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Friday, February 3, 2012

Concert in the Park

I woke up slowly, reluctantly. I became aware of things gradually. The first thing I noticed was that I was on my side, my head was laying on my husband’s shoulder. This meant that his arm was curled around my back and his hand cupped my one of my “cheeks.”
I smiled faintly, imagining him massaging me, but he was still sound asleep. The next thing I realized was that while one of my arms was under me, my other rested on my husband’s body. He was laying on his back, and just as he cupped my ass, I cupped his genitals.
Make that gripped! My hand was wrapped around his shaft, and I noticed he was about half hard. I don’t remember falling asleep like this, so we must have snuggled up at some point while we slept.
My smile deepened into a grin, and I slowly moved my hand back and forth. Shifting just a little, I located my husband’s nipple, and then nibbled on it gently with my teeth. He hated when I did that! So… naturally… I wanted to do it whenever I could!
He moaned in his sleep, and I could tell that it was half a protest that I was biting him, and half appreciation that I was encouraging the blood to flow to his groin. He started rocking his hips ever so slightly.
Now that he was ready, I tossed his blankets to the side, and hopped on. He grunted a bit from my unexpected weight on him, but his hands grabbed my hips. Even in his sleep, he knew how much I loved when he did that!
I ground into him in a thoroughly satisfying way, riding him until he dug his nails into me, held me still, and grunted softly with climax. I smiled at him wryly. He had finished before I wanted him to, but then again… If I had my way, sex would always last at least two hours!
I got off of him, and then went to take a shower. Our kids were gone for the weekend, so I didn’t have to worry about them waking up and interrupting my shower. I lingered, enjoying the hot water caressing my body for as long as I could.
When I finally decided to get out of the shower – the water was getting a bit cold – it was probably about 45 minutes later. I dried off, and then wrapped a towel around my hair as I went back into my room to get dressed.
I looked at the clock. 3:30PM. Hmm… We had stayed up until the crack of dawn watching movies and enjoying the time together without our kids. Even so, I was surprised that we’d slept so late.
“Concert,” my husband mumbled, still trying to catch a couple more Zs.
“Yep, it starts at 7, so we have plenty of time to get ready,” I assured him.
“Food?” He asked.
I laughed. “I’ll make something in a minute.”
I rummaged through my clothes. “Damnit! I’m completely out of clean underwear!”
“So go without,” my hubby stated. He sounded more awake now.
“I’m going to have to,” I sighed in reluctant agreement. I chose a calf length skirt and a supportive bra. I pulled on a tank top, and then over that, I layered a pretty top I had crocheted at some point.
A few hours later, we met our friends at a park. Our city hosted a free concert every weekend, and this is the first one we had been interested in attending. We spread a blanket to share with our friends. One couple came to every free concert, and had brought a cooler full of snacks. The other couple came here only when they had nothing better to do, but had wanted to hang out with us.
Between the six of us, the blanket was crowded. Just after the concert started, yet another friend found us. I decided to make room for her by just sitting on my husband’s lap.
I half stood – I was on my knees – as I rearranged things. Straddling my hubby, since I planned to sit on his lap, just made it easier to make the optimal amount of space.
“You’re blocking my view,” he joked. My back was to him, so he didn’t see me roll my eyes.
“Yeah yeah! I’ll be done in a minute,” I replied.
Finally, there was enough room for everyone, and I lowered myself. Immediately, I noticed that my husband had taken advantage of my skirt to surreptitiously open his pants and let his hardness spring free. It took me a moment to do this subtly, but I impaled myself on him, and then arranged my skirt so that it covered every part of my legs.
Neither of us moved. We both watched the concert as if nothing else was going on. The music made us both bounce lightly, but for the most part, we weren’t actively having sex.
I started doing Kegal exercises. It took me a few minutes to get a good rhythm, but then I was rippling up and down his shaft. He responded by twitching his shaft on purpose.
The concert lasted an hour. A couple of minutes before it ended, I desperately wished that I could stick my hand into my skirt and rub myself into the orgasm that hovered just beyond my reach.
My husband had been panting for a while now, but I’m fairly sure that no one had noticed. After all, everyone else was cheering and clapping in time to the music. Suddenly, he threw his head back and groaned loudly in ecstasy. He was filling me up, and I couldn’t suppress a moan of happiness.
Our friends all looked at us curiously, and I laughed.
“Sounds like you were having more fun than the rest of us were!” One of them remarked with a chuckle.
“Yep,” I grinned.
After the concert was over, we returned home, and kissed heavily as we fell into bed. He took the time to really work me up. Using his hand, he rubbed my clitoris until I was clinging to him and crying.
I sighed as he entered me. No matter how many times we have sex, I always loved the feel of him inside me.
It had been a while since we had been naughty together in public. I must admit that while he was thrusting into me in an utterly wonderful way, I was busy thinking about how we could be naughty sometime in the near future. I’m thinking maybe the next time we’re in a crowded mall, we might just have to sit and watch the shoppers rushing back and forth. No one would need to know what we were really doing, heeheehee!

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