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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Strange Relationship - Part 3

Note: Part 1 is called the Conference. Part 2 is a Strange Relationship, and this is part 3. That's why - if you were confused - there is nothing that actually says part 2 :-)

Part 3

Ever since my boss found out about my society, he has been intrigued, but not enough to join it or ask to attend any of our events. Mostly, I think he keeps thinking about what he witnessed, and wondering what to do about the memories about me crying out in passion.
It had been a month since he invited himself to our house for dinner, and then received an unexpected show. Princess Jessica and the two slaves – Sophie and Claire – had each taken a turn sucking on him, but not letting him cum until he was nearly crying in frustration.
Then, since I was resting from my own incredible sex, I watched Jessica ride him until he couldn’t hold back any longer. As he panted in the aftermath, he caught me looking at him, and blushed in embarrassment.
“Are gatherings at your house always this interesting?” He asked me.
“Pretty much,” I nodded.
After that, I’d caught him watching me at work. He looked confused. It was obvious that he was wondering how I could have such an interesting sex life, and yet seem so cold at work.
The good news was now that he believed that Jayson and I really were in love, he turned a blind eye to our secret antics. I think he wasn’t really certain we were doing anything since we kept it discrete.
Eventually, he just had to ask me more about my society. I entered his office suspecting what he wanted to talk about, but not completely certain.
“Elena… sit…” he murmured.
“Yes sir,” I replied obediently, and then complied, tossing the door to his office shut behind me.
“Please, call me David.”
He had actually asked me this a couple times before, but I had refused. Mostly… I was just in the habit of addressing my superiors respectfully.
He hemmed and hawed for a couple of seconds, and then forced himself to spit out what was on his mind. “About your society…”
“Yes?” I asked when it became obvious that he was hesitating.
“Is it true that you have to have sex with everyone who asks?”
“Yes,” I confirmed.
“But what about straight men? What if they don’t want to have sex with other men? Can they still join your society?”
I smiled. “You misunderstood… The Kings, the Queen, The Prince, we Princesses, and even the slaves. WE all have to have sex with anyone who asks us. It’s part of our vows to our Gods. However, the average member can say no to anyone at any time.”
He thought this over quietly for a moment.
“Why? Are you interested in joining the Society?” I wondered curiously.
“Well… no… but…” he faltered again.
I smiled with complete acceptance. “You have just recently turned 40, and you don’t have a woman in your life or bed. Part of you wonders what it would be like to be part of a society in which you could have sex almost for the asking.”
He nodded, but then looked away. “There’s that, but there’s also something else I just can’t get out of my mind.”
“Ah…” I murmured in understanding. He had just confirmed my suspicion that he had been fantasizing about me ever since that night.
He changed the subject. “From what I understand, the vow you made with Jayson while you were both possessed was pretty much the equivalent to getting married.”
“Yes,” I confirmed. “Our society – as a legally valid religion – has the ability to sign papers certifying a marriage whenever such vows are made and witnessed by a member of the royalty. King Andrew was kind enough to make it official for us.”
“So you are legally married to Jayson?”
I nodded, grinning as I remembered our steamy morning lovemaking.
“Does that mean you are no longer a Princess?”
I actually scratched my head. “Why wouldn’t I be?”
It was his turn to look confused. “Doesn’t getting married cancel the vow to have sex with anyone who asks?”
I shook my head. “Nope! My vow remains in effect until I renounce my position. Getting married has nothing to do with it.”
“But…” He was still as confused as ever.
I laughed. “Monogamy is not part of our religion. It is a valid choice, and some members do choose it, but the vast majority don’t. Did you think that every member was single?”
He nodded.
I shifted in the chair I was sitting in, and was surprised to realize that it was actually pretty comfortable. The only thing that would make this somewhat awkward chat better was if I had some tea. Tea with cream… Where is Jayson when I need him?
As my thoughts wandered, my boss seemed to make up his mind. “Elena… get under my desk and suck on me.”
I looked at him, rather impressed that he had dared to give me such an order. So bold! Ah… so that was the something. Here I thought it was the night he had come to my house and saw me having sex, but instead, it was earlier that day when he realized that I had Jayson under my desk, licking me off.
I smiled, already anticipating the naughtiness of following his order. “Yes sir.”
I confirmed that his office door was closed, and then crawled under his desk. He was going to be very sorry he asked me to do this; not because I planned to be mean about it, but because I knew how to make it last as long as I wanted. It was about 2 hours until our lunch break, and that might be when I decided to let him cum.
He waited for me to get under his desk – his was even bigger than mine – and then rolled his chair so that no one could see his lap if they entered his office.
Sure enough, his door opened a moment later. “Sorry it took me so long to get your coffee, sir,” a woman who worked in a department that I wasn’t in charge of stated as she carried his full cup to him. She chattered on for a while about this and that.
Meanwhile, I had unzipped his pants, and discovered that he was more than ready for me to lick. He tried to stop me with his hand – obviously he wasn’t fully prepared for the consequences of his request – but I continued.
He was right about the perfect size to fit in my mouth. I was able to lick his balls even though his entire shaft was in me and pressing lightly on the back of my throat. I felt him hold his breath, and his hand was on my head in a feeble attempt to push me away.
Finally, the chatterbox left, and he was able to relax a bit. Others wandered into his office from time to time to drop off reports or ask for something to work on after they had finished their assignments. Each time someone entered his office, he tried in vain to get me to stop for a moment, but I ignored him.
He almost filled my mouth 3 times, but each time, I performed the trick to stop him. By about 10 minutes until our lunch break, it was obviously taking him everything he had not to cry out. Using a trick I’d once used, he kept a report in front of his face, and waved away anyone who tried to disrupt him.
“Mr. Burke?” Jayson asked for his attention. “Have you seen Elena? She hasn’t returned since you called her into your office earlier.”
David gasped, and slowly ground out, “Shut the door!”
Jayson complied with a curious look, and then noticed that David was breathing hard and clutching the arm of his chair with a near death grip.
“Oh…” Jayson smirked.
I let my boss finally shoot his load, and I could tell that he was both intensely relieved and thoroughly embarrassed to be caught having me perform a sexual favor on him by my husband.
I swallowed his copious gushing, and then impishly continued for a few moments more. David made a strange squawking noise.
“Elena! Enough!” He half commanded, half begged.
I laughed, and then slowly released him from my mouth.
He sighed, and damn near melted into his chair. I pushed him back far enough so that I could crawl out from under his desk.
How do you manage to not get discovered?!” He demanded. “I thought for sure I was going to start roaring in a way that would tell everyone exactly what was going on!”
I chuckled, resting my head on his leg for a moment. “Lots and lots of practice!”
David inhaled deeply and then exhaled a long sigh. “Don’t ever do that again!”
I playfully whimpered as if in disappointment.
“I know for certain that I will have a heart attack! What the hell was I thinking?” He asked himself.
I fiddled with his now flaccid penis, licking it once more. “You were thinking that it would be over in no time at all. You had no idea that I could make it last so long.”
He gasped, and pushed me away. “I just said don’t do that again!”
Jayson laughed, which reminded David that he was here. He cleared his throat, and wondered what he could possibly say to excuse his behavior.
“Was there something you wanted?” I asked my husband. I loved him so much that it almost hurt to look at him standing there across the room.
“I simply wondered where you wanted to go for lunch… Mistress,” he added with an impish grin.
I hummed in thought. Since I was in charge of my department, I could take as long as I wanted for lunch, but I tried to keep my break to an hour or less. “The deli. They have good wholesome food, and are pretty quick.”
Jayson nodded in agreement. “Then, let me just get your coat.” He turned to leave.
“Wait… That’s it?!” David demanded. “You aren’t going to get mad at her?”
“Why would I?” Jayson wondered. “I assume that she was simply following her vows, and besides, it’ll be interesting to think about throughout the day. I only wish I had come looking for her sooner.”
David made an incredulous noise, and by this time, I had joined Jayson by the door.
“You might want to zip up your pants.” I suggested.
We gave him a moment to gape and then comply before opening his office door. Laughing softly, we gathered up our things, and then left for lunch.


A week passed, and Jayson and I had just as much fun playing around in our office as ever. Only about half of it was sexual. The other half was innocent enough, just us playing our roles when no one was around to overhear us.
I loved to make Jayson get to his knees next to me for a quick kiss as often as possible. I used his tie to pull him close, and then greedily sucked on his lips. Normally, I let him go fairly quickly, but today, I felt like I had to make love to him this very moment.
My office door opened abruptly, and then quickly shut.
“Sorry to interrupt… Wait, I thought I told you to be discrete while at work,” our boss stated.
“You know… you’re the only one that catches us,” I murmured, wondering why that was.
My boss had already forgotten his statement, and paced my office nervously.
“Something wrong?” I inquired.
“I… I want to have sex with you!” He blurted out.
“Tonight? Or right now?” I wondered.
“Tonight,” he replied, and I could see him wondering what I would do if he had said right now.
I considered the little details, and decided I needed a bit more information. “Would you like some dinner first? Do you plan to spend the night?”
“I hadn’t given it any thought…” he admitted. His expression showed surprise, as if he still didn’t believe I would just say yes so easily.
I looked at the clock, and realized that he had waited until it was time to go home before asking. This was probably so that he could escape quickly if I said no, and so that he wouldn’t lose his nerve if I said yes. I briefly wondered if his wife had been unadventurous in bed. He seemed almost starved for sex.
We gathered up our things, and I drove us home. The car ride was silent, and it was strange to see my normally confident boss so subdued.
I purposely served a vintage wine with dinner to help him relax, and then mentally sighed in relief when he smiled at me, seeming more like himself.
“Jayson, dishes,” I commanded, and he nodded with a smile. He had no need to ask me what my plans were; we were too much alike for him not to already know.
I held out my hand to David, and led him to my room. He seemed more excited than ever, and I wondered if he would be able to last more than 5 minutes.
“What would you like to do to me? Or would you prefer that I do something to you?” I asked, holding my arms out and turning in a circle.
He looked me over carefully. His eyes sparkled as he considered the possibilities. I saw him stare at my legs, and wondered what he was thinking.
“You’re wearing stockings and a garter belt,” he remarked. “I want you to keep them on, but remove your skirt and panties.”
I grinned, knowing that he was in for an even better treat than he suspected. I was wearing a garter belt, but it was actually part of my lingerie. The rest of it consisted of a corset like garment that did not cover my breasts. Instead, I was wearing a matching sheer bra. The sheer bra and garter belt were both black, but the corset was purple.
I removed everything but my stockings and lingerie. The last thing I did was slowly slide my panties to the floor.
He moaned in appreciation. “Now, I want you to lie on your bed, your legs spread wide in invitation. I want you to tell me just how eager you are to have me inside you.”
He liked to hear some dirty talk, eh?
I arranged myself on my bed just as he suggested. My fingers probed my wet opening for a moment, and then I spread my “lips” wide.
“Just look at this juicy pussy. I’m dripping with need. I can’t wait until you ram into me with your hard cock. Pound into me. Made me shudder with pleasure. Fill me up with your hot cum.” You know… this was actually part of a script. There were a lot of scripts for members of the Society to follow in order to spark their imagination. Also, sometimes, it was just easier to already know what to say in sudden or unexpected situations.
He groaned, and fumbled to remove his clothes. His eyes were glued to my opening, and I knew he was already imagining doing exactly as I told him to. He kicked off his shoes, and then quickly stripped out of everything but his socks. I think he simply forgot they existed.
He reached out to touch me, then hesitated. Did he think he was dreaming? Was he afraid to touch me in case he woke up?
“David…” I pouted. “Please fuck me.” My tone changed. “Fuck me hard. Shove your dick inside me and bang into me. Make me squeal!”
He didn’t need to be told again, and practically jumped on top of me. I grunted as he did exactly as I suggested, and then sighed in pleasure.
“Yes! Just like that!” I encouraged him. He pounded into me for a few moments, and then he slowed his pace, and I noticed that he was staring at my breasts. He licked around my nipple, not caring one bit that my sheer bra was technically in the way. It was made out of nylon or something, and didn’t really stop him.
I moaned as he sucked on as much of my breast as possible. Strangely, the bra made it feel even better than normal.
“Bite me,” I whispered.
“Mmm,” he moaned, the vibration nearly electrifying my breast. Then, he bit my nipple just hard enough to make me gasp. I felt my inner muscles clamp down on him in response.
He went slightly cross-eyed, and returned all his concentration to banging into me. I was actually getting close to an orgasm, and grunted, “Uh!” each time he thrust.
He gasped softly, and I felt him gushing into me. I let him rest until he rolled off to lay by my side. Then, I chuckled almost evilly.
“Oh my… somebody came before I did, and now he has to be punished!” The fun was just beginning!
David looked at me in surprise and apprehension. “You’re crazy if you think I’ll let you whip me.”
“No… not at all,” I assured him. I got to my knees, straddled him, and then crawled until I was right where I wanted to be.
Guiding his hands to my hips, I held them firmly as I lowered my womanhood onto his mouth. Gazing at him seriously, I commanded him to, “Lick me.”
He whimpered in protest.
“Don’t think I’m going to let you out of my bed before you have made me scream in orgasm. If you refuse, I’ll just have to come up with something even more devious,” I warned.
He took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and then complied. I rocked my hips, thoroughly enjoying the feel of his tongue exploring me. I continued to hold his hands to my hips. This was both to steady myself, and to remind him to keep a firm grip on me.
I knew without looking the moment he started getting hard again. It was really easy to tell; not because I felt it, but because Jayson took that as his cue to begin his role in tonight’s bedplay. He climbed into bed, and then started sucking on David.
Our boss gasped into me, and started to protest. I knew he knew exactly who was sucking on him, and didn’t like the thought. This made me laugh again.
“You haven’t made me cum yet. Ignore him and focus on your task, otherwise you might just be at this all night!”
David made a strange noise, and his breathing changed. I think he was mildly panicking, but he must have decided that his best bet was to make me orgasm as soon as possible, because he started eating me with vigorous gusto.
“Yes…” I sighed. His fingers dug into my hips, and I think this was his way of trying to retain some semblance of control over the situation.
The minutes rolled by, and I was hovering on the verge of climax, but it stubbornly refused to pay me a visit. Panting and crying, I tossed my head side to side, and dug my nails into his hands.
“Oh yes! I’m so close!” I announced.
Jayson decided that the time was right to oil up David’s shaft and then lower himself onto our boss. David grunted in protest, and tried to struggle, but I was grinding into him in a way that made me wonder if he could even breathe.
“Almost there!” I promised, and it was true. I was. It was just taking its sweet ass time!
David bit my clitoris, and that was exactly what I needed. I abruptly let go of his hands, grasped the headboard, and tossed my head back. My scream was glorious, and my orgasm continued for as long as he continued to bite me.
I shook so hard that I swear the entire bed vibrated from it. Eventually, I went limp, and shifted so that I was straddling David’s chest. He grabbed me in an attempt to remove me, but I redirected his hands from my sides to my breasts.
“Squeeze my tits,” I ordered him. “Pinch my nipples.”
He gave me a conflicted look. I knew that a large part of him wanted to push me away and then tell Jayson to stop riding him, but another part longed to fondle my breasts. I think he finally decided that since he couldn’t really see Jayson, he could pretend that it was someone else.
Probably someone such as Princess Jessica or Queen Genevieve.
He pinched my nipples mercilessly, and I nearly orgasmed again! “Oh yes!” I chanted.
His body got very tense, and he closed his eyes. A moment later, he was shaking, and then he stopped breathing for a moment. Suddenly, he cried out in ecstasy.
He was fairly tall, and I was on the short side. I decided to take advantage of this fact. Shifting again, I lay completely on top of him. We were mouth to mouth, but my hole was in the region of his belly button. My legs dangled to either side of him.
Meanwhile, Jayson had gotten off of him, and now pushed his legs up and apart until they rested on mine. David’s eyes widened in shock.
I cut him off with a deep kiss. He tried to say something, but he couldn’t with my tongue in his mouth. Next, he tried to push me off him, but I caught his arms and held them above his head. In desperation, he tried to buck me off him, but I think that worked in Jayson’s favor.
I could tell by the soft noises Jayson made that he was now buried inside David. It had taken him almost two whole minutes, so I knew he was being gentle.
I continued to kiss my boss, making love to his mouth. Jayson rocked us both with every thrust, and David’s protests turned to moans. He looked confused by the unexpected pleasure.
After a while, all his resistance melted, and I released his hands. He wrapped his arms around my body, and tried to push me lower. I could feel his shaft poking into me.
Our legs were tangled in a way that made it impossible for me to actually impale myself on him, and I watched him realized this. Slowly, he wrapped his legs around Jayson, which gave us room. It also gave Jayson deeper access, but David nodded ever so slightly in acceptance.
I wiggled until I could guide him inside me. I was now low enough that it was difficult to kiss him, but he solved this problem by leaning his head forward.
Soon, I had learned the rhythm, and was rocking back at the same time Jayson was thrusting forward. I really wish I knew what my boss was feeling, but judging from the look on his face, he was close to sheer bliss.
Happily, my clitoris was rubbing against him just right. I got tighter and tighter until I knew that there was nothing that could stop me from orgasming now. Burying my face in his chest, I squealed; shaking so hard I thought the bed might break from the force of it.
This was too much for him to handle, and he held me tight as I felt him pump me full once more. Even Jayson had reached the end, and I heard him roaring in satisfaction.
My husband rested on us, and then we all sort of rolled to the side. Now I was really sandwiched between them, but I was too exhausted and satisfied to care. We all fell asleep. Thankfully, Jayson thought to cover us with a blanket so we didn’t get cold as our sweat dried.
In the morning, I was accidentally woken when David came to with an almost panicked jerk. I was using his shoulder as a pillow, so he was trapped in bed until I moved.
He chuckled softly in a way that sounded half amused and half self-derisive. “I should have known that asking for sex would come with a heavy price,” he whispered out loud, but I don’t think he meant for me to hear him.
His hand stroked my arm fondly. His nose tickled me lightly as he smelled my neck. The arm under me tightened almost possessively.
“But…” he whispered so low I almost couldn’t hear him. “It was worth it.”
I forced myself to continue breathing evenly as if I was still asleep. I would pretend I hadn’t heard him, and then – later on – I would let him leave without a fuss. Unless he wanted me to, I would never mention last night again.
I knew that he was not gay or bi, he was simply in love with me. I could not return his love, so I would do whatever he needed me to so that he could get over me and move on. He deserved that much.
After I had determined that enough time passed, I rolled over. I expected David to slip out of bed, get dressed and then call for his driver. Instead, he nibbled on my ear.
“Elena… would you like me to make you some breakfast?” He asked.
I moaned sleepily.
Jayson was in the habit of waking up when I started moaning in the morning, so he shifted, and then kissed me. I felt him look up at our boss.
“Good morning… sir.”
David must have narrowed his eyes, because he sounded stern. “Don’t think I will let you do that to me again.”
Jayson exhaled a tiny laugh. “No sir.”
David nodded. “Come on; let’s go make your Mistress a fabulous breakfast.”
They left, and then I stretched out with a sigh of relief. That could have been so much more awkward! Hmm… I wonder if they plan to serve me breakfast in bed?

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