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Monday, February 6, 2012


“Fuck you!” I shouted at my roommate. She was such a bitch! I literally hated her, but she paid her share of the rent, and kept the place clean, so I had two very good reasons to put up with her.
“In your dreams, asshole!” She screeched, and then slammed the door to her room shut.
I simply can’t understand why she gets so mad if I leave one – 1 – fucking dirty dish on the counter! It’s not like I won’t wash it when there’s enough to fill the sink. Damn!
And then there’s her sleepwalking. It drives me crazy because she paces up and down the hallway for at least an hour every night. At first, I used to get up to see what was wrong. I tried shouting at her, and even slapping her, but she was utterly out cold. When I asked her about it, she told me to just ignore her.
Easy for her to say!
I growled in frustration, and then decided to go to bed. If I’m lucky, I’ll sleep through her pacing tonight. I gently tossed my door shut behind me as I stripped – absently scratching my balls – and then got comfy in my bed.
I must have fallen asleep pretty quickly, because the next thing I knew, I heard her in the hall. My door was open a crack, and I mentally berated myself for not making sure it was shut. Why do I have to be such a light sleeper?
She entered my room.
“Anna?” I asked, wondering what she wanted. She walked back and forth across my room a couple of times, and I realized that she was still sleepwalking. Great!
I knew that she would eventually go back to bed, but there was no way I could sleep with her in here. I mentally debated tossing her back out into the hall, but she stumbled slightly, and then banged her knee into the side of my bed.
I expected that to wake her, but instead, she fumbled with my blanket, and started crawling into my bed.
Wait a minute! Does her sleep fogged brain think this is her bed? I’m just going to have to carry her back to her own room. Hopefully she’ll stay there.
She patted my bed like she was looking for something, and then her hands found me. She had already tossed my blanket aside, so there was nothing between her hands and my stomach. She slid her hands lower, and then fondled my shaft.
Anna!” I gasped. “Stop messing with me and go back to bed!”
But she wasn’t awake. That was the one weird thing about sleepwalking; a person looked awake, but they weren’t. They often did things as if they were awake, but then had no memory of doing them the next morning.
She abruptly crammed me in her mouth, and I couldn’t help but enjoy this a little bit. I should let her suck me off and then tell her about it tomorrow with a suggestion that she lock herself in her room at night from now on.
Sanity prevailed though, and I tried to push her away. “Anna, that’s enough.”
Her sucking got even more vigorous, and I realized that I was now completely hard. “Anna!”
She stopped just as abruptly as she had started, and I sighed in relief. I must have woken her up.
She shifted, standing up a little, and then straddling me. Even though it was dark, I saw her pull up her nightgown and expose her naked body.
She lowered herself until she had to guide me inside her with a hand, and then I was buried deep. I was seriously torn in two. Part of me really wanted to let her continue, but the rest of me knew that it was wrong to let her do this when she had no idea what she was doing.
“Anna, I know you’re actually asleep and don’t know what you are doing, so I am going to lift you off me, and then carry you to your room,” I informed her, in case she happened to wake up right then and accuse me of doing something inappropriate to her.
She responded by wiggling her hand between her legs, and locating her clit. I felt her clamp down on me, and it was suddenly the hardest thing in the world to force myself to push her away. In fact, it was so hard, that I realized my hands had been hovering in mid air for two whole minutes before I finally admitted that I just didn’t have it in me to stop her.
She simply sat there, impaled on my shaft, rubbing herself. It shouldn’t have been enough to keep me hard, but I was surprised to discover that I was close to cumming! Her muscles rippled and twitched as she wiggled her fingers, and then she started to get tighter and tighter.
“Anna,” I whispered. “If you’re actually awake and just messing with me, I’m warning you to stop now because I’m about to cum.”
She was obviously pretty close to orgasming herself, because she started wiggling and squirming. I tried to hold back. If I could just wait until she’s done, maybe she’ll go back to her room, and then I can jerk off and go back to sleep.
So fucking tight!
Her body started quaking violently, and I felt her clamping onto me in a frantic rhythm. It was too much! I grabbed her hips, and held her firmly as I pushed my hips up. I instinctively wanted to be as deeply inside her as possible as I pumped her full.
As my rapid breathing slowly returned to normal, I wondered what to do now. My best bet is to let her sleep next to me so that when she wakes up, I can explain what happened, and she’ll have to believe me because why else would she be in my bed?
A minute later, she shifted off me, but instead of collapsing on my bed, as I expected, she stumbled her way back out of my room, down the hall, and into her own bed. I was far too confused to do anything, so I just let her go.
The next morning, she hummed as she made us breakfast. I scratched my head, wondering why she was in such a good mood.
“What’s up with you?” I asked.
“I had an excellent dream last night,” she grinned. “I woke up feeling great, and decided to make some breakfast.
“Um… Anna?” I wondered how to tell her. “Last night, when you were sleep walking…”
“Did I wake you again? I’m sorry! I’ll try to be quieter.”
“Uh no, I mean yes you woke me up, but that’s not it,” I took a bite of the toast she handed me. It was slathered with butter, and I moaned in appreciation. “You… you came into my room.”
She gasped in horror. “Was I naked?!”
“Not exactly,” I murmured.
She exhaled in relief. “Thank God!”
The timer on the oven went off, but apparently this didn’t indicate that something was done baking, because she gasped again. “Oh crap, I gotta run!”
She gathered up her purse and a large bag, and rushed out of our apartment. The door slammed shut after her.
I sighed in relief and disappointment, and muttered. “We had sex Anna. What am I supposed to do now?”
Every night for the next week, she came into my bedroom, climbed on top of me, and as much as I tried to stop her… As much as I wanted to do the decent thing and not take advantage of her condition, I just couldn’t. It was far too much fun to lay there and watch her give herself pleasure.
During the days, she was sweet and fun to be around, and every time I tried to tell her what was going on, I realized that I had grown to like her. I didn’t want to risk ruining the bond we now had.
Even so, I was turning into a nervous wreck! The secret was eating me up inside. I felt guilty and like the lowest bastard who ever lived!
“Anna…” I was determined to tell her tonight at dinner. “Um, you… um… while you sleepwalk…”
“Oh! About that, I know how much it irritates you, so I got a new medication for it. It’s supposed to knock me out so that I literally can’t sleepwalk. If I’m extra groggy tomorrow morning, please make me some coffee or something to wake me up.”
I felt like the moment to tell her had passed. Besides, she had solved the problem. Maybe I could stop feeling so guilty now.
That night, I tossed and turned, and generally couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about Anna. Part of me was waiting for her to come, but as midnight approached, I knew her medication had worked.
I have no idea why, but I suddenly felt like crying. The need to have her in my bed was almost unbearable! I made a crazy decision.
Two minutes later, I entered her room. She was snoring lightly, and I stopped short. This is wrong! This is not a good idea! I think I can actually go to jail for this!
I paced her room as I frantically tried to talk myself out of doing what I so desperately longed to do. Nothing seemed like a good enough reason to leave, so I stood over her bed, listening to her breathe.
I well knew by now that she wore a nightgown to bed, but no panties. I tugged her blanket off of her, and then pushed her nightgown up over her hips. As I expected, she was naked.
She smelled so good! I cast all hesitation aside, and climbed onto her bed. I got into position, pulling her legs around me, and then firmly gripped her hips as I buried myself deep inside her.
Oh God! She felt even more incredible than before! How was that possible?
I withdrew and thrust over and over. I wanted to do this forever!
“Oh Anna,” I murmured softly, and then leaned over so that I could kiss her.
She grunted almost happily in her sleep, and I felt her getting tighter. She trembled, and the feel of it made me lose the thin control I had. She clamped down on me, and I roared as I filled her up.
“Oh Anna,” I whispered in her ear as I kissed her neck. “I’m so sorry to use you like this, but I can’t help myself.”
It was hard, but I forced myself to slip out of her, and go back to my room. I had an excruciating time getting to sleep, but finally, I was out.
The next morning, Anna gave me a funny look as I sat at the table for breakfast. My blood ran cold. Does she know what I’d done?”
“What?” I wondered gruffly.
“I kept having these dreams about you. I hoped that they would stop now that I’m on this medication, but they didn’t… they just changed.”
I think she saw the look of panic that widened my eyes. She frowned, and bit her lip.
“What?” She asked me in concern.
I couldn’t deny it any more. “Those weren’t dreams! I’m so sorry, I couldn’t…” I faltered. There was nothing I could say to explain my behavior. I buried my face in my arms on the table. “I’m such an asshole!”
“Wait…” she murmured. “So you’re saying that I really went into your room and – OH… you did try to tell me that a while ago.”
I was trying my hardest not to cry, but even so, I felt tears silently streaming down my cheeks.
“Hey…” She whispered softly, running a hand through my hair. “I’m not mad. You probably thought I was messing with you.”
“But,” it took some effort, but I think I managed to control my voice. “I came into your room last night.”
“I remember… the pill made it impossible for me to wake up, but I was aware of what was going on,” Anna informed me.
She stroked my head a couple of times. “Do you know what the only real cure for sleepwalking is?”
“Unt-uh,” I muttered, shaking my head.
“A person that sleepwalks does so because there is something they feel they need to do. They only truly stop when they finally do what they need to,” she explained.
“What does that mean?” I wondered, no longer crying. I looked up at her.
“It means that I obviously felt like I needed to do something that required me to get in your bed at night,” she said with a light blush.
I was still confused. Was she saying that she started sleepwalking shortly after moving in because she needed to have sex with me? That doesn’t make sense!
“I love you,” she confessed so softly that I thought I was hearing things.
My mouth hung open in astonishment until she kissed me. That was all the incentive I needed! I scooped her up, and carried her to my bed.
After we were done making love, I blurted out something that shocked me to my very core. “Anna… will you marry me?”
She laughed, and then hugged me tight. “I was hoping you’d ask me that!”

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