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Saturday, March 26, 2016

In a Hotel Hot Tub

So I found myself in a strange situation. I'd had an unexpected windfall, and so for my birthday, I posted on the various groups I'm part of that I was going to rent a hotel room with a hot tub, and anyone who wanted to come play with me could. I'd splurged too and got a room with a tub big enough to fit 10-12 people. I figured that if reality proved that it would be me all alone in the tub, I'd still have fun, so I figured why not?
I warned everyone that it would be a potluck and a BYOB because after paying for the room, I didn't have any money left for snacks. But I knew from previous parties I'd gone to that the members of my kinky groups were pretty good about bringing supplies. Thus, I got to the hotel room and waited to see who would show up.
At first, no one did. I started to think that no one would, but that wasn't all bad. I'd still have a quite night all to myself in a hot tub. And then my first guest arrived.
After that, it seemed like someone showed up every five minutes – give or take – for over an hour. At some point, we all got undressed and slipped into the hot tub. Which brings me to the strange thing...
Without any sort of planning at all, I found that I was now naked in a hot tub with 8 men who were all submissives. This meant that I was the sole Domme with 8 subs at my command! I had never even dreamed of such a possibility!
This looked like it was going to be the best birthday ever!
You! Rub my foot. And you, rub my other foot,” I commanded, stretching out in the tub for them to do so. The rest of them all took this as an order too and each claimed a part of my body to rub. I was supported on a lap as every hand rubbed, fondled, or groped me. I especially loved them massaging my large breasts. It was so erotic that I nearly orgasmed right then and there! But I held back. For one, it's actually not that easy for me to go off. I am definitely a tough nut to crack.
For at least two hours, I was massaged and licked until I screamed with orgasm so much my throat was actually a bit raw. By this time, we'd moved to a comfortable arm chair, and I practically melted into it as I tried to catch my breath.
One of my good friends got on his knees before me, looked up at me with his amazing blue eyes, and then grabbed my hand so that he could kiss it. “And what about that thing we talked about, Mistress?”
Hmm...” I hummed in speculation. “I don't know...”
Please?!” He begged, lightly brushing away a strand of hair that had plastered itself to my face.
I sighed, not having the heart to deny him. But the decision wasn't entirely up to me. I looked around the room curiously at all the handsome naked men of all shapes and sizes. They were watching me with happy grins.
How good are you all? Will you do anything I command?”
Yes Mistress!” Half of them replied while the other half assured me: “Of course!”
Even if I order you to tie him up, spank him, and then take turns doing him up the ass?” I asked with clear challenge in my voice.
An excited look circled the room as they all looked at first me, then each other, and then my kneeling sub. “Yes Mistress.”
I was actually a bit surprised at that. I had no idea that all my subs were this sexually flexible. I thought that surely some of them were completely straight!
Yes!” My favorite sub hissed softly in triumph. He pointed at a bag over in the corner. “I came prepared... just in case!”
I looked around the room once more, and then smirked. “You, get the bag. You, subdue him. You, clear off that table.” I called out orders, pointing to my subs so they'd know who I was talking to.
Yes Mistress!” They each cried out in happy compliance.
The men all worked together to rapidly clear off the table, basically tossing the copious alcohol and bags of junk food on the floor under it. Two men hauled my favorite sub over to the table like he was a prisoner and they were police officers. They forced him to bend over the table face down. His head was turned so that his left cheek rested on the table, thus I knew that he could breathe.
I felt a little sorry for him because they were being rough, but I could tell by the tiny smile on his face that he was loving every second of it. His hands were forced behind his back and the sub with the bag handed a pair of handcuffs over to the two “policemen.” The cuffs were quickly placed on his wrists as his gorgeous blue eyes stared at me.
He was just tall enough that his legs bent a little as they dangled off the table, which looked uncomfortable. A pair of subs fixed this by spreading his legs fairly widely, and then tying his ankles to the legs of the table. He was well and truly helpless at this point.
I stared him in the eyes until he nodded at me almost imperceptibly.
Very good,” I praised my subs, who all stood ready and waiting to see what I'd order them to do next. “Who wants to whip him?”
I do!” The sub holding the bag of toys volunteered with a grin. He selected a multi-tailed leather whip – called a flogger I believe – and then tossed the bag aside. Another sub bent over to pull what looked like a ping pong paddle out of the bag and hold it at the ready.
You! Get me a drink!” I pointed at the sub closest to the bottle of my favorite wine.
Yes Mistress!” He cried out obediently. A moment later, he was handing me a glass of the delicious wine.
You may begin,” I granted permission after I'd sipped from my wine and sighed in pleasure.
As the two subs took turns whacking my favorite sub, he responded by gasping and moaning in pleasure. I looked around at the rest of the subs and realized that they all looked excited – like they couldn't wait for their turn. Oh man! This might well be a very long night!
You!” I pointed to one of the two who I'd thought of as police officers. “Doesn't he look like he needs you to shove your dick in his mouth?”
Yes he does!” The pretend officer agreed. He then stroked my favorite sub's red hair as he prepared himself. A moment later, he was sliding his long and thin shaft into my sub's eagerly open mouth.
My groin started tingling noticeably at this turn of events. I had to grab a towel from the table next to me and shove it under my butt before I got the chair all wet! I moaned in longing.
You! I need your tongue to dance on my clit!” I commanded, pointing at a tall man with a bald head and seriously sexy tattoos sprinkled all over his body.
Yes Mistress,” he murmured with an eager grin.
A few minutes passed in glorious near silence as I was not the only one moaning in pleasure. The man in my sub's mouth looked over at me curiously. “Am I allowed to cum inside his mouth?”
This was an important question because of safe sex practices. Everyone in the kink groups were dedicated to making sure they were tested regularly and also to declining parties until they knew they were safe. Even so, this really wasn't up to me.
Hey there love, do you want them to cum inside you?” I asked my favorite sub. The man in his mouth graciously let him speak.
Yes please! I love it!” My favorite sub exclaimed. “Pump me full until I am overflowing!”
Well there you have it!” I exclaimed with a grin. “Feel free to make him swallow every drop!”
Yes Ma'am!” The “officer” drawled eagerly. A few moments later, he was back in my favorite sub's mouth, and apparently still just about ready to shoot. I felt an unexpected thrill as I watched my sub swallow repeatedly.
Now that he was finished, I ordered the “officer” to replace my sexy bald man so that my sexy bald man could have his dick sucked on too. I also gave permission for the sub holding the paddle to enter my favorite sub's ass. He did so with a grunt of satisfaction.
Watching as all of the men in the room took turns using my favorite sub was quite possibly the most erotic thing I have ever done! They also took turns whipping each other as they rode his ass. In between turns, they'd tongue my clit and/or massage me again.
By the end of the night, I couldn't walk! But neither could my favorite sub. We were both carried to bed and snuggled up to each other. He pierced me with his gorgeous blue eyes.
Did I please you, Mistress?”
I purred happily, petting his head. “Yes, you were a very good submissive.”
He grinned at me for a moment before sheer exhaustion set in and we both fell asleep.


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