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Monday, March 21, 2016

A Super Short Erotic Story

The sun was just too hot at this time of day, so I carelessly tied a light wrap around my naked waist and climbed a tree so that I could relax and be protected from the greedy rays of the sun. Summer was my favorite time of year because all the rush of spring planting was over and the rush of fall harvest was yet to come. This meant that I had a few moments here and there to just relax and enjoy the sun.
As I sat contemplating my life and how it was surprisingly better than I had imagined it would be, my attention wandered and I think I nearly fell asleep. Not too long after that, I heard a noise that demanded my full attention. I absently scratched an itch on my full breasts as I watched a man I had never seen before ride into the clearing. He looked around very thoroughly to see if there was anyone around, but even so, he didn't spot me in the tree.
Deciding that he was alone, he grinned happily as he dismounted his horse. The horse was given permission to graze as the man stripped down and took advantage of the pond. He washed up joyously, clearly delighted to find a place where he could stop to wash up and rest for a bit.
I watched him with only mild interest at first. He was a stranger to me; a traveler simply passing through the area on his way to who knew where. I was more surprised that he had managed to find my secluded pond than anything.
As for his body, it was nice to look at, but not any better than my husband's. My husband made it a point to keep in excellent shape, and so I was actually quite spoiled when it came to having a handsome and virile man between my legs. That said, this man was no loser when it came to looks. He had an athletic look that was softened just slightly by a light layer of pudge.
The longer I watched him revel in the water of the pond, the more I actually wished that I could run my hands all over his body. I wanted to massage him and touch him everywhere. I wanted to lick him even as I asked why he was here and where he was going.
When he got out of the pond and lay on the grass under a tree to dry off and nap, I told myself to secretly get out of the tree and leave him alone, but the sun was shining on him in a way that made him look glorious! He closed his eyes and fell asleep – as far as I could tell – but his dreams HAD to be erotic, because his shaft was clearly rising to the occasion. It was a bit thinner and a little shorter than my husband, but this was perfect because my husband was massive and occasionally hurt me when he got overzealous.
I slowly slipped from the tree to the ground, and then untied my wrap and let it fall onto the grass. My naked body felt wonderful as I stretched. The sun caressed me like a jealous lover. One hand quickly proved that I was quite wet – obviously effected by the show he had just given me.
I silently walked over to him, but rather than run my hands all over him like I originally wanted, I simply straddled him and guided his shaft inside me. He made a noise of surprise, and I have to wonder if he was torn between keeping his eyes shut to enjoy the dream as long as possible, or opening them to see if this was really happening.
I gently rubbed my pleasure center as I rode him, moaning softly as the pleasure slowly spread throughout my entire body. I loved this feeling! It was a bit like lava rolling over me; a powerful force that took its time but never failed to consume me completely.
He clearly enjoyed this too because he gripped my hips in his hands and held on tight as he moaned and groaned in bliss. He also thrust the best he could considering that he was on his back under me. His effort was just the right touch to eventually set me off, but I enjoyed a good three quarters of an hour before that happened. However, when I did finally reach my climax, it shook me to my core, making it necessary for him to hold me steady so that I didn't fall off him before I was done.
I panted heavily, exhaling numerous sighs of pleasure for a few moments before I was ready to move. Knowing that I had wasted far more time than I had planned to, I simply smiled at him, kissed him on the cheek, and then stood up. Without a word, I walked back over to my wrap, tied it around my waist, and then began the good 15 minute trip home.
A prickling alone my spine prompted me to look back at him. He was watching me leave in astonishment. I'm sure he couldn't decide whether or not I was real, and if so, what if anything he should do now. I waved to him, and then finished my trek home. As far as I know, he eventually resumed his journey. I wonder if I'll ever see him again? Maybe on his return trip? Who knows?
In any case, this was long going to be one of my best memories.


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