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Thursday, February 16, 2012


“What do you want for your birthday?” My best friend asked me, thrusting a candle into my hand.
I smirked at her, and joked, “A boyfriend!”
She laughed. “One who’s good in bed!”
“Yeah!” I cheered in agreement. “One who gives me so much sex it feels like there’s two of him!”
“How about smart?” She asked.
“Yep, and funny… um… good looking… but most importantly, I want him to treat me well. I don’t want him to be a jerk like the last one!”
“Alright Shana, light the candle!” My best friend commanded. I found the request strange, but complied. She gestured for me to put the candle in the holder located in the center of the table. “Now, it’s time to get drunk!”
She poured me another Long Island Iced Tea from the pitcher she’d made, and then poured one for herself. We clinked our glasses together, and exclaimed “Cheers!” It was fun to drink – laughing, singing, and dancing – until we both passed out.
The next morning, I woke up on the floor. I groaned, clutched my head, and slowly sat up. At first I didn’t see my best friend anywhere.
“Oh, you’re awake! Check this out,” she beckoned. She was kneeling on a chair, leaning on the table.
I carefully got to my feet, and looked at the table.
“The wax from your candle melted into an interesting shape while we were passed out,” she informed me.
Sure enough, there was now a puddle of cooled wax on the table in the shape of a heart. If a person were to cut two hearts out of paper, one slightly bigger than the other, and then layer them so that the smaller one was on top of but slightly to the side of the bigger one, that was what the wax heart looked like. I scratched my head.
“How’d it do that?”
River shrugged. “I think it’s a sign that your heart will soon be joined to someone special.”
“That’d be nice,” I murmured, and then went in search of the bathroom.


“Your name is Shana, right?” A cute guy asked me. We had at least one – maybe two classes together, and I think we had ever since I started college last semester. I hadn’t really paid him much attention because I was shy and tended to keep to myself.
“Yeah… and you’re… J… something…” I cringed as I realized that I couldn’t remember his name.
He smiled. “Yep. J.T.”
“Really?” I asked, incredulous that I had actually gotten it right. Sorta…
“Have you ever been to the Fair Trade Café?” He wondered.
“No.” I shook my head.
“Well then, come on! My treat,” he invited me with a grin.
Ohhhh… This is him! This is the guy that River said I’d meet soon! I forced my shy nature to the back of my mind. “Um… okay.”
He took my hand, and led me to the café, which was located off campus, but within walking distance. As we walked, I kept looking at our joined hands. My heart beat just a little bit faster than normal.
“So…” I searched for something to talk about. “What’s this café you’re bringing me to?”
“It’s called the Fair Trade Café. It specializes in organically grown or humanely raised food – local when possible.”
“Sounds expensive,” I murmured.
“Nah! Not really. I mean you could go to a fast food joint and buy a “value” meal for about 5-7 dollars, or for just 7-10 dollars, you can get a meal at the café that is chemical free and won’t make you sick in the long run,” he explained.
I laughed. “It sounds so simple when you say it like that.”
“That’s because it is simple,” he grinned at me.
We soon arrived at the café, and sat at the counter. J.T. ordered a ham sandwich, and highly recommended that I get one too. I shrugged, and nodded. It came with a salad and a bowl of fruit. The trickiest part was deciding what type of bread to have it on. They had a variety of organic breads I’d never even heard of.
“Do you normally eat soft white bread or whole wheat?” J.T. asked me.
“Whole wheat,” I replied.
“Then I recommend getting the sprouted sourdough. It’s really good!” It was also what he had chosen, so I nodded.
When we got our food, I was amazed! I was expecting something that looked mostly like sandwich meat bought in a store, but this was slices of a real ham! It was also tender and juicy.
“I know, right?” J.T. grinned at me.
After we finished eating, I glanced at the time and gasped. “I hate to eat and run, but I have to get to my next class!” I had plenty of time to get there if I left now, but if I didn’t rush, I’d be tempted to linger or even skip it all together.
“Me too, let’s walk back together,” he suggested.
I nodded, blushing for some reason.
He paid the bill, and then took my hand again as we walked back to campus. I still had five minutes until class started after we got there, and he had to get to the other side of the building for his next class. Even so, we stared into each other’s eyes for a moment.
“Blue and green,” I murmured, referring to the fact that he had one blue eye and one green eye. He brushed some of my hair aside with a hand, and then kissed me. I think my toes curled! I was definitely blushing by the time he was done.
“See you tomorrow!” He stated and then rushed off.
I was on cloud nine! I probably should have skipped class after all because I didn’t hear a word the teacher said, but I was in the habit of recording the lecture so I could listen to it while I did my homework.
The next day, J.T. playfully covered my eyes, and commanded me to, “Guess who!”
I laughed. Then, without giving it any thought, I blurted out, “My new boyfriend!”
He turned my head so that we were face to face. “That’s right,” he confirmed, and then rewarded me with a kiss for guessing correctly. I felt like I was floating, and had to look at my feet a couple of times to make sure they were firmly on the ground.
He brought me to the café again, and this time, he recommended the chicken sandwich. Once again, I was surprised to see actual chicken meat. It looked like they had marinated, baked, and then pulled apart a thigh so they could toss it on my sandwich.
I was in love with this café! I might be really close to being in love with my new boyfriend too…
The entire week passed in bliss, but I was nervous about the weekend. What if not seeing me for a couple of days made him change his mind? We got together on Monday, maybe a week was all he could stand to be around me…
“Are you busy this weekend?” He asked.
“Well… I plan to do homework, but other than that, no,” I replied.
“Good, then we should go to a movie.”
I was happy, but I looked away. He’s bought me lunch every day for a week, and now he wants to go to a movie. I felt like he was spending way too much money on me. I think he could read my mind, because he stroked my cheek, and made me look at him.
“Hey, don’t worry about it,” he murmured, his green and blue eyes sparkling merrily, and then kissed me. I made a mental note to hug River when I got back to our dorm.
I am not sure I paid any attention at all to the movie! I was too busy watching him and thinking about what I really wanted to do with him when the movie was over. I do remember it being funny, but I couldn’t tell you the plot.
“Do you want to come back to my apartment with me?” He asked.
I nodded, too overwhelmed to actually speak. His apartment was small – a one bedroom – but it was clean and smelled good. He started kissing me the moment his door was shut.
“Do you want to…?” he whispered in my ear before nuzzling my neck.
“Mmmhmm,” I agreed, words still beyond me.
He removed my clothes as he led me to his bed, and then got rid of his. I was so nervous! This wasn’t my first time, but it felt about ten times more special.
He totally took the lead, kissing me and stroking my body with his hands. He looked like he was playing with his favorite toy as he sucked on and fondled my breasts. Previously, I didn’t really like guys playing with them – it felt annoying – but his touch made me hot.
He massaged my stomach, and then his hands explored my wet opening. His thumb rubbed my clit causing me to gasp. Oh wow! It seems like all he needs to do is touch me, and I quake with pleasure!
I grabbed a pillow and smothered myself as I screamed. I know it sounds silly, but I didn’t want him to hear me making such an embarrassing sound. Not many of the guys I’ve been with have taken the time to make me feel this good.
“You want to help me put the condom on?”
“Sure,” I replied even though it was hard to speak. He opened the package as I tossed the pillow aside, then handed me the condom. It was unlubricated, which was good, because the stuff they use on lubricated condoms always made me break out in a rash.
My hands shook as I put the condom on him. He was a bit bigger than my last boyfriend, but his shaft looked absolutely beautiful to me. Once it was on, he kissed me, pulling my legs around his waist.
“Are you ready?” He whispered into my mouth.
I nodded, touched that he bothered to ask. “Oh…” I exhaled in appreciation. He felt so good inside me!
I was making so many noises that I wanted to cover my face again, but he kept kissing me. I was in heaven!  He had more stamina than I expected. Five minutes was about average for the others, but he took at least 20 minutes. Not that I was counting…
When he was done, he kissed me for a couple of minutes, which made me moan, and long to start over. His blue and green eyes looked eager to have more fun as well. I smiled, thanking my lucky stars that I’d found him. Well actually… he’d found me.
“I have to go to the bathroom, but I’ll be right back, and then I plan to start over,” he informed me.
I felt like squealing from happiness, but managed to keep it inside. “Okay.”
He was gone about 2 minutes, but when he returned, he practically leapt into bed with me. I laughed, kissing him as if it had been a long time since I last saw him.
This time, I had the courage to let my hands roam his body. He playfully licked me at random, causing me to shriek and laugh. I have got to give River a thank you gift! I’m not sure how she knew, but she was right when she said I’d find someone.
J.T. put a new condom on, and then helped me straddle him. I lowered onto him carefully, savoring the feel of him sliding in. He held my hips with his hands to guide me up and down slowly, using one thumb to stimulate my clit.
I’ve got to say that no one’s ever had me ride them quite like this before! It was all I could do to follow his lead; I kept shaking from the pleasure. I started screaming again, only there were no pillows within reach, so I shoved a hand in my mouth to muffle the noise.
Two orgasms in one night is my personal record. He is officially the best boyfriend ever!
I was too wobbly to remain on top of him, so he rolled me under him. Subtly pinching myself proved that I hadn’t actually died and gone to heaven. He started thrusting as fast as he could, and I held him so tight that I think I might be choking him.
When he eventually came, I was astonished to discover that I was actually disappointed he was wearing a condom. I wanted so badly to feel his cum flooding me. I’m going to have to get on birth control so that we don’t need to use condoms any more.
We rested long enough that I almost fell asleep, but then he started tickling me. I grabbed his head, stared into his green and blue eyes for a moment, and then kissed him.
“This is the best night ever,” I told him honestly.
He chuckled. “I’m glad you think so. I feel the same.” He paused for a moment, then sighed. “But I have to walk you home now. I need to get up early tomorrow so I can drive back to my mom’s to do laundry.”
“Lucky that you live close enough to do so. I have to bring mine to the Laundromat and spend a lot of money,” I informed him.
We got dressed, and then he walked me home. I was so happy that it seemed like less than a minute passed before we reached my dorm. I pouted.
“I can’t wait to see you again on Monday. Too bad you don’t have a cell phone so that I can text you,” he said.
“That would be nice, but sadly, I just can’t afford one,” I replied, but then realized that I’d rather be kissing him. I flung my arms around his neck, and kissed him for at least 5 minutes before he insisted that he needed to go home and get some sleep.
I floated up to my dorm room, and then hugged River for being the best friend who ever lived.
“I take it your date went well,” she grinned.
“Mmmhmm,” I sighed happily, and then went straight to bed. Even if J.T. dumped me on Monday – which given my track record, was highly likely – I’d still had the best date and sex of my life, so it wouldn’t be all bad. I sincerely hoped that he’d want to keep seeing me for the rest of the semester at least, but I wasn’t getting my hopes up.


J.T. held up a large takeout box that said “Fair Trade Café” on it, and then tucked my hand in his arm. “I figured that it would be quicker to eat our lunch at my apartment, and then maybe we’d have time for a little fun before our next class.”
“Sounds like a great idea to me!”
The very moment we finished eating, J.T. tossed the garbage, and then we had fun on his couch. We were simply too much in a hurry to go all the way to his bed.
The next day, we didn’t even bother going to the couch. Instead, we used his table – which I have to admit was a lot of fun.
The day after, we didn’t even bother eating lunch first. We simply leaned up against the wall, and took advantage of the fact that I’d decided to wear a skirt today. I no longer cared who might hear the embarrassing noises I made, though it was nice to muffle them by kissing him.
My lids were half closed as I moaned from the incredible pleasure, but something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I looked up, and saw a face watching us from his bedroom. His face…
I gasped, but he was grunting in a way that told me he was done now anyway. He looked at me, and noticed that I was looking at something behind him. The face had disappeared, but I’m certain I hadn’t been seeing things.
“What’s wrong?” He wondered.
“I saw you… watching us from the bedroom…”
“Silly, I know, but I swear…” I faltered, realizing how crazy I must sound.
“No… That’s my twin brother,” he confessed.
“Sorry!” His brother apologized, poking his head out of the room again. “I couldn’t resist.”
“I didn’t know you had a twin,” I murmured.
“We purposely didn’t tell you. We, uh… We always pretend we are one person, and not many people know there are two of us,” J.T. explained.
“Why?” I wondered. I couldn’t help but notice that I was still up against the wall with him inside me. It was a bit embarrassing now that his twin was actually in the same room as us. I pushed against him lightly so that he would let me out of this awkward position.
J.T. pulled the condom off, then closed his pants as he threw it in the trash. I half watched him, half kept an eye on his twin.
The twin shrugged. “We think it’s really fun. We’re completely identical except…”
I looked at them both carefully. They really did look exactly alike. I couldn’t find anything to mark them as different. Wait… Blue and green… green and blue… I gasped again.
“Oh my God!” I hadn’t noticed it earlier, but their eyes were different. “I’ve been dating you both, haven’t I?”
They nodded. I felt faint and had to sit down.
“Please don’t be mad at us; we both really like you!” They begged at the same time.
I tried to stay calm by controlling my breathing. “So which one of you is J.T.?”
“We both are,” they chorused.
The one with one green eye one blue held up his hand. “I’m Jacen Thompson.” He was the one who’d pinned me to the wall a few moments ago.
The one with one blue eye one green pointed to his chest, “And I’m Jaden Thompson.”
“Oh… J.T. … I get it…” I murmured, still in mild shock. It’s actually pretty clever of them. In my mind, I saw a picture of the melted candle wax. “Two hearts…”
“Huh?” They questioned.
“My friend… she used a candle to predict that I’d find love soon. She said that because the wax formed a heart, that I would soon meet someone special. But the wax actually formed two hearts.” I sketched it out using a pen and a notepad from my purse, which was on the table in front of me. “Like this.”
“That’s cool!”
I smiled. “I still have it.”
“So… now what?” Jacen asked.
“Which one of you did I meet first?” I inquired.
“That was me,” Jaden confessed.
“And, um…” I blushed. “The first time we had sex?”
“Me again,” Jaden stated. “And then him…”
“Oh!” This actually made some sense. I tilted my head a little as I gazed at the ceiling and beyond. “Don’t you each want your own girlfriends?”
They shrugged, and then looked at each other. It seemed like they had a whole conversation without saying a word. Jacen decided to tell me what they were thinking. He sat next to me, and held my hand.
“There’s not much point in finding separate girlfriends. We both like the same things; the same people. We always have. Even without trying, we really are like one person. Whenever we tried dating different girls in the past, inevitably, we’d argue. It’s hard to explain.”
Jaden started rubbing my shoulders. “We’d both want one of them, and not the other.”
“Hmm…” I thought this over carefully. “So… What you’re saying is, that… I get two boyfriends instead of one?”
They nodded.
Ever since my first boyfriend, I’ve had a string of relationships that didn’t really last all that long. None of them ever made me feel like J.T. had. I wondered if I should get upset and break it off, but… well… They seemed to want to be with me. This was unique and intoxicating at the same time.
“Alright,” I told them with a blush. “I can try it.”
“You mean it?!” They asked excitedly. I nodded in confirmation, and they pulled me to my feet so that they could sandwich me in a hug. Jaden started nibbling on my ear.
“Since you still have plenty of time before class…”
My heart skipped a beat and I nodded. He twirled me around happily, and led me to their couch. I found it interesting that they always had plenty of condoms in their pockets. There’s no denying that they’re cute enough to attract plenty of girls though.
I straddled Jaden, again taking advantage of the fact that I was wearing a skirt. My entire attention was focused on him – he kisses made me want to swoon! Then… I looked up and noticed Jacen watching us as he ate his lunch. This was weird yet it made me hornier, if that was possible.
Inexplicably, I orgasmed right then and there, throwing my head back to cry out how good it felt. My pleasure set Jaden off. He held me tight, and grunted into my chest as he filled the condom.
After a short rest, I ate my lunch, and then Jacen and I walked back to school. I snuggled up to him as I held his hand, and he lightly stroked my arm.
“You’re the first girl who hasn’t gotten mad at us,” he remarked.
“Probably because this is my longest relationship so far and I’m just so frickin’ happy to have a boyfriend. You two have treated me better than all the rest, so why not see what happens next… you know?”
We arrived at my class then, and he kissed me. My toes were definitely curling!
The rest of the week passed with me going back to their apartment for lunch, and then having fun with them. They had a schedule of alternating days that clearly outlined which one of them was “my” J.T. and the one who wasn’t attended classes on the opposite side of campus.
On Saturday, it was Jacen’s turn to take me out on an official date. He brought me to dinner, and I found it strange that a lot of our activities revolved around food. Afterwards, he brought me back to their apartment where Jaden had gone overboard lighting little tea candles and scattering flower petals everywhere.
The two of them stripped me, and then Jacen carried me to bed. Jaden followed. I was a tiny bit used to one of them watching me have sex with the other by now, but it still made me inexplicably hornier than I would have thought possible.
Jacen got naked, and then kissed me before moving his head lower to suck on my right breast. Jaden surprised me by sucking on my left; he was naked now too. Oh wow! This is the first time they’ve both touched me at the same time!
They kissed and licked me all over my body, causing me to gasp and cry out repeatedly. After I screamed with orgasm, they had another one of their silent conversations.
“What?” I wondered.
“Have you ever done anal before?”
I blushed. “No… but I guess I wouldn’t mind giving it a try,” I replied, suddenly shy.
Jacen slipped a condom on, and then lubricated it and me very well. Then, he had me get on my hands and knees. Jaden worked on stimulating me, which made it a lot easier for Jacen to work his way inside me.
I had no idea this could feel so good!
After Jacen got to the point that he could thrust in and out pretty easily, he withdrew abruptly. “Lay on your side please.”
I complied, watching him change condoms. It’s nice that they practiced safe sex, but I bet they spent a lot on condoms!
Jacen positioned me so that he could enter my front, and then Jaden lubed up and entered my rear. I inhaled, not entirely sure I could handle having both of them inside me at the same time. They moved slowly until I relaxed. This actually felt pretty good!
By the time they were done, I was screaming. It seems that – with them – I always had two orgasms. I totally wish I had someone to brag to… other than River, heeheehee!
“Do you want to spend the night?” Jaden asked. I was still between them, and didn’t want to move.
“I’d love to!”
“Good,” Jaden replied with a grin.
“That way, we can have more fun,” Jacen added.
Oh boy! … Lucky me, I guess…


“Are you sure about this?” The twins asked me.
I nodded. “Yes.”
We were sitting in their car gathering up the courage to go inside my parents’ house. It was now summer break, and my parents were worried because I had chosen to stay with my boyfriend rather than come back home until the dorms opened back up in the fall.
I was nervous about them meeting J.T. I had told them about him, but I hadn’t mentioned that he was twins. I’m pretty sure they’re going to freak out, but it’s important that I be honest with them because… at least one of the many condoms we’d used had apparently sprung a leak, and now I was pregnant.
Jaden and Jacen were excited by the news, but I was still in shock. It didn’t feel real to me yet, but I was just far enough along – 12 weeks – that the chances of me miscarrying were much less. It was definitely time to share the news.
My mom greeted us at the door with my younger sister – I was 19, she was 16. By the look on my sister’s face, she was instantly in lust with my boyfriends. I glared at her to make it clear that she better not try anything.
My mom hugged me. “So… which one of you is J.T.?”
“We both are,” they chorused, smiling innocently.
“Huh?” My mom asked, obviously confused.
“It’s true,” I informed her. “They’re both J.T. When I talk about my boyfriend, I’m talking about both.”
“Huh???” Her confusion deepened.
“I’m Jacen Thompson,” he said, holding up his hand.
“And I’m Jaden Thompson,” he continued.
They both ended their introduction by stating, “Together, we’re J.T.”
“O…kay… but which one is your boyfriend?”
My mom just wasn’t getting it. I hugged her again, and then held her hands. “Mom, they are both my boyfriend.”
“Way to go sis!” My sister congratulated me. “You didn’t just snag one cute guy, you snagged two!”
“Both?” My mom was still trying to wrap her head around this concept.
My dad cleared his throat, calling attention to the fact that he had been standing in the background this entire time. “I’m not saying that I particularly like the idea, but this is the longest relationship you’ve ever been in, so I guess something must be right.”
Before I left for college, he had been able to accurately guess each time I came home after letting a boy have sex with me, so I knew he was aware that I had a history of getting dumped after caving in. Maybe not caving so much as eagerly accepting, but anyway…
I think my dad was relieved that I was finally in a normal relationship, sorta… He hugged me, and then studied my guys as if trying to memorize their faces in case he ever had to hunt them down.
The twins each held up a bag of groceries. “We’re making dinner.”
I beckoned them into the kitchen, and showed them where everything was.
“They can cook!” My sister exclaimed. “Okay, it’s official, you have like the best boyfriend ever!”
“I think so too,” I grinned at her.
My dad pestered me about figuring out what I wanted to major in, now that I had all my generals, but I still didn’t know. Coming to my rescue, my mom asked Jacen and Jaden what they planned to do after college.
“Well, we’re going on 21,” Jacen began the explanation. “Our parents sent us to college to get a basic business degree mostly to get us out of their hair for a while. We have a unique way of living, since we’re twins. We enrolled in different degrees, but we alternate who goes to what class, so we’re both learning the same thing.”
Jaden took over. “By the time our parents decide they’re tired of paying for our college, we’ll probably have quite a few degrees under our belt. So far, our favorite class has business and economics.”
“So,” my father frowned. “What you’re saying is that you don’t know what you want to do with your lives either?”
They shrugged. “What we want doesn’t matter. We have to do what our parents tell us to, and they want us to eventually take over their business.”
“What business?” My dad asked.
“They own a marketing company,” Jaden answered.
“They also do a little investment banking on the side,” Jacen added.
“Wow!” I exclaimed. “I didn’t know that!”
They smirked at me. “You didn’t ask!”
I chuckled, but then the long car ride plus the fact that I’d had very little to eat today ganged up on me, and made my stomach turn. I groaned, slapped a hand over my mouth, and rushed to the garbage can.
When I was done heaving, Jacen handed me a glass of water, and Jaden handed me some organic whole wheat saltine crackers from the bags of groceries we’d brought. I nibbled on them slowly, my stomach still feeling queasy.
“Ohhh!” My mom exclaimed significantly.
“Sorry, I wanted to tell you so that you didn’t find out like this,” I murmured.
“What?” My sister asked curiously.
“I’m pregnant,” I announced.
“Who’s the father?” My mom wondered, making it clear she still hadn’t been able to figure out what we were talking about earlier.
I pointed at the twins. “J.T.”
“Um… ok… but which J.T.?” She asked.
I shrugged. “Both.”
“Oh my,” she replied with her hands over her cheeks. “I see.” I think she actually did too.
“Are you disappointed in me?” I asked, afraid to hear the answer. I cringed slightly.
My dad inhaled, and then sighed. “It’s your life. It’s not up to us to judge how you choose to live it.”
“You mean that?” I inquired hopefully.
He nodded and hugged me.
I started crying in relief. My parents were important to me, and I had been terrified that they’d never want to speak to me again. To have their blessing was a huge weight off my shoulders.
“Wow! Your parents are awesome!” Jaden exclaimed.
Yep, I mentally agreed, smiling. That they are!


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