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Monday, March 14, 2016

Hannah and Teacher

Just to let y'all know - to help clarify what is going on here, this story is set in the same world as The Ambassador of Pleasure, so... enjoy!

Part 1

Hi Eric!” Hannah greeted her handsome teacher. “I mean good afternoon, my Prince.”
Good afternoon Hannah,” he returned her greeting with a fond smile.
Taking a look around the classroom to make absolutely certain that no one else had arrived yet, Hannah grinned. “My parents agreed to let me go to Secret Society School this summer.”
Eric also took a sharp look around before responding. “I'm not surprised. I am almost certain that your mother insisted on special permission to be allowed to join the class even though she also didn't turn 16 for a month after class started. If anyone was going to understand why you couldn't wait a little longer, it would be her.”
Mmmhmm,” Hannah agreed. “But according to her, my father only agreed because he likes both you and Princess Elena, and trusts that neither of you will abuse your position as our teachers.”
Eric shrugged. “Your father has been part of the Society for as long as you've been alive, but he wasn't raised in it like you and your mother. He still thinks that girls are supposed to save it for marriage. We had a talk on Saturday night about how he wishes you had been a boy so that he wouldn't have to think about any of this.”
Hannah giggled. “A big part of the reason that he is making such a big deal out of it is that his mom and dad traveled all the way to our house from out of state for a surprise visit a couple weeks ago, and walked in to find my friends and me dancing naked in the back yard! We're all part of the Society, so it was no big deal – you know? Just dancing, but we happened to be naked. Grams and Grampa had no idea that our family practiced nudism, so they had a fit! Mom stood her ground, but dad turned red from embarrassment and ran to get dressed.” Hannah giggled again.
I can only imagine how weird that must have been,” Eric murmured with a laugh.
After they went home, that was when dad started freaking out about my plans to go to Secret Society School, but thankfully mom talked him around,” Hannah reiterated with a happy smile.
I guess that means that I'll be your teacher this summer too,” Eric stated with an amused shake of his head.
I can't wait!” Hannah exclaimed in excitement.
Can't wait for what?” A girl asked as she entered the classroom.
Oh...” Hannah shrugged with a breezy smile. “Nothing much. Mr. Stewart was just telling me that we were going to have a super hard test at the end of the week.”
Only you would be happy about that,” the girl grumbled unhappily. She slumped in the chair of her desk. “At this rate, I'm going to need to go to summer school!”
I think summer school sounds fun!” Hannah stated, meaning it because she was referring to the training that she'd have this summer. It was required in order to become a full member of the Society. Currently, she was only an underage observer, which meant that she'd been able to attend rituals and watch as the older members of the Society had fun, but no one was allowed to lay a finger on her without offending their Gods.
She would turn 16 at the end of June, but class started a week and a half before that. Generally, new members had to be 16 before they could attend class, but occasionally, those who were going to have their birthday during the time class was scheduled could obtain permission to attend anyway. Hannah had insisted that it was highly unfair that all her friends from the Society would be in class this summer without her, and her mother completely understood.
More students filed into the classroom, making it impossible for Hannah to talk to her teacher about anything related to their Society. Therefore, she took her assigned seat. A dreamy expression told anyone who cared to look at her that she was definitely not paying attention to the lecture.
She must have found a boyfriend,” one of her friends whispered to another.
If she did, she didn't tell me about it,” the other whispered in return.
Thank God we only have 2 more weeks of school left!” The first girl exclaimed in a whisper.
Ladies, please try to pay attention,” Eric chided. Both practically glared at Hannah, as if protesting the fact that he didn't insist she pay attention too. Eric noticed this and chuckled almost silently.
Hannah, can you tell me what you think of the book we're reading?” He asked, just to show he girls that he didn't worry about Hannah because she was an excellent student.
Sure thing, Mr. Stewart!” Hannah agreed brightly, and then launched into a detailed analysis of the Scarlet Letter. Eric gave the two girls a quick look that basically said: see?


Hannah and her Society friends were all so excited about their impending class that it was literally all they could talk about from the moment school let out until class finally started. By this time, no matter how much her father might have objected, he would have changed his mind just to get a break from hearing about it! It was secretly a relief when Hannah went to stay with Princess Elena for the next few months.
For the entire first two weeks, the class was arranged so that all of the girls stayed with the Princess while all the boys stayed with Prince Eric. Their lessons consisted of information they needed to know to be full members of the Society – however, the vast majority of the rules they already knew since all of them had been raised in the Society. Which meant that they had plenty of time to practice the fun stuff!
The Society was a secret because the members dedicated themselves to worshiping their Gods via sex. This meant that to be a member of the Society, they had to learn how to be a good lover. To ensure this, each person who wanted to join attended special classes. To attend, they had to be at least 16 because not only was that the legal age of consent, but it was also a nearly universally agreed upon bare minimum age for learning.
Having special permission to attend slightly early, Hannah was naturally the youngest in her class. Others ranged from 16-19. Even though – and especially because – they were raised in the Society, the older students had waited until they felt the time was right. One might think that living in such a Society would place pressure to join the class the first moment they could – such as Hannah had – but one of the most important rules was consent... No one was rushed to join before they were ready because consent had to be clear and unwavering.
The girl that was 19 had actually joined a class back when she was 16, but when the time came, she hadn't felt ready to participate in the ceremony to give her virginity to the Gods, and thus she had gracefully declined. This meant that she was considered an underage observer at all rituals and events. Now that she was ready to fully join, she had come to class again because it was so much fun!
Hannah was paired with her for their first practice session. “Hi Leah.”
I've done this before, so let me go first,” Leah suggested with a grin.
Okay,” Hannah agreed with a matching grin. She got comfortable on the cushion provided and spread her legs for Leah. Leah settled herself with an eager purr.
Even though I wasn't ready to have sex yet, I loved this part of class,” Leah informed Hannah before placing her hand on Hannah's thigh. This was to give Hannah a moment to acclimate to an unaccustomed touch.
Lucky me!” Hannah exclaimed softly. “That means that you're probably really good.”
Leah gave her a smoldering grin to silently say: Of course!
Hannah inhaled in something akin to awe when Leah slid her tongue between Hannah's labia and located her clitoris. “Oh...”
Leah took plenty of time to work Hannah up. She used her fingers and tongue to slowly light fires in Hannah's body. Fairly soon, Hannah was crying from the pleasure, only a little embarrassed to be the loudest girl in class.
Remember girls,” Elena reminded those who seemed to be holding back. “It's scientifically proven that allowing yourself to make noise and cry out increases your pleasure. Holding yourself back reinforces your nervousness, which can make it harder to achieve orgasm.”
She circled the room, giving out advice and tips as necessary. One particular girl had her biting her lip and frowning in concern. “If you feel like something is missing, I can take over for a bit. Or you can switch partners and try again later when you're more relaxed and into it.”
I think...” the girl murmured in thought. “I think you should take over for a bit. I think I'm not feeling the way I should be.”
Elena purred in sympathy as she massaged the girl's legs. “Unfortunately, some girls just never orgasm. If you happen to be one of them, I'll probably be able to figure that out for you, but I am almost certain that you are just too nervous. You'll be fine once you feel like you know what you're doing.”
Elena used her excellent skill to please the girl.
Ah! Oh my Gods!” Hannah squealed when Leah gifted her with her first orgasm. She was the first one to do so, but hearing her climactic cries helped others get closer too. Soon, other girls were crying from orgasm, which signaled a small break to drink water before they practiced on their partners.
Elena was happy to discover that the girl she was helping responded to her touch. The girl grabbed a spare pillow to cover her entire face as she squealed. Elena maintained just the right touch to keep her going for a few seconds, and then let her rest.
Don't worry that you did something wrong,” Elena told the girl's first partner. “She's just one of those that finds it hard to do something like this in front of others. I'll bet that when you two practice tonight in private, she'll respond to you fairly easily.”
Yes Princess,” both girls murmured, relieved that neither had done anything wrong.
Meanwhile, Hannah reciprocated the lesson on Leah. “I'm a bit harder to get off, so don't feel bad if it takes a long time or doesn't happen at all,” Leah whispered.
Hannah nodded in understanding, but then focused completely on doing her best. She had practiced on peaches for the last few months, and prayed that she would be decent. Her eagerness astonished Leah, who cried out erotically as she gripped Hannah's hair.
Oh Gods! Are you sure you've never done this before?!” Leah gasped incredulously.
Hannah simply giggled as she continued her task. Leah was soon squealing her pleasure out for all to hear. A couple of the other girls clapped in congratulations, mentally making a note to ask both Leah and Hannah to practice with them later.
Those who wanted to could stay in class longer and practice a bit more, but those who didn't were allowed to leave class – since the lesson was officially over for the day. About half the girls left – including the two that Elena had helped. They mutually decided to do their practicing in private.
Princess?” Hannah addressed her with an enticing grin. “May I practice on you?”
Elena grinned at her in return. “Smart! Eric told me that you're a teacher's pet. You'll all figure out that practicing on those with more experience is helpful because they can give you excellent advice. I'd be delighted to let you practice on me. Just try not to touch my belly. Now that I'm about 8 months along, I just don't like anyone touching my preggo belly. Not even Jayson!”
Jayson's the baby's father,” Leah informed Hannah, just in case she had forgotten. Hannah simply nodded because she well remembered drooling over Jayson at a previous ritual. Elena laughed at the dreamy expression on Hannah's face.
Once you're a full member, I might let you practice some of those naughty thoughts you're having on him!” Elena stated with a knowing grin.
Mmm,” Hannah hummed in anticipation as she settled herself between Elena's legs. Careful not to touch Elena's stomach, Hannah focused on doing a good job. She licked Elena's clitoris and – after obtaining permission – used her fingers to stimulate the inside of Elena's vagina.
Elena moaned and sighed happily. She absolutely loved this feeling and planned to enjoy it as long as possible. But she also didn't want to discourage Hannah, so she patted her hair encouragingly.
You're amazingly good at this already, but I'm not all that surprised. Your mother seems naturally gifted as well, so I'm sure you inherited it from her.”
Hannah simply hummed in acknowledgment, concentrating on her task. Despite Elena wanting to take as long as possible, Hannah's natural skill was enough to get her close a mere ten minutes later. By this time, the entire class had returned in order to watch and take notes. When their teacher cried out with passionate abandon, even the shiest girl felt better about the noises she made.


For Hannah's birthday, the girls all asked for permission to practice on her for the day. Hannah squealed with orgasm so much that she had trouble walking for a good hour! And then Elena used her full skill on Hannah... which made Hannah cum so hard that she felt like the whole world was spinning.
Later that night, Elena invited Eric over for dinner to plan out how to handle their next class. The way it usually worked was that Eric and Elena switched on the day before their two classes merged into one – with Eric bringing the male volunteers over to Elena's house and leading the girls for the day while Elena and the female volunteers went to Eric's to lead the boys. However, now that Elena was about eight months pregnant, she didn't want to leave her house more than she had to.
Therefore, they were talking about how it would work if Elena stayed home. After suggesting various scenarios, they finally decided that they would just have it so that Elena led the male volunteers in her home while Eric led the female volunteers in his house. After that was settled – and dinner was finished – Eric excused himself to go to the bathroom.
Hannah was still recovering at that point, in the rooms where the girls stayed while in training. When she saw Eric through the door, she subtly excused herself to go to the bathroom too. None of the girls noticed Eric, because they were too busy practicing on each other, but if they had, they probably would have wanted to wait outside the bathroom to talk with him too.
Hannah walked into the bathroom a moment after Eric did. “Hi Eric! Elena told us today that we're going to be allowed to attend the ritual next weekend. I can't wait!”
Hi Hannah,” Eric greeted her with an amused smile at how eager she was. They had been friends for a long time because almost everyone in the Society was friends with each other. Also, because the Society practiced social nudity, it was not strange for the two of them to be in the bathroom at the same time. It had happened before.
Happy birthday,” he added when he realized that he hadn't had a chance to do so yet.
Thanks!” Hannah said with a grin, then she laughed softly. “The girls all practiced their oral skills on me today.”
That sounds like you had a lot of fun!” Eric stated with a laugh. He finished up his task and rinsed off with the handheld bidet sprayer in the sink while Hannah used the toilet. He handed her the sprayer while he dried off.
So, I have time before I have to leave to give you a birthday orgasm,” Eric informed her. “Are you interested?”
Yes please!” Hannah agreed eagerly.
We can use one of the guest rooms,” Eric said, opening the bathroom door and leading the way to the nearest empty guest bedroom. Elena's house was big and had a lot of guest bedrooms, which was good because she often hosted parties and events for the Society.
In the bedroom, Eric gestured for her to lay on the bed while he shut the door. “Elena knows I planned to do this and won't interrupt us, but do you want me to lock the door in case the girls get curious and come to check on you?”
Nah,” Hannah replied with a shake of her head. “If they got curious and came to check on me and found the door locked, they'd just freak out and assume that something was wrong. If the door's unlocked, they can just peek in and see that nothing bad is happening, and then go away.”
Okay,” Eric agreed as he got comfortable at the end of the bed. There was a thick and plush cushion on the floor for him to kneel on, which made him chuckle in appreciation at Elena's thoughtfulness. He took a moment to pull Hannah to the end of the bed and drape her legs over his shoulders.
Ah...” Hannah sighed happily, even though he hadn't done anything yet.
Eric – as a Prince of the Society who had vowed to have sex with everyone who asked him to – naturally had had a lot of practice orally pleasing a woman. He used every ounce of skill as he did so now, making Hannah clutch the sheets and gasp in awe.
Oh wow!” She cried out in amazement.
Eric grinned at the compliment even as he continued what he was doing. His tongue was perfect for stimulating her clitoris, and so it didn't take him long to get her off. She shuddered and gasped, but didn't scream or squeal. Instead, she clutched his hair.
Don't stop!” She demanded, arching into him a bit more. Eric complied with a soft chuckle of amusement. He licked her through two more orgasms before she squealed and tried to escape from his grasp. He immediately took this as his cue to stop, and gently helped her shift until she was laying fully on the bed once more.
Then he lay down next to her simply so that he could chuckle and tell her what he thought. “You're very demanding!” He stated with a grin as he lightly pushed on her nose. “I found it extremely cute.”
Hannah giggled. “I'm glad.”
I think you might have a bit of a dominant side in you,” Eric remarked.
Hannah shrugged. “Maybe, but I also like the idea of being tied up and spanked. Not hard! Just... just a little, you know?”
Eric nodded. “Yes, some are like that. They want to be spanked, but more as a sensual tease than as a real spanking.”
Hannah shifted to look at him better. “When it's time for me to be initiated, will you do the honors?”
Sure,” Eric replied with a smile. “I'm honored that you asked!”
Hannah chuckled softly as she grinned at him. “Well... I've thought about it for years – you know, who I'd want to initiate me. And the answer's always been you. Neither King Braedon nor King Andrew – before he retired – really held my interest. I think it's because I know you better than I know them.”
That makes sense,” Eric stated with a nod of understanding.
Just like I plan for you to be my first blow-job tomorrow,” Hannah stated with a knowing grin.
Heh...” Eric murmured softly. “Well, I have to disappoint you then. I'm not going to be here tomorrow because Elena doesn't want to leave her home.”
Aww!” Hannah exclaimed with a sad pout. “That sucks!”
Eric laughed and made a lame joke. “Or rather, it doesn't suck, ha ha!”
Hannah giggled even though the joke was worthy of an eye rolling. Then she sat up abruptly to look at Eric quite seriously. “Can I do it now?”
Well...” Eric hummed to himself as he thought this over. “I guess there is no rule against it. I am supposed to teach you girls how to do it anyway. Hmm...” He wracked his brain for a few more seconds, trying to recall if there was any rule that would go against him teaching her the lesson a few hours early. Eventually, he decided that there wasn't. So long as she was in class and had asked him, he was pretty sure that the vow he had made to their Gods prohibited him from saying no. “Why not?” He asked with a shrug and a grin.
Clapping happily, Hannah tilted her head side to side for a couple of seconds to figure out how she wanted to do it. She then shifted until she was in the best possible position. Her hand reached out to take hold of his shaft – which was hard already and had been from almost the first moment they had entered the room.
That's right, use your hands to stroke and rub my shaft,” Eric encouraged her. Since they were having a private lesson with no time limit, he decided that she could really take her time. “There's no need to rush into using your mouth. Explore a bit. Satisfy your curiosity.”
Yes, my Prince,” Hannah murmured obediently, calling him by his title as she was supposed to even though she rarely did. Hannah stroked him with her hands, feeling how smooth and velvety his shaft was. She then fondled his balls, giggling softly in delight that they were an interesting texture.
She really did explore him quite thoroughly with her hands before exploring him again with her tongue. Eric moaned and groaned in pleasure, giving her advice as necessary. She thought it fascinating to lick him like a lollipop for a long time before he encouraged her to try sucking on him.
At first, she did only that, sucking on him until her mouth got a little tired. Then he suggested that she use her hands some more. Eventually, she figured out a rhythm using both her hands and her mouth that had him rocking his hips and moaning erotically. He also started producing tiny droplets that almost made her stop. They tasted strange; mildly acidic. She wasn't sure she liked it.
Don't stop,” Eric begged in a hot whisper. “I'm about to cum. Please swallow it!”
Hannah decided to do as asked simply because he had done exactly as she asked when it was her turn. Taking a deep breath, she mentally prepared herself for what was about to happen even as her head and hands continued to bob up and down.
Eric cried out: “Oh yeah!” As he tightened his buttocks and pushed into her mouth a little bit more. He pumped her mouth full, moaning happily when she swallowed it and continued to suck on him lightly. When he indicated that he'd had enough, Hannah lay back down next to him. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her cheek. “You did very well.”
Hannah giggled softly and grinned at him. “Thank you!”
I'll see you next week when the two classes merge into one,” Eric stated before kissing her cheek again, and then rolling away.
My Prince?” Hannah inquired, prompting him to sit up and look at her. She got onto her hands and knees and looked at him quite seriously. “May I kiss you?”
Eric gave her a wry smile, and then nodded. She shifted until she felt comfortable, placed her hands on his shoulders, and then pressed her lips to his a bit hesitantly. It was her first kiss with a guy, so she was nervous. However, she had practiced kissing with the girls in her class, and so her abundant confidence soon took over. She slid her tongue into his mouth and gave him a kiss to remember – she hoped.
Eric responded with a happy moan. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her a bit closer. Eventually, they lay down again and let the kiss continue until they were both panting from a hot and heavy need. With a sigh, Eric broke off the kiss.
I can't go any farther yet, and you know it,” he murmured.
She nodded in agreement. It was true and she did know it. More than anything, she was ecstatic and thrilled that he had been her first sexual experience with a man, and even better, he had agreed to be her first lover when it was time for the ritual to initiate her into the Society.
Thank you,” she whispered with a smile. She was currently so happy – and actually lethargic after her day – that she was tempted to drift off to sleep as he got out of bed and walked away. However, she knew that one of the girls in her class was likely to come in here and drag her back to her own bed so that she could tell them all about what had happened. Thus it was in her best interest to return on her own.
With a sigh, Hannah got out of bed and followed her teacher into the hall. He stopped walking just outside the room she was staying in, smirking at all the girls that were now staring at him quite lustily. Hannah also stopped walking when she reached the door.
Happy Birthday again, Hannah. I hope you have fun in class tomorrow,” he stated, taking her hand in his and kissing it before giving her a small but gallant bow. After that, he left and grinned the entire time since he knew that she and her friends would probably talk about what had happened until they either fell asleep from sheer exhaustion, or until morning arrived and they realized that they needed to get at least some sleep before class.


Hannah was last in line as the girls followed Princess Elena into the room where the male volunteers waited for them. They all tried their best to contain their exuberance and act like mature adults, but a soft and constant giggle announced plain as day that they were all a bit nervous and far more excited than they wanted to admit. The girls initially held hands, but they broke apart as each girl chose the volunteer she wanted to start with.
Remember, ladies; you've practiced pleasing each other for a week and a half. This is really no different. You'll do just fine, but if you should doubt yourself, simply ask what you could be doing to make him feel better,” Elena advised as the girls were choosing. They all nodded in understanding.
Since Hannah was last in line, she was basically stuck with who was left. To her delight, it was King Braedon! “My King! I did not realize that you would be a volunteer today!”
King Braedon grinned at her. “Princess Elena asked me to. Of course I could not refuse!”
Yes, my King,” she replied obediently and then bent to concentrate on her task. His shaft was slightly longer than Eric's, but also slightly thinner. As a result, it was fairly easy to work on him. As Hannah did so, Elena joked with the man who was not a part of their Society but staying with King Braedon for a while.
I wouldn't mind another slave around the house,” Elena informed him.
As he freaked out about this, both King Braedon and Hannah chuckled. Hannah did my best not to let her laughing diminish her performance, but she wasn't at all confident yet. A secretive smile from Braedon let her know that he still liked what she was doing. He had a hand on her head, stroking her hair.
Soon enough, Princess Elena signaled that it was time to switch parters. Hannah was very disappointed that she hadn't made the King cum yet, but since he had many years of experience, she tried to reassure herself that he was simply very practiced at resisting the urge to cum – no matter how good the mouth was.
Hannah took the visitor to their Society in her mouth without any preamble. He moaned softly in pleasure, which made her happy. His knees trembled and shook quite quickly, making her feel far better about her skill than she had a moment before. She half wished that she had the divine power to make him squirt into her mouth for 10 minutes straight! But she well knew that only the Gods had that kind of talent.
Princess Elena chuckled, making Hannah wonder if the Princess knew what she was thinking. “You're doing well.” She said, referring to both Hannah and the visitor. The man Hannah was sucking on – Jules – took a few steadying breaths.
A pair of twins helped prepare me this morning. I'm honestly surprised that I'm so ready to cum again already!” He admitted, looking almost astonished.
By the way his balls visibly tightened, Elena knew he meant this literally. She placed a hand on Hannah's shoulder. “Give him a moment, and if that doesn't work, gently squeeze and pull down on his balls like I showed you.”
Yes Princess,” Hannah agreed, lightly practicing the trick in the air. It looked a bit like she was milking a cow. After a good thirty seconds of nothing happening, she decided that not only did she not need to use the trick, but that it was probably safe to continue what she was supposed to be doing. She took him back into her mouth rather abruptly, making him gasp in surprise.
Hannah really gave it her best in an attempt to make him shoot his load, trying not to be too disappointed when Princess Elena once again signaled that it was time to switch partners before he could cum. The next man more than made it up to her by going off in less than two minutes. Despte the fact that she still didn't really like the taste of cum, it soothed her confidence to know that she actually was capable of getting a guy off. By this point, she was starting to think that I was really bad at it or something.
By the end of the first day of practicing on men, Hannah felt a whole lot better – more confident. No matter how much people told her that she was good at what she did, she couldn't quite believe it. After all, if she was truly good at it, wouldn't she be able to get everyone off in a minute or two? And not just get them off, but make it feel like the best they'd ever had? This was her current goal; to become so good that she'd know how to bring anyone and everyone to a mind-blowing orgasm in next to no time at all.


Hannah so excited! Tomorrow night was her initiation. She couldn't wait to be a full member of the Society! It would mean that from that moment on, she would be allowed to participate in all Society functions. She was even thinking about taking a test to obtain a rank sooner or later. If she became a Lady or a Princess, she could help host parties and rituals, and thereby become even closer to their Gods.
However, such a step took a great deal of thought. It required making vows that might not be so easy to keep. So far, she hadn't had to deal with a person that she wasn't attracted to asking for sex, but if she became a Princess, she'd have to honor a vow to have sex with everyone who asked, whether she was attracted to them or not. She wasn't entirely sure that she had what it took to do that.
In any case, because a ton of people from all over the region were flooding into the area to attend the Initiation Ceremony tomorrow night, there was going to be a big party tonight. This was not entirely planned, but whenever more than a handful of Society members got together, a party was almost inevitable.
Elena, my Princess?” Hannah asked, tapping on her arm to gain her attention. “Can I have permission to greet the members at the door?
What did you have in mind?” Elena asked with an intrigued smile.
Hannah explained it to her and she gave her permission with an amused grin. “Feel free to move a comfortable armchair over there. In fact, Jayson!” She snapped her fingers just once, and her husband slash beloved slave responded with an obedient: “Yes Mistress,” before rushing to move a big and cushy chair closer to the door.
Hannah watched Jayson with a lusty grin on her face, making Princess Elena chuckle. “The more I see you lust after him, the more I think I should give you a few extra lessons after your initiation. I know that a good part of you wants to please your lover – almost more than you want to be pleased in return. However, I can see in you strong indicators that you'd make a good Domme. I really think you might enjoy learning some of the finer points of Domination.”
Hannah purred as she said this, not only because it really did sound like fun, but also because Princess Elena was petting her a bit like a cat and that made Hannah inexplicably happy. Elena smiled mysteriously and added honey to the pot.
Of course, playing with Jayson is involved in this extra training...”
Oh man, Princess! I can hardly wait!” Hannah exclaimed honestly. She walked over and sat in the chair – making sure to thoroughly grope Jayson in the process. He chuckled and slightly shook his head at the cheeky girl.
My Mistress must delight in teasing me, dangling such a tasty treat before me when I cannot truly touch you until tomorrow,” he said.
Ah!” Elena gasped in mock protest. “You know better than to talk without permission! I think I'm going to have to punish you for your impudence... Up against the wall!”
Yes Mistress,” Jayson responded with a pouty look of feigned remorse.
Hannah smiled as she watched them. She loved their relationship! Maybe the Princess was right about her, because she had fantasies about punishing a love slave of her own someday.
The other girls – and boys – in Hannah's class all got comfortable as they watched the whipping. Jayson so clearly enjoyed what was happening that a few of the classmates asked if they could give him a few lashes too. Princess Elena granted permission while she was still on hand to make sure nothing bad happened, but the moment guests started arriving, she put a stop to it.
A boy in the class volunteered to greet people like Hannah was, having a special chair for women to sit on and a cushion for him placed off to the side of the door. A few minutes later, they were both having a ton of fun as men allowed Hannah to welcome them with a quick blowjob and women sighed in pleasure as he practiced giving them oral as well.
To her satisfaction, Hannah had gotten a lot better at getting men off quickly. Later on as the party progressed, everyone in the class decided that it was a good idea to practice their skills as much as possible, and so it was the first time that any of them – aside from Leah – had participated in something that resembled an orgy.
One man who was new to the Society cried out in frustration at one point: “Do you have any idea how much trouble I could have avoided as a teen if my parents had been part of this Society?! I wouldn't have gotten my girlfriend knocked up – for one – which would have saved me a lot of grief over the years!”
Hannah wasn't sure who he was asking this of, but almost everyone laughed as a few people assured him that they understood how he felt. Hannah felt a little sad as she thought his statement over. It always seemed like a shame to her that she was the source of reason for all her regular school friends.
Her school taught abstinence only in Sex Ed class, and so when teens started messing around, a lot of them heard that they should come to Hannah for things like condoms and advice on safe sex. The irony at the time was that Hannah was then – and still would be for another day – a virgin, and yet because she was raised around a secret society that worshipped their Gods via sex, she knew far more about it than they did. Even better, her mom had no problem buying a steady supply of condoms so that she could help make sure her friends didn't become part of the unwanted teen pregnancy statistics.
The half orgy wound down around 3 am, which gave the class just barely enough time to get a decent amount of sleep before they had to get ready for their initiation.


Oh man... Hannah thought apprehensively.
The class had drawn numbers to see the order in which they would lose their virginity, and as it turned out, Hannah got to go first. She had hoped that she would be second or third so that she had time to get over her nerves, but when all was said and done, she just wanted this so badly that it didn't matter when she went. Taking a deep breath, she walked over to the bed in the center of the impromptu stage area in Princess Elena's backyard.
Eric took her hand in his and kissed it. “Are you nervous?” He asked in a soft whisper.
I was,” she murmured with a smile. “But now I'm not.”
Good,” he stated just before he kissed her. A moment later, he lifted her onto the bed.
The Initiation Ceremony was meant to be straight to the point for many reasons. The biggest reason being that there were usually a lot of initiates and it would take a very long time if each initiate was expected to showcase their skills first. Besides, they had all done that plenty last night!
In any case, Eric was used to participating in these rituals, so he promptly took the lead and spread Hannah's legs wide so that he could get into position between them. She clutched him to her, happier than she would have believed possible that he was about to take her virginity. She'd always had a bit of a crush on him, but in this moment, she really thought that she might love him.
He slid his shaft through her juicy wetness enough to lubricate himself, and then slow slid inside her. She cried out in surprise because she hadn't expected it to actually hurt. There was a sharp stinging for a moment, and then she exhaled in relief as the pain subsided and he moved so that he could thrust again. This time she gasped in surprise because it felt so good!
He repositioned them so that he could rub her clitoris with his thumb while they banged into each other. This made it surprisingly hard for Hannah to think straight! She started squealing from an orgasm in a very short time! Not expecting to climax at all – especially not so quickly – she felt like it was all she could do to cling to him as he pumped her full.
For time reasons, they were allowed to recover on the bed as it was moved off to the side and a new one rolled to the center of the stage for the next initiate. The bed they were on would be wiped down and given clean sheets in a moment, but for now, the attendants waited patiently.
Thank you!” Hannah huffed softly in Eric's ear. She reinforced this with a kiss.
He moaned happily for a moment as she kissed him, but then broke it off. “My pleasure. I have to get ready for my next initiate.”
Hannah nodded in understanding, watching as he accepted a cloth from an attendant to clean up with. His cloth was wet and the attendant also held a basin for him to wash up in quickly. As he did this, she accepted a dry cloth to wipe up with from a different attendant.
Here's your official necklace,” the attendant informed her a moment later, placing the stainless steel chain and charm that symbolized her status as a member of the Society around her neck. He then kissed Hannah quite thoroughly. “I look forward to getting to know you better later on.”
Mmm,” she moaned in agreement, smiling at him. “We'll see...”
Hannah then returned to her seat to watch the rest of her class be initiated.
When the last boy pumped Princess Jessica full with an almost surprised grunt of pleasure, Princess Elena officially closed the ceremony and granted everyone permission to seak their pleasure as they liked. Before Hannah could decided on which of the many offers to accept first, Princess Elena arrived at her side and grabbed her hand.
You're coming with me!” She announced.
I'm honored!” Hannah exclaimed in astonishment. Despite the Princess saying that she might give Hannah extra training, she really hadn't expected her to do so right away. As Elena pulled Hannah after her – holding up a hand to indicate that she would appreciate it if members didn't either of them for sex just now – she muttered an explanation.
Eric and I made special plans for you tonight. You might have noticed that he slipped away from the ceremony a few minutes ago; well it was because he didn't want to have to fend off eager would be lovers just yet.”
My Princess?” Hannah questioned in confusion.
He really likes you,” Elena informed her now that they were alone in the hall outside a closed door that Hannah knew was Elena's bedroom. “And I've been his friend long enough that I know he's had terrible luck with a stable relationship, so I've decided that I want to encourage him, you know? I can only hope that you'll give him a chance.”
Aww,” Hannah purred happily. “I really like him too!”
Good,” Elena praised with a grin. She then opened her bedroom door and pulled Hannah inside before closing it again and locking it. She gave Hannah a deliciously impish laugh as she pointed to the wall where both Jayson and Eric waited to be whipped. “I promised you lessons...”
Oh boy...” Hannah exhaled softly in excitement.

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