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Monday, March 21, 2016

An Erotic Short Story - Sequel

If you didn't already read it, this story is what happens directly after the one I posted earlier today :-)

Was it all just a dream? I mean what are the chances that a woman would actually have sex with a complete stranger, and then just walk away? Without saying a word!
My horse whinnied as if laughing at me. With a sigh of frustration, I cast all thoughts of the woman aside and gathered my clothes up so I could get dressed. I needed to get a move on it if I wanted to find something to eat before night fell.
As a traveler, I had started out with full pockets and a devil may care attitude, but the longer it took to reach my destination, the less fun it was to keep going. Why oh why did my father feel that wandering the Kingdom for a year made for a better – more compassionate – Lord? I shuddered to think of how I was going to survive the winter!
Maybe if I was lucky, I could find some place to work for a while to build up my finances again. Then I could possibly afford to spend the winter in a nice cozy inn before returning home and claiming that I'd done exactly as expected. It's not like my father would know the difference... unless he was spying on me... I would not put it past him.
I got back on my horse, left the clearing, and resumed my journey. Biting my lip in thought, I stared over my shoulder in the direction of the secluded pond. I'd had plenty of warm and willing women in my bed before, but never in my life had I ever dreamed that one would just walk up and take a ride as casually as if she was shaking my hand in greeting. I really think I must have dreamt the whole thing...
The dirt road I was following continued until I saw a sign that informed me that it was likely a full day before I got to the next town, but that the local Lord lived off the right hand fork in the road. With a sigh, I figured that I might have an easier time if I stopped in for a visit. After all, chances were good that I had met the Lord at some point during a visit to the Palace. A good 90 percent of the nobility attended the yearly summer fire festival that marked the first of the harvest rites. My father – who was sort of a kiss ass when it came to ingratiating himself with the King – had made sure that I hobnobbed with all the best Lords; in his opinion.
It took surprisingly longer than I would have thought, but eventually, I arrived in the main courtyard of the local Lord's sprawling manor. A look around made me shake my head in amusement as I realized that I had basically traveled in one big circle that nearly brought me back to the pond I had started at. I mean I couldn't even see it from here, but if my sense of direction was right, then it had to be right over there, about a 15 minute walk from here.
The Lord emerged from his manor with a frown. He was clearly lost in thought, and walked toward the stables, muttering under his breath. I wondered if he was planning to go somewhere.
I don't think I left that harness in the stables,” he murmured just barely audibly. “I was sure it was in my bedroom somewhere...”
I scratched my head and wondered why he would have a harness in his bedroom, but then I shrugged it off, figuring that maybe he was repairing it or something. My horse whinnied impatiently, calling his attention to me. He stopped short and studied me with a thoughtful expression.
You there, my good man!” He called out. “You look like a traveler in need of a place to stay for the night. If you'd be willing to do me a favor, I'd be happy to let you stay here. Maybe even for a couple of days!”
I grinned, extremely happy to hear that. “Name it! If it's something I can do, I'd be glad to help you out.”
He chuckled a bit wryly. “Oh... I'm certain that unless you have suffered an unspeakable tragedy, you'll be more than capable of this. Come on, I'll show you what I need done.”
I followed him curiously, relieved when a boy ran out of the stables to take charge of my horse now that I had abandoned him.
I'm Barrett, the only son of Earl and Countess Blackwood,” I introduced. Strangely, this might be one of the very few Lords I hadn't already met.
I'll try not to hold that against you!” He stated with a hearty laugh as he pounded me on the back a couple times. “Earl Blackwood once accused me of being the worst kind of scoundrel to walk the Earth, and since I roared out that he was brown noser with a stick up his ass before I could think to stop myself, I was more or less disinvited from the palace for the foreseeable future.
I could not help but roar with laughter at that. Just picturing the look on my father's face during the argument was enough to make me hold my sides and howl. Gods! I wish I had seen that in person!
Ha! I knew there was a reason to like you!” He informed me with an approving grin. “I'm Rand, Lord of Ashcroft. I'm only a Lord – not a Count or Earl or anything like that – so I guess that in the grand scheme of things, I'm barely considered better than a commoner. But just look! My estate is a rich little jewel in the middle of nowhere. A hidden paradise – if you will.”
I nodded in agreement. “So... what's this favor you need me to do?”
Punish my wife,” he stated with a grin. “She hasn't been naughty at all in days, and so I need to remind her just exactly how I expect her to behave.”
Wait, what?” I asked incredulously, certain that I couldn't have heard that right.
Your straight laced father called me a scoundrel, right? Well he was absolutely correct. Come, I'll show you!”
I didn't really have an option to refuse at this point because we had actually arrived in front of a door that he now opened to reveal a woman tied to herself in an uncomfortable manner on display on the Lord's massive bed. I was beyond shocked to recognize the woman who had dallied with me just an hour ago!
You're in luck – my love!” Rand called out to her joyously. “Rather than put you in a harness and encourage you with a crop, I've met a stranger to run his hands all over your body until you squirm and squeal!”
She had a gag in her mouth, but even so, I saw her gasp in excitement and try to roll over so that she could get a better look at me. Her husband grabbed onto one of the ropes wound around her chest and pulled on her until she had no choice but to kneel, despite her bondage.
I'm going to ungag you, and then I'm going to sit back and watch as this man thoroughly has his way with you. When and only when I feel you've been punished enough, will I consider untying you.”
I was seriously shocked by this conversation! What the hell is going on here?!
The gag came out of her mouth, but rather than protest – as I expected – the woman pouted. “But baby, you know how much I love to be tied up! Why would you want to untie me before you've had a chance to use me yourself?”
Her husband laughed wryly. “See? This is what I mean! You want to be punished, but you never do anything naughty enough to deserve it!”
So... I should fuck a stranger? Will that earn me a punishment?” She asked with a devious grin.
Well, I suppose that depends on how naughty you are while you do it,” Rand answered with a shrug. He stroked her cheek until he shoved his fingers in her mouth. “You should use that talented mouth of yours on him until he makes your cheeks puff out like a squirrel. And then you should let him bury your face into the bed while he roughs up your ass!” He emphasized this with a sharp smack to her left “cheek.”
Oh my Gods!” I roared in astonishment. “Are you serious?!”
The Lord and his wife were staring at each other with a look that seemed to set the whole room on fire, but then they turned to cast that smoldering look in my direction. Rand leered at me, making me feel strangely hot even as I shifted uncomfortably.
I need you to fuck my wife in every way imaginable,” he told me with a grin. “I need her to end up so covered in your spunk that she could be considered deserving of punishment for months to come.”
But! But!” I protested in shock. No wonder my father called him the worst sort of scoundrel imaginable!
Stop wasting time and shove it in my mouth already!” The wife cried out, still being held up by her husband – who looked strong enough that her fairly average weight didn't bother him in the slightest. “Show me what a real man is like! Fuck me so hard that I bleed!”
I honestly didn't know what to do! It seemed like I was inextricably caught up in this bizarre foreplay. I mentally debated walking away, but two things stopped me. One: I had already had sex with this woman, and Two: I was seriously hard and ready to go – inexplicably turned on by this strange and unexpected turn of events.
“You heard her,” Rand stated – still grinning. He let his wife fall back onto the bed, helpless to stop herself, and then stepped over to a chair next to the bed and got comfortable. He crossed his arms over his chest and dared me with his eyes to do it already.
I looked to the ceiling for guidance as she continued to spout shockingly graphic suggestions.
“Well..... if you insist...” I finally responded. I couldn't quite make myself get naked in front of this man I had never met before, and so I simply freed my shaft and got into position behind the dirty mouthed wife. She made me blush with her encouragement, so I looked over at her husband. I was just about ready to push myself into her tight ass, but her words distracted me. “I'd feel better if you put that gag back in her mouth. Or maybe shoved yourself inside it so she can't speak.”
“Ha!” He huffed triumphantly. “I can do that!”
Between the two of us, we most certainly earned her enough punishment to last for years!


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