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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Could Be Burned at the Stake for This?

Growing up, my mom never brought my sister or me to church. These days this strikes me as odd because I know my mom to be religious, but still she does not attend church. She once told me that she hated going to church because it was boring, lol! She did allow my grandma to bring us to church from time to time, but I think it was clear that I was not happy going to church.

From what I can gather, having never been interested enough to actually ask, my grandma was raised catholic, but converted to Lutheran once she married my grandpa. She is a religious woman, and has expressed concern for my soul. When I got married in a renaissance style ceremony, and invoked all of the gods, she asked me, "What other gods?" I replied, "There are other gods you know, such as Allah, Buddha, and - " "Oh, well they don't count!" Sigh, "Even so grandma, I want my marriage to be valid according to them all." Talk about binding myself! For someone who wasn't sure about being married, and viewed marriage as a means to an end (children), I should have respectfully asked all of the gods to turn their backs that day, lol, but that is a different story entirely.

Not having gone to church much, and not having a mom who insisted that I read and learn my bible, I grew up somewhat confused on the topic of religion. Most people, probably including me, assumed that I was atheist, because it was true that I did not believe in the christian god. Yet... I did believe there was something I just wasn't sure what.

Once I turned 18 (at this point I am honestly not sure, it may have been a bit prior to then), I discovered Wicca. One of my best friends at the time showed me a book by her then favorite author, and I just had to buy a copy myself, lol! That book was To Ride A Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft by Silver RavenWolf. This book made total sense to me! This book showed me that I could believe in something and ...... well...... I got to be a witch to boot, lol! I received Tarot cards for Christmas that year too, and I felt like I was using latent talents from a past life for the first time.

I read every book on Wicca I could get my hands on at the time, and shortly thereafter felt like I knew everything there was to know about Wicca and witchcraft... except that I didn't. I really couldn't; no one can know everything there is to know because the information is different for everyone. Knowledge has been lost, and new things are being learned every day, even in the relative narrow subject of Wicca.

A couple of years later, I came across another book, and became a big believer in the bible. Yep... it's true, I believe in the bible. I can't say that I can actually stand to read the darn book; it has far too many references to the christian god in it for my taste, but I do believe in it. Why? Well, because I read a series of books called the Earth Chronicles, starting with Twelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles) .

THIS BOOK (series of books, whatever) is amazing! I really feel that this book tells the truth. And it is practically the complete opposite of Wicca and religion in general. It talks about aliens and science. It talks about the events of the bible from a scientific point of view, using references from documents (stone tablets) left from civilizations that predate the bible. Maybe the author is delusional, but I guarantee that after reading the book, even the most die hard christian will (hopefully) at least be willing to consider the possibility that he knows what he is talking about. He wrote the first book in the chronicles in 1976, YEARS before scientists had actually seen photos sent back from the probe that passed by the outer planets, and yet he had accurately described them, color and all.

The author, Zecharia Sitchin, was an old man by the time I read his books, and this saddened me. I was hoping that he would be in his fifties or sixties when I read his book in the year 2001, but he was already in his eighties. He was born in 1920, and died October 9th 2010... 90 years old. He lived a long life, but even so, I feel a bit robbed. He became a spiritual beacon to me, and now he is gone...

So, having become a believer of Zecharia Sitchin and the bible, can I really still be called a Wicca? Yes I can, because the religion of Wicca and the even broader religion of paganism is a very adaptive and forgiving religion. Besides, I didn't say that I stopped believing in the goddess and god. I believe that the beings that we call gods today are not and never were real people (as opposed to Jesus who was a real person as far as anyone can tell). They have always been ideas created by people... ideas that given enough belief truly do have power.

Take the Akashic Records for example ( How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey or The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Akashic Record ), the Akashic Records are a "mythical" repository of all human knowledge. In other words, everything that humans have or ever will know make up the Akashic Records, which to me sounds a bit like Doctor Who, lol! (You do know Doctor Who, right? Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series ) This concept is also referred to as the collective unconscious, and as any psychologist can tell you, it's our unconscious mind that holds the real power.

Such as manifestation. To will something into being... Sounds like magic, right? That's because it is, and it is also something everyone does every day!Have you ever gone to work just certain that you were going to have a bad day, and then you did? That's manifestation right there. There's a reason why affirmations are popular; they work! They work by helping a person manifest what they wish to happen. Say a person wanted to be more productive; they might use an affirmation such as, "I am a busy bee!" This tells their subconscious what they want, and their subconscious works to manifest it. This is scientifically proven... and yet it's somewhat hard for scientists to understand because it also esoteric and magical.

So, by this point it sounds like I know what I am talking about. It may also sound like I am a witch good at getting what I want; who has the power to manifest my heart's desire... which is so not true! The problem with manifestation is that it takes focus and determination, two things which I am lousy at, lol! I should chant the affirmation, "I am focused and determined!" or maybe I should chant, "I am clean and organized," lol! I laugh because I know that doing so would help me greatly, and yet finding the time to do so with my two imps underfoot... seems impossible. (Which is ironically the mantra I tend to repeat and the manifestation I see, sigh...)

My life is a mess the same as just about anyone's. I don't have all the answers, and my psychic vision seems to be limited to the rare "some thing's wrong." If I lived in olden times, I would be burned at the stake for being accused of witchcraft, and I ask myself why? What about MY life would make anyone think I needed to be burned at the stake? Oh oh! I know, it's because "thou shalt not suffer a slovenly mother of imps to live!" lol! I shake my head...

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