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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another Very Short Erotic Story

This one is the direct sequel to the two I posted earlier today. Enjoy! :-D

So after a good three days in which I had far more sex than I thought possible, I had to crawl out of bed and get something to eat before I starved! Well... so maybe that's being a tad dramatic, but it seriously felt like I hadn't eaten near enough to refuel the vast amount of energy I'd spent. Rand and his wife Kayla had a voracious appetite when it came to sex. The kinkier, the better!
Kayla hummed as she thoroughly annoyed the cook by insisting on making her own breakfast. It was a simple plate of fried eggs and bacon, but clearly the cook resented having her kitchen invaded by the Lady of the house.
“Oh, go back to bed and do what you're good at!” The cook growled at Kayla, shocking me that a mere servant dared to speak to her mistress that way.
Kayla smirked at the cook. “Hush you, or I'll tie you up and do what I'm really good at!”
The cook blushed and looked away. “Not now... I have far too much to do at the moment...”
The two of them got close enough to kiss, but before they could, the bacon and eggs spit hot grease at them. The cook clucked in dismay, and then made sure to dish everyone up before the grease could somehow start the kitchen on fire.
I stared at them curiously as I ate my food, dying to know if they'd ever actually had sex, or if they were just playing it up for me. After breakfast, I went to the barn so that I could wash up and get ready to go. If I dared to use the lush bathhouse, I'm almost certain that Kayla or Rand would find me and delay my departure for another couple of days.
Don't get me wrong, I was having enough fun that it would be nice to stay a few more days, but if I stayed too long, I'm almost certain that my father would catch wind of my stay here, and then I'd be at risk of being disinherited. Before I knew that there was bad history between my father and Lord Rand, I was fine, but my father would expect me to leave and forever after avoid this place now that I knew that the Lord of Ashcroft was definitely a scoundrel of the worst sort.
My ingrained sense of duty fought with the sheer pleasure I'd had while here. If I thought I could get away with it, I'd come spend every summer here!
I didn't notice it, but not too long after I'd stripped to wash up from a trough of clean water in the stables, Kayla arrived and silently gestured an order for everyone to leave us alone. The servants here well knew that their Lord and Lady were perverted, and when they weren't in the mood to watch the perversion, they gave the couple a wide berth. So it was that I found myself naked and alone with Kayla.
“By the Gods! Again?!” I asked incredulously when I saw her gazing at my body lustily.
“Mmmhmm...” she purred, her hands now roaming my body without any shame whatsoever.
“But we literally fucked for an hour before getting up for breakfast!” I protested in amusement. “Surely I'll need a bit more time to recover!”
“Mmm...” she hummed in thought. “Perhaps you are right.” She stroked my body in a way that powerfully tempted me to prove myself wrong. As she did this, I was distracted enough that I didn't noticed her grab a bit of rope until she started binding my hands together.
“Wait, what are you doing?” I wondered apprehensively.
“Shh...” she whispered softly, putting a finger to my lips for barely a second before resuming her task.
After tying my hands together in a way that was surprisingly secure – and yet didn't feel like my hands were being harmed from lack of circulation – she tucked my hands behind my head. I wiggled my fingers experimentally as I wondered why I let her do that. I should have pulled away from her and told her no!
But my mind had been too busy wondering what she planned to do next, sigh...
“My husband was looking for this, not realizing that I'd hid it out here to surprise him with...” Kayla informed me, holding up a strange leather harness. It really didn't look it would fit a horse, but I couldn't imagine what else it would be used for. “It's adjustable, so it should fit...”
I watched in surprise as Kayla opened all the buckles and then put the harness on me. I couldn't help but smirk in amusement. “This doesn't provide any covering at all...”
“It's not supposed to,” she assured me with a grin, kissing me briefly before finishing her task. “Lean over that bale please.”
“Uh...” I murmured in hesitation, not liking the thought of my face being scratched by the straw. Kayla didn't wait for me to comply though. She simply grabbed me and forced me to bend over the two bales that were stacked up – a good three feet off the ground. This meant that I wasn't bent too awkwardly, but also wasn't all that comfortable either.
“Good,” Kayla praised. She took a moment to grab something, and then started caressing my buttocks.
“What are you doing?” I asked her, wondering how she had managed to make it so that my hands stayed tucked behind my head so firmly. She didn't answer, and then I felt something pushing against my anus. “Wait, whoa, what are you doing?”
“Shh...” she hushed me. “Don't resist and this won't hurt at all.”
“Wait!” I cried out a bit panicked. But she didn't wait. Using some sort of lubrication that felt cold, she worked something into me that I couldn't quite see as I turned my head and tried to look. But from what I could see, it looked like some sort of tail!
I felt her work the smoothly polished wooden handle – as far as I could tell – into my anus until it was buried deep. To my horror and shame, it felt amazingly good! I moaned in pleasure even as I wondered what I could say to make her stop and remove that.
“There, now you'll grow accustomed to that for a bit,” she informed me with a smile. A moment later, she helped me stand back up.
“Why did you do that?” I wondered, torn between wiggling my gluteus muscles in an attempt to push it out and staying perfectly still so that it would stop feeling weird.
She laughed softly and shook her head. “You'll thank me later!”
After that, she fastened a leash to the part of the harness that formed a collar at my neck, and tugged until I had no choice but to follow her as she walked around. My butt felt so weird and yet so good at the same time! When I didn't follow her fast enough, she took hold of a riding crop and tapped my ass with it.
“Ah!” I gasped in shock.
“Prance, pretty boy!” She commanded imperiously.
“I didn't agree to any of this!” I protested.
She responded by tapping my ass with the crop again. “I said prance!”
With my hands tied like this, I have no idea how I'd be able to stop her. And simply refusing to walk around didn't seem like a good idea because she would keep on whipping me. With a sigh of frustration, I decided to just do as I was told.
Prancing around the stables felt strangely erotic! I both liked and hated the thing in my ass. On the one hand, it was definitely making me horny, but on the other, it hurt just a little. Even worse than that, I'd swear that my horse was watching this scene and laughing at me!
My embarrassment increased about a hundredfold when Rand joined us and leered at me with a huge grin. “Looks like things are going quite interestingly in here!”
“Oh Gods! I think I'm going to make a nasty mess!” I announced – feeling both embarrassed and panicked at this point. If I could, I'd crawl in a hole and die!
Kayla quickly led me to a clean stall filled with straw, and then removed the tail. After she did, I could see that it really was some sort of smooth wood – shaped a bit like a penis! – with hair (probably horse hair) dangling from it. She closed the stall door to give me a bit of privacy, which made me wonder exactly how she planned this to work with my hands still behind my head.
When I was finished, I stood back up and looked warily over to where Kayla and Rand were staring at each other. Once again, their look was almost enough to set the entire place on fire. A large part of me wanted to sneak away before they remembered that I existed, but then I'd have the dilemma of how do I escape my bondage and put clothes on?
With a smirk, Kayla helped me out of the stall and led me back over to that short stack of straw bales. Once again, she didn't give me a choice but simply bent me over them. This time, I didn't resist because I really thought that she was going to let me rest as she unfastened the harness and the rope around my wrists. Little did I know...
Rand came up behind me and massaged my buttocks as Kayla got comfortable in front of me – reclining on another short stack of bales – and forcefully shoved my face into her womanhood.
“Wait!” I cried out again before I was muffled by Kayla.
“Lick me so good that I damn near pass out from the pleasure!” She commanded.
I could feel Rand putting more of that cold, oily lubrication on my anus. Without looking, I just knew what he planned to do next. I took a very deep breath and held it for a moment before relaxing.
“Fine,” I murmured into Kayla's mound before doing as she told me to. I can't say that this would have been my first choice, but I also can't say that I was opposed to the idea either. To tell the truth, if they had just explained all of this to me and given me a few minutes to get used to the idea, I would have probably agreed to try it. Maybe.
With another deep breath, I tried my best to concentrate on Kayla as I felt Rand push into me. His shaft was bigger than mine, so I was prepared for it to hurt quite a bit. To my surprise, he didn't feel too much bigger than the thing that had so recently been inside me. Apparently Kayla had been right when she said that I'd thank her later!
Rand clearly had fun as he had his way with me, but what shocked me the most were the copious moans of pleasure coming from my own mouth. I was having a hard time focusing on Kayla because this felt so good! Thankfully, Kayla was using her fingers to help me get her off.
Gods... Oh Gods... Oh my fucking Gods! This felt so damn incredible! My whole body was shaking from the pleasure. Eons passed in this mind blowing bliss before first Kayla squirted her orgasm into my mouth. This then seemed to trigger my own climax because even as I tried to drink it all up, I felt like the whole world was spinning. I think I even squealed a bit!
Rand grunted from definite enjoyment, his movements getting faster and faster until I could feel a pulsing that filled me up. We all seemed to pant heavily for a few minutes. Suddenly, Rand chuckled.
“I say we give him a few minutes to rest, and then we string him up and start on the next part of his training,” Rand suggested.
“That sounds like a brilliant idea!” Kayla agreed, kissing him.
I was still far too gone to fully comprehend this. What training? What do they mean string me up? I couldn't understand them at the moment.
By the end of that long and exhausting day, I knew exactly what they were talking about, and if I hadn't found my own personal heaven at least a half dozen times that day, I think I'd have felt quite abused. As it was, it was a good month before I thought to crawl out of their bed again and try to leave...

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