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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bedtime Story (for children)

I originally created this story to enter into a contest for children’s bedtime stories 300 words or less. Here it is in its entirety (i.e. more than 300 words).

Bedtime Story
            The mother smiled as her 2 newly bathed children climbed into their beds. She tucked each one snugly under their blankets, and kissed each goodnight.
      “Tell us a story, Mama!” First the boy then the girl begged as she turned to leave.
      “Why not?” She grinned, and settled herself into a chair directly between the twin-sized beds.
      “Long ago,” she began, “There was much unhappiness amongst the people, for there were many bullies, and no one willing to stop them.
      “The people cried out for a hero to help them, but no one was brave enough to stand up. This continued for many years, until a small amount of people had enslaved and abused the majority. The people wanted to be gentle, not warlike, so they allowed those few to have their way, all the while they prayed for a miracle.
      “Then, one day, the goddess took pity on them, and gave birth to 2 children, a boy, and a girl, who would one day be champions for the people.”
      “Were they pretty?” The girl asked her mother.
      “Beautiful,” she answered.
      “What did they look like?” The boy asked.
      “See for yourselves,” the mother replied, handing them a mirror. They giggled in pleasure that they looked like the children of the goddess.
      “One day,” the mother continued, “The goddess took her children aside, and told them, ‘I know you are still very young, but I believe that it is time, and you are ready.’
      “ ‘Ready for what?’ They asked.
      “ ‘Ready to help the people,’ she answered.
      “ ‘What can we do?’ They asked.
      “ ‘Anything you put your mind to,’ she assured them.
      “So, the girl went out into the world, and whenever she saw someone being abused, she would defend them. Whenever she could, she would turn those in the wrong into the authorities, but more often than not, the law said that they were not wrong.
      “The boy went out, and healed everyone who was sick, or in pain. When word was spread of the great young boy who could heal people just by touching them, who also taught people to heal themselves, they journeyed great distances just to see him.
      “The girl used her powers of defense to prevent people from fighting, and encouraged them to talk about their problems instead. In this way she stopped, and even prevented wars from occurring.
      “Eventually they grew up, and continued to champion the people, but one day the boy, now a man, healed a beloved princess, causing her grateful father to smile his blessings when they decided they wanted to marry. From then on, the healer, now a prince, was able to change the laws so that they protected, and benefited the people,
      “As for his sister, now a woman, she was content to stay unmarried, enact and enforce her brothers laws, and the people loved them, for even though they could never solve all the worlds problems, they changed what little they could for the better.”
      “Did they really, Mama?”
      “I want to be like them!” Each child exclaimed.
      “You can, darlings, but first you must sleep, for you can change nothing if you don’t take care of yourselves.”
      “Good night, Mama.”
      “Good night, my loves.”

The End

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