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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tsuki! - Chapter 22

Chapter 22

     “Yep, I guess Yuki really is the only one who gets to enjoy Hana-san,” Kyo remarked as he, Toshihiro, and Keichi entered the kitchen. Sakura had volunteered to pack more as the guys carried the table here.
     Yuki gasped, and Hannah chuckled. “I guess today just isn’t a good day for sex,” she said in English.
     The guys put the table down, and Toshihiro walked up to his wife, who hadn’t backed away from Yuki yet. He kissed her, smiled, and turned to walk away. “Come on; let’s leave them alone to finish what they started.”
     “Are you serious?!” His friends demanded.
     Yuki blushed redder than ever. “We… we shouldn’t. It would be unfair to make you do all of the moving while we…” Yuki couldn’t bring herself to say it.
Toshihiro looked at her over his shoulder. “Are you sure? I don’t mind.”
     Hannah impishly wiggled her fingers, causing Yuki to groan.
     “I – I – I’m sure!” Yuki finally blurted. “Make her stop doing that before I change my mind again!”
     Toshihiro laughed, touched Hannah’s arm, and shook his head.
     Hannah pouted in disappointment, gave Yuki one last kiss, and stepped away from her. She then linked her hand through Toshihiro’s and gazed at him like a lovestruck fool, again.
     A few moments passed.
     “Earth to Toshihiro! Shouldn’t we be going?” Keichi regained their attention.
The group walked back to Toshihiro’s apartment, and Kyo finally got up the courage to ask Toshihiro how his honeymoon went. He expected Toshihiro to blush, and decline to answer.
     “Well, to start with, we spent two wonderful weeks at a mixed bath hot spring. We met an interesting American couple there, and some fellow college students. Oh, and there was one woman who owned a wonderful restaurant that Hana just adored.”
     Toshihiro turned to Hannah, outlined a wedge of cheese with his hands, and said, “Motoko-san?” Where is the rest of the cheese you bought from Motoko-san?
     Hannah grinned, pointed at Toshihiro, and made the signs for mother and father, which she had previously taught him. At your parents’ house.
     “I have to remember to have them send it to us,” Toshihiro noted aloud. “That was some excellent cheese.”
     Then, he continued. “Anyway, after that, we went to visit my parents, and spent a few days with them, and lastly, we visited Hana’s father in America. His house is just huge! Hana’s closet was literally bigger than our apartment! I thought we were at an apartment building when we first arrived, but then all of these naked servants started to greet Hana, and it hit me.”
     “Naked servants?” Kyo asked.
     “Yes, it seems that Hana’s father is a nudist, and so she is as well. That’s why she didn’t mind stripping in front of everyone when it was so hot, and why she wanted to honeymoon at a mixed bath resort. Well, she actually wanted to honeymoon at a nudist resort on an island somewhere, but I didn’t want to leave Japan. So, we compromised.” Toshihiro absently realized that he was so much more comfortable talking about their relationship than he had been when they got married.
     He shrugged off his realization, and finished his story. “I got to see how Hana lived, and it made me realize that I was forcing her to live in poverty with me, and it wasn’t fair. On the other hand, I could never be comfortable living in a huge mansion with a bunch of naked servants, so I figured that we should buy a house that would be a good compromise.”
     “You bastard!” Kyo swore in mock offense. “How dare you pass up the chance to have a bunch of naked servants?!”
     “I don’t need servants, naked or otherwise. And besides, I’m pretty sure I’ll get to see more than enough naked women,” Toshihiro remarked.
     “You will?” Yuki asked.
     “Well, probably you, for starters. Hana likes women you know,” Toshihiro said as if this was obvious, which it was.
     “Oh, right,” Yuki replied.
     “Hannah!” A girl cried out happily in English.
     “Yume!” Hannah rushed to hug her friend.
     “You’re finally back! How was your honeymoon?”
     “It was so wonderful!” Hannah launched into a much more detailed explanation of their honeymoon than Toshihiro had given, and she pulled out her camera to show her some of the pictures.
     Yume gasped in shock, grabbed the camera, and looked through the pictures in disbelief.
     “Hana!” Toshihiro blushed as he remembered some of the pictures on the camera. Recognizing Yume from their wedding, Toshihiro knew that she spoke Japanese. “Those pictures are private!”
     “I’ll say!” Yume agreed with a grin. “Who is that woman?”
     “Does she look American?” Toshihiro asked.
     “Yes,” Yume nodded.
     “That’s probably Darla-san,” Toshihiro replied. “She and her husband were staying at the hot spring with us.”
     Yume hid behind Hannah with the camera so that Kyo and Keichi wouldn’t be successful at peaking. “Oh wow! This is such a gorgeous picture! You two look so good together!”
     Toshihiro gave this a moment’s thought, he shouldn’t have to ask this, but; “You do mean Hana, right?”
     “Yeah, you two are dancing in front of the setting sun.”
     Meanwhile, Hannah was giving Yume commentary on the pictures, and their honeymoon.
     Yume repeated about ten percent of this commentary in Japanese, in the form of questions. “That it a gorgeous yukata, oh my! Did you take this picture of them like that?” Yume tilted her head to the side, and rotated the camera. “How does she do that, I wonder what that feels like, who is that woman?”
     Toshihiro sighed; it looked like Hannah was going to let Yume see all of their honeymoon photos. “The other woman in the yukata? That’s Motoko-san. Yes, I did take that picture, and yes, I wish I knew how that felt as well.”
     “Do you think she would show me?” Yume asked suddenly.
     “Probably,” Toshihiro stated.
     Yume remembered that she could ask Hannah directly. She showed Hannah the picture, and asked, “Would you do this to me?”
     Hannah tilted her head to the side in curiosity. “I didn’t think you were into women.”
     “I’m not, but… How could I see something like this, and not wonder how it feels? I think I will die of curiosity for the rest of my life until I find out, so why not just show me?” Yume asked.
     Hannah grinned. “Really? Okay, but only if you let me get a few more pictures to add to my collection.”
     Yume blushed red all the way down to her toes, pointed at the picture, and stuttered. “You want to take a picture of me like that? Wait! You wouldn’t be able to take the picture…” She looked at Toshihiro, and blushed even redder, if that were possible. “I – I – I, er… O-o-okay!”
     Toshihiro laughed. “If you’re that embarrassed, just tell her no.”
     “But she said she’ll only do it if you take a picture!” Yume protested.
     “I have got to ask,” Toshihiro stopped walking. They had reached the apartment building anyway. “How does Hana manage to – no, what is it about Hana that attracts women? I can tell just by looking at you that you are not usually attracted to women, so why do you want Hana to do that to you so badly?”
     Yume looked at the ground, and fiddled with her hair. “I don’t know, I can’t explain it.”
     “Okay, I have got to see that picture!” Yuki demanded, and took the camera away from Yume. She danced out of Kyo and Keichi’s line of sight, and took a good look at the picture. “Oh my god! I – I – I have got to know what that feels like as well! Hey Hiro-kun, you want to know what it is about Hana-chan that attracts women, well… It’s this right here. We somehow all realize that Hana-chan can do this to us, and we just have to know what it feels like.”
     Yuki pressed the button to look through the pictures, and gasped. “Hiro-kun! What is it with you and American women?!”
     “Yuki, please give that camera back to Hana now!” Toshihiro demanded.
     “Why? She got to see them all,” Yuki pointed out.
     “Because… I think looking at all of those pictures is just going to upset you,” Toshihiro explained.
     Yuki stopped at a picture of Toshihiro and Saki, and handed the camera to Hannah. “You’re right; I didn’t want to see that. Apparently, I need to learn English so that next time I can understand Hana-chan’s much more detailed version of events, and not be tempted to look through visual proof.”
     “Wait,” Yume put a hand on Yuki’s arm. “Why did seeing him with that girl upset you, but not the American?”
     “Because…” Yuki took a few breaths to stop herself from crying. “Because I love Toshihiro, and I begged him not to marry Hana-chan, but he insisted that he loves her. So, if that’s true, then why is he having sex with other women on their honeymoon? I thought with the American that maybe it is an American tradition or something, but that girl was Japanese! So… so now I’m confused!”
     Yume turned to Hannah. “That’s a good question, why are you and your husband having sex with others during your honeymoon?”
     Hannah smiled. “Why not? I don’t believe in monogamy, and Hero was willing to try things with me.”
     Yume turned to Yuki. “Don’t blame Toshihiro-kun; Hannah says that monogamy is against her beliefs.”
     “How can monogamy be against her beliefs???” Yuki demanded.
     Toshihiro decided he had better do something before Yuki completely lost it. He put his hands on her arms. “Yuki, if you’re confused, think how I felt. I couldn’t understand English, and suddenly Darla-san… well, you saw the picture. Even before that, there was what happened with you… But I have had some time to think things over, and I realized that Hana’s way is worth a try, and not just because that is what any guy would say, but because it’s what Hana expects. I really do love her, and I really do want to make her happy.”
     Yuki decided to think about this for a while before responding, and merely nodded in acknowledgement.
     Keichi and Kyo exchanged glances. “So those pictures show you having sex with other women?”
     “Well, not all of them, but yes,” Toshihiro admitted. “Some of the pictures are just pictures, like anyone would take while on vacation. And it wasn’t a lot of women, just two. Well, two for me. Hannah had another…” Toshihiro decided not to mention Joe, as he didn’t feel that his friends needed to know all of their sexual partners. In fact, he should have kept his mouth shut, oh well.

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