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Short Stories

Here is a list of links to all the Short stories I've written that AREN'T erotic in nature and do not contain sex. Because I know that sometimes a person just wants to read a good story that is safe to read in public! Lol!

Bedtime Story for Children - A brother and sister are given the power to help the world.

The Adopted Flower  - This story is set in an Empire with a modernish government but NO modern technology. A girl is raised by the government in a secret program, and then adopted by simple farmers. She was raised to fit into any family and be the perfect addition, yet they find her strange. Her charm wins them over, but can she really be a part of their family?

The Tortoise and the Zen Garden - A woman is haunted by worry for a friend she hasn't talked to in years.

Welcome to the Moon, Roses Optional - Best friends with a mutual love for science realize that they can never see each other again.

The Cat's Bride - A girl dreams her whole life of marrying the Cat King, but once she does, she realizes that life with him is missing something, and without it, she can't truly be happy.

Fade to Black - This story is based on a real life girl who was accidentally deported from America to Columbia and what I image could have happened to her. Does contain a rape scene.

Fascination - Set in the world of The Ambassador of Pleasure. Elly's oldest son goes to the wedding of an old friend and meets a woman who fascinates him!

Sanguin - Danny loves Sandra and wants to marry her, but she was taken away years ago by the tax collector to work off her parent's debt. Can he find her, and more importantly, once he does, can he rescue her from the dismal fate of an indentured servant? NOTE: This turned into an actual book that much later on does contain sex.

The Dreamer and the Mountain  - It takes courage to pursue your dreams, but what happens after you've accomplished them? This is the story of a young man who dreams of climbing the mountain and meeting the Gods. He is willing to risk everything - even his life - to accomplish his dream, but never once does he stop to wonder why this is so important to him.

Duality - Vanessa grew up a good girl, but then unexpectedly gets a new job after a few major life changes, and now she's having so much fun even though her job is weird, lol!

Orchid's Quest - Orchid finds out that she has strange and powerful magic and goes on a quest to find out why the Gods gave her such a terrifying power.

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