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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Amadea and the Divinity Blade - Chapter 33

Chapter 33

     True to her word, Amadea soon knelt on a cushion before the shrine to the Gods in the Palace Temple. She took several long minutes to calm down and clear her mind. Then she stared at the statue of the Goddess she had always loved the most.
     She didn't realize that her companions had ultimately decided to follow her and now sat in benches just far enough back that they shouldn't disturb her. They had agreed that if she did receive any revelations from the Gods, they should be on hand to support her and help her come up with a plan.
     “Oh wise Goddess, please help me to understand my fate. I'm scared!” Her concentration wavered only slightly as a tiny sob escaped her with this confession.
     The statue that she stared at started glowing. A moment later, it transformed into a woman. However, unlike a real woman, she was clearly a ghost or other transparent being. She walked over to Amadea and knelt in from of her, stroking her cheek lovingly.
Amadea tilted her head in confusion. This woman looked remarkably like the painting hanging in her room.
     “Mama?” She whispered so softly that even she didn't hear it.
     “My darling daughter,” the woman murmured, trying to hug Amadea even though that was impossible. “It grieved me to no end to have to die while you were still so young!”
     Amadea tried to lean back so that she could look the ghost in the eyes. “I'm confused! Why are you here?!”
     Even though she was transparent, she tried to wipe a tear from her cheek. “I came in response to your summons. I want so badly to comfort you and answer all your questions, but I can't.”
     Amadea grunted in protest. “Why not?!”
     “Because...” She shook her head and spread her hands wide. “Even though I am a Goddess, I must not interfere in mortal lives.”
     Amadea gasped in sheer astonishment. She suddenly felt woozy and faint. Her body swayed, prompting the transparent Goddess to try to reach out and hold her.
     “What do you mean?!” Amadea cried out, practically leaping to her feet and taking a few steps back.
     “Amadea, please try to calm down,” her mother suggested in a soothing tone of voice.
     “Forget that!” Amadea roared as she paced the area before the statues of the Gods. “How can you expect me to be calm at a time like this?”
     “Amadea...” her mother hummed soothingly. “Your companions can see me, but they cannot hear me. However, they can hear you and they are very concerned. If you don't calm down, they may well interrupt our chat and drag you away.”
     “I don't care about them at the moment!” Amadea cried out, pointing in the direction she figured that her companions must be if they were watching her. “How dare you say all of that and then just expect me to act as if nothing happened?!”
     The Goddess sighed. “I'm so sorry, my beloved daughter... I don't really know what to do either. I just don't want to see you in so much pain.”
     “Then tell me what to do!” Amadea shouted emphatically. “Tell me what is going to happen and what I need to do to stop it!”
      “I already told you, I can't,” her mother stated, sounding grumpy.
     Amadea felt like all the energy in her body left her. She half collapsed as she dropped to her knees once more. She was silent for a full minute, but then she looked up at her mother with icy eyes.
     “You're lying... You said that you can't interfere in mortal affairs, but you and the other Gods interfere all the time. You give powers to certain people when they are born. You choose the Imperial Rulers. You talk to people like me and tell me to fight for justice. That's all I want to do! I want to fight, win, and then settle down and be a wife and mother. Why can't you just tell me what I need to do so that I don't die?!”
     The Goddess held out her hand so that a barrier formed between Amadea and her husband – who was rushing to pull her into his arms and comfort her.
     “I promise you that if I could tell you what was going to happen, I would,” she stated with a sigh. “But since I can't maybe this might bring you some small comfort... I was still a Goddess when I briefly took on a human form and married your father so that I could conceive you.”
     “See? More interference!” Amadea interrupted her with a grumble.
     Her mother sighed again, sounding like she was close to losing her patience. “I had to die not too long after you were born because my mortal body simply could not withstand my divine power for very much longer. Even so, when I married your father, it was binding for all of eternity, and so now he is here with me. We are both watching over you and will continue to do so.”
     Amadea sighed in relief. She had always trusted that the Gods took care of departed souls, but to have it confirmed felt like a great weight off her shoulders.
     “Father...” she whispered.
     “Neither of us wish to see you die, and for that very reason, I have given you all the gifts I can. Rather than mope and worry about what is to come, return to your husband's arms. Enjoy the clam while you can for the storm will be here soon enough.”
With that bit of advice, the Goddess vanished – the statue in its proper place once more.
     Amadea exhaled in disappointment and bent forward until her forehead was resting on the floor. Zephyr cautiously approached her, looking around at their companions as he did so. With a gentle touch, he placed a hand on her back.
     “Amadea?” He whispered, not sure whether he should leave her alone with her thoughts for a while or if he should gather her in his arms and carry her to their room to rest.
     “And this is exactly why I trust Abydos,” Amadea muttered in a whisper.
     “What?” Zephyr questioned, certain that he couldn't have heard that right.
     Amadea sat up to look at him with tears in her eyes – which was an event so rare that Zephyr couldn't recall ever seeing it before. “The Gods won't tell me anything about my fate that I don't already know. Her best advice was to just enjoy the quiet while I can!”
     Zira harrumphed. “Then that is exactly what you should do!”
     Both Amadea and Zephyr look at her in surprise for a moment. Slowly, a smile stretched Zephyr's lips.
     “I agree. Let's forget about the future for a while and just be here in the moment,” he suggested. Gathering his wife up, he carried her out of the temple.
     Amadea was too emotionally exhausted to protest and simply lay her head on his shoulder. As he walked, sleep and a sense of peace descended upon her.

     That night, Amadea woke up while it was still dark out. She looked over to her husband, but he was asleep. Happy for the moment, she stroked his face, kissed his lips, and then fiddled with his hair – which always managed to fascinate her. He still wouldn't let her help him trim his hair, but the metal wire-like hairs always stuck out from his head in crazy patterns that she just adored.
     “Don't do that, you'll wake him...” a voice stated so softly that it was almost a whisper. Neither noticed Zephyr open his eyes since he was facing away from them and Amadea now faced their visitor.
     “Abydos,” Amadea greeted him softly. She smiled because she was genuinely glad to see him. “Will you tell me anything more about what is going to happen?”
     “I'm not sure I should,” he replied with a frown. “If I do, you'll just worry when there's nothing you can do about it.”
     “But you know?” Amadea asked.
     “Some,” Abydos stated with a shrug.
     Amadea slipped from her bed and slowly wrapped her arms around him. She hugged him for a little less than half a minute before she pulled back and looked him in his nearly closed eyes.
     “Please?” She begged with a becoming pout. “I need to know.”
     Abydos sighed reluctantly. “Amadea...”
     “Both Zephyr and Zira tell me not to trust you, but I know that you are going to do everything in your power to help me because you want me alive. You need me alive!” Amadea grinned at him, certain that she was right.
     “That is true,” Abydos admitted, happy that she was still half hugging him. “I tell you what, I'll tell you some of what you need to know if you –”
     He didn't get a chance to finish because Amadea just knew that he was going to ask for another kiss. She decided to just get that over with right away. Once again, a flash of light told her that he had done something.
     He chuckled. “I see that I've become too predictable. In any case, a deal is a deal. Perhaps we should sit down for this. Would it be too much to ask you to sit on my lap?”
     Amadea sighed heavily. “If you promise not to molest me.”
     He chuckled again. “Killjoy! But fine, all I really want is to bask in your soothing energy.”
     They got comfortable in an over-sized armchair, Amadea sitting on his lap as he wanted. She snuggled into him, grateful that she was finally about to get some answers.
     “The lesser doorways were all a distraction – of a sort. Oh they also served another purpose, which was to feed the great doorway, but ultimately, they aren't important at all. The thing that you need to risk your life to stop is...”
     Amadea gasped in understanding.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Amadea and the Divinity Blade - Chapter 32

This is the next chapter in a story I started years ago and seemingly abandoned. If you haven't ever read the story, or did but forgot it, here's a link to the beginning, and a link to the previous chapter if you just want to remember the last thing that happened before this :-)

Chapter 32

     Whatever Abydos had done to Amadea – twice – seemed to have no purpose other than to allow her to sense him. It took her almost no time to realize this considering that she never had any idea where he was before, but now she knew exactly where he was and literally felt him as he moved around. She was shocked to realize that he liked to watch them from just far enough away that Zephyr and Zira couldn’t sense him.
     Even more shocking was that she could now also sense the presence of a few other demons lurking nearby. They made Amadea feel queasy and apprehensive, but since they weren’t bothering anyone, she decided to ignore them… for now. There was too much to do now that all of the monsters for miles around had entered her trap.
     Amadea subtly tensed as she felt one of the demons come closer to her. In all the times a demon had ever attacked them in the past, they had always introduced themselves – in a manner of speaking – first, and then tried to kill them. There’s no question that a demon who didn’t warn them of an impending attack first would definitely be able to catch them unawares.
     Placing her fist against her palm, Amadea prepared to withdraw her Divinity Blade, but then she felt Abydos’ power flare for a moment, and suddenly the demon about to attack them was gone. Amadea suppressed a sigh of relief and relaxed.
     “Is something wrong?” Zira asked. Amadea was the only one just standing around doing nothing at the moment, and Zira couldn’t really do much of anything, so the ghost had decided to stay by the Empress’ side. It didn’t take long to figure out that Amadea was acting strangely.
     “I thought I sensed something, but it turns out that I was wrong,” Amadea replied with a shrug.
     As a ghost, Zira could usually sense things that most people couldn’t, so she focused on their surroundings. She thought there might be a demon or two nearby, but not close enough so be a threat. She shook her head dismissively.
     Amadea continued to focus on Abydos. She felt sick that he had made her promise to have his child someday, but she felt even more sick that without his help, all of her loved ones were going to die soon. There were far too many unanswered questions.
     A few days passed as they located and supported any survivors in the area, but finally, they ran out of things to do.
     “I keep expecting something to happen!” Boreus exclaimed.
     “Same here,” Zephyr muttered in agreement.
     Amadea heaved a deep sigh. She had been distracted by Abydos’ lurking, and hadn’t slept well as a result. She kept expecting him to just appear before them and openly join their group. That he didn’t made her jittery and nervous.
     She smiled at her husband. “I guess there’s nothing left to do. We should return to the Palace. If there’s something we missed, chances are it will have been reported there.”
     No one could argue with her logic, so they all nodded in agreement. No one said anything, but her jitteriness had spread, infecting them all. It almost felt like leaving this place would be admitting defeat, but there was nothing left to keep them here, especially since Amadea had officially dispelled her trap.
     With a feeling of heaviness, the group set off to the palace.


     Amadea stared off into the distance through the window. Even though they had been back in the palace for over a week with no reports of trouble, she just couldn't relax. It really didn't help that she could feel Abydos watching her from a distance – once again, just far enough away that no one else could sense him.
     “Cousin?” Lillian asked softly. “Is something wrong?”
     Amadea turned her attention to Lillian. “I'm sorry. What?”
     “Our advisers just finished outlining what I think might be a very beneficial plan,” Lillian explained, looking mostly like she was being patient, but a tiny hint of annoyance let everyone know that she wasn't.
     Zephyr nodded. “I also think that the plan could be beneficial to the people. Basically making sure that we are prepared for almost any kind of disaster or emergency.”
     Amadea took a moment to purposely smile at everyone in the room. “I'm grateful for all the work you've done on this. I agree with my husband and cousin. Feel free to enact this plan of yours.”
     “Thank you, Imperial Majesty!”
     “Is there anything else we need to discuss today?” Amadea asked.
     The advisers all looked at each other hesitantly. It was clear to all that the Empress wasn't actually paying attention, and so anything they brought up would just have to be brought up again later. Coming to a silent agreement, they all shook their heads.
     “No, Imperial Majesty.”
     Amadea sighed in relief. “Good, then this meeting is dismissed.” Even as she finished uttering the last word, she seemed to forget they were in the room and turned her head so that she could stare out the window again.
     Just what are you doing out there, Abydos?
     He didn't answer, but she didn't really expect him to. If he was going to tell her anything else, he would have by now. Plus, she wasn't entirely certain he could hear her thoughts at all – let alone from the distance he was.
     “Amadea?” Zephyr murmured when he was more or less alone with her. Now that the advisers had left, it was only their traveling group, plus Lillian.
     “Hmm?” She murmured without looking in his direction.
     “Amadea,” Zephyr repeated, tapping on the table in front of her to get her attention. “What's wrong?”
     “There's more to come,” Amadea informed him, turning to look him in the eye. “Both the Gods and Abydos told me that there was something big coming my way, and yet I have no idea what it is. If I just knew something... anything! If I could see the enemy in front of me, I could fight it! But this...” She sighed in depression. “This is driving me crazy!”
      Zephyr wished he knew how to help his wife, but nothing he had tried during the last week seemed to make her feel better. He looked away from her with a feeling of guilt. It literally hurt his heart to know that he was powerless to help her.
     “Well...” Boreus broke the sudden silence. “How do you know that the big thing they were all talking about wasn't the lesser doorways?”
     “I told you, the Gods told me...” Amadea muttered softly, looking out the window again.
     Boreus shrugged. “I know that. They told you during your prophecy, but what I'm asking is how do you know that they weren't talking about what we've already done?”
     Amadea sighed, feeling both frustrated and aggravated by his question. She wasn't really paying attention to him because she was so focused on Abydos. Therefore, she answered him far more honestly than she would have otherwise.
     “Because when Abydos told me more about the prophecy, the Gods got mad at me for making a deal with him. They told me that my fate is still in front of me...”
     “What?!” Zira and Zephyr roared incredulously. “You made a deal with Abydos?!?!”
     “Uh-oh!” Amadea muttered guiltily as she turned to look at her husband but stopped before actually looking at him. Instead, she turned to Zira. The ghost was so obviously mad at Amadea that looking at her didn't help Amadea feel any better.
     “When was this?” Zephyr demanded angrily. “And what was the deal?”
     Amadea took a few deep breaths in an attempt to keep calm as she tried to decide how to answer this. “Well...”
     She abruptly stood up. “You know what? I just realized that I need to try to talk to the Gods again. I need them to tell me what is going to happen so that we can come up with a plan. If any of you need me, I'm going to be in the temple praying at the shrine.”
     She moved quickly to escape the room, but Zephyr was ever so slightly faster. He reached out and grabbed her arm.
     “Amadea...” he murmured, incredibly hurt that she avoided his questions.
     She still avoided his gaze, instead staring at the floor.
     “Please tell me,” he half begged in a soft voice.
Amadea sighed and decided to tell him the bare minimum. She looked him in the eyes so that he would know that what she did tell him was the truth.
     “After I sealed the last doorway and sent Zira to report back to you, Abydos came to me and told me that the prophecy predicted more than just my possible death. He offered to help me as best he can, and all he wanted in return was... another kiss...” She blushed and looked away. “After that, the Gods got mad at me because they believe – the same as you do – that he has done something nefarious with his kisses.”
     “And you don't?” Zephyr demanded incredulously. He was also angry that she had kissed the demon – a being he didn't trust in the slightest – again.
Amadea placed a hand on his face and stroked his cheek lovingly. She kissed him to reassure him that she loved him more than anyone and always would. Then she gave him a sad yet brave smile.
     “I trust Abydos,” she said.
     “So did I!” Zira cried out emphatically. “Sort of. In any case, he abandoned me at the crucial moment, and he'll abandon you too!”
     “Exactly,” Zephyr stated in agreement.
     Amadea bit her lip in thought. Then she shook her head. “I really don't think the same situation will apply. Abydos will fulfill his vow to help me. I'm sure of it.”
     Zephyr growled in frustration, tempted to pull his hair out.
     “Now – as I said – I'm going to go pray,” Amadea reiterated, pulling free from his grasp so that she could leave. Just outside the conference room, she leaned against the wall and sighed.
     That was close! Until it was certain that she and everyone else would live through the upcoming ordeal, she had no good reason to tell Zephyr the rest of it. Most of all, she really didn't want them all to know that the Gods would rather have them die than have her do what she agreed to.
     With a deep breath to steady her nerves, she picked herself off the wall and finished walking toward the temple.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

In a Hotel Hot Tub

So I found myself in a strange situation. I'd had an unexpected windfall, and so for my birthday, I posted on the various groups I'm part of that I was going to rent a hotel room with a hot tub, and anyone who wanted to come play with me could. I'd splurged too and got a room with a tub big enough to fit 10-12 people. I figured that if reality proved that it would be me all alone in the tub, I'd still have fun, so I figured why not?
I warned everyone that it would be a potluck and a BYOB because after paying for the room, I didn't have any money left for snacks. But I knew from previous parties I'd gone to that the members of my kinky groups were pretty good about bringing supplies. Thus, I got to the hotel room and waited to see who would show up.
At first, no one did. I started to think that no one would, but that wasn't all bad. I'd still have a quite night all to myself in a hot tub. And then my first guest arrived.
After that, it seemed like someone showed up every five minutes – give or take – for over an hour. At some point, we all got undressed and slipped into the hot tub. Which brings me to the strange thing...
Without any sort of planning at all, I found that I was now naked in a hot tub with 8 men who were all submissives. This meant that I was the sole Domme with 8 subs at my command! I had never even dreamed of such a possibility!
This looked like it was going to be the best birthday ever!
You! Rub my foot. And you, rub my other foot,” I commanded, stretching out in the tub for them to do so. The rest of them all took this as an order too and each claimed a part of my body to rub. I was supported on a lap as every hand rubbed, fondled, or groped me. I especially loved them massaging my large breasts. It was so erotic that I nearly orgasmed right then and there! But I held back. For one, it's actually not that easy for me to go off. I am definitely a tough nut to crack.
For at least two hours, I was massaged and licked until I screamed with orgasm so much my throat was actually a bit raw. By this time, we'd moved to a comfortable arm chair, and I practically melted into it as I tried to catch my breath.
One of my good friends got on his knees before me, looked up at me with his amazing blue eyes, and then grabbed my hand so that he could kiss it. “And what about that thing we talked about, Mistress?”
Hmm...” I hummed in speculation. “I don't know...”
Please?!” He begged, lightly brushing away a strand of hair that had plastered itself to my face.
I sighed, not having the heart to deny him. But the decision wasn't entirely up to me. I looked around the room curiously at all the handsome naked men of all shapes and sizes. They were watching me with happy grins.
How good are you all? Will you do anything I command?”
Yes Mistress!” Half of them replied while the other half assured me: “Of course!”
Even if I order you to tie him up, spank him, and then take turns doing him up the ass?” I asked with clear challenge in my voice.
An excited look circled the room as they all looked at first me, then each other, and then my kneeling sub. “Yes Mistress.”
I was actually a bit surprised at that. I had no idea that all my subs were this sexually flexible. I thought that surely some of them were completely straight!
Yes!” My favorite sub hissed softly in triumph. He pointed at a bag over in the corner. “I came prepared... just in case!”
I looked around the room once more, and then smirked. “You, get the bag. You, subdue him. You, clear off that table.” I called out orders, pointing to my subs so they'd know who I was talking to.
Yes Mistress!” They each cried out in happy compliance.
The men all worked together to rapidly clear off the table, basically tossing the copious alcohol and bags of junk food on the floor under it. Two men hauled my favorite sub over to the table like he was a prisoner and they were police officers. They forced him to bend over the table face down. His head was turned so that his left cheek rested on the table, thus I knew that he could breathe.
I felt a little sorry for him because they were being rough, but I could tell by the tiny smile on his face that he was loving every second of it. His hands were forced behind his back and the sub with the bag handed a pair of handcuffs over to the two “policemen.” The cuffs were quickly placed on his wrists as his gorgeous blue eyes stared at me.
He was just tall enough that his legs bent a little as they dangled off the table, which looked uncomfortable. A pair of subs fixed this by spreading his legs fairly widely, and then tying his ankles to the legs of the table. He was well and truly helpless at this point.
I stared him in the eyes until he nodded at me almost imperceptibly.
Very good,” I praised my subs, who all stood ready and waiting to see what I'd order them to do next. “Who wants to whip him?”
I do!” The sub holding the bag of toys volunteered with a grin. He selected a multi-tailed leather whip – called a flogger I believe – and then tossed the bag aside. Another sub bent over to pull what looked like a ping pong paddle out of the bag and hold it at the ready.
You! Get me a drink!” I pointed at the sub closest to the bottle of my favorite wine.
Yes Mistress!” He cried out obediently. A moment later, he was handing me a glass of the delicious wine.
You may begin,” I granted permission after I'd sipped from my wine and sighed in pleasure.
As the two subs took turns whacking my favorite sub, he responded by gasping and moaning in pleasure. I looked around at the rest of the subs and realized that they all looked excited – like they couldn't wait for their turn. Oh man! This might well be a very long night!
You!” I pointed to one of the two who I'd thought of as police officers. “Doesn't he look like he needs you to shove your dick in his mouth?”
Yes he does!” The pretend officer agreed. He then stroked my favorite sub's red hair as he prepared himself. A moment later, he was sliding his long and thin shaft into my sub's eagerly open mouth.
My groin started tingling noticeably at this turn of events. I had to grab a towel from the table next to me and shove it under my butt before I got the chair all wet! I moaned in longing.
You! I need your tongue to dance on my clit!” I commanded, pointing at a tall man with a bald head and seriously sexy tattoos sprinkled all over his body.
Yes Mistress,” he murmured with an eager grin.
A few minutes passed in glorious near silence as I was not the only one moaning in pleasure. The man in my sub's mouth looked over at me curiously. “Am I allowed to cum inside his mouth?”
This was an important question because of safe sex practices. Everyone in the kink groups were dedicated to making sure they were tested regularly and also to declining parties until they knew they were safe. Even so, this really wasn't up to me.
Hey there love, do you want them to cum inside you?” I asked my favorite sub. The man in his mouth graciously let him speak.
Yes please! I love it!” My favorite sub exclaimed. “Pump me full until I am overflowing!”
Well there you have it!” I exclaimed with a grin. “Feel free to make him swallow every drop!”
Yes Ma'am!” The “officer” drawled eagerly. A few moments later, he was back in my favorite sub's mouth, and apparently still just about ready to shoot. I felt an unexpected thrill as I watched my sub swallow repeatedly.
Now that he was finished, I ordered the “officer” to replace my sexy bald man so that my sexy bald man could have his dick sucked on too. I also gave permission for the sub holding the paddle to enter my favorite sub's ass. He did so with a grunt of satisfaction.
Watching as all of the men in the room took turns using my favorite sub was quite possibly the most erotic thing I have ever done! They also took turns whipping each other as they rode his ass. In between turns, they'd tongue my clit and/or massage me again.
By the end of the night, I couldn't walk! But neither could my favorite sub. We were both carried to bed and snuggled up to each other. He pierced me with his gorgeous blue eyes.
Did I please you, Mistress?”
I purred happily, petting his head. “Yes, you were a very good submissive.”
He grinned at me for a moment before sheer exhaustion set in and we both fell asleep.

Erotic Short Story - Girl's Night Out

We were having a girl's night out and I was having a blast! Getting drunk, playing cards, and laughing our asses off was probably the most fun I'd had in a long time. Suddenly, the laughter stopped and one of my friends burst out in frustration.
“I need a smoke!”
I didn't smoke because the smell of it gave me headaches bordering on migraines. I was also the only one who didn't smoke and they had all been abstaining out of respect for me.
“Do you mind if we take a break?”
“We can go outside so we don't bother you.”
I shrugged. “I don't mind. I can maybe take a shower or something.”
They all gushed their thanks and hugged me before piling out of the room. I knew from experience that it would take them at least 20 minutes. Looking down, I realized that I was still wearing only my bathing suit and a sarong from when we'd gone swimming in the hotel pool an hour or so ago.
Come to think of it, while we'd been in the pool, I'd met a few couples who told me that they were having a sex party tonight. I'd been invited to join, but originally declined because the rest of my friends were not into swinging, nor did they have open relationships.
Well I have some free time now, so why not?
I left the room and walked down the hall to the room number they'd given me in case I changed my mind. I love sex parties and more than half wished that my husband was here with me. It'd been a while since we last attended a party, and he needed it every bit as much as I do. I knocked on the door.
“Hello?” A woman asked cautiously.
I grinned at her. “I was invited by a few couples to come play.”
“Oh! In that case, come on in!” She invited with a grin, stepping back so I could enter the room. I looked around with a grin. It looked like the party was definitely in full swing! The room was actually a suite, and so there was a surprising amount of space for the many couples to play.
Now wet in anticipation, I decided to hop in the shower to rinse off first. I didn't want to ruin the experience by tasting like chlorine after all. After my rinse, I left my clothes in the bathroom and enjoyed being naked as I walked back into the room.
“You there!” I pointed to a man with a short and well-groomed beard and a devilish grin. “You look like you know how to suck a clit, so come here!” I was on a bit of a time limit after all, no sense it wasting a second!
He grinned and settled himself between my legs with a soft chuckle. “Yes ma'am!”
I spread my legs and used his head to steady myself as his tongue quickly made me legs tremble. I threw my head back and cried out from the pleasure. This really was one of my favorite things!
A tall and thick man laughed and tossed a Hershey's Kiss at me to get my attention. I am not sure how, but I managed to catch it. I looked over at him sitting in an arm chair curiously.
“Look, there's an anxiously waiting dick here for you to sit on while he does that,” he pointed out as he rolled a condom onto his shaft.
“So there is,” I replied a bit lamely, but I was having fun anyway. I took the hand of the man who was currently eating me and led him toward the chair. A moment later, I faced away from the man on the chair as I settled on his lap – taking his dick inside me as smoothly as possible. It took a bit of awkward shifting, but soon I was reclining my softly chubby body against him with handsome beard working my clit with his tongue once more.
“Oh Gods!” I cried out happily. Between the two of them, I was very quickly on the edge of a glorious orgasm. My breath caught in my throat as I pushed against the head between my legs. A squeal let him know that I was in the midst of a strong orgasm and needed him to stop for a moment.
The man under me murmured in my ear. “Do you mind if I move to your ass?”
“Why not?” I asked breathlessly. I had already seen that he was on the thinner side and shouldn't hurt. He used plenty of lubrication as he worked himself into my anal cavity. I gasped in surprise at how good it felt. Normally I only mildly like anal, but at the moment, it felt incredible.
“I guess that leaves you free for me,” handsome beard informed me with a grin. He placed a condom on his long and wide shaft, and then leaned over us so that he could shove himself inside me.
It was rough in the best possible way. He managed to hit a spot that very rarely got stimulated. He also had a ring around his cock that had a squishy, jell-like bulb on it that bumped into my clitoris in a completely unexpected way.
“Holy fuck!” I cried out. This was a new experience for me for so many reasons. I'd never had a dick in both entrances before, and I'd never had anybody use that ring thing on me either. This was surprisingly awesome!
The man under me grabbed onto my tits to help give himself leverage as he thrust up into me. I responded by lacing my fingers together and resting my hands behind his head. At the same time, the handsome bearded man held onto my hips as he also pounded into me – the best he could considering the angel we were at.
I dimply heard a knock on the door. The same woman – who was volunteering for door duty because she'd already had so much fun that she could barely walk – opened the door. I wasn't really paying any attention to her, but even so, I heard my friends say: “We're looking for our friend...”
“Hey, is anyone here named,” she called out my name, which sent a small electric thrill through my body.
“Yes!!!” I squealed out. My squeal was long and keening, ending with: “Oh my fucking Gods Yes!”
The woman at the door laughed. “I think that might be her!”
My friends were probably red in the face at the sight of me, especially since I was actually rather close to the door and fully visible.
“Two minutes!” I gasped and panted as I held up two fingers, not caring if they stayed to wait for me, or left to wait back in our hotel room.
The two guys in me each grunted and roared in triumph as they reached their climax too. The handsome bearded one ground into me in a way that set me off like never before and I clutched his shoulders and screamed as I gushed all over the place. After that, I practically melted onto the man under me, who was still mashing my tits in his palms a bit rhythmically.
A minute or so later, I stopped shaking quite so much, and tried my best to stand up and walk to the bathroom. As I suspected, my friends had left. Taking only a few moments to wipe up the excess fluid, I put my bathing suit back on and chuckled as I realized that I smelled strongly of sex. After tying my sarong around my waist, I kissed my lovers goodbye – as well as a few people who had watched the show and wanted to grope me – and then returned to the party I was actually here to attend.
I stumbled quite drunkenly as I walked down the hall, and when I got to the room I was sharing with my friends, I practically fell into a chair.
“So...” my best friend began with a soft smile and a shake of her head. “I hear you had fun.”
“Yes!” I blurted out dreamily. “Hang on a minute,” I stated as I grabbed my cellphone from the side table next to me. I promptly dialed my husband.
He answered curiously, not expecting me to call him at all tonight. “Hello?”
“Honey, you'll never guess! I squirted for the first time ever tonight!” I announced with a proud grin.
“That's awesome!” He congratulated me. “How did that happen?” He must be dying of curiosity because none of my friends were into women. Even so, picturing me with any of my friends was probably going to keep him awake and playing with himself all night.
“There's a sex party down the hall and I was invited and I went and there were these two guys and they did me together and it was so fucking hot that I just went sploosh all over the place!” I explained in an excited rush.
“Whoa!” One of my friends blurted out incredulously. “She literally just told all of that to her husband!”
Right?!” Another agreed. “If I said that to my hubby – even as a joke – he'd frickin' kill me!”
I laughed. “Anyway, I'll talk to you later, love you!”
Love you too,” he replied just before we hung up.
I then grinned at my friends. “My hubby and I just love to have sexual adventures and tell each other about them. You have no idea how hot is is to turn each other on like that until we just tear each other's clothes off!”
Hmm...” my most conservative friend hummed in disapproval.
I purposely pretended like she was congratulating me instead and grinned at her sweetly. “I should totally go back a little later on and see if anyone else wants to play.”
My best friend tossed a pillow at me in mock offense. “I told you! You're not allowed to play around since I can't!”
I laughed and smiled at her softly. “Okay, since you're the most important person in the world to me, I'll refrain from playing around and focus all my attention on you.”
She shook her head at the way I made that sound a bit flirty, and then smirked. “Good!”
And with that, our girl's night out party resumed as if it had never stopped. We had so much fun making each other laugh that I honestly didn't care that I never did get a chance to go back to the sex party. Even so, occasionally I'd get a dreamy look on my face and my best friend would have to throw a pillow at me again to bring me back to reality. With a laugh, I shook my head. Man I love this girl!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Very Short Erotic Story

This one is the direct sequel to the two I posted earlier today. Enjoy! :-D

So after a good three days in which I had far more sex than I thought possible, I had to crawl out of bed and get something to eat before I starved! Well... so maybe that's being a tad dramatic, but it seriously felt like I hadn't eaten near enough to refuel the vast amount of energy I'd spent. Rand and his wife Kayla had a voracious appetite when it came to sex. The kinkier, the better!
Kayla hummed as she thoroughly annoyed the cook by insisting on making her own breakfast. It was a simple plate of fried eggs and bacon, but clearly the cook resented having her kitchen invaded by the Lady of the house.
“Oh, go back to bed and do what you're good at!” The cook growled at Kayla, shocking me that a mere servant dared to speak to her mistress that way.
Kayla smirked at the cook. “Hush you, or I'll tie you up and do what I'm really good at!”
The cook blushed and looked away. “Not now... I have far too much to do at the moment...”
The two of them got close enough to kiss, but before they could, the bacon and eggs spit hot grease at them. The cook clucked in dismay, and then made sure to dish everyone up before the grease could somehow start the kitchen on fire.
I stared at them curiously as I ate my food, dying to know if they'd ever actually had sex, or if they were just playing it up for me. After breakfast, I went to the barn so that I could wash up and get ready to go. If I dared to use the lush bathhouse, I'm almost certain that Kayla or Rand would find me and delay my departure for another couple of days.
Don't get me wrong, I was having enough fun that it would be nice to stay a few more days, but if I stayed too long, I'm almost certain that my father would catch wind of my stay here, and then I'd be at risk of being disinherited. Before I knew that there was bad history between my father and Lord Rand, I was fine, but my father would expect me to leave and forever after avoid this place now that I knew that the Lord of Ashcroft was definitely a scoundrel of the worst sort.
My ingrained sense of duty fought with the sheer pleasure I'd had while here. If I thought I could get away with it, I'd come spend every summer here!
I didn't notice it, but not too long after I'd stripped to wash up from a trough of clean water in the stables, Kayla arrived and silently gestured an order for everyone to leave us alone. The servants here well knew that their Lord and Lady were perverted, and when they weren't in the mood to watch the perversion, they gave the couple a wide berth. So it was that I found myself naked and alone with Kayla.
“By the Gods! Again?!” I asked incredulously when I saw her gazing at my body lustily.
“Mmmhmm...” she purred, her hands now roaming my body without any shame whatsoever.
“But we literally fucked for an hour before getting up for breakfast!” I protested in amusement. “Surely I'll need a bit more time to recover!”
“Mmm...” she hummed in thought. “Perhaps you are right.” She stroked my body in a way that powerfully tempted me to prove myself wrong. As she did this, I was distracted enough that I didn't noticed her grab a bit of rope until she started binding my hands together.
“Wait, what are you doing?” I wondered apprehensively.
“Shh...” she whispered softly, putting a finger to my lips for barely a second before resuming her task.
After tying my hands together in a way that was surprisingly secure – and yet didn't feel like my hands were being harmed from lack of circulation – she tucked my hands behind my head. I wiggled my fingers experimentally as I wondered why I let her do that. I should have pulled away from her and told her no!
But my mind had been too busy wondering what she planned to do next, sigh...
“My husband was looking for this, not realizing that I'd hid it out here to surprise him with...” Kayla informed me, holding up a strange leather harness. It really didn't look it would fit a horse, but I couldn't imagine what else it would be used for. “It's adjustable, so it should fit...”
I watched in surprise as Kayla opened all the buckles and then put the harness on me. I couldn't help but smirk in amusement. “This doesn't provide any covering at all...”
“It's not supposed to,” she assured me with a grin, kissing me briefly before finishing her task. “Lean over that bale please.”
“Uh...” I murmured in hesitation, not liking the thought of my face being scratched by the straw. Kayla didn't wait for me to comply though. She simply grabbed me and forced me to bend over the two bales that were stacked up – a good three feet off the ground. This meant that I wasn't bent too awkwardly, but also wasn't all that comfortable either.
“Good,” Kayla praised. She took a moment to grab something, and then started caressing my buttocks.
“What are you doing?” I asked her, wondering how she had managed to make it so that my hands stayed tucked behind my head so firmly. She didn't answer, and then I felt something pushing against my anus. “Wait, whoa, what are you doing?”
“Shh...” she hushed me. “Don't resist and this won't hurt at all.”
“Wait!” I cried out a bit panicked. But she didn't wait. Using some sort of lubrication that felt cold, she worked something into me that I couldn't quite see as I turned my head and tried to look. But from what I could see, it looked like some sort of tail!
I felt her work the smoothly polished wooden handle – as far as I could tell – into my anus until it was buried deep. To my horror and shame, it felt amazingly good! I moaned in pleasure even as I wondered what I could say to make her stop and remove that.
“There, now you'll grow accustomed to that for a bit,” she informed me with a smile. A moment later, she helped me stand back up.
“Why did you do that?” I wondered, torn between wiggling my gluteus muscles in an attempt to push it out and staying perfectly still so that it would stop feeling weird.
She laughed softly and shook her head. “You'll thank me later!”
After that, she fastened a leash to the part of the harness that formed a collar at my neck, and tugged until I had no choice but to follow her as she walked around. My butt felt so weird and yet so good at the same time! When I didn't follow her fast enough, she took hold of a riding crop and tapped my ass with it.
“Ah!” I gasped in shock.
“Prance, pretty boy!” She commanded imperiously.
“I didn't agree to any of this!” I protested.
She responded by tapping my ass with the crop again. “I said prance!”
With my hands tied like this, I have no idea how I'd be able to stop her. And simply refusing to walk around didn't seem like a good idea because she would keep on whipping me. With a sigh of frustration, I decided to just do as I was told.
Prancing around the stables felt strangely erotic! I both liked and hated the thing in my ass. On the one hand, it was definitely making me horny, but on the other, it hurt just a little. Even worse than that, I'd swear that my horse was watching this scene and laughing at me!
My embarrassment increased about a hundredfold when Rand joined us and leered at me with a huge grin. “Looks like things are going quite interestingly in here!”
“Oh Gods! I think I'm going to make a nasty mess!” I announced – feeling both embarrassed and panicked at this point. If I could, I'd crawl in a hole and die!
Kayla quickly led me to a clean stall filled with straw, and then removed the tail. After she did, I could see that it really was some sort of smooth wood – shaped a bit like a penis! – with hair (probably horse hair) dangling from it. She closed the stall door to give me a bit of privacy, which made me wonder exactly how she planned this to work with my hands still behind my head.
When I was finished, I stood back up and looked warily over to where Kayla and Rand were staring at each other. Once again, their look was almost enough to set the entire place on fire. A large part of me wanted to sneak away before they remembered that I existed, but then I'd have the dilemma of how do I escape my bondage and put clothes on?
With a smirk, Kayla helped me out of the stall and led me back over to that short stack of straw bales. Once again, she didn't give me a choice but simply bent me over them. This time, I didn't resist because I really thought that she was going to let me rest as she unfastened the harness and the rope around my wrists. Little did I know...
Rand came up behind me and massaged my buttocks as Kayla got comfortable in front of me – reclining on another short stack of bales – and forcefully shoved my face into her womanhood.
“Wait!” I cried out again before I was muffled by Kayla.
“Lick me so good that I damn near pass out from the pleasure!” She commanded.
I could feel Rand putting more of that cold, oily lubrication on my anus. Without looking, I just knew what he planned to do next. I took a very deep breath and held it for a moment before relaxing.
“Fine,” I murmured into Kayla's mound before doing as she told me to. I can't say that this would have been my first choice, but I also can't say that I was opposed to the idea either. To tell the truth, if they had just explained all of this to me and given me a few minutes to get used to the idea, I would have probably agreed to try it. Maybe.
With another deep breath, I tried my best to concentrate on Kayla as I felt Rand push into me. His shaft was bigger than mine, so I was prepared for it to hurt quite a bit. To my surprise, he didn't feel too much bigger than the thing that had so recently been inside me. Apparently Kayla had been right when she said that I'd thank her later!
Rand clearly had fun as he had his way with me, but what shocked me the most were the copious moans of pleasure coming from my own mouth. I was having a hard time focusing on Kayla because this felt so good! Thankfully, Kayla was using her fingers to help me get her off.
Gods... Oh Gods... Oh my fucking Gods! This felt so damn incredible! My whole body was shaking from the pleasure. Eons passed in this mind blowing bliss before first Kayla squirted her orgasm into my mouth. This then seemed to trigger my own climax because even as I tried to drink it all up, I felt like the whole world was spinning. I think I even squealed a bit!
Rand grunted from definite enjoyment, his movements getting faster and faster until I could feel a pulsing that filled me up. We all seemed to pant heavily for a few minutes. Suddenly, Rand chuckled.
“I say we give him a few minutes to rest, and then we string him up and start on the next part of his training,” Rand suggested.
“That sounds like a brilliant idea!” Kayla agreed, kissing him.
I was still far too gone to fully comprehend this. What training? What do they mean string me up? I couldn't understand them at the moment.
By the end of that long and exhausting day, I knew exactly what they were talking about, and if I hadn't found my own personal heaven at least a half dozen times that day, I think I'd have felt quite abused. As it was, it was a good month before I thought to crawl out of their bed again and try to leave...

Monday, March 21, 2016

An Erotic Short Story - Sequel

If you didn't already read it, this story is what happens directly after the one I posted earlier today :-)

Was it all just a dream? I mean what are the chances that a woman would actually have sex with a complete stranger, and then just walk away? Without saying a word!
My horse whinnied as if laughing at me. With a sigh of frustration, I cast all thoughts of the woman aside and gathered my clothes up so I could get dressed. I needed to get a move on it if I wanted to find something to eat before night fell.
As a traveler, I had started out with full pockets and a devil may care attitude, but the longer it took to reach my destination, the less fun it was to keep going. Why oh why did my father feel that wandering the Kingdom for a year made for a better – more compassionate – Lord? I shuddered to think of how I was going to survive the winter!
Maybe if I was lucky, I could find some place to work for a while to build up my finances again. Then I could possibly afford to spend the winter in a nice cozy inn before returning home and claiming that I'd done exactly as expected. It's not like my father would know the difference... unless he was spying on me... I would not put it past him.
I got back on my horse, left the clearing, and resumed my journey. Biting my lip in thought, I stared over my shoulder in the direction of the secluded pond. I'd had plenty of warm and willing women in my bed before, but never in my life had I ever dreamed that one would just walk up and take a ride as casually as if she was shaking my hand in greeting. I really think I must have dreamt the whole thing...
The dirt road I was following continued until I saw a sign that informed me that it was likely a full day before I got to the next town, but that the local Lord lived off the right hand fork in the road. With a sigh, I figured that I might have an easier time if I stopped in for a visit. After all, chances were good that I had met the Lord at some point during a visit to the Palace. A good 90 percent of the nobility attended the yearly summer fire festival that marked the first of the harvest rites. My father – who was sort of a kiss ass when it came to ingratiating himself with the King – had made sure that I hobnobbed with all the best Lords; in his opinion.
It took surprisingly longer than I would have thought, but eventually, I arrived in the main courtyard of the local Lord's sprawling manor. A look around made me shake my head in amusement as I realized that I had basically traveled in one big circle that nearly brought me back to the pond I had started at. I mean I couldn't even see it from here, but if my sense of direction was right, then it had to be right over there, about a 15 minute walk from here.
The Lord emerged from his manor with a frown. He was clearly lost in thought, and walked toward the stables, muttering under his breath. I wondered if he was planning to go somewhere.
I don't think I left that harness in the stables,” he murmured just barely audibly. “I was sure it was in my bedroom somewhere...”
I scratched my head and wondered why he would have a harness in his bedroom, but then I shrugged it off, figuring that maybe he was repairing it or something. My horse whinnied impatiently, calling his attention to me. He stopped short and studied me with a thoughtful expression.
You there, my good man!” He called out. “You look like a traveler in need of a place to stay for the night. If you'd be willing to do me a favor, I'd be happy to let you stay here. Maybe even for a couple of days!”
I grinned, extremely happy to hear that. “Name it! If it's something I can do, I'd be glad to help you out.”
He chuckled a bit wryly. “Oh... I'm certain that unless you have suffered an unspeakable tragedy, you'll be more than capable of this. Come on, I'll show you what I need done.”
I followed him curiously, relieved when a boy ran out of the stables to take charge of my horse now that I had abandoned him.
I'm Barrett, the only son of Earl and Countess Blackwood,” I introduced. Strangely, this might be one of the very few Lords I hadn't already met.
I'll try not to hold that against you!” He stated with a hearty laugh as he pounded me on the back a couple times. “Earl Blackwood once accused me of being the worst kind of scoundrel to walk the Earth, and since I roared out that he was brown noser with a stick up his ass before I could think to stop myself, I was more or less disinvited from the palace for the foreseeable future.
I could not help but roar with laughter at that. Just picturing the look on my father's face during the argument was enough to make me hold my sides and howl. Gods! I wish I had seen that in person!
Ha! I knew there was a reason to like you!” He informed me with an approving grin. “I'm Rand, Lord of Ashcroft. I'm only a Lord – not a Count or Earl or anything like that – so I guess that in the grand scheme of things, I'm barely considered better than a commoner. But just look! My estate is a rich little jewel in the middle of nowhere. A hidden paradise – if you will.”
I nodded in agreement. “So... what's this favor you need me to do?”
Punish my wife,” he stated with a grin. “She hasn't been naughty at all in days, and so I need to remind her just exactly how I expect her to behave.”
Wait, what?” I asked incredulously, certain that I couldn't have heard that right.
Your straight laced father called me a scoundrel, right? Well he was absolutely correct. Come, I'll show you!”
I didn't really have an option to refuse at this point because we had actually arrived in front of a door that he now opened to reveal a woman tied to herself in an uncomfortable manner on display on the Lord's massive bed. I was beyond shocked to recognize the woman who had dallied with me just an hour ago!
You're in luck – my love!” Rand called out to her joyously. “Rather than put you in a harness and encourage you with a crop, I've met a stranger to run his hands all over your body until you squirm and squeal!”
She had a gag in her mouth, but even so, I saw her gasp in excitement and try to roll over so that she could get a better look at me. Her husband grabbed onto one of the ropes wound around her chest and pulled on her until she had no choice but to kneel, despite her bondage.
I'm going to ungag you, and then I'm going to sit back and watch as this man thoroughly has his way with you. When and only when I feel you've been punished enough, will I consider untying you.”
I was seriously shocked by this conversation! What the hell is going on here?!
The gag came out of her mouth, but rather than protest – as I expected – the woman pouted. “But baby, you know how much I love to be tied up! Why would you want to untie me before you've had a chance to use me yourself?”
Her husband laughed wryly. “See? This is what I mean! You want to be punished, but you never do anything naughty enough to deserve it!”
So... I should fuck a stranger? Will that earn me a punishment?” She asked with a devious grin.
Well, I suppose that depends on how naughty you are while you do it,” Rand answered with a shrug. He stroked her cheek until he shoved his fingers in her mouth. “You should use that talented mouth of yours on him until he makes your cheeks puff out like a squirrel. And then you should let him bury your face into the bed while he roughs up your ass!” He emphasized this with a sharp smack to her left “cheek.”
Oh my Gods!” I roared in astonishment. “Are you serious?!”
The Lord and his wife were staring at each other with a look that seemed to set the whole room on fire, but then they turned to cast that smoldering look in my direction. Rand leered at me, making me feel strangely hot even as I shifted uncomfortably.
I need you to fuck my wife in every way imaginable,” he told me with a grin. “I need her to end up so covered in your spunk that she could be considered deserving of punishment for months to come.”
But! But!” I protested in shock. No wonder my father called him the worst sort of scoundrel imaginable!
Stop wasting time and shove it in my mouth already!” The wife cried out, still being held up by her husband – who looked strong enough that her fairly average weight didn't bother him in the slightest. “Show me what a real man is like! Fuck me so hard that I bleed!”
I honestly didn't know what to do! It seemed like I was inextricably caught up in this bizarre foreplay. I mentally debated walking away, but two things stopped me. One: I had already had sex with this woman, and Two: I was seriously hard and ready to go – inexplicably turned on by this strange and unexpected turn of events.
“You heard her,” Rand stated – still grinning. He let his wife fall back onto the bed, helpless to stop herself, and then stepped over to a chair next to the bed and got comfortable. He crossed his arms over his chest and dared me with his eyes to do it already.
I looked to the ceiling for guidance as she continued to spout shockingly graphic suggestions.
“Well..... if you insist...” I finally responded. I couldn't quite make myself get naked in front of this man I had never met before, and so I simply freed my shaft and got into position behind the dirty mouthed wife. She made me blush with her encouragement, so I looked over at her husband. I was just about ready to push myself into her tight ass, but her words distracted me. “I'd feel better if you put that gag back in her mouth. Or maybe shoved yourself inside it so she can't speak.”
“Ha!” He huffed triumphantly. “I can do that!”
Between the two of us, we most certainly earned her enough punishment to last for years!


A Super Short Erotic Story

The sun was just too hot at this time of day, so I carelessly tied a light wrap around my naked waist and climbed a tree so that I could relax and be protected from the greedy rays of the sun. Summer was my favorite time of year because all the rush of spring planting was over and the rush of fall harvest was yet to come. This meant that I had a few moments here and there to just relax and enjoy the sun.
As I sat contemplating my life and how it was surprisingly better than I had imagined it would be, my attention wandered and I think I nearly fell asleep. Not too long after that, I heard a noise that demanded my full attention. I absently scratched an itch on my full breasts as I watched a man I had never seen before ride into the clearing. He looked around very thoroughly to see if there was anyone around, but even so, he didn't spot me in the tree.
Deciding that he was alone, he grinned happily as he dismounted his horse. The horse was given permission to graze as the man stripped down and took advantage of the pond. He washed up joyously, clearly delighted to find a place where he could stop to wash up and rest for a bit.
I watched him with only mild interest at first. He was a stranger to me; a traveler simply passing through the area on his way to who knew where. I was more surprised that he had managed to find my secluded pond than anything.
As for his body, it was nice to look at, but not any better than my husband's. My husband made it a point to keep in excellent shape, and so I was actually quite spoiled when it came to having a handsome and virile man between my legs. That said, this man was no loser when it came to looks. He had an athletic look that was softened just slightly by a light layer of pudge.
The longer I watched him revel in the water of the pond, the more I actually wished that I could run my hands all over his body. I wanted to massage him and touch him everywhere. I wanted to lick him even as I asked why he was here and where he was going.
When he got out of the pond and lay on the grass under a tree to dry off and nap, I told myself to secretly get out of the tree and leave him alone, but the sun was shining on him in a way that made him look glorious! He closed his eyes and fell asleep – as far as I could tell – but his dreams HAD to be erotic, because his shaft was clearly rising to the occasion. It was a bit thinner and a little shorter than my husband, but this was perfect because my husband was massive and occasionally hurt me when he got overzealous.
I slowly slipped from the tree to the ground, and then untied my wrap and let it fall onto the grass. My naked body felt wonderful as I stretched. The sun caressed me like a jealous lover. One hand quickly proved that I was quite wet – obviously effected by the show he had just given me.
I silently walked over to him, but rather than run my hands all over him like I originally wanted, I simply straddled him and guided his shaft inside me. He made a noise of surprise, and I have to wonder if he was torn between keeping his eyes shut to enjoy the dream as long as possible, or opening them to see if this was really happening.
I gently rubbed my pleasure center as I rode him, moaning softly as the pleasure slowly spread throughout my entire body. I loved this feeling! It was a bit like lava rolling over me; a powerful force that took its time but never failed to consume me completely.
He clearly enjoyed this too because he gripped my hips in his hands and held on tight as he moaned and groaned in bliss. He also thrust the best he could considering that he was on his back under me. His effort was just the right touch to eventually set me off, but I enjoyed a good three quarters of an hour before that happened. However, when I did finally reach my climax, it shook me to my core, making it necessary for him to hold me steady so that I didn't fall off him before I was done.
I panted heavily, exhaling numerous sighs of pleasure for a few moments before I was ready to move. Knowing that I had wasted far more time than I had planned to, I simply smiled at him, kissed him on the cheek, and then stood up. Without a word, I walked back over to my wrap, tied it around my waist, and then began the good 15 minute trip home.
A prickling alone my spine prompted me to look back at him. He was watching me leave in astonishment. I'm sure he couldn't decide whether or not I was real, and if so, what if anything he should do now. I waved to him, and then finished my trek home. As far as I know, he eventually resumed his journey. I wonder if I'll ever see him again? Maybe on his return trip? Who knows?
In any case, this was long going to be one of my best memories.


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