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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pancakes - From Scratch

Gryffin asked for pancakes for breakfast today, and so I decided to oblige...

I tossed 3/4 cup whole wheat flour and 3/4 cup oat flour into a large bowl. Tossed 2 small oranges (peeled) into the blender to turn them into mush, then tossed the mush into the bowl of flour. I used a small amount of water to rinse the last of the mush into the bowl.

Then, I added the leftover hollendaise sauce from yesterday, the last 1/2 cup or so of cream - so it didn't spoil before I could use it up; 2 eggs, 1/2 stick of softened butter, and some vanilla and sugar to make it just a bit sweeter. Lastly, I added enough milk to make it the right consistency. I mixed it with my fork until I got tired, and then pulled out my mixer to finish the job.

Next, I pulled out a cold stick of butter, and tossed some into my heating up skillet. I watched it melt, and then grew inpatient. I poured enough batter into the pan to make one... I don't know 9-10 inch in diameter pancake... probably a bit smaller than that. The first pancake suffered from my impatience, and fell apart as I tried to flip it, but that's ok as I then didn't have to cut it up for my younger son Phoenix, lol!

I made a total of 2 pancakes for Gryffin and 2 for Phoenix, 3 for Hubby, and 2 for me. I really think 1 would have been enough for me since I am diabetic and I can feel my blood sugar and insulin starting a war in my body, sigh!

I served my boys their pancakes without maple syrup since there was plenty of sweet in the pancake, but I did give them some kefir water to drink with it, figuring that the kefir water would help digest the pancakes. I served myself up exactly the same, but hubby poured on the syrup, and drank milk instead, lol!

It is a long standing debate between hubby and I. Hubby thinks that pancakes should be light and fluffy... you know like a good half inch tall, but I think that those pancakes are nasty! They are dry and stick in my throat. I simply cannot choke them down without several glasses of something to drink, and that is not good either. Hubby thinks they are great because A- that is what he was raised with, and B- he drowns them in maple syrup anyway, so they do not stick in his throat and choke him.

Sometimes I wish he was diabetic too so that he would cringe every time someone served HIM fluffy pancakes drowning in syrup... Anyway, these pancakes are dense and flat... maybe a 1/4 inch tall, and I felt they were plenty sweet without maple syrup, but hubby did not find that adding maple syrup made them too sweet, so I guess this is a good recipe. Best of all, my boys ate every bite, and are full... for now, lol!

Have a happy day!

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