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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


“Have fun,” Braedon wished me sardonically. Clearly, he did not think it was possible for me to enjoy myself at a non-society event.
“Thanks bro,” I replied pleasantly. “You could always come with and be my plus one.”
He scoffed. “No thanks!”
“Suit yourself,” I shrugged, and resumed my packing. I was going to stay with a friend for the weekend. He was getting married, but since he was an old friend from college, and not a member of my secret society, I needed to wear clothes.
I searched my closet for appropriate casual suits and other things that wouldn’t look weird at a normal person’s house. It was a bit hard since my closet was full of costumes. I was naked most of the time, only really wearing clothes when I was out running errands – or in costume for a society event – but then I usually just wore jeans and a tee. This was altogether different.
Finally, I had enough clothes to last the entire weekend, and I was pretty sure that I could accommodate any situation.
“Your friend is crazy; getting married at 40!” Braedon blurted out. “At this point, it’s better to just accept that relationships are fun and all, but not worth the hassle of tying yourself down.”
I laughed. “I think our parents would disagree.” Our parents had been married for 41 years now, and had a serious relationship with a woman for almost 25 years. They were definitely the model for long-lasting love.
“Andrew, I’m pretty sure our parents are the exception to the rule!” Braedon remarked. I shrugged.
In our society, most of the people who got married tended to stay that way. However, they were actually the minority, most opting to partner up without marriage. As one of the Kings of the society, I usually had far too many demands on my attention to devote any time to a real relationship. My brother – the other King of our region – had once fallen in love, but she was not part of our society. She dumped him spectacularly when she found out that he was part of a secret society that revolved around sex.
Now that I was packed and ready, I waved goodbye to my younger brother, and watched him decide to go back to bed. We lived in the Regional Headquarters of our society. Some of the headquarters were large buildings that were akin to luxurious gyms combined with spas, and others were tiny buildings that served no function other than to provide a place to meet.
Ours was sort of a combination between the two. It was basically a large house that provided a place to go when members were traveling or otherwise in need of a place to stay. Our meetings and functions were hosted by members, and so had no set location.
Although, members did tend to drop in unannounced and just hang out at our Headquarters. Which was interesting because we never knew who we might see on any given day.
Tossing my bag into the trunk of my car, I prepared to drive the 6 hours to get to my friend’s house. I hadn’t seen him in years, but we tended to keep in touch through email and texts. Plus the occasional phone call. It was a bit exciting to reunite with him!
Munching on a hastily made egg, sausage, and cheese sandwich, the drive was pretty relaxing. All the same, I was glad to finally arrive at his house.
The wedding was tomorrow, so I had all afternoon and evening to catch up with him. From what I gather, he’d already had a bachelor party, so it was going to be a pretty quiet evening at his house.
“Andrew! So glad you could make it!” My friend greeted me.
“It was nice to be invited, Greg,” I replied honestly, shaking his hand.
He turned and introduced me to his other guests. “I’ve got about 6 cousins staying with me, along with their families, and my younger sister – who flew in from the other side of the country. Finally, this is another old friend from college. He and his daughters will be staying here as well.”
“We’re all going to stay here?” I asked incredulously. His house maybe had four or five bedrooms, if it was even that many!
“Yep. I’ve got it all worked out. There’re two bedrooms for all the girls to stay in, a bedroom for you, and everyone else can crash in the basement where there’s plenty of room to stretch out.”
I grinned in bemusement. “Why do I get my own room?”
“I just remember you as very secretive and private. I figured you’d want privacy.”
I shrugged and nodded. “Yeah, that’s true.”
“The wedding is tomorrow afternoon, and then I plan for all the guests – well, those who want to – to stay and party all through the night. I had several of my fiancée’s and also my friends that I know plan to stay bring tents. Between them, I’m pretty sure there’ll be a place for everyone to crash as needed,” Greg explained.
“Sounds interesting,” I commented.
“You hungry?”
I nodded.
“Then come on; I’ve got something akin to a buffet going in the kitchen.”
For the rest of the day, I pretty much played cards with anyone who wanted to play. Greg and I chatted quite a bit, but I also talked with just about everyone there. Around 10 PM, Greg decided that he wanted to go to bed and get plenty of sleep for his big day.
“Yeah,” I stretched and yawned. “I got up pretty early, and should get to bed myself.”
“Good luck trying to sleep!” Someone snorted, not so subtly pointing out that the many guests were entertaining themselves fairly noisily.
Greg shrugged. “I’m able to sleep through just about anything.”
I smirked as I mentally pictured several things I have fallen asleep during – such as one memorable orgy in which I ended up utterly exhausted and passed out long before everyone was done playing with me.
“Me too,” I agreed. We both went to our rooms, calling out good night just as we shut our doors.
A woman squeaked in surprise. She was standing naked in the middle of my room.
“Okay love, but please forgive me if I make this relatively quick,” I informed her as I shed my clothes, and then scooped her up and carried her to bed. She gaped at me, her face red. I wondered how she had found out about my society and my vows, but it looked like someone had dared her to see if it was true. She was positively nervous!
In bed, I wasted no time spreading her legs and locating her soft opening. Just as I was about to push myself inside her, she finally found her voice.
“Stop!” She shouted in a whisper. “You’ve got the wrong idea!”
Okay… That’s a first… “Then please… tell me what the right idea is.”
“I came in here to use the shower in the attached bathroom. I had just dried off and realized that I’d forgotten my pajamas when you came into the room. I didn’t mean for this to happen!” She explained.
I was pressed to her very intimately, but not actually inside her. I felt bad for making assumptions, but let’s just say that I’m used to finding a naked and eager lover in my room whom I’ve not really met before.
“Oh, sorry,” I mumbled, and then rolled off of her, and got comfortable under the blankets.
She was obviously surprised. I bet not many men just stop when told. She probably expected me to try to talk her into letting me have her, but it was a deeply ingrained belief in my society that no means no. Besides, I was not starved for sex in the slightest. I could easily go a night or two without it.
“Um…” she began hesitantly. “I know this may seem… forward of me, but… I was rather hoping that you planned to play cards all night so that I could actually get some sleep in here. The girls are all chattering on and on about anything and everything; well anyway… Would you mind if I slept in here, or would that be too… tempting?”
“The bed’s big enough,” I shrugged.
“And you won’t try to molest me?” She persisted.
“I promise,” I assured her.
“Because,” She was nervous now, and chattering on way more than necessary. “It’s really important to me that I wait until marriage.”
I was so startled that I sat up and gaped at her. “You mean you’ve never?!” She had to be at least 20 years old! This was almost inconceivable!
“My dad and mom got married young, and he always told me how unique and special it was that they never had anybody but each other. They were so in love before my mom died, and well… I want that…”
I was honestly confused. “Then why are you lingering naked in a bed with a naked man. You should be scrambling to get dressed and leave the room.”
She shrugged. “I don’t know why, but I trust you. Plus, I have a ton of trouble getting to sleep. There’s almost no way I’ll get any sleep if I have to share one of the rooms with all the other chattering girls.”
“Well, you’re in luck,” I informed her as I lay back down. “I’m not the type to force myself on someone unwilling, so you don’t have to worry about me.”
She sighed in relief, and then smiled at me. “Thank you.”
We were both quiet as she got under the blankets. I started drifting off, accustomed to falling asleep whenever I got the chance. Sometimes, I didn’t get a chance to sleep for many hours after I realized that I was tired.
“Are you divorced?” She asked unexpectedly.
“No… never married. Why?” I wondered.
“Well, I rather hoped that you weren’t married since you were about to have sex with me, but you are… What? 40? I figured that you must have been married at some point.”
“Nope, I never wanted to get married. I like my life as it is.”
“That’s sad,” she murmured. “It means you’ve never found the one you truly love….”
“I wouldn’t say that,” I protested. Previously, I had been lying on my back paying her as little attention as possible, but now I shifted to my side and propped my head up with one hand. “I think I’ve had more love in my life than I know what to do with.”
She also rolled to her side, but instead of propping her head up, she rested it on her pillow. “Are you sure about that?”
“Yes,” I confirmed. “I may not have ever wanted to commit to the type of everlasting relationship that you want, but I have had plenty of people in my life that I truly loved.”
“But… What about growing old together? Don’t you want someone who will be there for you until one of you dies?” She asked.
“In a way, I have someone like that,” I answered. “My brother and I have dedicated our lives to our society. No matter what happens, we’re always there for each other, and since he’s only two years younger than me, we’ll likely die around the same time.”
“That’s sweet!” She purred in admiration. “One of my sisters insists that after we’ve all lived our lives – gotten married, had kids, and then grown old – it’ll be up to us to care for each other until we die.”
“That sounds like something my sisters would say too,” I remarked, moving my hand so that my head could rest on my pillow.
“You, Greg, and my father make an interesting trio,” she stated, laughing softly. “You haven’t married at all. My dad married once but lost his wife to cancer a couple of years ago. Lastly, Greg’s about to marry his second wife, and start on a second family.”
“When you put it like that, it is somewhat ironic,” I agreed.
“Well anyway, goodnight. I hope you have pleasant dreams.”
I ruffled her hair affectionately. “You too.”
In the morning, I woke up to realize that she was cuddled up to me and using my shoulder as a pillow. I rubbed the bridge of her nose with a finger until she wrinkled it in annoyance. Then I rubbed it some more until she groaned.
I laughed. “Sorry to wake you, but I need you to get off me so that I can go to the bathroom and then probably take a shower.”
She gasped, and her eyes flew open. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to sleep so close to you!”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ve almost always got someone sleeping on me.”
“I see…” she murmured, and rolled away. “I’m going back to sleep. I don’t think I managed to drift off until almost 2AM!”
“Good luck!” I wished her, and then got out of bed. I’d woken up hard, but I think it was mostly due to having a full bladder. It could also simply be long habit. I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever woken up soft. I turned on the shower, found the perfect temperature, and then carefully did not pee on my foot.
The shower was warm and soothing, but I was not the type to linger, so I washed up fairly quickly, and then turned the water off. Immediately, I heard arguing.
“I told you, nothing happened!” My bed partner insisted.
“Then why are you naked?” A man asked.
“Daddy, I’ll admit that this looks bad, but I promise, I’m honoring my vow to wait until marriage.”
“I don’t know this friend of Greg’s; what if he had molested you during the night?”
“He’s a good guy; he didn’t touch me, I swear!”
“Fine… I believe you, but I was just so worried when your sisters said you hadn’t been to bed all night and then no one could find you. I realize that you are an adult now… If you did decide to not wait for marriage, you can tell me. I’d understand.”
She sighed. “Daddy, I’m not lying. Please just go so that I can get dressed.”
I heard silence for a moment, and then the door shut. I peeked out of the bathroom long enough to determine that he was really gone.
“Sounds like I may need to avoid him for the rest of the day,” I joked.
“No, he’s a good guy. He won’t shun you unless you do something to hurt me. Listen, I want to thank you for letting me sleep here, and not doing anything I didn’t want.”
“No problem. What’s your name?”
“Jacqueline,” she told me with a smile. She was doing her best not to look lower than my eyes, and still sat in bed with the covers clutched to her chest.
I decided to ignore her as I got dressed, sitting on my side of the bed as needed.
“Doesn’t it bother you?” She asked curiously.
“What?” I wondered, having no idea what she referred to.
“Standing naked in front of me. I’m a stranger, and yet…”
“Nope, I’m a nudist. I’ve been naked in front of lots of people. It’s wearing clothes that bothers me,” I stated.
“Oh… maybe that’s why… I wondered why you seem very unconcerned by the fact that I was naked in bed with you.”
I half shrugged half nodded. In truth, I get asked for sex – which I vowed never to say no to anyone who asks me for sex – so often that it was unique and somewhat fascinating to meet someone who didn’t ask me.
She squared her shoulders, tossed the blanket aside, and got out of bed to find her clothes. I must admit that her body was nice to look at; full and curvy in all the right places. I didn’t stare at her though, or do anything to make her uncomfortable.
“I wonder if I should get dressed up for the wedding right now, or wait until later,” she asked herself as she dug through her bag.
“I’d put on something that you can eat breakfast in without worrying about spilling,” I suggested.
“Good point,” she agreed. “Have you been to many weddings?”
“As a guest? Just my youngest sister’s a couple months ago. I’ve also presided over a couple.”
“Seriously?!” She asked, half surprised, half impressed.
“Yeah… it’s one of the many duties I have,” I shrugged.
She laughed. “Duties?”
I took a moment to figure out what to say. “I’m… part of a society of people that believe in an alternative religion and way of life. My brother and I govern the society for our region – along with a few others. Occasionally, I’m called on to officiate at a wedding.”
“Like… Scientology?” She wondered curiously.
“No,” I laughed.
“How come I’ve never heard of this society?” She asked with a cute little frown.
“Long ago, we had to keep it secret to avoid religious persecution, but these days, it’s just easier to remain a secret.” Why was I explaining any of this to her?
By this time we were both completely dressed, but strangely, we lingered. It was almost as if we were reluctant to join the others and grab a bite to eat. There was a knock on the door, and the man from earlier – her father – called just loud enough for us to hear him.
“Sorry daddy, we were talking,” Jacqueline apologized, opening the door. Her father looked her over, and then looked me over.
“Just making sure you’re all right,” he said. She followed him to the buffet, and I followed her because I had nothing better to do and because I was hungry.
I tossed a bunch of food on my plate, and then sat in the first empty spot I found, which happened to be a love seat. As I ate, I watched Greg running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He seemed to be handling all the last minute details.
“May I sit here?” Jacqueline asked, referring to the spot next to me.
“Sure,” I permitted. We chatted about this and that, and then played cards with a few other people. About an hour and a half before the ceremony, women started disappearing to get ready.
“Don’t you need to get ready?” I asked Jacqueline.
She shrugged, and held up her plate, which was full again. “After I finish eating.” She chowed down, and then disappeared.
About a half an hour before the wedding started, I decided that I’d better get ready. It wouldn’t take me long, even so, pretty much everyone else was dressed up. Greg was wearing a sharp tux, and nervously paced his kitchen as he waited for his bride to show up. The officiant was already in the backyard preparing her part in today’s festivities.
I walked into my room to find Jacqueline almost ready. “I didn’t realize that you planned to get ready in here.”
“All my stuff was in here, so I figured there was no point in changing in the crowded rooms reserved for the girls,” she explained.
I grinned. “I’d probably feel the same.” It took me about five minutes to change into the creamy beige-ish casual suit I’d brought.
“You look good,” she informed me as she finished applying the last of her makeup – looking at herself in the mirror. I realized that she had probably watched me change. For someone who wanted to wait for marriage, she sure delighted in teasing me.
“You do too,” I returned the compliment. “Or you will, once your dress is zipped.”
She chuckled. “I thought I’d be able to zip it myself, but it’s stuck. Would you mind giving it a try?”
“Sure.” I examined the zipper, and sure enough, it was caught on part of her dark blue dress. I focused on freeing it without damaging the dress. It was a slip dress with spaghetti straps. It clung to her curves, and ended mid thigh. She wore nylons with it, and matching high heeled shoes.
Finally, I had her zipped up, and then without giving it any thought, I held her close, and smelled her neck. “You smell really good,” I murmured.
“Thanks,” she smiled with a light blush. “It’s my favorite perfume.”
I let her go, and then offered her my arm. “Should we go find a decent seat?”
“I’d like that.” She tucked her arm in mine and let me lead her to the backyard. Surprisingly, we were among the first to look for seats.
“So… tell me more about this society of yours,” she said to make idle conversation while we waited.
“No, I’d rather talk about you,” I stated. “Are you in college?”
“I was, but I got a 2 year degree in Massage Therapy. Now I’m not doing much. I mean I have a few clients that I see regularly, but I’m not as happy doing it as I thought I’d be,” she informed me.
“Why not?” I wondered.
“I feel like I’m missing the important things in life. I want to find a good man, get married, and have at least 4 children. I want to be a mother first, and a Massage Therapist second,” she explained.
“I see,” I chuckled. “So then attending a wedding like this must be hard for you. It’s an in your face reminder of everything you don’t have yet.”
“I never thought of it that way before, but I guess you’re right.”
A small commotion caught both of our attention. The chairs were about half full of guests by this point, and one of them was already crying.
“My best friend is getting married!” A man wailed. He was wearing a fairly stylish dress, and it actually looked good on him. “I’m so happy for her I could just cry!”
By now, it was obvious to everyone that this man was flaming gay. I smiled, finding him amusing. He noticed me, and abruptly stopped crying. He sat in the chair behind me, and stuck his head between me and Jacqueline so he could whisper.
“Well aren’t you just gorgeous! I’d love to hold you captive in my tent tonight,” he informed me, stroking my cheek with a finger.
He was technically telling me not asking me, so I could decline. “Sounds fun, but I’m –”
“I can make it worth your while,” he promised almost singingly.
“I’ll keep your offer in mind,” I assured him. “But at the moment, I’m chatting with my friend here.”
“Okay sweetcheeks! I’ll catch you later,” he stated, and then went to the seat reserved for him.
“Why didn’t you just tell him you prefer women?” Jacqueline asked.
“Because… I like both,” I replied honestly.
She thought about this a moment. “I’ve never met a Bi man before. I’ve met Bi women, lesbians, and gay men, but I really think you’re the first Bi man.”
“It’s actually fairly common in my society,” I confessed.
“More and more, I think I’d like to see your society,” Jacqueline remarked.
I shook my head. “No… we believe that sex is the sacred pact we make with our Gods. I personally have taken a vow to have sex with everyone who asks me to, and society events often resemble orgies. I’m sure you really don’t want to see that.”
“Oh,” she mumbled, and looked away. I let her think in silence for a bit. Judging by the size of the crowd, the wedding was going to start at any moment. “So, if he had just come out and asked you to have sex with him tonight, you would have?”
I nodded. “I still might. Then you’ll have the bed all to yourself.”
“Too bad,” she grinned. “I was looking forward to talking to you some more.”
“We’re all going to be partying. I’m not sure that I’ll even make it to bed until I’m ready to pass out. I certainly won’t be able to talk.”
The wedding march started playing, and the crowd fell silent. The bride was in her 30s, and was beautiful. She was wearing a rather simple pink dress, and waved to her approximately 12 year old son as she passed him.
After the ceremony, we were all given permission to eat, drink, or dance. Greg had really gone all out on the entertainment, providing both alcohol and a rocking band.
“You want to dance?” I asked Jacqueline.
“I’d love to, but wasn’t sure you knew how,” she said.
“Are you kidding? Two of my sisters insist on dancing as often as possible, and my brother and I are volunteered against our will when there’s no one else around,” I told her as I led her to the reserved area.
“Don’t they have boyfriends or husbands?” She asked curiously. “Men around to dance whenever they want.”
“They both have kids, and spend a lot of time with the daddies, but they aren’t in official relationships.”
We concentrated on the dance for a moment, but then she asked. “Why not?”
I shrugged. “I’m not really sure. I think that they like being able to share custody and get a break when needed.”
“I want to meet your family!” Jacqueline burst out suddenly.
“Why?” I asked in confusion.
“You all sound so unique… I can’t really explain it better than that.”
I smiled. “We’re all nudists. Do you still want to meet my family?”
She nodded. We danced several dances before her father interrupted us.
“Do I get to dance with my daughter?” He asked. Jacqueline’s two sisters were giggling and waving at me.
“Sure thing,” she agreed with a beautiful grin.
Her sisters were younger than her, about 15 and 17. I could tell that they didn’t actually want to dance with me, but were positively besides themselves with excitement speculating on a possible relationship between me and Jacqueline. I smiled at them, and then went to grab a bite to eat. Greg cornered me at one point.
“Dude, Andrew… are you banging my friend’s daughter?” He asked.
“At this point, no,” I answered him honestly. “We’re something very close to friends, I’d say.”
“Well, just be careful with her. She was raised by two wonderful people, and is still pretty innocent when it comes to the ways of the world. I’m willing to bet she’s still a virgin,” Greg informed me.
“She is, or at least that’s what she told me,” I shrugged.
The bride’s gay best friend ambushed me unexpectedly. “There you are! Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. What do you say you come to my tent with me?”
“Uh…” I was walking a fine line here. He hadn’t asked me directly, but his intention was clear. I mentally debated if telling him no at this point was going against my vows or not since he hadn’t explicitly asked me for sex.
“Andrew!” Jacqueline called out from across the room. “Can you bring me some punch, I’m thirsty, and I think I twisted my ankle.” She was sitting in the loveseat from earlier, and rubbing her ankle and foot.
“Excuse me,” I murmured, and went to the counter to select something I thought she might like. Greg watched me curiously, probably wondering why I hadn’t simply told the man no. He smirked, and I heard him murmur to the gay man.
“She’s already got him wrapped around her little finger.”
This simply wasn’t true. It’s just that as a King of my society, I was used to using diplomacy and tact. Right now, it was just easier to back away gracefully than to explain to my would-be lover that I didn’t plan to have sex with anyone this weekend… unless asked…
Handing the drink to Jacqueline, I sat on the floor next to her, and rubbed her foot.
“Mmm…” she moaned happily. “It feels like you’ve had some training in Massage Therapy as well.”
“You could say that,” I grinned.
“My father is worried about me. He thinks I’m spending too much time with you,” she informed me.
“He’s probably right,” I concurred.
She leaned closer to me so that she could speak quietly in my ear. “There’s something bothering me. If sex is the pact you make with your Gods, then aren’t you afraid of getting every woman pregnant? Or are the women just supposed to handle the babies all on their own?”
I looked into her eyes seriously. “Part of our pact is that we never conceive a child unless we consciously want to. Therefore, if two members of society are in bed together, no children will result unless they both purposely want a baby.”
She cocked her head to the side. “What about infertility? Surely it’s not that easy to conceive when a couple is ready.”
“Our Gods honor the pact. If a child is desired, it’s created. It’s as simple as that,” I explained.
She bit her lower lip in thought.
“How is your foot? Better?”
“Yes,” she smiled impishly. “But now the other aches.”
I chuckled. “Alright.”
When I was done rubbing her feet, we went back out onto the dance floor – er ground – for a couple of hours, and then came back inside to eat. She yawned once we were finished, and stretched almost like a cat.
“I’m exhausted,” she announced. “I think I’m going to bed. You don’t mind if I share with you again, do you?”
“Actually, if you want, you can have the bed all to yourself. I can find somewhere else,” I offered.
She pouted. “But I want to talk to you more about your society.”
I raised one eyebrow. “Why? Are you interested in joining?”
“No… but it sounds fascinating,” she replied. Her hand slipped into mine, and she pulled on my arm. “Come on.”
I was amused by her insistence, and followed. Her father stepped in our path just before the hallway leading to the room we shared. He gave her a stern look.
“I’m asking you not to tempt him further,” her father stated. “He’s the same age I am!”
She gave him a look that said something like you’ve got to be kidding me. “Daddy, you’re still jumping to the wrong conclusion.”
He sighed, and then stepped aside. She led me into the room we shared, and then turned to give her father a pointed look as she closed the door. I think she was mentally telling him that she was 20 years old, and he couldn’t stop her even if he was right.
I decided to tease her for a change. “Your father’s right about me. I’m very tempted.” I pulled her close, and kissed her. As my mouth was devouring hers, I gently unzipped her dress. She shivered as the air caressed her back.
“Not my first kiss,” she whispered into my mouth. “But it is the first one that has powerfully tempted me.”
I slid her dress to the ground, but did not touch her bra or panties. Still kissing her – she had her arms around my neck at this point – I got completely naked. Pausing our kiss, I scooped her up, and carried her to bed. This seemed to set an alarm off in her head.
I kissed her again, but she hesitated. I could almost feel her thinking about what we were doing, and what she really wanted. When my hands slid under her buttocks and lifted her onto my lap, she gasped, and turned her head away from me.
“Please… not until after we’re married…” she begged softly.
I felt my heart stop. It took a moment to start beating again. “Who said anything about us getting married?”
“I did,” she stated, looking me in the eye again.
I suddenly felt about 100 degrees hotter, and if there was anywhere to go, I think I would have tried to escape. “Uh… aren’t you rushing things just a bit?”
“No… My father always said that when I found the person right for me, I’d know it. From the moment you carried me to bed yesterday, but then respected my wishes… I just knew you were the one.”
My heart was beating erratically, and it was almost painful. I took several deep breaths to calm myself. “I… uh… I… can’t promise to marry you. I’m firmly a part of my society, and that is never going to change. I took vows to have sex with everyone who asks me to, and marriage would not stop that. I think you would be very unhappy married to me.”
She looked down in disappointment. “I… understand.”
“I tell you what,” I bargained. “How about I bring you to meet my family and learn a little more about my society. If – after you know all the facts – you still want to marry me… I’ll consider it.”
Why did I say that?!
She still didn’t look at me, but smiled. “That’s a good idea.”
She shifted off my lap, to her side of the bed, and then got comfortable under the blankets. I stared at her, wondering if it was wise to stay here with her when I was now so eager to have sex. Her vow to wait for marriage could be in serious jeopardy if I stayed!
She slipped her hand into mine. “I know what you are thinking… please don’t go…”
I inhaled as deeply as possible, held it for a moment, and then exhaled slowly. “Okay.” I freed my hand so that I could get under the blanket, but then entwined my fingers with hers.
I’m the one, huh? But what if I’m not? What if I’m just the first man that she’s felt safe with? What if she’s just telling herself that because she wants to justify her actions if we do end up having sex?
She was not asleep, but listening to her breathe helped me drift off. In the morning, I was vaguely aware of a knock on the door.
“Jacqui? We’re getting ready to go,” her father told her softly, I assume so that he didn’t wake me up. I didn’t look, but I could tell that he had opened the door just enough to poke his head in.
Jacqueline was snuggled up to and half laying on me once again. I felt her stroke my cheek. “I’m going with him to meet his family.”
“Jacqui!” Her father gasped in shock. “You know nothing about him! He could be planning to do any number of horrible things!”
“Daddy,” Jacqueline stated firmly. “He’s the one, and I’m not letting him get away.”
Her father was silent for a moment. I’m sure he was also wondering how she could be so certain already. “Fine… but I insist that you give me his address and phone number before I leave so that I know where to start looking if you disappear.”
She sighed in mild aggravation, but conceded. “Yes father.”
He quietly left the room. I felt her stroke my face a few more times, and then kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her, then rolled her under me so I could kiss her possessively. She moaned, and held me tight.
“I love you,” she whispered when her mouth was free.
I groaned longingly, my entire body reacting strangely to her words. I wanted her more than I have ever wanted anyone in my whole life! Forcing myself to calm down before I disregarded her vow to wait, I sat up, and then couldn’t stop myself from stroking her cheek.
“We really have to get out of bed before I lose all control,” I told her.
She nodded. “My father wants your address. He wants to know where I’ll be since I’m going with you.”
I nodded, flung the blanket aside, and rummaged through my belongings until I found my wallet. A moment later, I handed her a business card. “Give him that. It’s the address to my parents’ farm where we’ll be staying.”
“Farm huh?” She murmured in thought. “I expected something else from members of a secret society.”
I shrugged. Truth is, our society is made up of all types of people.
I debated showering, but decided against it. Instead, I threw something comfortable on for the long car ride home, packing up my belongings as I did so. Meanwhile, she also tossed on something – jeans and a tank top – packed her stuff, and then hugged me unexpectedly.
I kissed her impulsively, then led her in a slow dance to the music in my head. There was another light knock on the door, which promptly opened.
“We’re leaving now.”
Jacqueline smiled, grabbed the business card I’d given her, and then hugged her father. “Here’s where I’ll be staying.” She kissed his cheek. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. I promise I’ll call the moment we get to his parents… or shortly thereafter.”
Her dad looked at me. “I’m trusting you not to molest, abuse, or otherwise take advantage of my daughter.”
I smiled reassuringly. “I promise; I have only the best of intentions.”
He rolled his eyes, gave his daughter one last hug, and then left the room, calling to her over his shoulder. “At least come say goodbye to your sisters.”
She gestured for me to grab her bag and follow her, so I did. I also grabbed my own, figuring that now was as good a time as any to toss them in my trunk.
After she hugged her sisters goodbye and promised to call them, she stood next to me as she watched them drive away. Her hand slipped into mind, and I squeezed it gently.
“To think… I didn’t even want to come to this wedding. I bet my father regrets talking me into it now,” she laughed.
“I’m glad you decided to come after all,” I murmured in her ear, and then kissed her neck.
“So… are you leaving too?” Greg asked, his new wife standing next to him. They smiled at us knowingly.
“Yeah,” I confirmed. “After we eat breakfast.”


“Hey Braedon, I’m going to mom and dad’s for dinner, and then staying the night,” I informed my younger brother via cell phone.
“Yeah okay. I’ll visit them too,” Braedon grumbled sleepily. I could hear a couple of people muttering, and assumed that his bed partners were upset that I had woken them. He hung up on me before I got a chance to tell him about Jacqueline. Oh well, he’ll find out soon enough.
Having left Greg’s at about 10 AM, we would arrive at my mom’s shortly before dinner. We were now only about an hour away.
“Aren’t you going to call and tell your mom to make enough dinner for everyone?” Jacqueline asked curiously.
“Nah, she probably already knows,” I answered playfully. Sure enough, my phone rang.
“Hi mom,” I greeted.
“The twins say that you’re coming over for dinner and bringing a guest,” she stated.
“Yep,” I confirmed. “I met her at the wedding, and she asked to meet my family.”
“How wonderful!” My mom squealed happily. “See you later!”
“You weren’t kidding!” Jacqueline exclaimed. “How did she know?”
“Uh… my sisters are two halves of an Earth Goddess’ soul. They see just about everything,” I explained.
“Riiight,” she laughed.
“No… it’s true.”
The car ride passed surprisingly quickly as we each talked about our lives. Her eyes got wide as she read the signs lining the beginning of our driveway.
“Oh wow… I’d forgotten that you told me you’re all nudists.”
I laughed. “Still want to meet my family?”
She nodded.
Everyone fawned all over her, and welcomed her as if she was already a part of our family. The only person who held back was Braedon, but that’s because he was too busy gaping at me for bringing a woman home. My mom smacked him upside the back of his head.
“Braedon! Where are your manners?!”
“Sorry,” he muttered, and then pleasantly greeted Jacqueline.
We stayed with my parents for over a week – mostly because bringing her back to my place would probably be too much of a shock for her. She decided to try our customs, and soon fit in as if she mostly belonged. All the while, she kept asking questions about our society.
At the end of our second weekend together – which was wreaking havoc on my body sharing a bed with her but not having any sex at all! – I was insistent that she should probably go back home to reassure her family – and her clients – that she was still alive and well.
We strolled around the farm leisurely so that we could have a private conversation. One that wasn’t conducted in my bed.
“Andrew…” She sighed. “I think you’re right. I don’t want to be a part of your society. I think marriage to you really would make me unhappy.”
Suddenly she started to cry, and clutched my shirt as she buried her face in my chest. “I want you all to myself! I don’t want anyone else to have you ever again!”
I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I think she was trying to break up with me for good! I didn’t want to let her go! I wanted her to be part of my life until the day I died…
“I…” I took a deep breath. This was huge for me. “If you… I will, uh… What I’m trying to say is that I want you… uh… I’ll… I’ll step down as a King of my society, so…” I stroked her cheek, and forced her to look me in the eye. “Will you marry me?”
She sobbed, and threw her arms around me. “Yes!” We kissed until we became aware that there was clapping in the distance behind us.
Curious, we looked to find my entire family watching us from just far enough away that they couldn’t hear us, but I’m sure they could easily guess what had just happened. Of course, the twins had probably told them all before I’d even proposed.
We set a date for six months in the future, and then got busy working on all the plans. The very first thing we needed to do was find a place of our own to live, and figure out how we were going to support ourselves. I got paid a relatively small amount each year for being King, and had saved some of that up, but now that I’d retired, I needed to find a new job.
After we had that set, invitations went out, and soon, we we’re joined in holy matrimony. I patiently waited for the feast and the dancing to progress, but then abducted my bride and brought her home to our apartment. True to her vow, we had waited, but now it was time to finally make love.
Speaking of; “I love you,” I confessed, kissing her.
She moaned, and then murmured, “I love you too… please take me to bed now!”
“Yes ma’am!” I agreed eagerly, and then scooped her up to comply. I’m still not entirely sure what it is about her that fascinates me so, but I never want to let her go!


  1. Haha... It wasn't until the twins were mentioned, that I realised which family this is about...

  2. Lol! I thought it was poetic justice that a man from a family revolving around free and abundant sex would end up in a monogamous relationship with a girl with totally opposite beliefs :-)
    Plus, it somewhat irked me that in Shahi's story, I finally managed to get the twins to have the children I'd planned for them to have, but her older brothers just seem to do nothing. I really wanted to show that it wasn't too late for the oldest son to fall in love and have a family :-)

  3. I couldn't update this particular story without it losing all the formatting, SO I am going to post the link to the sequel here rather than at the end of the story :-)


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