both beckoned her to come back in the room, and she grinned at them.
     Toshihiro had given her permission to enjoy herself, but she really wasn’t very attracted to Kyo. Still… this could be fun. Hannah stepped back into the room, and closed the door. She indicated that they should continue with what they were doing, and took her dress off again.
     Hannah glanced at the clock. According to Sakura, Kyo only had a half an hour between classes in which he came back to his dorm room in order to eat, and if he was going to arrive at his next class on time, he only had ten minutes left to enjoy himself.
     This was not enough time to really have fun, but it should be enough for them to try Hannah’s favorite position. Hannah watched them for a few moments, and then when they looked back at her to see what she was doing, she gestured for Kyo to lay on his back.
     Both Kyo and Sakura remembered watching Hannah pleasure Yuki while she rode Toshihiro, and eagerly complied. When they were in position, Hannah joined them, and Kyo gasped at the sudden tightening of Sakura’s inner muscles.
     Hannah built Sakura’s pleasure up slowly, making it last the entire ten minutes, so that when she finally orgasmed, Kyo was cumming right along with her.
     Hannah looked at the clock and gasped. This was purely for show, as they were right on time, but she mimed cooking, and leapt off of them.
They looked at the clock as well, and agreed that she only had an hour and a half before the students usually showed up to study. That made Kyo realize that he had to be in class in less than five minutes, and he rushed to get dressed.
     Sakura dressed a bit more slowly, since she was already late to class, and had in fact opted to miss one for this. She bit her lip in indecision. Had her plan failed after all? Yes, she had gotten him to have sex with her, but she was hoping that it would lead to being his girlfriend.
     Stupid stupid Sakura! Why do I always have sex with guys who aren’t interested in a relationship? If she could talk to Hannah, she would tell her about her first three boyfriends. They all professed to love her until she had sex with them, and then they never talked to her again. Am I that bad in bed???
     Kyo finished putting his clothes on in record time, and pulled Sakura into his arms. He gave her a lingering kiss. “I have to go, but we have to talk after class.”
     Hannah watched Kyo rush out the door, and gave Sakura a questioning look. Sakura smiled faintly, thought about it a moment, and then grinned. Hannah returned the grin, and then pointed to the bed.
     Sakura thought about that a moment, and then shook her head. She pointed to her private part, and grimaced slightly to indicate that she was sore. Hannah nodded, and the two of them left the dorm.

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